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  1. Amy Cooper

    Thank you!

  2. fire aria


  3. fire aria


  4. Holly Schupbach

    This is the video I’ve been WAITING FOR! I’ve tried to dye my hair twice and both times it didn’t work (no major fail so I was fine) but I really didn’t know how to use any kind of dye and I NEEDED this video! THANK YOU!!

  5. Jenny D

    I've been wanting to bleach and semi-permanent colour my hair for a couple of years but couldn't because of school. When I finally got the chance, we went into lockdown and so I can't go to the hairdresser. This has just inspired me even more to do my own hair (with mum's help) thanks you and sorry Brad x

  6. Jane Morgan

    Us: Brad, what will it take for you to let us color our hair at home?? Brad: A global pandemic.

  7. Heather Scoles

    Yaas girl finally!

  8. Luna Redelvour

    Anyone got any tips/pointers for bleach baths? I really want to lighten my hair, but not by a lot - just a shade or two. I thought it'd be a a good option for me, since damage is minimal and it seems easier to do with minimal spotting/splotchy issues. I'm pretty happy with my hair color, but if it was just a touch lighter, I'd be a very happy camper😆 (That said, if that's a terrible decision based on what I've said, please proceed to yell at me)

  9. J Mehous

    What do I do if I had baylaged hair and I did t18 with 20 developer and now I’m going back to relighten?

  10. Tina Momma

    I can not explain how much I truly enjoy you! You are a gift, a joy to watch and I love your heart. Your honest and smart and you make me love our profession, even when it’s hard. Thank you Brad Mondo! You are a beautiful soul! I look forward to seeing you take over this industry. 💛🌼💛🤗

  11. Kate Kat

    Love your videos

  12. Tricia Cardone

    Joana rocks the shaved head look!

  13. Forever and always a dancer

    Brad * shows the hair scale thing for toner * Me a red head * visible confusion *

  14. Mykie Dubs

    7:22 who needs friends? 😂😂😂

  15. Shimerdla Kelani

    It looks amazing what r u talking about like I'm confused

  16. Briana Marshall

    Wish I had this a week ago.... 😬

  17. Nina Grunza

    I accidentally ripped out a piece of hair smaller that she did and I started bleeding.

  18. Ella Delaney


  19. Kelsey Belanger

    Brad you convinced me to give myself some bangs

  20. Conley Morris

    why couldn’t have this come out 2 weeks ago i bleached my hair and half of it fell out :’)

  21. h0neybxby_.

    Him: *explaining warm, cool, and neutral tones* Me: **confused**

  22. Angie Fairley

    Homie i spend a total of 36 hours a week on tiktok i need mental help too

  23. Fluffycuffkittens7 n' Scott321

    thank you for noticing Delaware's existence

  24. Kate

    My sister is currently upstairs in her bathroom cutting and dying her hair

  25. Miep Maunz

    I have one last question: If I bleached my roots to a nice pale yellow and I want to put on blue semipermanent color on it, do I need a toner? Because, you know, its already a dark blue….help lol

  26. Ashley Kasemets

    wow my natural hair doesn’t fit my skin tone

  27. Katie Taylor

    I love and need your shirt!!!

  28. Stephanie Wilhelmina

    Omg, that second video!! What a babe!! 😍

  29. Jhenny Dorival

    I would love it if you talked about coloring locs

  30. Samantha Almodovar

    I just want a hug by Brad and to tell me that things will get better

  31. Dylan Spring

    I enjoy watching these videos so much bc my mom is a hair dresser

  32. dani :

    I low-key use a big paint brush to colour my hair 😂


    Brad and I are nearly always on the same page. He says everything I be thinking about lol 😆

  34. Oliver Austin

    Intro had me blushing

  35. Flamingo With 100 subscribers

    all these girls comin here Bc they are stuck at their house so they gotta keep themselves busy 😂

  36. Neysa Edwards-Turnbull

    Uhm my hair ain't dry ...but other than that I agree bleach no bueno for our hair

  37. Bubblegum Teeth

    The second girl: *takes her hands of the wheel and looks at the camera for like 7 seconds * The entire internet: * screeching *

  38. alexis santiago

    Does anyone know how to fix un even coloring cause their are some parts where it’s dark still and then the rest it blonde 🙃🙃

  39. Miep Maunz

    Thank you so much Brad, you saved my blue hair cause my roots are horrendous atm and I need to touch them up so bad <3

  40. Lauren W

    Unfortunately I started growing out my hair from a pixie cut shaved on all the sides (about a size 3 clipper) like a few months before quarantine so now I'm at the point where it's too long to give up and shave it all off again even though I really want to but I feel like it's an awkward length to color it bc not only will it just look strange, I'll have to deal with upkeep as I further grow it out but I finally have grown out all my color from the last time I dyed it a bit over a year ago so I'm really just struggling trying not to do anything with it but really wanting to just shave it all off and dye it green or pink or blue

  41. Keara Sovey


  42. Lillyna0704

    Can you (if you haven’t already) make a video on coloring techniques at home for getting dimension in your hair color at home? I’m going to use semipermanent dye in 2 slightly different shades to get sort of highlights or dimension but I’m not sure how to go about placement and application!

  43. Kk R

    You’re gorgeous

  44. UwU

    From how he's speaking. He's obviously pro-life.

  45. Potts

    I’m glad I bought a toner, cause for a moment I thought I just needed the purple shampoo. I have no idea what number is my toner tho 😂 And I was using cold water to rinse bleach, so thank you

  46. Akix

    That kid had a "Karen" hairstyle. The second dude was soooooooo boring

  47. Charm Mendez

    Is tresemme a good shampoo and conditioner

  48. Alyssa Widby

    watched it but still didn't follow??? didn't turn out all that bad though were okay

  49. Geraldine Aguinaga

    When he said “ stunning “ I was eating hot Cheetos , n yu could see m double chin and my hair was in a ugly bun 😭

  50. Fran

    Omg her hair looks like spaghetti literally I'm scared

  51. Theresa Lawson

    Now Brad... I have never dyed my hair and now I want to try it at home. 😂

  52. Victoria McGill

    I’m one with virgin hair. Kind of scared b/c my job. But I think I will cut it

  53. {iris_luv*}

    Hey Is the hair like blue then pink but at the end it’s pink and then fads to blue when it was dry idk

  54. lmgutier

    This was super helpful! I’ve been bleaching my hair myself. Thank you!

  55. adriglowww

    the last girl looks soooo good!!

  56. Linh Le

    I need a Brad Mondo and Jeff Wittek collab.

  57. Brianna Walker

    Also the way she makes henna is very particular and is designed to tone down the brassiness - when I use it, I just mix in hot water and go! An hour wait with heat, then wahs+rinse. I love the deep condition henna gives to my hair, and the color actually reacts with sunlight and lightens over time to a gorgeous copper! If you're a consistent henna user, you end up with like, fairytale red it's amazing.

  58. Emily Lane

    Thanks Brad! Its 10pm and I just got the urge to cut it and I was hoping you had done a tutorial... and you did!! Yay!!


    Actually I have frizzy thick hair. You did a hair mask video and instead of using vegetable oil I used coconut oil and left it in for hours and rinsed without washing for one week. Never have I ever seen my hair grow so fast and without frizzing to a poodle consistentcy

  60. Nao

    4:05 I don't know about putting coconut oil on your whole hair before bleaching, but I developed some kind of slight allergy to bleach and coconut oil on the scalp has literally saved my blonde hair! The allergy is GONE and the scalp gets way less dry as well.

  61. Kaylee Martin

    Eric looks like the evil twin

  62. Julaicey Acevedo

    Oh my gosh. Brad, you were supposed to blow on the part that turned white from the water!!!

  63. Kayla Lee

    As a paper artist whos studied color theory for years I can say with confidence its not just a study of color theory that makes a good hairdresser. That being said, thank you brad for explaining everything in the best way possible.

  64. Jae Dyn

    Can you please make this a quarantine series... I assured my mom I could cut my sister's hair because I watch your videos. She is finally giving me a chance, please helpp.

  65. pptheboss

    sooooo... Dove shampoo is a no go then

  66. dani :

    i could never shave my head omg but hey they rock it

  67. Kiera McNamee

    I have 5 months of regrowth with light brown roots and ashy platinum ends - soon my hair will be half blonde, half brown WHAT CAN I DO, will dyeing my ends dark blonde work?

  68. Diana Núñez Rodríguez

    I really love you! After all those fail reviews I was going to give up on the idea of coloring my hair out of fear of making a mistake or that the hairdresser made a mistake (I'm new in this city and I don't have a hairdresser I trust yet). Although, I have really thin hair, do you have any recomendations for that?

  69. Amina Hachami

    I HAVE A VIDEO IDEA FOR YOU. You should video call someone with no experience with dying hair, but they wanna dye their, and talk them through the steps. I’d freaking love to see that.

  70. Amina Hachami

    I HAVE A VIDEO IDEA FOR YOU. You should video call someone with no experience with dying hair, but they wanna dye their, and talk them through the steps. I’d freaking love to see that.

  71. Gracie Foster

    Ok but like I need toner recommendations 😫 I’m a level 10 blonde rn but I can’t get that perfect platinum

  72. Deborah Gallo

    Brianna if you’re reading this or even if you’re not but I need to write this somewhere.. YOU ARE AN ANGEL! I wish you a brighter future and keep smiling at yourself .. omg I could write you the world but I’m speechless.. stay positive x💕

  73. Charlotte Ng

    I dyed my hair 2 days before this was released just a bit late 😞 my hair is more cool toned than I wanted. I am taking hair styling classes tho so I know a bit of what I’m doing. I also went from level 4 to 10. The back wasn’t bleached as high up as I wanted tho 🙄

  74. TOXIC XD

    I convinced my mom to shave my head, we’re in quarantine so nobody’s gonna see me lol 😂 I’m gonna have 3 inch long hair by the time I’m in school 🧑🏾‍🦲🙈🙉

  75. cindy blanco

    maybe I should of watch this video two days ago

  76. Madi Lenke

    Ahahahahah quarantine got me feeling CRAZYYYYYY

  77. Cecce Rodriguez

    Finally got the developer thing explained to me. Now I can go from box dye to mixing myself! I hope...

  78. Shimerdla Kelani

    When I got my hair done like dat it is sooooo much more satisfying from my perspective

  79. cat' slife

    This is the first Jeffrey video that I have ever seen.

  80. Catherine Elizabeth

    me, with my sally's order on the way: I'm READY TO ROCK AND ROLL

  81. Briannatty

    I have never colored my hair nor do I have any intention to do so, and yet I’m making sure to watch this in 1080p

  82. Anissa Fife

    I have short hair my right side and back are shaved but I have short wavy hair on left but I'm wanting to do orchid with black streaks or orchids and black highlights or streaks throughout .I can, t afford a professional right now so how do i go about accomplishing this look ?

  83. Paige Dumas

    I don’t ever plan on dying my hair but I watch your videos every night while I do my skincare routine. You are such a bright spot in my day. Thank you

  84. Dr Steven Strange

    I just bought bleach.

  85. Dr Steven Strange


  86. Sophia Nielsen

    *me, has blue veins greyish eyes but also looks more yellow compared to my friends skintones* 😳 help

  87. Hailey Ball

    Homegirl looks like Gypsy Rose

  88. Gloria Paddock

    Thank you Brad this a great video. I will always remember bleach doesn’t suds up and don’t brush or comb. Stay safe.🌹🌹🌹🌹

  89. Amanda Fava

    I feel like I have purple and green veins

  90. Potts

    I’ve done bleach 3 times on my hair in the last like 20 days and my hair is blonde orangeish. It’s not as damaged as I thought it would get so I’m happy. And I want to make the last bleaching so I can turn it grey. It’s been a really long process, specially because I have a big amount of hair and with the last bleaching I decided to do 1/4 at a time, to get even results and it worked, but it took me so many hours damn. But I don’t regret it, I’ve been really careful and Is giving good results till now

  91. New Journey's

    My nana is a pro hairdresser and this is how she always does my highlights

  92. cryppled buttcheeks

    Easily no. Is it good for their hair? no

  93. Lucia Farias

    Let's just say I have bangs now

  94. Nya Mozelle

    Lmfao at tyra deciding the girls teeth were just done being straightened at this time

  95. Juliette Pujol

    This would've been great before I spent 250 dollars on a color job with a piece already turning yellow. Doing it myself from now on.

  96. Cinnamon Roll

    Brad: "To hydrate my hair and bring it back to life." 11:26 My Emo Soul: "...Bring me to liiiiiife wake me up insiiiide"

  97. Stephanie Wilhelmina

    I'm in the process of tapering off of antidepressants, thank you brad for helping him ignore these side effects with your videos!

  98. Amberella A S M R

    'you look magnificent' me a fat shit , half naked in bed with biscuite crumbs all over me. me: really :)

  99. Raelei Jester

    I promise you saw my dm or you can read my mind