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  1. [ Djredmask36 ]

    Look on the middle left there's a fnaf Disc 18:20

  2. Chef Jiggles

    9:51 So Steve is 2 meters tall 6.6 or to be more specific 6.56

  3. Brielle G

    i am scared because i don't know if it will brainwash me in real life so i'm not playing it

  4. Axel Lopez

    "The Convenience Store" looks like a very interesting game ;)

  5. vvkittycat!TM

    I was talking to my friend and I we were trying to get the river dude to say beware of the man who speaks in hands... And on my first try it happened... HELP.

  6. Themememaster32 Channel

    In 2020 the art for blaster and hyper goner.w d gaster made gaster blaster for sans and goner kid was the 1st clan member to be scattered before gaster so he gave hyper goner to forgot her name because hyper goner was goner kid and sans and whoever were in his cult

  7. Sh It

    I think it’s funny that Michaels sister is at the *sister location*

  8. Nate C


  9. abaddonlikesbagels


  10. parkour master camping gamer


  11. Mystical Craft

    I got a theory, Mabye YOU are the villain.

  12. temmie

    finally matpat got stabbed

  13. Katelynn Jones

    My friends tried to bann Kirby because I am too good with him.

  14. Makailah Sarmiento

    I used to not enjoy this guys voice , But he growing on me

  15. dinosaurcola

    The funny thing is this was made in PowerPoint

  16. Diane E

    I wasn’t down with this theory until he brought up Midnight Motorist.

  17. lol HadStroke

    That moment when you find out that Boris is actually Buddy

  18. Family Knight

    u gave me nightmares bro

  19. Ved

    01:42 Am I the only one that heard Play Station?

  20. Soren54241

    No, opening a soda can does not count as an explosion. An explosion is where the container fails due to pressure within it. Opening a soda cannons where the container fails because an outside force is applied to it, rupturing the can and releasing the pressure

  21. FadedMoonFarm RejuvenationServices

    I love this video. Always watch it. It brought a new look to Until Dawn. However, now I have a question about what you're saying Matpat. If Schizophrenia shows up in people around 16-20, but he was being treated for depression at 11, could it be that he was being mistreated then? Or was he depressed as well as a child? Thanks ! :D

  22. JasJules

    I thought dk country barrels had fuses on the top?

  23. o0h _deer

    Fun fact the original game was going to be about tofu, we can just call them tofu if we just wanna be lazy

  24. channel boi

    thanks guys mats trying his hardest

  25. RayRexDex

    2:13 It didn't because: Bad Gaming = $$$

  26. Red Hot

    i got the wrong number song

  27. Astro

    Roddy Rich saying eee eer

  28. Asa Hoffman

    I would say that overall it is a well put together theory but the biggest problem is that 1 THERE ARE SO MANY MOSQETIOS people in Alaska will wear beekeeper hats just to stop them. you would die almost instantly in summer.

  29. Quiroka

    itS A g A m E t H e O r Y

  30. N-Crash56

    I thought Williams daughter died first.

  31. Deathboy17

    Fnaf dream team and you dont even invite FusionZGamer?

  32. isaiah miracle

    guys guys its a tesseract box, round objects dont exist in minecraft lol

    1. isaiah miracle

      take into consideration that a tesseract also has an interior therefore a plausible location for the nether

  33. Claire Johnson

    If that's true, then the Piglins need to attack the Enderman as well for the entirety of your own theory to work. If, as you said in "The Lost History of Minecraft's Enderman," The Enderman are an evolutionarily mutated version of the Ancient Builders as a result of the End when you've also stated in this video (along with the lost history of the Wither) Wither Skeletons are the Ancients as well as a result of the Nether. Then for piglins to have this hatred for the ancients, wouldn't they have a want/need to attack both? Just pointing this out that once the update is out, and if they do, you got yourself a solid theory here my friend.

  34. fox zane

    ... ummm matpat henry and afton worked on the spring-lock suits so your theory is wrong.

  35. Elijah Adkins

    Hey dosent the fnaf 3 office look like the scooping room from sister location

  36. honzax čekan

    Kinder garden nuget 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Reali

  37. Royal Gaming

    I forgot fnaf even existed The only reason I’m here was because I remember game theory

  38. Matt the YouTuber

    U liar fnaf 6 is pizzeria sim liar

  39. Sabin Wardlow

    I love rewatching these and seeing the theories evolve. “Yeah, it’s phone guy” “No, it’s Afton” “The bite of ‘87” “My bad, ‘83”

  40. Madhavilatha Kota

    Matpat come on I have been waiting for a video for a weeks please post NOW!

  41. Karen Maurer

    The castle was a full time of town to the castle castle park and park in front and the park was a little too much to park and the castle castle park and castle castle was a little too dark and the castle castle park and castle castle park tycoon Boris is the castle castle park and castle castle park tycoon and the park is in a a little dark place with dark outside of a dark and outside outside of a a little space to

  42. Karen Maurer

    Golden Freddy: I’ve been asleep for days. It’s night 1. Aw who cares HI MATPAT HOW YA DOIN MATPAT: silence

  43. GamingJoe Hernandez

    matpat: no more fnaf five scott: BOOM HERE IS FNAF SISTER LOCATION

  44. Mars Hamilton

    I like rewatching these even tho they make me angry because there all wrong but we didn’t know that till now.

  45. Amber Gay

    11:13 I'm sorry but I can't hear the song their using in this section without thinking of the youtuber Lazarbeam. He used it as his outro song for a while so now it's just stuck in my memory as "Lazarbeam's outro song." Big oof.

  46. Mars Hamilton

    Actually, the first to die was Michael who possessed Golden Freddy. And Dave (William) is purple guy.

  47. Sorry,I oofed

    I love the old days

  48. Nerd516

    Ugh ugh ugh funny matpat You should know that The light saber can be turned on and off so it can't get stuck between the two blades and there are more then 1 move and sometimes the moves are unique So I think I can call this a draw (My theory is: The lightsaber will win because all the moves and the 10 swings of the plasma thingy)

  49. unathi mag

    R.I.P Ronnie.

  50. ツCoin

    I was beware of jumpscare at any time duude

  51. connie ward


  52. ProfPille

    Actually, a flat planet of infinite size (which is mathematically identical to a round planet of infinite radius) should work totally fine

  53. Mathias Castillo

    13:31 how could gaster be talking to sans & alphys if 1: sans is a half of gaster, & 2: alphys got her job only after gaster was shattered across time and space.

  54. yomommabois

    Now Sonic just killed this video

  55. unathi mag

    Don't cry. Please don't cry. Ronnie is looking down on you from hevan so please don't cry.

  56. Thato Mthimkhulu

    Question for MatPat: Have you noticed the picture of the girl in the beginning cutscene looks just like Frisk? Maybe one of her ancestors just happened to be the one who sealed the barrier. It could be Toriel in the beginning cutscene while she was young and I think that was connected as well and I really think that theory could be proved for a later video, because of the undertale stuff.

  57. Kaleb Bisch

    Every thing makes since now thx :D

  58. messy ghoul


  59. temmie

    i alway write in lowercase so am i sans?

  60. Jay is Cheesy

    I been watching how to survive in a zombie apocalypse

  61. unathi mag

    Who dislikes to suicide. 25k what just why

  62. Teresa Ashby

    Can't wait for theory on the movie

  63. Cameragirl the massive nerd

    Ff! (Well, it DID say to type it in the comments!)

  64. unathi mag

    And know one should dislike this Frick anyone who did.

  65. David Lino

    He shows up five nights at candy's at 0:27

  66. Amazed Alloy

    You could add Zelda to this if Doom Guy and Link are the same

  67. Ronan Rogers

    Ok so My family are all brain doctors and the frontal lobe has nothing to do with nightmares, or anxiety. This kind of stuff is controlled by a part of the brain that is above the brainstem pls like this so he can see

  68. Nate's Page

    Bubblegum sans!!!!!

  69. Eric DeRosier

    The voice was Elizabeth Because she got sucked in by circus baby

  70. RoboDrags

    0:05 that puppet is just grooving doe

  71. carlos deves devesse

    New theory: Minecraft obeys the laws of phisics

  72. Fainuole 5000

    Minecraft is a game full of potions, dragons, portals and zombies! And, of course, Minecraft has... BEDROCK!!! Yeh, man. Thats right. Theory over. Even if you'll find a way to proove bedrock being breakable, Minecraft still has a lot of other unbreakable matterials! LOL! Proove it again!

  73. Arwen Miah

    19:59 Some people also punch fear right in the face.....

  74. vianca vargas


  75. D & Dee T.V

    Wraith is my favorite because the whole dimensions theory . I'm big on alternate realities . So she fit my personality perfect. Great game . Thanks respawn!

  76. The dimond Wolf

    Uhhhh who else saw the face

  77. V for Vendetta

    Is it me or you just wanna sound smart... but aren't at all..... and comparing real time physics to game mechanics is just plain stupid....

  78. Jacey Lynn


  79. Zedobite The unseen

    The Knight doesn’t have the dream nail or any nail in the beginning of the video

  80. Carmem Castro

    Me: hmmm who should i watch toda y Alsome: i know game theory fnac Golden freddy:its me Michael OR IS IT ne: NOO STOP CUNFUSING MEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    1. Carmem Castro

      I love this

  81. Jacques Turpinsky

    Actually, it’s Petersen, not Peterson

  82. West

    Do the lore on thumper

  83. Me Yes

    Broke Pokémon? *BROKÉMON*

  84. Viktor 10 bg

    Why did you changed the channels name

  85. quincy simmons

    R.I.P Ronny

  86. *•JustAPøtato•*

    So I know you Have DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club) theory’s and it’s 2020, so that means that the new horror game is for surely out, I really want to see the new DDLC theory (because I don’t have steam) I think a lot of people would enjoy this

  87. Fortnite spieler

    I actually think, that the Dragon is an protector for the enderman, brought there from the ancient humans, do defend the Portal to not let anyone out to bring the wither into their world again. The reason because they dont attac the Player that attacs the enderdragon, is because 1 they are the same race and 2 If an human survived Maybe it killed the wither or, number 3 was fleing too. The Dragon still attacs, because thats what he has been trained to do, with his Trainer enderman Long dead or in the nether or overworld, unable to return to stop the dragon

  88. TheDisguisedCreeper

    *laughs in Mario Maker 2*

  89. Elliot Calfee

    game thery lets solve this me:endermen speack backwords

  90. C Carter


  91. bolshevik boys

    Please analyze the game concluse on the youtube channel called jon martin, it seems kinda interesting, The same way petscop is interesting.

  92. Charlie Kahn

    My theory is when the 'evolve', they are actually maturing, but the game's limitations prevent it from showing its in-between states. So a Riachu is actually the adult form of a Pikachu, but thanks to a lot of aggressive traits, most Pokemon probably do not get enough nutrition in the wild to mature.

  93. Deathboy17

    10:04 My least favourite part of that, is how then in 2029, they started, basically, shadowbanning a lot of more of the LGBT and USsel athiest communities (two of the communities that I heavily watch), making people realize that, no, they really aren't being good with diversity.

  94. Carmem Castro

    I know who the phone guy is

  95. Leo. T 20123

    At 6:31 the tails look like a mustache

  96. Carmem Castro

    I know who the phone guy is

  97. Husky7 Playz

    Go squirtle

  98. The amazing Jake

    I think that fnaf descent into madness is just matpat making these videos

  99. Mr. Ro_Bo_T

    What about skinns?