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  1. Jip Atkinson

    Let's hope the hateful people who replied negatively here get some karma.

  2. Sheeple are Lame

    Julian Assange?

  3. Rekon Zuken

    For the ruthless tyranny of the british government towards the people of the 54 commonwealth nations where hundreds of thousands of people died protecting their lands and their honour.. Millions worldwide now are praying to the God Almighty that before this pandemic ends millions will first perish in England.

  4. Sheeple are Lame

    That, bad, evil, corrupt woman, deserves to be lockedup for coveringup UK establishment grooming gangs, since the day she took to the throne <<< WESTMONSTER

  5. Ian Mclean

    This will be good for world in the long term. Too many people not enough resources besides we have needed a good culling for a very long time.

  6. MrOap

    £500 a week . for kicking a pig skin .

  7. Stuart O'Neill

    About time football looked at the stupid wages they pay, look at the doctors and nurses, they have to work a lifetime to get a footballers weekly wage, CAP IT

  8. h

    Isolating people won't work yesterday in my area it was like a marathon combined with dog walkers there's actually more people walking around now than there was before the lock down because people are fed up with staying in

  9. lol same

    Wtf is going on man

  10. Heather A

    Why are they burying virus infected bodies in the soil? Should they not be cremated? They burnt the cows in piles when they had Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

  11. Albus Kahn


  12. Sheeple are Lame

    I'm with Covid19 on this one <<< FREE ASSANGE

  13. Stuart Smith

    People most likely to self isolate: 1 nurses 2 teachers 3 women 4 middle class See the pattern?

  14. DrWrapperband

    They (UK Govt led by Boris) started working on the Covid-19 crisis weeks after they should have, have ignored all proper science because of deficiencies in Pandemic plans and stocks, scapegoated scientists for the policy not for advise and still don't know what's going on.

  15. Sheeple are Lame

    How do deaths fall, when deaths are still happening <<< FREE ASSANGE

  16. Sh Alo

    U couldv avoided all of these deaths by taking lots of measures when u heard about the virus in china👌 not planning herd immunity🤦‍♀️ and practicing a normal life with 0 signs and awareness about the virus .... wow

  17. Probe NASA 2

    Are our British friends, rental car companies spreading Covid 19 around Europe like is happening with U-HAUL and other companies here in North America? NO CLEANING PROTOCOLS IN PLACE TO DATE!!!

  18. Sheeple are Lame

    They ain't worth more than 5K aweek to kick a ball <<< FREE ASSANGE

  19. Aung San

  20. Naz R

    Amongst also another nurse and 4 doctors who came out of retirement

  21. Daniel Hewitt


  22. Sheeple are Lame

    Charles deserves to be lockedup for his part in coveringup UK establishment grooming gangs <<< WESTMONSTER

  23. Alec Poole

    I figured Ford would have done an add drop here somewhere

  24. Martin Avramovski

    Ask for help then if We dont know nothing!

  25. Edris GAb

    Sad news like a long nightmare. Her voice is cracking up .I do not blame her mshe I'd only human. Its difficult to read such news about over 684 death. All of their loved ones in agony.Their lives were shattered.

  26. inch by inch

    WE STILL DONT KNOW NOTHING ...ASK THE Chinese the Italians the Spaniards as I bet they know @##% loads about IT ...

  27. Sparta & Gaza fan

    I think 🤔 this is something to do with 5G

  28. Planet Ratshit

    Looks like the beginning of a sequel to ALI G Part 2

  29. Maggie Alexander

    Why on earth does Britain think they are the best in the world at everything folk have died who should not have died. All because that tory fookin government left everything to late now there playing catch up with peoples lives. 😠😠Fookin useless

  30. Dan Didnot

    We don't have an NHS anymore just NHS death camps

  31. Sean

    sky news why did u turn off the comments on the last video u sly dogs. Covering peoples opinions pathetic

  32. Sabrina Hallt

    "There is a lot we still don't know" Like how to run a country How to stop a virus How to tie our own shoe laces Mummy want bitty oh mummy want bitty

  33. Ricky Ball

    Thankyou Mr handcock... 👍

  34. Thors -Troll of Jom-

    "There are still alot we don't know about 5̶g̶ Covid 19"

  35. deleted4109

    Why pay cut footballers then it’s clear they are using there money to help other what are MPs doing

  36. Garth Fielding

    They're lying the government kill switch is 5G

  37. jay boy

    That's a minute and a half of my life I won't ever get back..

  38. this guy

    BREAKING NEWS: breakdown of the numbers of deaths involving COVID-19. That is, where COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions. If a death mentions COVID-19, it will not always be the main cause of death

  39. Graham Anderson

    When he said shout out to Burberry I pissed myself

  40. White Face

    Why , why does everyone go where the white people are

  41. twunt2000

    *Chy-na lied, more people will die.*

  42. Travis Gulley

    That's just gonna make all prisoners fugitives that guy is a idiot

  43. George Andriescu

    ''' science gets better every day ''' but we still don't know how to treat COVID least the science is getting better ...... ..🤔🤔🤔

  44. White Face

    Keep it white

  45. Scott Baird

    The UK scientists are the ones who will beat this. We are world leaders 🇬🇧

    1. itsMagic fromthe0161

      Baaaaaaaaah 🐑

  46. Martyngolfer


  47. Metal Head

    One thing I do know. Is that President Xi, and his cronies needs to be under thirty feet of rubble!!

  48. ellen little

    They are greedy they don't need half of their money all they'll do is waste It

  49. Peter Wright

    This was the hardest try not to laugh challenge I've ever seen.

  50. Dave Great

    Face of failure trying to make up. Just an act of doing something.

  51. Edris GAb

    Get well soon prime Minister. Wish all patients to get well get back to their loved ones.

  52. this guy

    BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths are those deaths registered in England and Wales in the stated week where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate as “deaths involving COVID-19”.

  53. Gary Foster

    There was a way to stop it spreading don’t go and bring back infected people back in to the uk

  54. Macleod Cameron

    Vomiting peace of colon flesh!

  55. Tom Watson

    Its a damn shame, and there is still people not adhering to the lockdown rules discrace

  56. Malekai Al Hazar

    Premote better ways to eat we don't want your drugs. Manuka honey guys.

  57. Cowboy Maru

    illiteracy and poor common sense with hunger makes a riot in the near future.

  58. Spencer Collison

    This is the guy that everyone wants to kill in Aliens 2. He does not come across well at all.

  59. Travis Gulley

    That would be a very bad idea because they could put others in danger

  60. byRyanStevens

    Im sooooooooooo sick of this lockdown - why can't the vulnerable be the only ones locked in?

  61. W

    MORE THAN 80% of all global Covid 19 deaths are in Europe, your government's handling of the situation is atrocious.

  62. fabio jk supertramp

    Just pay nurses what they deserve as they are saving lives and jeopardising their owns..

  63. Francis Yeboah

    unprecedented times requires unprecedented measures

  64. Have-a- Cigar

    Pretty clear China have been hiding a major fuckin disaster .

  65. this guy

    BREAKING NEWS: week 12, 18% of all deaths mentioned “Influenza or Pneumonia”, COVID-19, or both. In comparison, for the five-year average, 20% of deaths mentioned “Influenza and Pneumonia”. “Influenza and Pneumonia” has been included for comparison, as a well understood cause of death involving respiratory infection that is likely to have somewhat similar risk factors to COVID-19.

  66. Antoan Miroslavov

    No surprise, we have been warned about the great danger of Covid19. No adequate measures have been taken. The NHS staff still goes to work without a correct PPE, no testing. Well done Chris Whitty for the most illusive idea to fight a novel virus with 'Herd' immunity. Does he know it cannot be applied to all infectious diseases?Sadly, the forecast is very bad, many innocent people will die, who is to blame?

  67. Axel3815

    This is utter garbage our government was way to slow to do anything. The only reason why they had time to react was because Italy and others got hit first. Also we are incredibly under prepared our hospitals don't have enough equipment for the next week. We would love to send equipment to the other countries, but we don't even have enough masks and disinfectant for our own Doctors.

  68. 饒伊琮

    May God Bless US+ UK+ U +ALL OF THE PEOPLE!!

  69. Rod Almo

    Actually " there's a lot we have done" to our world so it punishes us

  70. is that a fact

    Here is the news... Nothings changed 😂

  71. darren greens

    Hospitals are still not full but the death toll increases yawn

  72. Sunshine&Light Cook

    Britain is a Christian country so why is it that after this video there was an advert for the Muslim religion? Where’s the adverts for the Christian religion?

  73. John Clerkenwell

    i am sorry but the govt have in my opinion lost the battle already.

  74. Callum

    Rumsfeld wore it better

  75. MRG

    pray Go away covid 19

  76. andy olsen sovereign human!

    Do they think I'm stupid? They closed the World, The WORLD. I don't know anyone sick and anyone I know dont know anyone. They closed the World.

  77. ARedCurtain

    “Breathtaking speed” is a poor choice of words

  78. LGEX

    Those are rookie numbers

  79. Daily Philippines


  80. Amir Lodhi

    There has been break a through in Pakistan where they used peoples blood plasma who survived the corona virus, the blood plasma contains antibodies for covid -19.Pakistan has also made tests for 2 pounds which are 99 percent accurate.What are we doing here I am confused.A poor country can do it what are we doing.

    1. Amir Lodhi

      @jordan belfort well said

    2. jordan belfort

      Pakistan isnt poor they just dont invest properly into making the country better

  81. Taylor T

    #yolo - am I right?!?!?

  82. Thors -Troll of Jom-

    No BREAKING NEWS on the 5g towers being constructed?

  83. Rachel Buswell


  84. Tears in rain

    News flash! We don't know anything!

  85. Nev

    On a day when we find out the sad news that two nurses have died, who were at the frontline of saving lives. It makes me so sad that footballers on £100 000s a week can't seem to grasp what's happening. Their association., the PFA, have dragged their feet. Overseas, the players in Germany, Italy and Spain have made some statement by foregoing their wages. Only Gary Lineker seems to be supporting the Premier League players. If I'm wrong, please tell me why. But remember, that care workers are on an average of £10 per hour. Some on zero hour contracts.

  86. shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia


  87. Alonso Bergamo


  88. Thought vibes z

    I found a new word cold blooded moron instead of cold blooded murderer

  89. Tonic

    Can't be trusted.

  90. OrlandoJHunt95

    The players of these clubs have really been thrown under the bus by their clubs, what are these big ceos and boss doing? Cutting staff and players wages and sacking people? What about them? Are they giving up any of their wages? I highly doubt it. Everyones quick to jump on the players backs.

  91. Jamie

    wish this was all over

  92. John D

    This is what happens when your population lives in severe poverty they’re more afraid of starving and dying of hunger then the actual virus

  93. Thought vibes z

    Yesterday I won one million, but I fire whole money because, money is power and power is patriarchal And it is sexiest

  94. World' Video's

    Ya Allah 😭😭😭😭 save all people

  95. Limitless NRG

    This is the biggest con in modern history! The media and government has people dancing like puppets!

  96. Dan Lettuce

    Btw Taiwan and Japan have controlled the "threat" without the need for a "lockdown" (now where do erosion of freedoms come from?)... Just saying.... #TheyNeedYouToFearSoTheyCanControlYou

  97. AUTUMN

    Supermarket staff also need correct ppe including N95 masks to ensure as safe a working environment as possible. They are in close contact with thousands of people a week and within stores customers are not practicing safe social distancing with each other and when it comes time to pay at the till that becomes impossible. There are also many customers just popping in more than once a day and many times a week for a single pack of sweets or bottle of wine... This places an entirely unnecessary further risk onto the lives of the public population and staff too which of course puts further pressure on NHS... It means that people are going to die, alone in a death tent and end up shovelled in to a crematorium for the sake of a bottle of wine... Something needs to change in that regard drastically.

  98. David Wang

    This is just beginning

  99. TheFab 80

    This guy is the evil cousin of Jack Nicholson in Shining

  100. Parshajyoti Sarma

    How was "hug a chinese" campaign??