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  1. caroline toomey

    I've had similar experiences with acid, got a lot from it but also you really need to be the right kind of person to take psychedelics, this is not for abusing this is magical and tribal, I suggest get into yoga,meditation,reiki etc.. all or instead of, more people are aware - you can find awareness without psychedelics also - be sensible and be with good people in a good place if you do, blessings love and light xxxxx

  2. Carlos Infinite

    Nah these ain’t facts nipsey did rap about killing and drugs but he just wrote from his experiences and what he saw in the streets everyday. Yes he was a rolling 60’s CRIP but he wasn’t ACTIVE. He was definitely a community activist. Everything he did for LA and even communities outside of California promoted peace and prosperity. RIP nipsey Hussle

  3. TheBlizzardMC

    5:05 Eddie really hates Bryan huh...

  4. Sharp Money

    Brendan the type of guy to keep interrupting when I really want to listen about Tony and khabib

  5. Charles Hocker

    A lot of words to say, “I don’t know.”

  6. Chris V

    Nobody has heard of you dude

  7. Schuyler Morris

    the hulk isn't by any means a pitbull what so ever, there ONLY breed that even has the word pitbull in it is the APBT hulk is an American bullie

  8. Jesse Chavez

    Tony the type of guy to passionately kiss his girl with his eyes wide open

  9. gsxrboi1000

    Takes a sip of water and voice sounds exactly the same 🗣️

  10. J NYC

    Is she calling 'Ari' a shifty jew?

  11. christopher mcgee


  12. TheRage191

    This is the dumbest shit i ever heard in my life been deadlifting for 8 years highest i got was 600 pounds no belt no straps all natural funny thing is i dont even powerlift i just believe naturally to get a great physique deadlifts must be done if you actually train your entire body you will not get injured this guy sounds like a giant pussy on the inside also pink chucks? Cute

  13. Q J

    they gave my cuz a car for free brand new pickup

  14. Peter Angelino Arocha Mortensen

    This takes me back to the old old days of Jack Dempsey. They had gloves on but the blood..THE BLOOD was allover the place.

  15. Tubleros

    Yeah i doubt we have the answer to that :D

  16. mihail cotofan

    Ed knows something , he’s like a good journalist 👍 it’s a big difference when you’re inside and you actually see people boiled alive 😉

  17. Just a dude Man

    The man was catholic, he had a hard on for the FreeMassons.

  18. Bill Ma

    Tony the type of guy to wear ankle weights to weigh ins

  19. David Money

    the joker suked stopped watching it the eyes are portals to the soul

  20. IloveDoubleD

    Mike Tyson is deep? Really....lol.

  21. lifeofnate

    As soon as he felt it going south, what this guy should have done is pulled him in close in an embrace of brotherly solidarity and said "For 400 years, they tried to hold us down..."

  22. Joshua Sanchez

    Michael Bisping is really just a good guy shows u how much we really know about these guys bcuz man when he is selling a fight he is a total dick but the man Michael Bisping is a good guy

  23. D D

    Jon's also getting old. How old is he? ..........

  24. Gandalf Grey

    I have a philosophical anthropomorphized answer for Joe, if he’ll have it. Empty space is the self devoid of content. With the first realization of I, what follows is “I want.” So being that all there is is space, it attempts to consume itself, causing it to curve. The formless energy begins to condense itself into a singularity, converting energy into mass in accordance to E=mc2, with the goal of trapping all of space into a closed point, to curve into a circle (like saurons ring “One ring to rule them all”). But since the natural state of space is expansion, it resists like when you compress a spring. So the result is you get the big bang. Entropy is the saviour of the universe converting matter back into formless pure energy (even black holes radiate energy), and therefore Joe is wrong; gravity always loses.

  25. Itachi777

    THANK YOU for bringing up the TIBAU fight. Everyone likes to bury that one but JOE on live air along with Goldberg were openly saying Tibau won. Fast forward two years and it's Khabib has never lost a round. What? Lol go back and watch if you're curious.

  26. Lance A

    why is this dude constantly shouting

  27. Min Ded 89

    Ahe is so incredibly stupid it’s incredible

  28. Frostiii_HD

    Russell knows the way

  29. Fahad Ashraf

    Tony is the type of guy to lick his fingers after wiping his ass 😂😂 Sorry

  30. WitchTripper

    When I first looked at Mr. Greentree I thought he was Jared Keeso 😂😂

  31. Myles Deeype

    Is it strange that the robot looks less plastic than the guest?

  32. Candace Weatherlow

    Democrats threw away a golden opportunity to reform America. That's how you know you're being controlled by the .001%

  33. Bob Nichols

    I find Brian a bit hypocritical here. He first posits that aliens could be billions of years ahead of us and thus wouldn’t care about our tired moment in time. He then goes on to say he doesn’t know of a way they could perceive us. But they might.

  34. A W

    No, please don't tarnish the accomplishment of people who attain success through hardwork. Did Mike Tyson lost because of or lack of hypnotism?

  35. guess who

    Eddie is like I watched this thing that says the tooth fairy is real

  36. Clive Bixby

    Aside from GSP vs Khabib, which is 5 years too late (thanks Dana), this is the next best fight.

  37. Riley Whiteskunk

    Yeah @USsel why even with the ridiculous video/image censorship?! what are you my priest?

  38. Pablo Aquí

    Free Eddie!

  39. bc_77

    He destroyed him at 15:45 forward lmao

  40. Robb Patt

    Hell ya! Love these guys

  41. Life A Beach

    “After all, everybody’s doing their time” -Avenged Sevenfold great fuckin band, would be great to see you get someone from the band on the show...

  42. r padron

    Damn I almost cried hearing this interview

  43. Diego Alaniz

    If I’m being honest, armed guards aren’t as disturbing as Joe Rogan sets them out to be. The kids in my school sometimes chat with armed police officers and security guards alike.

  44. Emperor Sheev

    The “living wage” idea is bullshit. Raising the minimum wage doesn’t help ANYONE. Companies will just raise the price of there product so you end up with the same costs relative to your wage increase.

  45. Candace Weatherlow

    Seen this firsthand at Tesla. Smart people train dumb people to run machines while better machines are being built around you to replace you. Kind of weird.

  46. erhe etrherh

    Joe likes that Jon Jones cock.

  47. armaggedonsblade

    So according to this smuck guest we don't know if he is a badass even though Chuck Norris and many other martial arts legends said that Bruce could kick their asses in matter of minutes with half of his strength. Retarded as fuck.

  48. Snaggle Toothed

    Yeah, when I think about Mike Tyson the word I most think of is 'deep'.

  49. matthew curtis

    Dude I fell backwards down a flight of stairs when I was drunk. So you are wrong.

  50. Maithem Mahdi

    @9:42 Khabib & Tony poster: "That poster gives you a hard-on" ????

  51. Mark Duncan

    i agree with him on the premise that the minimum wage killed jobs for teenagers to get experience. kids use to get jobs and later became skilled workers.

  52. just me

    Joe missed his point completely. He seemed to be the one assuming.

  53. Ancalagon

    Scary, sure... The champion of a division created for her because she couldn't otherwise win a belt, what a joke

  54. Eric Ciaramella

    Ancient breakaway civilization. They left the world to escape a global cataclysm 12000-13000 years ago. They were the megalithic builders.. they are the UFOS. The government digs up and back engineers their ancient tech. Pretty straight forward.. Look how far we have come in 500 years, think what we could do in 10 thousand, we would look like gods.

  55. Anastasios Vassos

    You are not here by chance, but by God's choosing you. His hand formed you, He made you the person you are. He compares you to no one else. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

  56. Benito Aguirre

    Way to go Champ

  57. Editing reality

    It's fun to watch Joe's head explode, lol

  58. Junayd Salahudeen

    This guy sounds like Jordan Peterson and Steve O at the same time

  59. subhabrata das

    Get Sarvapriyananda from Newyork.Things will never be the same for Joe

  60. Highonlife77

    I’m willing to bet 90% of the dislikes on this video are from the “white but extremely woke” group.

  61. Alamda Ali Balqhin


  62. James Hogan

    Eddie telling the truth and win others are to scared to tell the truth.

  63. beelzebrutale grimjaq Punk

    Joe "I disagree" Rogan

  64. BBSurf37

    It’s not official but as of the year 2020, Mexico is a cartel state. It’s sad and I hope they can find a way to get rid of the drug cartel virus.

  65. Liberus

    He explained the reasoning for why War is still apart of our lives and why it is still necessary in today’s world at the very end. Yes Sir you made TOTAL sense, thank your for your service Sir!

  66. Nishanth Gideon

    You should get sadhguru on podcast

  67. andrew gangemi

    Joe, that black hole devouring planets has a name. Its Galactus...come on , get up

  68. TheGamingCorner

    Why is the coronavirus on the Lysol bottles and whipes? I heard it’s not a new virus it’s just population control lol

  69. Debagni Chowdhury

    As much as I like Eddie but I think tony is getting smashed..

  70. GERALD N

    Imagine joe driving a ford Gt while doing DMT? Epic.

  71. XB4T

    My cat died two days ago. All pets are family, no argument.

  72. Supreme Alpha Male


  73. jay riojas

    Eddie “it’s in his dna” Bravo

  74. World Peace

    It doesn't matter how weird tony is, if he gets close to Khabib he's going to take you down and hold him there. I see Khabib actually knocking out tony, especially with Khabibs training footage and the exposed chin of tony.

  75. Z-ad Tys

    Tk Kirkland was there that night

  76. Mister Hand

    No. Rhoids sneak savagery were.

  77. Lou Simms

    A force field! 5:33

  78. sean roche

    Carbon dating is not irrefutable evidence.

  79. Mangobrause

    Hey it's Tom Scotts U.S. dad.

  80. Spencer Schradder

    finally gonna happen

  81. J E

    I’ve been an alcoholic for about five years, and I’m just now realizing it. My thing was I was never physically addicted; I didn’t get withdrawn and could go sometimes months without it. I told myself that as long as I got my shit done, I could drink. For a while, it worked, but then it just took over my life. I lost so many jobs and opportunities because I’d be up all night drinking, I’ve been in jail 3 times, I’ve wasted so much money and I feel so dumb and lazy now. I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of having this chokehold ruin my life. This is my second day without a drink and I’m feeling good. I just downloaded the AA book off Audible.

  82. Rob Dixson

    Shouldn't do them.......IF you are an elite athlete that wouldn't see signifigant benefit from dead lifting in their specific event. Not me, and the overwhelming odds are not you either. Deadlift to your hearts content. :)

  83. B-Rabbit t

    Natural explanation everything is way to far away

  84. BDV Studios

    Day 174: I’m Batman

  85. Chrome Bomaye

    Shills won't let Eddie talk about the facts. Congratulations on selling out mankind Rogan.

  86. Dino Radja

    Alot of military guys are pro military action all the time. Love how real jocko is about it. It's awful but SOMETIMES necessary.

  87. jeebs621

    I’m not 100% sure if I want Bernie as President, but I love what he’s saying about the pharmaceuticals. If he can lower drug prices by large amounts then he’d have my vote.

  88. GDKLockout

    Thats it, im starting a religion based on my trips. In the monotheisms they at least declare they are in communication with god, who has a plan, there was a lot of drugs involved in the creation of these polytheisms.

  89. Sierra Koehler

    You really think he's a better ground and pound fighter them gsp? Josh Koscheck, Matt hughes, embarrassed my personal favourite jujitsu fighter Nick Diaz, what jujitsu fighter has khabib fought? Like get him some real contenders and let's see how good he really is, love khabibs style, against a fucking kickbocker. 😂😂

  90. Robert Villalpando

    Pretty cool gift to look at most wanted pictures of fugitives and tell u what area to look at by category type ppl.. # 🎯

  91. gutfinski

    People who believe they have contracted the virus are not going to report it unless they are seriously ill and afraid of dying without treatment. They saw what happened with those on cruise ships. Perhaps with good reason, they fear being quarantined in “death camps” without medical treatment. So you may have one out of every 3 or 4 who report and have themselves tested.

  92. Rob Low

    Sorry but if you watch dbz you already know this.....

  93. Kevin Neal

    i’m confused. is this the joe rogan or show or the brendan schuab snow

  94. saved the day

    Brennan sounds like he always has the flu.

  95. BiggerThan KingKong

    I think if Bruce Lee fought in today's UFC I think we'd all be very disappointed as we watched him get knocked the fuck out in the first round against the first fighter he fought.

  96. UnlicensedOkie

    Lock and sock is a pretty common prison weapon

  97. Eriko. Oy

    A lot of conspiracy theorists in this comments section... Chill people, Coronavirus is boring and we don't need Eddie Bravo's take on it. Or at least not right now.

  98. Xavier Paquin

    This guy seems phoney

  99. jimmy blais


  100. APG95