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  1. Ratko Milutinović

    For me in that time pes 2009 the best ever !!! I was a God there 😎👍✌️ rstajerski

  2. Dirty Jack

    This is from FNG. He's not even credited in the description.

  3. Ahmed Elbouami


  4. Rolando Velasquez

    I thought i was listening to that W2S guy for a min

  5. waynster

    Who’s talking? Is it Sam tiege?

  6. bhaviboi


  7. iAmCaK3

    This game and the graphics dont look that bad, looks like it runs smooth and nice. Would play this rather than KinderEgg 20 (Fifa20)

  8. Erick Davila

    Pes win

  9. Sam Federman


  10. Brandon Miller

    I remember when I bought Arktika for my VR and people watching were talking shit so I let them try it and They ALL took the helmet off in sheer terror. It fucks with your natural senses

  11. Arjel Kaca

    I ve been making rakitic Makes Goku ssj

  12. MR BTT

    more more and again more

  13. Kun Aguero

    I had this game!

  14. Hrithik Shane

    We need more video every week plz Very interesting to watch this video

  15. asianthor

    Ha, ha such a cutei!

  16. Big BananaCongolese

    :35 why is mbappe playing keeper? 🤔

  17. kenan çetin

    Vay ulan. Ne guzel gunlerdi

  18. OBI1_TRQ

    That looks like Ronaldo a little

  19. Klajdi the Phenom boy

    Pes 10 is the best for PC.👑 Pes 11 is the best for Ps2👑 Pes 13 is the best for Ps3👑

  20. Dreamer K

    forza roma

  21. Unruly Marvo

    I still play this game on my 10yr old ps2 and defending on this game is great u really have to break down opponents to score making every goal different thierry Henry ibrahimovic and adriano were the best strikers in the game

  22. Gareth Thomas

    Niran great to see you again

  23. Mr. G6

    The voice is the cringest thing I've ever heard

  24. El Chapo

    he s name is Hațegan and he s a moron

  25. NJ Stylez

    Niran actually made it to BR Football. Slap a like guys

  26. RT

    PES 6 was the best the last of the great good Konami soccer games series, after that was just rubbich, and saying that it's pexilated is a little bit offensive for a such great game that can be put in a list of all time best such as Mario Bros or Pac-man that you still can play today and enjoy

  27. Alisher Alimov

    No way

  28. CazTerK

    It was awesome 😅😅😅 edited players to 99 everything😅

    1. Lameck Mukala

      My friend that had ps2 edited hes's favorite team, and it took us a while to figure out why we couldn't beat him.

  29. Amroldinho xX

    Oh hey there FNG

  30. Amroldinho xX

    Oh hey there FNG

  31. Foxy Gamer

    I hate to say that pes graphics are a bit better 😞😞😞

  32. ataladin 87


  33. Don Cantoni

    They're all cowards

  34. AdTF

    Man like FNG

  35. Filip Poznić

    Running down the flank, cut inside, hold button up and just shoot. 95% score rate. GOAT football game.

  36. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    Adriano was a *BADDDD MANNNN* in this game

  37. Soorya

    Does anyone broke their leg

  38. Am1r Hamzah

    What a memories.!!

  39. Rasiuzz YT

    Why isnt this on nirans channel?

  40. JackAllstarTT

    Subscribe to FNG (Niran) 😎

  41. Mateus Viégas

    For a change of pace, someone thst actually pronounced João Felix’s name about right 😂

  42. Josue Malosa

    cant believe my fav team lost this bad

  43. Jay Rule

    Team is actually decent

  44. Silas Wahome

    Twas rather down

  45. The Flow

    I became Inter fan because of Pes 6! That attack was crazy.

  46. Joe RamaSama

    As a Flamengo fan, to me Adriano is a god. Despite never living up to his mental potential, he won a Copa America, 3 Série A titles in a row, and a Brazilian League title. The man is easily one of the deadliest strikers to lace up a pair of boots.

  47. Romario Vincent

    It was fun and inter milan was the strongest team,right flank Adriano left Ibrahimovic

  48. Vinicios Jonas

    Esse era o início de uma saga chamda 100% atualizado, é ruim de atuarar, Bomba Patch virou moda todo mundo quer jogar 🎶

  49. öäüäö


  50. Marloniare Jonez

    Best video game ever made

  51. منوعات امين dz

    You made me cry man😢😢😢😅

  52. Jester

    still more fun than recent PES or FIFA..

  53. Sakata Gintoki

    Adriano Ibrahimovic 🔵⚫

  54. Reply bait

    Too short videos dude

  55. Beto Torquato

    Best Pes ever!

  56. shaunbir klair

    Crazy how 90% of these players are retired, I always play throwback FIFAs once in a while

  57. Neo

    If di maria sold more jerseys everyone would acknowledge his galaxtico status season after season

  58. Vicro Bussy

    PES 6 for ever

  59. dedsec

    This still look better than Dream League soccer 2019 android XD

    1. • I love Nothing but Peace

      Wait till dls20 comes out

  60. nii_amart

    The best.

  61. Ur Boi Darragh


  62. relativeGif RelativeGif

    Actually those graphics don’t look that bad for it’s time And that does look like Cr7

    1. Antoine Griezmann


    2. prachurjya deka


    3. Lalboi Manlun


  63. Oslo MGTOW

    Adriano: The best underachieving player my generation ever watched. I remember this guy coming into a game and all he did was shoot towards the goal from the halfway line. 3 shots and 1 became a goal. .... FYI, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said he's the greatest striker he ever played with.

  64. s u c c y e e

    I still play this game on my PS2. Glad to see others still care

  65. Esethu Sithonga

    Ronaldo looks like a Barbie character

  66. Talha Ahmed

    Hey, Niran!

  67. Micah Cedar

    Is this Niran from FNG

    1. JackAllstarTT

      It isa

    2. MillCzE


  68. Top Bench


  69. SoyMiguelito


  70. Joshua Alabi

    i played this game for the life of me... those were simpler days... oh, and winning eleven 8; good game.

  71. Marino Gulam


  72. Tarun Menon


  73. Martin S


  74. Arjel Kaca

    Can't stop watching these cartoons 😍

  75. OG Creative

    That first Tottenham goal 😂😂😂😂 literally fifa

  76. shaolinskunks88

    Is this PlayStation vr?

  77. Glaive Complexx

    I don't get it how do you play?

  78. Bongzeez

    Bunch of pussies

  79. محمود سامي

    I hate those people who say there should be to penalties as for the first hand ball the ball first touched silvas hand then Trent hand so no penalty the second man city literally shot the ball to his hands and his hands are in the right position and for the people saying VaR hElPeD lIvArPoOl yeah like var didn't ruin Liverpool winning streak and var didn't disallow a lot of Liverpool goals and var didn't do anything to Liverpool

  80. Lumpy Horse

    I just knew Gomes was gonna be on here.

  81. Jadden

    Give me it. I’ll jump 😂

  82. Хаjдук Павле

    1:24 who is joe

  83. Christopher Torres

    Kane’s face 😂

  84. Derrick Muga

    This is just sad