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  1. Jeremy Goldstein

    Thanks BR can you please release one with EUROPA LEAGUE/UEFA CUP final goals pls pls pls ??

  2. firedragon3344

    Petr Cech would be nice

  3. Viper Alpha

    she can get these inches. simple

  4. _k P

    Modern Ronaldo beats Vintage Ronaldo

  5. Chuckwagon 1

    You can still ride your bike Also, who is watching while the Bundesliga is bad up? And Lacazette and Abuymabang (sorry if that is wrong) can still play bc a ping pong table is bout the size of 6 feet

  6. Anurag Thakur

    EA Sports isn't it a gay

  7. _k P

    BR: How to score directly from a corner kick Me: 🥴🤨🤔🤯

  8. Daniel Chin

    Juventus lost 7 times omg 😂😂I feel bad for them

  9. Babani Plays

    The result says it all

  10. Ogolo Loboba

    Pes Better

  11. Vjekoslav Kunstek

    This match shows how much shit is this game

  12. kc414

    Lord Bendtner vs Lord Lingard

  13. Valentin Caffareta

    El kun se hace unos roleplay del gta epicos

  14. Ian Beltran

    as a barca fan this makes me want to die

  15. HighburyAFCSoul

    3:15 Coutinho broke the RB/R1 button

  16. Noble Society

    Great video, godbless & see you in the future 🙏

  17. pin board

    He looks like gonna fill my dream 11 striker possition

  18. Dominikmb17

    What a cool guy. What a nice city and what a great academy they have

  19. Rohan Downey

    I honestly wanna cry so bad 😭😭😭

  20. HighburyAFCSoul

    Johan Cruyff would be proud

  21. Gerardo Guzman

    I sold Torreira at 360k right before olympiacos scored the winning goal, Blessed🙏

  22. Kovacsics Benjámin

    I make with munchen and oldham athletic

  23. Zambriaz


  24. Mateus Fernandes

    This is the hair from Ronaldo 94, Prime Ronaldo is 96


    2:17 congrats PSG you made fun of an out of context snap from a 19 years old youngster 👏 that's why this team won't win champions league in a hundred years

  26. Wilson Chikuruwo

    They should show us animated goals as well

  27. Edoardo Salina

    I'm gonna say it. OG Ronaldo>CR7. Change my mind

  28. Benny T

    You talk like ymost people shout

  29. Veerapetch Petchger

    Godammit can we see the Bayern chelsea 2012 full replay already what happened to those

  30. Aditya Shirolkar

    PSG: Who's Haaland? Never heard of him! Haaland scores a brace PSG: At least we got one away from home! Second Leg BVB: Haaland is the man! PSG: No he's not cuz we went through! Haaland: At least we have some competition in the league! You guys have no competition and still fail to win the Champions League!!!

  31. Jhonki Gonzalez

    You should uploads full match... #ThoseSavesTho

  32. HighburyAFCSoul

    Sir Alex Ferguson *looking at Ronaldo* "I gotta get me one of those"

  33. HighburyAFCSoul

    Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Ferdinand, Veron, Neville, Barthez vs Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Raul, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Hierro, and Makelele? Holy shit this game was littered with legends

  34. Edwin Kawa

    my prediction 2-7 Gnabry scoring 4 goals

  35. Aditya Shirolkar

    The best defence and second best attack in La Liga just lost to a sub-par City who are nothing like they were in 2017/18... somehow.... maybe Zidane can only produce results in La Liga... just sayin'

  36. HighburyAFCSoul

    5:01 "But there is the warning from the man who is the best player in the world . . . " Messi: 1:15:39 *DOUBT*

  37. Aditya Shirolkar

    Morata couldn't score for a year against Liverpool in the prem with Chelsea, but then needs just one appearance to score? WHAT THE HECK WAS HE DOING WITH CHELSEA, THEN????

  38. Jaden Katrina

    Can we all agree that dele alli is massively overrated

  39. Aditya Shirolkar

    A lot of people hyped this up to be a goalkeepers's duel between ter Stegen and Alissson... yet they both conceded 3+ goals in this tie. I can understand ter Stegen conceding that, because his defence was tragic with Pique and Lenglet at the back, but how does Alisson concede 3 at the Nou Camp? Especially after beatin Barcelona twice in two years in a row...

  40. HighburyAFCSoul

    0:14 The best CL opening ceremony ever

  41. HighburyAFCSoul

    People sleep on just how deadly Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were. They were no Thiery Henry's or Alan Shearer's but they were just as good as a modern-day Lewandowski or Aubameyang.

  42. Leandro Gripp

    And that's still ignoring Ronaldinho, another amazing player. What a name.

  43. Aditya Shirolkar

    Ajax beat Tottenham at Wembley, but then they turn it all around at Amsterdam. Isn't it weird how both Ajax and tottenham were better away from home in the Champions League knockouts this season, and they both got an away win...

  44. Dennis Beltran

    I sent this and a highlight video of 2016 Milano to my friend who is an Atlético Madrid fan. Does anyone know how to unblock yourself?

  45. erko78

    Anyone who is fair has to admit that 4-0 comeback required a lot of luck. Messi was the only good player for Barcelona on this day and his entire team let him down. I can’t believe how many chances they missed that a normal striker would’ve put away. But as is in sports you need luck to reach the CL final and almost every year the team that wins it has some luck going their way. Great tie to watch!

  46. Everth Hernandez

    Why do people always have to add a "I'm a barca/Madrid fan" Like no one cares

  47. Salvador Acosta

    People sleeping on Crespo’ second goal, featuring the greatest through ball of all time.

  48. Netzach

    "OG" means "Original" R9 was before Cr7, it's not a matter of disrespect lol

    1. Aditya Pratap

      Actually og means original gang

  49. Tomie Boy and TMoney

    Thx this is going to help my realistic Chelsea career mode

  50. Rctgamer 360

    New cartoon and animation channel (o2toons tv )go check it out

  51. Christian Hernandez

    2019 final was so bad I forgot about it

    1. Abdiqalis Mohamud

      Barca/Liverpool was the final

  52. Clifford Amankwaa

    Why is Sadio wearing a Cap 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Anthony Flores

    11:25 this goal and player are both slept on heavily

  54. # MJ

    K E V I N

  55. Gabriela Herrera

    How Barcelona lost

  56. Email

    C.R7 better than fat Ronaldo confirmed

    1. Seba

      Penaldo is trash

    2. Seba

      Penaldo is trash

  57. Sergio Ramos

    13:14 is personally is one of the best



  59. noobmaster69

    0:57 on the right game of zones s6 e1

  60. Manu

    KOZIELLO IS ON A LOAN ON PARIS DONT UPGRADE HIM 10 overalls like I did and your welcome

  61. legend killer

    Ay. When theres no football its bad.

  62. Marceli Sales

    Ronaldão THE BEST!!!!

  63. AnyFam 11

    Pep Guardiola

  64. Tio Bau

    This somehow exposed how bad Fifa is. Do u think below 40 or 30 rated goalkeeper can perform like Manuel Neuer in one in one situation?

  65. Ercles Gonçalves


  66. Ercles Gonçalves


  67. Ercles Gonçalves


  68. All about Cricket

    Go play the German league!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣

  69. Joshua Prince

    Juventus lol

  70. 三宅円花

    Isn't this type of video already been done by other channels

  71. Federico Gomiero

    And what about doping evolution?

  72. Tina Tiny

    Ramos 🐷🐷🐷!!!

  73. Good Guy Mitul

    Fifa mechanics is far Superior than PES dont be a PES fan boy ply Fifa an you will know

  74. Carlos Lara

    This was so good I love it this was so funny I was laughing the whole way

  75. DaBest _0710

    We need more of these videos I want to see Christian Pulisic or Sergino Dest next

  76. Francisco Gandarilla

    Gareth Bale goal shall forever be my favorite (coming from a Barca fan)

    1. Brian Gomez

      It's sad that "Madrid fans" don't give him credit for that ggoal. If it would of been another certain footballer, that would be their GOAT argument statement

    2. Anthony Flores

      Neptune Na man that bicycle kick was just filthy (barca fan)

    3. ostrichboi

      Mandzukic was the best

    4. Karim Clarke

      Not my fav but loved it

  77. Eshan Mubarak

    Imagine this is real😳

  78. Manny Ofuani

    Trent and his inshallah crosses don’t work in the game

  79. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Man players in FIFA got no bones.

  80. Kaitane

    Zidane’s “weak” foot volley and Bale’s bicycle kick are the top two goals for me imo. Mandzukic’s goal in 2017 was another good shout just slightly behind these two.

    1. Ali Al-Qaisi

      What’s wrong with u

    2. Mathias

      With all due respect to zidane’s volley, Bales goal is #1.

  81. Avazbek Akramov

    Zidane's volley was very good

    1. Sergio Ramos

      Avazbek Akramov he is my manager he has to be good

    2. Julien Kenny

      Steve Mcmanaman's one so underrated....

  82. Timothy Samoei

    Does the goalkeepers have the ronaldo stats or goalkeeper stats

  83. Xavier Esson


  84. Joao Da Santos Silva

    Which one to you is the most iconic

    1. micky james

      For me it’s Zidanes. My fave personally though as a Liverpool fan is Gerrard or Origi

  85. vini johny28

    Even sam left for us fans 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 ussel.info/video/video/mYaZi5Sjraevio0.html

  86. Maddux Moya

    There really ain’t anything to post damn

  87. Florian Kasten


  88. Paulo Camara

    My opinion CR7 better than fat Ronaldo but fat Ronaldo better than your Messi, did i answer you're question

  89. Griffin Wilson

    "And its a goal here"

  90. Holy Jebus

    I just learned Allison has german ancestry, no wonder he is so good in goal lol

  91. JohnnyBoy 1299

    11 Mustafi vs 11 Phil Jones please.

  92. Faiq Ashraf

    Premier league is coming La Liga is coming Bundesliga is here IT IS A GREAT DAY

  93. Rooster Cogburn

    United away will not have those orange numbers unless it's a cup match. They will be white .

  94. Nam Khánh Lý

    Any suggestion how to play this game without paying???

  95. Zeus de ak trovão

    Ask ibra about that question lol

  96. Trendy Sport

    I just made a real comparison video between RONALDOS ussel.info/video/video/xaKcmqZtsISjpp8.html

  97. Trendy Sport

    I just made a real comparison video between RONALDOS ussel.info/video/video/xaKcmqZtsISjpp8.html

  98. Farhan JD

    I like how this animation detailed on everything haha

  99. Floor Ganger

    Did you notice that the title is og ronaldo instead of ronaldo nazario.