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  1. Jana Tamour

    Can i have one

  2. Alejandro Quijada

    Hey zhc in love your vid andvi followvyou on tik tok to so can please have one cause everyone in my family has one and i don't

  3. Birhan Tura

    you are the best drawer i like your drawing

  4. Titu Hossain

    Please I have seen every video of yours

  5. LeylaBunnyStyles *

    I felt so bad for you that you had to stay up so long so,I HIT THAT LIKE πŸ‘ BOTTOM.

  6. Tim Wyke

    Yo my bro

  7. im abbi

    i feel so bad for dixie why is her nickname charli’s sister? Its so wrong

  8. Denissi Chicaiza

    Phone Entry Done Why ? Bc I don’t have a phone I am 14 ☹️😩

  9. Anushka Gill

    Phone entry Done

  10. Titu Hossain

    I am a big BangladeshI fan of yours please give me a custom iphone 11 pro please please

  11. Heart Yshin Dellupac

    "iPhone 11 entry" "Done" Because my phone is already broken and my parents can't afford a new phone for me because it's too expensive. I also need it for my studies to research my assignments and projects. I hope I win this give away and I hope you notice me.πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ˜­β™₯️

  12. NotKennn.

    β€œPhone Entry” β€œDone” Why? : Because I’m using a 6 w/c is jailbroken just to mimic iPhone X gestures :P

  13. Joel Magallon

    I did plz

  14. Mohamef Tamer

    Gef fon

  15. 310_ Twione

    I love your videos πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’πŸ’•

  16. Rizzel Cyril

    Watching videos like this made me realize how broke I am >_< :`>

  17. Alessiana Barbosa

    pllssss me zach i have a iphone 4

  18. Mohamef Tamer

    Get fon

  19. GRM MM

    You're great zhc your a nice person you like to think about other people health # stay safe stay home

  20. AnggiSellow

    Because Done

  21. Tim Skelts

    Please pick me

  22. Matei__ Mihai

    You shoud make ASMR

  23. James Kane

    iPhone Done Because my phone is old and I want a new one

  24. Ammu Amma


  25. Boogdan Deluxe


  26. Random clippers Sis and bro

    All the videos suck but it’s a good drawing I don’t like watching them

  27. lisa jeisman

    Phone entery Done because my perants can't afford one

  28. TheSamuraiKy

    "Phone Entry" "Done" "Why" : I watch your vids every time you post them. Also this is my first time trying to win a giveaway ever. So please?

  29. Abbey Faith Joi

    "iPhone entry" "done" why: 4 days ago I dropped my phone in water. I tried everything! I am currently using my school laptop and my school and hotspot to type this to u. I am not lying my phone is glitched out and it is very old. my family does not have a lot of money, and my mom who is a single mother is out of a job and we are living off her tax refund. I am tying this to u as a call for help. I love ur videos ur channel, and what u do for people. plz help me

  30. Jaedan Rivera

    β€œIphone entry” β€œDone” I don’t have a phone and I don’t go back to school until may first and i really need a phone

  31. Birhan Tura

    i like your lego work

  32. TheExpoExplorer

    And chandler still hasn’t won yet

  33. Bhargov bor Gohain

    The letters on the pen are Hindi alphabets (India)!

  34. kalpana kapani

    Ur art is amazing . Plz make me a part of ur giveaway

  35. BEDANTA, s creative

    Sumpop video sir

  36. Karyl Despabiladeras

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: My mom never buys me a new phone, she just gave me her old samsung with a cracked. So im hoping to win the iphone 11. Lol to experience how it feels to have brand new phone.

  37. Kat Kat

    I want one of those

  38. Angelita Adol

    "Iphone Entry" "Done" Why: My birthday is coming and I want new phone because i'm just borrowing cellphone to my dad

  39. Aashis Kurumbang

    Me all so give one please