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  1. LV bΓ€stisar LV

    Ohhh my friends birthday is in one month and she has all was whanted a Apple Watch but I don’t give the money to afford it to her but it would really make her year how can I do to win I have Subskribent liked rapt the bell I follow you at tiktok and instagram P.S Love your vedeo and you draw so good❀️

  2. Mary Beth Robertson

    I dear you to draw Fortniteβ€’β€’

  3. Depressed Lonnie’s Lounge

    Can I enter giveaway

  4. Ben Fingerboards

    Notice me senpai

  5. trys9830 trys9830

    Car wash: I’m bout to end this mans whole career! The paint: noooooooooooooooooo!!! (Friend comes back to Zack) β€œI might have messed something up”

  6. tea and coffee


  7. Rafay Games YT

    Lol the new me beast

  8. Λοτσια ΠιΡτρι

    Awww i would really like oneπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜€

  9. Hecking LitDabber

    Please tell me you drew this on a wrap

  10. Ashlyn Acothley

    I did it

  11. Melanie Marie

    I did subscribe

  12. Melanie Marie


  13. Melanie Marie

    Because I don’t have none of the stuff

  14. Strangerthings 30

    Friend washes car: Zack: welpπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  15. Traxal Playz

    VIDEO IDEA: Draw an airplane on an airplane

  16. Melanie Marie

    But I can’t

  17. Traylon Sanders

    Can i have one

  18. Finn Armour

    i would return the tesla if it had a fortnite character on it

  19. Melanie Marie

    And I don’t have Facebook

  20. Melanie Marie

    Um I don’t have Twitter

  21. β€’ Y e e t G a c h a β€’

    *When ZHC calls his old paintings bad, but they’re better than most of your drawings* Depression

  22. aaditya choudhary

    How many assistants does he have

  23. Melanie Marie


  24. Cole Pilliard

    See how the only one he did not color is draw with jazza

  25. Indie Wilson-Fish

    How comes you don’t have and iPhone 11 when you buy them for other people

  26. Kaan SAYGIN

    Give me a 100 dolar gift card plz I need it

  27. Winter Woman Lady

    Zack:m gonna give away phones Also zack:imma customize it

  28. Wasi Nadeem

    MrBeast 2.0

  29. Cole Pilliard

    Draw kobe briant

  30. I don’t know :T

    Next: Customizing Air and Giving it to Random People

  31. Boschie W

    10:15 mrbeast causes your logo is out of this world ha ha ha ha ha ha

  32. RetroMetro

    When Garret is wearing another youtuber’s merch Thank you to my brother for pointing it out

  33. Natasha Corinne

    These came out so well!😍😱 You killed it!!

  34. qazi masroor Ahmad

    I want smart watch and laptop

  35. Jacie Boothe

    You should customize 10 designer purses and give them away to girls.

  36. Lemon n Lime

    What hapend to Turkey he never had feet

  37. Kaan SAYGIN

    Draw yourself and give me 100 dollar gift card

  38. Moderic Hoftdjcs

    Do you send in India

  39. aquanix _

    This is a Fortnite Tesla

  40. Bharat Balu

    I need one custom airpods

  41. Every thing You do

    ZHC:Time for us to customise a house now let's go 😎

  42. abdullah halbouny