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  1. Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht

    PLEASE give us south African servers😭😭😭

  2. Hashim Mansoor

    Fortnite is my favourite game in the world

  3. Xery


  4. Michael reyna

    Free Jarvis Trucker

  5. Mihai Man

    Delete the trap because îs useles

  6. Meta

    What’s next Fortnite x Muppets xD

  7. Vader

    8.9K Stormtrooper's missed the like button

  8. Miniborgs

    We’re is the banded bazook I have missions with that

  9. ya Rebeimi


  10. Brawl Warriors

    Fish sticks Da greatest skin ever made

  11. HyperGamer 74

    Coming back

  12. HyperGamer 74

    Epic Games I need to tell you something when is bandage boozoca

  13. Koen Game lover

    Super cool i love fortnite

  14. Omer Ginawi

    Kids in 2040:” Oh stormtroopers, you mean those poor clones from Fortnite who can’t aim properly. Yeah we do , they were better than Batman.

  15. HyPn

    Fortnite X starwars



  17. rosa /diego Sanchez /merino

    I wanna die now.....

  18. Nic Danger

    Kann ich den haben

  19. Omar Zandoval

    What happened to the bandage basuca

  20. Ursu Octavian

    Stars wars me NO SANS :(

  21. J. M.

    but why tho


    New Style for Fish plz xD

  23. Guest Is better

    Is this getting into anyone else’s recommendations I miss this so much Playground with the bois Deathruns Stretch and shield per kill

  24. Facemelt _

    Ah fortnite, how you have changed...

  25. MrFragezeichen

    fast ein Jahr :'(

  26. TTVMingleLays

    Fortnite what is you doing fix the bandage bazooka so i can do the challenge and claim the toxin skin style ):

  27. Adrian F


  28. Lord Zicko

    John Wick, Strange things, NFL, NBA,Batman, Avengers, Michael Jordon, Marshmello..now star wars..what next...? MINECRAFT???

  29. Arol Talbert

    Epic could you plz unbanned Jarvis and know yes but of you see the last time he play fortnite he said that a hacker gave him aimbot so you should banned the hacker epic

  30. Leo Hayes

    Didn't the The Last Jedi do enough damage to star wars

  31. sean sison

    Im playing Battlefront while watching this

  32. Patrick Stokes

    When is it

  33. Ab Khan

    Who is watching this during chapter 2. This vid gives me so many flashbacks and i started crying cos i was an og from season 1 of chapter 1. The games i had been through, the overpowered weapons i had used, it just made me so sad to see the old map go. 1 like = 1 prayer for the good old map 😢

  34. Nathan Ma

    Fortnite, plz add a report system. If there is one, p,ease make it more visible. I saw someone with aimbot, yet I couldn’t report it because you removed that option.

  35. kuboid 08

    My great grandpa told me about this game. Also who’s watching in 3017

  36. Skunkeez Random games

    Stormtrooper: fishstick your not you when your hungry. Eat a snickers Fishstick:

  37. thexxxpros savage45

    Fortnite please unbanned faze Jarvis he's my favorite fortnite player he doestn deserve it

  38. True NZ8

    Like for stretched res back 👇🏼

  39. xi3li-_-

    Best season ever 💔😢

  40. Burps

    Hello Epic 👋 I really want you to either replace the Bandage Bazooka challenge on the lowdown or make the Bandage Bazooka come back. I have been playing your game 5 hours a day trying to find it but I don’t have any good luck sooooo...... please add it back 🙏

  41. Pumped

    I want season x again it are the best season the chapter 2 are so disgusting

  42. Hermojenes _12

    Fortnite is the worst game ever

  43. Oh Yeah Yeah

    My aim is already bad enough

  44. Grace Stinson


  45. Dariusz Chamarczuk

    Unbann jarvis

  46. Dariusz Chamarczuk

    Unbann jarvis

  47. XxIaMdAbOsSxX

    I know it’s Chapter 2 but some click bait USselrs like ItsOwen said that this was the season X trailer

  48. Jonas Werner

    Epic games can you Fortnite for nintendo 3ds make

  49. XxIaMdAbOsSxX

    This is the first time a Fortnite skin has ever spoke

  50. epic gamer

    like for fortnite reply for minecraft

  51. AT_Andy’s 467

    Please new skin for Fischtich

  52. daeven birtunguis 5000 quewevos

    Like si eres el unico que habla español :V

  53. Yoly Roman

    popo aaajajajajaj

  54. JMM CTM


  55. アジア人スウェーデン

    Epic why did y’all valted the bandage bazooka we need it for a challenge

  56. ItzChildzPlayz

    Fix your mach making work

  57. Gustavojr Sonic

    Sonic X fortnite

    1. Gustavojr Sonic

      BE like

  58. Dakota Torrez

    Can fortnite like stop ruining good things and make there own content.

  59. tkonegaming

    Hohoho this is a Money machine 😯 thats the only skin i would buy But i dont Play fotnite

  60. Naox glitcher

    Les’t go to december

  61. pelato


  62. Silver The Hedgehog

    This was suck a long time ago 😂

  63. BurkeTheGamer

    The comments: omg Star Wars skin Me: F I S H S T I C K

  64. kody playz

    Get Jarvis unband pls

  65. Rolling Skyz


  66. Charlie Campbell

    Take out the big bushes

  67. Lilly roberts

    There is a airhead skin that never came out l whant it out!!

  68. Sarah Hlt

    They need Darth Vader

  69. Sanchez Rolando

    Fortnite is getting boring add something new to fortnite

  70. Anonymer Kleber Schnüffler

    Wtf happened to good ol star wars :'(

  71. Dinis Barrueca

    Eu ñ consigo ter os estilos porque tiraram a básica de bandajens

  72. 360 Edge

    Insaneo death squad unite

  73. Yogurt sad

    THE BEST SEASON Who miss season 7?

  74. Nick J

    They haft to add a boba fett skin

  75. Kameron Craige

    Please unban FaZe Jarvis he put his whole heart to this game even though he cheated that one time every one deserves a second chance he may have learned what he did wrong. But please I can’t even watch Fortnite anymore like Fortnite gameplay because you banned him I hope you see this but please unban him.

  76. The One

    Where the bandage bazooka fortnite

  77. cchb clan

    bot skin they cart hit shots

  78. Liu Kang

    I hope they add anakin

  79. David Gonzalvo Rossi

    When you put lettuce in a bowl of tomatoes:

  80. Blue Dragon

    Why did you band faze Jarvis on fortnight

  81. rio

    won’t it be dope if vivids dad and benjis mom got together , cause he loves fishing , get it 😉

  82. Witch of Misery

    These are not the skins you are looking for. hand wave-

  83. Rozu


  84. krisko BG

    Fortnightly te please give ne legwndary skin and good stuff please please Username:0885773853

  85. Les cons du quartier

    best trailer so far

  86. Carlos Dieso

    Why destroy a perfect franchise with fortnite wtf

  87. Lady Onikara

    Oh thank goodness it's just Stormtroopers. If they add Boba Fett I would have to come out of my "Fortnite sucks" hole.

  88. vVe1l

    How it changed lol 🤣🤣🤣

  89. Anonim Fighter

    Ahhh old fortnite

  90. DominozZz Dee Lee

    This looks so much fun wish I could play it...

  91. diamondseanhd

    Okay your probably won't believe this but I'd actually wish star wars would have a crossover with fortnite and it came true. I'm not lying It was true.

  92. Ghoul de4dshot

    Fishstick looks so weird 😂

  93. Stillhold

    Is that a new melee Bat weapon or an axe?

  94. banana daily

    wow there aim is going to be so bad

  95. Kimberly Morfin

    Hi fortnite can you made sans undertales in fortnite or Pat and Jen if you cannot it's okay 😎🙂👍🐾

  96. anonymous


  97. Marmalade


  98. Hao Pham

    The rebel:I about to send this man back to the lobby The stormtroopers:oh shoot!

  99. Kevin Ng54

    Pls make a Star Wars Mode like the avenger Mode

  100. Sebastion Parra-Perez

    *inserts spiderman playstation 2 pizza theme*