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  1. Ancel Rick

    Are we dead yet?

  2. Suyoun C

    So so frustrating. Thank You CHINA. Ugh

  3. Angel Martin


  4. Johnny Erinn

    There are others way to have green energy. Wast organic is the best on my opinion. Also, I have a QST about something I realized in Africa, why farmers always wear white? Are they in a lab or clinic? I never understood it can someone explain it to me?

  5. Robert Ferrer

    The church will spend no effort....he said?

  6. Love Turkish drama

    I feel unsafe to travel anywhere 😭 don’t want to catch the virus 🦠

  7. S GL

    Damn this man's a Savage roasting and toasting the alhukbar dude.😂😂

  8. The Perfectionist

    The apocalypse is coming

  9. Samuel kirk

    who got iowa ?

  10. Valentine Hogg


  11. Arash Ahad

    The politicians create the atmosphere of hatred

  12. Nick W

    .....which country is next ?!!!!

  13. William Kreth

    Lol at 2:04

  14. Richard Whitfill

    This is such a tragic event. Heart breaking . Richard in Dallas , Texas.

  15. California


  16. Johnston Steiner

    Sugar cane juice is great :)

  17. Richy K.

    Yeah no link, when there are over 70,000 infected in china with many from other people infected from other countries because they made contact with China, makes so much sense.

  18. gbayan joshua

    People are totally behind the corona virus epidemic.

  19. Arash Ahad

    Zionisten wollen das wir uns hassen

  20. Dick

    india the ultimate slum lord

  21. Ruu Juy

    The is Saudi up up 💚🇸🇦🇸🇦

  22. Texas Gator

    The virus is spreading by products made in China.

  23. Greg M

    Why is the US news almost completely silent about the coronavirus?

  24. Lonnie Dobbins III

    Pete talks like a conservative. The only reason why he's a democrat is the republicans are prejudiced against his gay lifestyle. *Our Values?* White Nationalist Code Word For *What's Important To White People And It's Not Anything They Value.*

  25. ThexBorg

    Seems like all the Chinese tourists are delivering their packages.

  26. Syrian Soaper

    raised to 39 in italy on saturday. its sunday night in italy and there are 155 cases

  27. Arash Ahad

    Hinter diesen Mann stecken mehr Leute. Leute aus der Tiefenstaat.

  28. megabeatmanmania

    Dumb ppl omg at the wedding. "I'll wear the mask but I'll expose my nostrils" jesus christ ppl

  29. Cowboy15chopper

    Iran’s Ewok leader is lying to Iranians and they’ll die because they won’t know what’s coming!!

  30. William Carlile

    And how many people have died from seasonal flu during that same time period?

  31. David Jacobson

    Who is Donald Trump's choice for an opponent? Are those who vote for Bernie just Trump dupes? Has Bernie won 50% of the delegates in Nevada? He is unlikely to win the nomination unless he arrives at the convention with a majority of the pledged delegates. Nevada is not the standard American state. If Bernie can get 50% of the vote in California, it will be hard to deny him the nomination. But, on March 4, if he has less than 30% of the delegates pledged by that time, his campaign will be toast.

  32. Tan Chii Ann

    I advice any children who had shaked the hands of Trump, their parents must take them to wash their hand with Dettol.. The person, whom most American are feeling ashamed with, what Gujarat people are pride with???😯😕😕😕???

  33. onur can

    Do not worry about turkey we don't kill civilians Turkey criticizes collected here they come from thousands of kilometers and kill innocent people

  34. W Leon

    The human race, eh? With all our hatreds for each other, all our advanced technologies, all our supposed, 'intelligence'? All our vanity. Yet one small virus has the potential to WIPE US ALL OUT!

  35. ScorpionSensualTouch

    Trump 2020

  36. Logos Learner

    "drops bombshell" --> what are you guys doing...copying fox "news"?...

  37. Donating funds to fight the virus BTC address below

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  38. Sz1kЯ/-\

    Slavs defending agressivli here territori. Whai supprise you western media? :D

  39. Lonnie Dobbins III

    Not until the convention.

  40. Manas Chhotray

    Langoor kuch ghoom rhe hain 😂😂

  41. Leech

    So much racism around the world. It's so messy. Let's just let the coronavirus in and let it decide whose worthy.

  42. The Last Spartan

    Behold a Pale horse ride the world !! God has opened the seals and soon judgement day will be upon mankind

  43. J

    Yaaaaay open borders. Isn’t globalism grand?

  44. Rich Greene

    Why wasn’t goofboy there,didn’t, want adult people laughing at him.

  45. java dwipa

    carnavale in venice with coronavirus they wearing mask on the mask

  46. world traveller4ever

    I hope Trump won't meet that dude. He would become a senior advisor or army general if he did.

  47. good karma

    Whats going on? When will this stop?

  48. P Conroy

    Now, it is other countries turn. Glad people on the UK ship in Japan leaving to their own country. Other countries had more than 2 weeks to prepare for it while those kept in the ship. But seems all they did has been mostly criticising but not well prepared. It is too late. Please complain to your own government or the UK or the ship owner that is USA from now on. Hope this scapegoating will end soon and all the country will help each other to tackle this unexpected unknown virus.


    IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY! What does the Expert state about Africa and the man-made Cornovirus, " need to make sure Africa gets all the help and Money necessary to help them prevent the virus outbreak in Africa!" The African well is running low on all the fraud scams to help those in Africa! African's trillions of help $$$$$$$$$$$$$ needed has been going on for at least 60 years, and the Elite and Elite Politicians well of funds is running low! So, please give to help those poor in Africa (Elite & Politicians) to keep the money flowing into their pockets. We, the Elite, will give .1% of every $ dollar - minus the administration fee of 99% to help those Africans that MAY get the virus!

  50. polardenmother

    Colloidal Silver. no harm to enviro, no harm to humans.. kills viruses and germs..

  51. Adil Alfa

    Ban all flights in and out of Italy. Boycott Pizza and pasta.

  52. Matthew Berkin much are all you CRISIS ACTORS getting paid for your post? Where do I sign up? I live in Colorado, is there any crisis work available? Is there a website I can get to? Thanks!

  53. nobhiker

    So Germany does not do what it agreed to do = Orange man bad ?

  54. fun fun

    Production of N95 respirator's is a very good step in controlling the spread of virus.

  55. A l

    update: 157 people infected in Italy.


    The German language is so tough? I don't think so! I think the polish language is much harder to learn,believe me.

  57. Jeanne Schwartz

    Be wise, trust the Lord, and be careful.

  58. Velicia Williams

    First time I have heard the virus hitting Europe. Glad they are taking precautions. But that man who said he was in his 70s looked young.

  59. watchme now

    We don’t need Egypt’s permission to do anything with our own WATER!! Are u crazy????

  60. Mark F

    Coranavirus is coming...😱😱😱☠☠☠💀💀💀 Donald trump president 2020.✌✌✌👍👍👍

  61. Joseph Stalin

    Bernie2020! Donald don't have my support no more. Mother Russia for the Beeeerrnnn!

  62. Elly Double

    I check for masks and hand sanitizer every where I go, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens - none, and the shelf has been empty for the last 3 weeks 😥

  63. Niklas D

    glückwunsch! hab garnicht mitbekommen, dass ihr 1000000 abos habt

  64. Gaming York

    Rip, we went to Italy today from Czech at the day of Coronavirus infection in Italy.. WERE SURROUNDED BY TOWNS WHICH ARE INFECTED GOD HELP US ALL!!

  65. mm 2018

    Links to China is not a good way to prep do to the fact that you can pick up the virus without knowing someone infected touched a surface from a connection flight or train or anything outside of China before the word was out.

  66. Global Outlooks

    Anyone else who checked their phone at 3:44?

    1. T B


  67. Mike Lavell

    Lysol kills over 100* illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. Lysol Disinfectant Spray kills germs on hard surfaces when used as directed. Not for use on the body. #CoronavirusOutbreak #Coronavirus #Lysol

  68. Isaias Acosta

    0:56 not trying to say anything but :○

  69. Pino San

    Fellow Humans start packing instant unrefrigerated meals, face mask with air filter, surgical gloves hand sanitizer it sounds to much but better be ready than Sorry.


    The senseless old coot is having fun, but his plan is worthless! 😊

  71. Jono Holmes

    Why isn't all countries attacking China for their attack on the world?

  72. Jasmine Sierra

    Bernie is going to win every f****** State he hits every state that Bernie Sanders puts his feet on Bernie Sanders is going to come out on top Bernie Sanders for president

  73. Soha Noha

    If the virus hit India 🇮🇳 it will not survive because India immune system is very strong! Watch


    Can you believe im here in Italy Milan our school closed tommarow today I was in market where always about many people like 200 or 400 but today there was just about 50 people and them I was in market in Lidl which is German market there was a lot of people for food and in Italian market tigros there was also a lot of people for food bcz this week nothing will open plz pray for us u can reply me for more information

  75. Wendy Morris

    0:50 your swastika fell off

  76. shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia


  77. Donating funds to fight the virus BTC address below

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  78. Maureen Cummin

    The latest figures are 149 and 3 dead... Everyone seems to forget that over 200 people died last week from normal influenza...

    1. Maureen Cummin

      In northern Italy...

  79. Barabara C

    US is lying to the citizen too, seems like common theme. Citizens are always the mushrooms in the dark.

  80. Mohamed F. El-Hewie

    Aljabeer was demoted by the Crown Prince because of his wish washy responses as he sound like a man who does not believe on what he says. One day, Aljabeer might admit that he was lying all along in order to spare his head. Aljabeer appears near breakdown when it comes to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

  81. Nicolaus Romanoff

    Stop international flights all over the world temporarily, especially from those regions that are the hardest hit

  82. bhuvana mani

    Sorry about farmers

  83. teachmehowtodoge

    @3:28 this reporter sounds like he's upset. Lol.

  84. malc Moore

    Sod all this I'm off to Antarctica for a few years while this burns the world. Me Donald trump and the Queen of England and Prince Charles and cammila.. And putin oh and our mate Kim Yong ill

  85. Cibte Hacan

    1:27 the girl standing right next to Joe Biden is damn hot and beautiful... Feel like kissing her 😘

  86. Akarui tomodachi

    COVID19 is extremely hard to detect and 60% of transmission occurs in people with no symptoms. The incubation period can go as long as 42 days. This is a mission impossible. We need to prepare to have a global pandemic in the coming weeks. I feel also very sad for all the people around the world who are affected by this virus. This virus was manufactured in the P4 lab in Wuhan by the communist government. It was leaked in November and the communist government did all they can to cover up the story as much as possible. Even at this stage, the Chinese government still refused experts from the US to enter Wuhan. This is a tragedy for mankind. The only thing we can do at this point is to avoid crowded enclosed spaces and please please do NOT show racist behaviors to certain groups of people. They are the victims and they may have family members affected. I believe this virus will bring kindness and evil out of people.

  87. grobertson007

    Stay away from crowded places....says the guy at the bus station

  88. Alan Turner

    House prices will drop

  89. Aditya Iyer

    Wearing mask is necessary-- from india

  90. Negomires

    *create new world*

  91. Goldie Crackrocks

    Where is patient zero that admitted to eating bat soup?

  92. Patrick Navoizat Dautricourt

    Shame on china for eat torture dogs and animals

  93. onur can

    Do not worry about turkey we don't kill civilians Turkey criticizes collected here they come from thousands of kilometers and kill innocent people

  94. Ghost

    Well it originated in china. So therefore, the spread will always be linked to china.

  95. Sombrerosaur

    I would love to see Bernie win the nomination. He’d get smacked by Trump in debates, some Democrats would vote for the orange man, we get four more years. The leftist progressives are a minority in this country, and they are the only voters Bernie will get

  96. Kolendamp

    In Brazil, when we have unexpected visitors we say, we´ll just ad up some more water in the beans and you´re welcome.

  97. Roger That

    Raw garlic, milk thistle, Vitamin C are all anti-viral. Personal safety, hygiene and optimum health will help a person survive. So after two tests and 27 days he still carried it? We need longer quarantines.

  98. Jason Drake

    It’s high time that China needs to realize that they need to shift their diets to eating only primarily fruits and vegetables to stop this absurdity.

  99. Paul F

    Bernie Lovers: this is what communism/ socialism bring... I know, I know....everyone is getting free health care in China....I rest my case ...

  100. RevoFsociety

    insults are racist. Moving away IS NOT.