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  1. Nicholas M

    Wake up people. Something very big is going on around the world designed to strip us ALL of our rights and money

  2. Philoctetes 82

    The ministry of industry and information technology of the peoples republic of China has reported that in the last 3 months, 21 million mobile phone subscriptions have ceased and 840,000 landlines have ceased. There are a lot of factors going on here, but the question everyone wants to know of course is how many of those are deaths? Crematories in or around Wuhan are also at overcapacity, they are burning bodies 24/7 and can't seem to keep up. I do not think that the 3312 "official" death count by China is even close to the real number of deaths from the Coronavirus. It's many, many times higher. China is lying.

  3. Tharmi Hongrei

    Tiz is a war..

  4. Evelyn Brown

    India is downplaying all its numbers. They are worst than the Chinese government. Impressions are everything for them. They know the cost of creating a panic will impact the economy negatively. They don't care if a few million die... they will produce a million in few more years.

  5. 青木建太


  6. Courtney Boyle

    Stay strong and stay home Italy it will be over soon just stay home we love you!!😍😍😍😍

  7. Gareth Evans

    America made this virus and took it to wuhan and the chines seen you coming now you pay for it america

  8. Aranielle Benny

    Oh this journalist is brutal.. Love it

  9. Bock Keat

    We probably end up with increase in population due to fewer death from pollution.

  10. Yair The Awesome Skills moments

    God bless Italia from Israel 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤✝️✝️

  11. Shishir Crew

    Why does he look like GTA character

  12. syndarson kharbani

    The Chinese government must take responsibility this global affected issue for COVID-19 because:- 1. Why Chinese government wrong information to WHO on 31/12/2019 without any solution. 2. Why China government celebrates Lunar festival in this effected province (Wuhan) around millions people almost all over the world to neglected this COVID-19. 3. Why Chinese government was pretended declared to WHO after 7 days Lunar festival for COVID-19 it's very dangerous disease but Chinese government's plan how to spread this virus all over the world. The world is terrible the COVID-19 and there are many countries in the world lost their children, mothers, fathers, lovers, sons, daughters, relatives, etc. The question is why ? And answer is due to China neglected and planned how to circulate this global virus COVID-19. That why the millions of people died is under the Chinese government responsible and the UNO should take any action the China.

  13. Ilky Way

    I was always baffled that all the multitools out there include a bottle opener. I always wondered why not save the space for something needed. Please tell me Americans are able to open a bottle without a dedicated opener!? Soooooo many ways... and I personally can‘t even do the lighter thing.

  14. Omar El Masri

    This would have never happened if the British didnt carelessly give the land to Israel and Palestine

  15. Brenda Gonzalez

    God please wrap your hands around 🙏 🙏 this world lord we repent for all our sins and pray for earthly healing right now father God

  16. Ajmal safi

    This is Joker wet dream... So called civilized society's sanity and patience are at challenge.

  17. StriderCX 2nd

    I keep thinking about India. The population density is off the charts. My parents live in Kolkata. If COVID-19 spreads through India, it'll be the highest fatality rate yet. 1.5 billion people in a place only twice the size of Texas.

  18. KokWah Wong

    Somehow I feel that the SARS-COV-2 virus is Mother Nature's antibodies to fight the human virus .. We humans have been 'infecting' the Earth and causing environmental damage to it and now Mother Earth's antibodies (SARS-COV-2) are ridding us the human virus.

  19. Thank You God Always

    "China looks what have you done"

  20. AlMulazimChannel

    Minister of foreign affairs and cannot speak English fluently

  21. Albert Stier

    Winston Churchill said it best “islam in a man is like rabies in a dog!”.

  22. The Mane

    Passa a la casa! Epic. The fact these guys need to go outside to enforce the message says a lot.

  23. Elizabeth Simoes

    Not fair..🙄🙄

  24. CA Ga

    such a wise lady ✨

  25. Yousaf Masih

    Italy people i have request. Please read Bible at home every thing write in side..Jesus will save you...don't worry itly Jesus's will save you save you save ..must be strong..

  26. Patrick Lio


  27. Speed Anarchy

    I love italian pizza and spagetti

  28. First Last

    It's CIA mind controllers that operate locusts. No, wait, it's the 5G towers and their radiation which manifest locusts and corona. No, it's biblical. Or wait, this is just scientific. Reality is not magic and there is no God anywhere. - Conspiracy Theorists. All you mortals can explain it with your fancy education.

  29. Speed Anarchy


  30. Yousaf Masih

    Italy must be strong keep fasting and pray we'll. JESUS Christ will save must me strong..Jesus say i m a bread of life and i take care your house ...please Italy Jesus Christ licent you .we pray all the time.

  31. MyAirsoftRealm

    So glad that we decided to have plastic money rather then paper...

  32. Kanaan ite

    Somalians have always been and lived in Kenya ! Even before colonialism !

  33. Sharon Scott

    Why are so many dying when they are all in isolation

  34. Mike Dixon

    The Vatican is one of the richest States in the World and protects priests, who have been accused of child abuse, from arrest. But look on the bright side ...the Pope has said he will pray for us! Thank God!!! 🤭

  35. Absolute Media

    Nothing to do with the Airlins with their polution then,

  36. Nick Friend's serious time we look at how we treat earth and the animals, profit has been placed over our only home in the universe.

  37. Kaleigh Hodges

    Yeah, I'm sure that's why it was CREATED , population control.

  38. Rey Mañosa

    China is now ready to take orders and ready to supply the world again.

  39. macky the king's thought

    There is virus and there is always a way that prevent from these kind of deseas, drink hot water as always as much as you can, in Ayurvedic medication shown that steam hydration can wipe out some bacteria and germs from your body if you could use good herbal steam breath to your lungs.

  40. william te whata

    Scientists know nothing

  41. Majesticjkr

    Once this is over we will be living in a better world, I would like to see people just living in their own Country and not using planes anymore, global warming is real and the world ignored it, so something had to be done, this virus was no accident

  42. Daniel P

    Nigerian Mafia are gonna take over sooner then later. Supposedly, they have power that rivals the Cosa Nostra.

  43. S, Lianis

    The war criminal Elliot Abrams stated maduro will never be president again, why can Americans meddle and collude in Sovereign nations affairs

  44. Melanio Ma

    The anchor should be shot. Instead of allowing the doctor to share what they did in Taiwan, he interrupted him with a political question. Covid 19 has been politicised not only by politicians but media as well.

  45. str1xt

    Sending love and hugs to Italy from the U.K xx

  46. Lorain Frank

    Lord pliiz why.. Why???????? I feel sorry for them 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Greece Greece

    A truly brave and remarkable person she truly deserves all the credit she can get🙏

  48. Sun Sun

    A metaphor, if one has the coronavirus but doesn't wear a mask it is like a moving bomb. Keep in mind that you may be the one who has coronavirus with no symptoms.

  49. Anamaria Giorgadze

    In my country, it happens exactly the same way. We switch our Shoes.

  50. herrdrseiks

    Germany has what to do

  51. preet benipal

    we should lockdown world for 2 months every year

  52. Yanisha Rai

    Hate corona

  53. ImRIckJames

    The 4th reich trying to topple usa!

  54. urladybird

    I would have loved to visit Venice just once in my life,... but to be honest, the crowds of tourists do put me off so much that it will just not happen. It's sad really and worse for people who have to live and deal with the effects of capitalism from tourism industry.

  55. The Reverend Jim Jones

    Phil Gayles voice is like Velvet 🥴 his voice Keeps me calm while taking all this chaos in.

  56. Tadzio González Mané

    Live in Venezuela for a year and we' ll see...If you survive, you will be happy to know someone is trying to get moustache man out. I welcome this messure, I hope for a peaceful transition and for those saying bull like: worlds biggest reserve, take it from an oil production technician (me), what is the cost to lift heavy and xtra heavy oil of API 10 and bellow? Not all is about oil...tell me that it is about our gold, about our minerals, about our iron...

  57. sankalp mohan

    China is the epicenter of diseases. Strong action must be taken. The world must unite and hold China accountable for the epidemic.

    1. Daniel P

      Nothing will happen, what's America or UK gonna do?

  58. Dad

    Reduce eating beef.... Jai Shree Ram

  59. Kenja Calvo

    Lets promote nationalism and stop globalism,its a wake up call ,keep the borders close

  60. taufique shaikh

    God bless Italy... coverage and strength to all health care workers and to people .

  61. Ayan Goldman

    Spain had the biggest day for all Coronavirus cases since the Wuhan epidemic began ... Cover Spain! The situation in Spain is BAD.

  62. ADMIN

    Distance between wuhan and bejing and shangahai is about 100 - 150km but they are untouched , only selected financial capitals and countries are affected(Newyork,spain,italy,japan,s korea,mumbai,israel,iran etc..) and All of them are more than 6000kms away from wuhan . Not only this chinese allies and interests like n korea,russia,some imp. Middle east nations are less affected.Poor trump trying to win trade war by diplomatic channels dont understand that china already won .Now china will buy shares of powerful company and dictate world economy. The so called modern western society who boast that their system are the best found that they are most vulnerable nation even african nations and developing nations are doing better than them. In my opinion china should pay 100billion compensation to all affected nation for conducting this war crime😷

  63. Eka P

    What a media report! 🖕🖕 Hypocrisy at it's best!

  64. Colan

    Funny how the experts are waiting for data than to do the thing that scream common sense. Keep waiting for WHO then. Good luck.

  65. Eka P

    What a media report! 🖕🖕 Hypocrisy at it's best!

  66. Bharathi Mohan

    China responsibility for all problems

  67. ADMIN

    Distance between wuhan and bejing and shangahai is about 100 - 150km but they are untouched , only selected financial capitals and countries are affected(Newyork,spain,italy,japan,s korea,mumbai,israel,iran etc..) and All of them are more than 6000kms away from wuhan . Not only this chinese allies and interests like n korea,russia,some imp. Middle east nations are less affected.Poor trump trying to win trade war by diplomatic channels dont understand that china already won .Now china will buy shares of powerful company and dictate world economy. The so called modern western society who boast that their system are the best found that they are most vulnerable nation even african nations and developing nations are doing better than them. In my opinion china should pay 100billion compensation to all affected nation for conducting this war crime😷

  68. The Lorax

    I do love the music

  69. Stepps

    Wonder if they would say the same today?

  70. Vishnu star

    China has achieved economic world victory by cheating. He first created the Corona virus vaccine and kept it until the economic economy of the whole world was brought down. China had become the hub of investors all over the world. China left the virus in its Wuhan city and due to the tremendous deaths, the shares of the fleeing investors bought the price of the currency and the foreign investors and entrepreneurs ran away from their capital. China has already created and hidden the vaccine Took out and stopped the deaths of China in a single day. In this war, China lost some of its people but looted the wealth of the whole world. Today there has not been a single death, nor has the number of patients increased. Today this virus is circulating like the world. Amazing also see the back of all those countries and cities where the Chinese have broken Citizens used to spend. Today the whole world Everyday is seeing its economy collapse. On 17 March, China's economy is getting stronger day by day. This is an economic war in which China has won and is losing its life and property every day while fighting the world. Wuhan to Beijing = 1152 km Milan from Wuhan = 15000 km Wuhan to New York = 15000 km Corona no effect in nearby Beijing / Shanghai But deaths in Italy, Iran, Europe countries and ruined the economy of the whole world. All business areas of China are safe Something is fishy, America is not just blaming China. 10 tough questions from China: (must read question no. 6,7,8,9) 1) Where the whole world is being affected by this, why did it not spread anywhere in China except Wuhan? How did China's capital remain untouched by this? 2) Why did China hide from the whole world about the virus? 3) Why destroyed the initial sample of Corona? 4) Why did the doctor and the journalist who brought it up be silenced? Has the journalist been disappeared? 5) When other countries of the world asked to share information, why did they not share the information? Why refuse 6) Why was the Communist Director of WHO used to hide the corona from human to human? WHO Director was doing what he did in "Beijing (China)" in January ..... ?????? (Were you fixing the plan?) 7) "There is no need to issue any guideline for any international flight as it does not spread from human to human" .... WHO kept doing this tweet till 11 January. Why ??? Today it has been proved that corona spreads from human to human… so why did the WHO lied ???? 8) Why were 50,00,000 people sent from Wuhan "to different parts of the world" without medical examination .. ??? 9) There was a minor case in Italy till 6 February. Suddenly Chinese 'We are Chinese, not a virus, embrace us.' Why did the world's tourist destination known as 'City of Love' come to embrace the people of Italy with placards ??? 10) The whole world is looking at China and WHO with suspicion today and wonder if both China and WHO came to praise India on the same day! Is it a coincidence? Way to dominate the world ?? Chinese Strategy: - 1. First created a virus and its medicine. 2. Then the virus spread. 3. Get hospitals built overnight (finally they were already ready), demonstrating their efficiency, ordering projects as well as equipment, renting labor, water and sewage networks, prefabricated building materials and a An impressive amount of stocks .. These were all part of that strategy. 4. As a result, anarchy along with viruses started spreading in the world, especially in Europe. 5. The economy of dozens of countries was quickly affected. 6. Production lines in factories in other countries closed. 7. Consequently a sharp fall in the stock market. 8. China quickly controlled the epidemic in its country. Overnight, new corona patients from Wuhan stopped. How is it possible when a country like Italy has not been able to handle this situation? After all, China was already ready. 9. As a result, the price of goods from which he buys oil etc. on a large scale. 10. China then immediately returned to production, while the world is at a standstill. While there has been an uproar in the world, has China started working in its factories? China started buying things that had fallen drastically and selling them whose price had increased drastically. Now if you can't believe it ... In 1999, read the book "Unrestricted War: China's Master Plan to Destroy America" ​​written by the Chinese colonies Qiao Liang and Wang Jiangsui !! * All these facts are there. Just think about it… How Russia and North Korea are completely free from Kovid 19? Because they are staunch allies of China. Not a single case was reported from these 2 countries. On the other hand South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely affected. Because all of this is competitive in China .. How did Wuhan suddenly free itself from the deadly virus? China would say that their initial measures were too harsh and Wuhan was closed down to spread to other regions. But this answer is very funny .. Had it been so, it would not have spread to the rest of the countries and would have been limited to one city. It is 100% true that they are using anti-virus of the virus. Why no one was killed in Beijing? Why only Wuhan? Interesting idea… Well, Wuhan is now open for business. America and all the above mentioned countries are financially devastated. Soon the US economy will collapse according to China's plan. China knows that it cannot defeat America militarily because at present, according to this America is the largest powerful country in the world. So this is the world victory formula of China… Use virus to paralyze the economy and defense capabilities of other countries. Certainly Nancy Pelosi was made an assistant in this cause to compete with Trump. President Trump has always been describing how the Great American economy is improving on all fronts. Economic catastrophe was the only way to destroy his vision of creating AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Nancy Pelosi was unable to impeach Trump. .... So they adopted this method of destroying Trump by releasing a virus in association with China. Wuhan was just a demonstration of the epidemic ... Now this virus has taken the epidemic to the extreme !!! Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in just one simple RM1 facemask to visit those effective areas, as President he should be covered from head to toe ..... but it was not so. They were already injected to resist any kind of damage from the virus. This means that the virus was being treated even before it was released. Now China’s next step will be to control the world economy by buying stocks now from countries facing the brink of a declining economic economy… later China will announce that their medical researchers have found a cure to destroy the virus. Now China has stocks of other countries in the armories of its armies and these countries will soon be slaves to their master under compulsion !! Think

  71. 2th Man

    Great You Tube on JAMA with author who has written most recent “decision making process” hospitals are using in overflow situations. Very interesting. Very thought provoking for this 67 yo man.

  72. Blue

    What about the cruise ship that had COVID-19 after 17 days of being empty?

  73. Akukau Akukaliu

    Why no infected news about corona from north Korea and russia?

  74. IKNFLY666

    Can we talk about how many business stores still have to pay rents despite the lockdown? Here in China many business owners are demanding 2 months free rent after 2 months lockdown, and landowners are ignoring the demands

  75. MatMadik


  76. John M

    The comments below show who’s side they are on. Hungary has a right to do what they think is right whether they’ve signed up for the EU or not,when they see the the EUs policies are against their interests. The comments below show the strength of feeling in Europe against immigration.

  77. Briarrose29

    This is too soon and in poor taste you sick bastards!

  78. Andreas Kreissl

    Do not let the people pay the price for this crises like in 2008. The governments AND the EU have to show how humanity looks like. People first coorp´s last!

  79. Jugjeev Singh

    People like these should be sent to jail

  80. dirt

    Sort of is egg in the faces of all the folks that try to say that humans aren't causing climate problems, when the absence of activity is telling it's own story.

  81. Jugjeev Singh

    Tatti iska baap saaf karega , everywhere in india lakhs of people are attacked by the dogs

  82. Boojyman

    Next will be huge earthquake. Can u imagine how devastating it would be during a time like this?

  83. Mark Gilla

    consumption reduction fossil fuel is imperative obviously when things may be back to “normal.”

  84. Flying Banana

    Italians, remember who came to aid you during this dark moment in your history. Remember the countries your government considered enemies whom came when your allies watched you suffered.

  85. Bharathi Mohan

    China responsibility for all problems.'pinching the child and swinging it in the cradle'-Proverb suitable for China

  86. Donald Trump

    We don't want them in the US either.....

  87. Legit Cason

    C'mon guy....belching cows r the least of the pollution problem causing global warming!...REALLY

  88. Lesley Nora

    Mother nature ... we r sorry But h.spns will come bak

  89. Mercy Lim

    Thank you for shaŕing this video!

  90. Boojyman

    A match on a powder keg

  91. Gitonga Kimotho

    Where is THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH??..They have trillions of wealth and resources scattered all over the suffering world,in my neighborhood here in Kenya they are the RICHEST and most influential organisation.

  92. Parizad Sidhwa

    If the people wear masks, it would slow the spread of the virus, and the health care system won't be so burdened.

  93. Manash Jyoti Saikia

    We all know that if china acted fast and didnt hide the true fact all countries around the world would have get a chance to prepare for the virus. But insted italy campain hug a chinese ,newyorker participate in luner we are all doom

  94. Lonely World

    We human are the virus and the Covid19 is actually the antibodies frm the environment. Mother earth’s immune system is fighting back to heal herself

  95. Ayan Goldman

    Vague. No Specifics. Lots of hearsay and conflation of possibilities. DW News is Terrible.

  96. Ahmed Thasleem

    Not just the environment but for anarchists as well.But they too are hit hard by the Virus.So in reality they too have a serious health crisis even though they have abilities much better than before! So now it’s human vs Virus.Time will consider who the winner would be !?

  97. Rock'on

    #ID2020 #MiPasa #moneyprintergobrrr

  98. Ammad Hassan

    Now.... Libiyan should slap on the UN & EUROPE & USA.... and bring peace on there country themselves.... these USA UK UN backed government is problem...! Why UN USA etc.... where are the pure libyan patriotic people..... Libya is for libyans with peace...... no need of support from UN UK USA....... the truth is UN & USA are real esclators....! Libyan should become united and end the connection with USA & EUROPE.... SO prosperity will come automatically..... Libya Live Long....!

  99. hassans sharieff

    Seema dont have boyfriend so dont sleep in night dark circle around eyes

  100. Rock'on

    I prefer dangerous Freedom over peaceful slavery