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  1. Eden Lugg

    She is a 100

  2. Ariana UAENARMY

    My beautiful tears

  3. Radek Grabkowski

    Who came after J-Hope's tweet (ekhm, Ahin)?

  4. Memphis Pearce

    Your music 🎶 is the best ever 🎶⌨️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  5. Mohammed Pasha


  6. Enid OGrady

    omg this is so sentimental... I love this girl!! besitos chica ♥♥♥

  7. Han thu Htun

    အရမ်းကြိုက်တယ် 😍😍😍

  8. Sara Kowalska

    Everyone says that this song is similar to Marina but just listen Devlin - Watchtower (them song from the Young People)

  9. Yonas Awees


  10. Funnycookey

    The video is awesome it come like at 1980

  11. Maria alejandra corcho cardenas

    Que bonita camila cabello y lele pons

  12. Ana Mel

    Aí aí te amo kkkkk, melhor música 💖

  13. grnmjvckcgs

    i love how she relates her videos to 60s style. surely this will win again VMAs

  14. Abril Facio

    Why the discription of the guy reminds me Terminator?

  15. Catherine Sproson

    camila: releases this song everyone in the comments: SHAWNNNNN AAHHH OMGGGG shut up it's her song

  16. PublicToiletHD

    4:17 *gOt tHe bAcOn oN mE*

  17. Fardowsa Mursal

    She is so pretty

  18. Bruh Moment AHHhh funny

    “A little bit older, a black leather jacket, a bad reputation, insatiable habits” ITS FILTHY FRANK

    1. Angry Watermelon

      Bruh Moment AHHhh funny nah it’s pink guy

  19. CamilERROR FoxyYT

    TOCALLA me gustó mucho la canción

  20. AMUNET G

    Por favor digan que no soy la única que habla español y viene de TIK TOK😁😁😭

  21. Blade YT

    Good time!

  22. Lola Arroyo

    This might be the first thing that gave me tears

  23. Nichole Grace

    *That moment when u realize Shawn was upset she was dancing with that guy*

  24. i am david


  25. marwa alaoui



    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  27. Yoda Gamerrr11

    Me encanta esta cancion sos lo mas !!!!!!!

  28. Daphne Contreras

    Lo amoooo ❤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. yaliso gioouy

      It's just PER-FECT!!!

  29. Nayely Soto

    Bro the effort she puts in her music videos ❤️

  30. Abigail Conejeros

    the coolest video ever !♡

    1. yaliso gioouy

      Hola,vas hf hacer una canción en español??te quiero mucho

  31. Music Live

    Keep watching Camilizers!

  32. Ari the gamer

    It looked like this song existed 2 years ago 😂

  33. Elena Miketic

    Now i know she use autotune

  34. imsogay lernjergi

    i’m not crying you are

  35. Carina Torres

    The part where she goes up to her father and sings and holds his hand while hes crying really got me fr

  36. tech knowledge

    Btw why it has only only 30 m views only it's one of the best albums of camilla, why

  37. Sandra Hernandez

    Tbh I’m not a fan of her but this song is a bop

  38. sdxdelight _

    I’m in like a bad place right now and this song warms my heart

  39. sdxdelight _

    I started crying as soon as the song started

  40. M A C M I L L E R F A N

    I arrived here and the first ad who comes was from my oh my, smh.

  41. Scott Baker

    Yeah, my daughter choose this song for our Father/Daughter dance and decided to share it with me before the wedding. I have heard it about 500 times and still can't help getting emotional over it. If you have a daughter, you know exactly what she is singing about.

  42. La Design

    Idk why but I relate to this song so much it's like shes telling me to not be afraid anymore idk

  43. Harami-kun 7w7

    I miss a Shawn Mendes

  44. Susan Tatiana


  45. OmarThe Gamer

    came back for thug

  46. Yara Medvedev

    Вива Фидель Кастро! Залив Свиней помним.... Песьня супер!!!!

  47. david

    Keep streaming!!!❤

  48. david


  49. Star robertalo killer


  50. david


  51. david

    I like it

  52. david

    I love it

  53. david

    So good

  54. Ada Wang

    This look like a fabric ad 🤔

  55. Luana Sabathier

    Hola,vas hf hacer una canción en español??te quiero mucho

  56. 1lastsht

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING

  57. Sunflower Gacha

    OMG it's Lele!!!!

  58. Chris Lyrics

    It's just PER-FECT!!!

  59. Joshua Shibutani

    Subaru from Re: Zero?

  60. Ashlyn

    Me: *singing loud and awful* Neighbour: *Keep it down!* Me: *Right now I'm Shameless!*

  61. Nick SNF

    Her voice is SOO bad on this video and it sounds much different like ooof

  62. Alee Lim

    What a way to distract the viewers so that theyll forget the actual meaning of the song 🙊 just a thought tho

  63. felipe montenegro

    Si se fija. La muñeca nunca pestañea a qué pasteles es el teflejo

  64. Alexis

    i need help. there’s this guy talking to me and i feel bad cuz he’s rly nice to me and i can tell he rly likes me but i don’t like him. i’m into his friend and i don’t think his friend likes me. i was just starting to focus on myself again after getting out of a toxic relationship with someone else and i just don’t know what to do.

  65. Rohan Singh


  66. Gacha work Jasmines


  67. Janoo Queen b


  68. Nikki Cristina

    Me: i hate when people ship celebrities just after one song that they were being freaky in Also me: i litterally want Camila and DaBaby to do it at least once Btw it's just a joke

  69. Jonathan V

    Me: *Checks the quality to see if I'm on 144p*

    1. Informador de Obras

      Me too

  70. Janoo Queen b


  71. Janoo Queen b


  72. Janoo Queen b


  73. Janoo Queen b


  74. Janoo Queen b

    Love it

  75. Janoo Queen b


  76. frank white

    Great job Camila. I was crying of joy! :)

  77. Janoo Queen b

    Love it

  78. Janoo Queen b


  79. Vichis Bueno

    And love

  80. Indranil DEB

    Ok great thanks for the song

  81. Janoo Queen b


  82. Janoo Queen b


  83. Janoo Queen b


  84. Janoo Queen b


  85. Hi Hi

    This vs. The glmv my oh my

  86. WhereYouLookinAt




  88. Alexander Valverde

    I love this🌹

  89. Kimberly Campos

    Shes going to come to forth worth ehhh

  90. your_ideal_bitch


  91. BTS Jhope

    Music name: *MY OH MY* ARMY'S BRAİN: *OH MY MY MY* 😅

  92. Afinariefinnn

    My favorite part when DaBaby say "Let’s Goooo" 1:19

  93. Fifth Harmony

    5:12 'All I do, the whole day through is dream of you' why l havn't noticed that from along time

  94. Bad Girl Gacha

    They should have taken a picture of all the camilas standing together and sent it to Shawn to see if he could tell which one was the real one.

  95. DS Gaming

    Who written the lyrics tell me ????

  96. Jorge Mansilla

    Vine por el cover de Donald Trump

  97. Gabriel Dash

    Does someone else sees the video in terrible quality ?

    1. DarthHater 9045


  98. soulbound xxx

    Is it me or anyone else would watch 2:56 if it was a movie

  99. Suparna

    Hoping he doesn't actually go "Bieber" cause Bieber's gone trash now.