Hey! It's Mike!
This is a channel about my life and all the things I do. So...yea...hmmm...that's all.

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  1. Duke Legend

    "Massive McMuffin" ... best breakfast item! 🤤

  2. lex sotomayor

    Ill keep the scamels in mind lmao 🤣🐪

  3. Honey Cutie

    Hehe!! My FRIENDS n I r fans!!We ENJOY ur videos!! We find u FUNNY, ADORABLE n DORKY!!! LOL!! We LOVE it!! Keep having FUN!!! ٩(^‿^)۶

  4. TalulahCarmichael2

    Definitely agree about Shin Ramyun being great. I'm more of a Shin Black girl, though. Hard to find in my area, which is disappointing :'(

  5. khin theint

    Mikey after corona virus why don't u come to mandalay in myanmar

  6. Savannah Rose

    With wanting to travel to new places I think you should look into New Zealand or something like that.

  7. Joe M


  8. Barry

    Also because of all of those peppers we Asians eat.

  9. responsiboul

    have you tried fatburger my dude?

  10. Orlito and Mommy

    Mike Chen, i want to challenge you on how many dumplings you can eat in ten minutes. Foodie Trekker came up with this idea and I am up for it! are you?! only the best will win. let me know!!!

  11. D J

    If you work out twice a day then Chinese people don’t eat bats. You eat so much food and it’s disgusting. You look like a marshmallow. I’m sure you work out multiple times a day - you’re literally five feet tall, and weigh 180 lbs.

  12. J Froomberg

    Is it just me or do I feel like that I’m best friends with him

  13. Rasul Bokev

    Aye like this comment if yall are uzbek gang

  14. Megiddo Eubanks

    Keith literally lowered the testosterone with his very presence.

  15. Juan José Rivas García

    Wait a minute... YOU ARE NOT JACKIE CHANG? are you sure? xD

    1. Juan José Rivas García

      Seriously maybe Jackie would need someday , a younger double or a "son" at his movies. Didnt you ever tweet him with a pic?

  16. Scott Richardson

    Pretty sure that little did not Sammy...

  17. Carleen Peters

    Actually dying at your reaction to that dry burger. 3am in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic that was much needed.

  18. Abraham Aguillon

    You honestly are the coolest looking Jackie Chan ever dude. You bring the best joy.

  19. kelso thao

    Man I thought I could cook but look at you

  20. Mỹ anh Phạm

    🤣🤣🤣 cooll

  21. Robert Schwartz

    I shouldn't have watched this video right after dinner, but even so, the food looked wonderful.

  22. Pineappleman :0

    It was that easy for the crusaders to get on a plane and go to egypt

  23. shawolmblft

    is this your parents' place? i thought you moved to seattle?

  24. Zombiekiller0981

    Jackie Chan eating McDonald’s !!!

  25. KKillz

    Hey Mikey, once this craziness goes away, I don't think you've gone there but you need to seek out Katsu Burger! It's a local burger chain (Most locations in Seattle, Seattle area) where they literally use either a chicken Katsu or Tonkatsu as the patty. I've personally been to the Federal Way location and it's AMAZING! Hope you can check it out sometime, love all the videos you do whether here or on SD, such an upbeat attitude, stay safe!

  26. Kazuma

    Me mapo tofu be like: *YOROKOBE SHOUNEN*

  27. Sayeedur Rahman

    You missed biryani at 5:10

  28. Megiddo Eubanks

    Mike invented a new dish: Chicken Biryani is now Chicken Briani. All Brians and Briannnas rejoice- he has blessed you.

  29. peterk814

    9:35. Mikes gf

  30. Travis pona


  31. Prometheus Venom

    Isn’t there a ramen so spicy in Los Angels?

  32. Vijay Anand

    Just watched the Mikey Chen 2020 reboot and Home edition of - The 36 Chambers of Shaolin !

  33. Martin Marrero

    Taylor swift? Nah I'm good.

  34. ZeeKaa

    I am an Egyption .So its really a shame these scammers tried to do the same to me but lucky I had my mum she manged to burgen a hole cotch from 350 to 150 egy pounds for 3 people and the Camille ride was like 100 pounds for 2 people (so next time you are ther make sure you have a trusted egyption guild with you)

  35. Judy c

    I kid you not, I was just about to break out a Korean spicy noodle to start my workout today too!

  36. Pretti Baby

    My little sister just came up behind me, looked at the screw and said “see Jackie Chan”❤️ she’s 8

  37. George L

    Mikey!!!!! I just got some Nongshim Bidae Jigae (K-Army Stew) ramen at the Fei Long on 8th Ave in Brooklyn and it BLEW MY MIND! Have you tried it? Should I send some to you?

  38. Alaysia Murry

    That chikfila is totally different from the one where I live which has a better bun

  39. Mika Nime

    I hope we could meet you here in Dubai alsooo

  40. Jen Uy

    let's get down to business... to defeat the huns

  41. Professor Zen

    London does have the best Rock and Chips. The Northern chip shops I've been in just cook frozen processed fish. There might be exceptions.

  42. Brian Rodriguez Leyva

    Also in 2021 im going to italy

  43. parthivvishruth satishkumar

    your like the son of jakie chan lololololololololo

  44. Master Specialist

    The noodles he has at the beginning is what I buy in the UK! My favourite instant noodles 🤤

  45. Christina W

    Hi there! I see the noodle in 16:10 but I can't remember what it is called. I remember eating something that looks like that as a kid and it had a chewy texture (good bite) but now that I'm grown and moved out of an Asian community I can't seem to find it anywhere in stores. Wondering what it's called so I can look for a recipe to make that type of noodle. (Egg noodle?) Thanks in advance.

  46. stanley lai

    This guy ate 4 bentos with no some kind of liquid..... Respect

  47. Tiger_vii

    Love Only in Japan!!! And your channel

  48. X D


  49. Marco Antonio

    Im craving a ramen because of your video👌😊🥢🍜🍵🥄

  50. Ryan Lee

    You have to try Hattie B's Chicken in Atlanta! If you want spicy, they got SPICY..

  51. LilSpaceMan

    6:23 “if you were ever in Japan, buy a ticket back”

  52. Mina Shaker

    I'm from egypt, I'm really sorry for your bad experience at the pyramids, this scam is very popular, it happens literally to everyone who went to the pyramids, even egyptians.

  53. I A

    Fukuoka is known for great food lol

  54. ClearlyConservative

    Arizonan here. Just here to say hi to my neighbor. Btw we have a Whataburger in the Phoenix suburbs and In-n-Out is better

  55. HyperTofu


  56. lulmirtin

    Wtf stupiiid why would he do that...

  57. err

    Don't play, you knew there were tomatoes in that fridge and that one was going in that rice cooker... Unrelated: I found you years ago on "Beyond Science" and even tried to be apart of the 'Council' but ultimately didn't do much. I hope to see more of you in the future! Thanks for the upload! Love from Michigan.

  58. L Xiong

    I see you stocked up on rice too.

  59. Small Backyard Big Farm

    Thanks for the videos to help pass the time! Stay safe, stay healthy!

  60. Lunay LeZarde

    So, the Cook With Mikey link is _where,_ exactly? Because I'm looking hard, and it's *nowhere* in the description/credits box.

  61. Farras AM

    What a warm up 😂👏🏻

  62. Yvana Bridget

    I can hear my fellow Filipino making conversation at the KFC haahha

  63. Diamond Hiller

    He is the goat of eating on a airplane

  64. Zulfikar Thariq

    Well, you should have said "Osomatsu!" At the end of the cooking, Mike! 😆

  65. Jacqui L

    Thank you Mikey! 😄

  66. haneipark

    Sooo.. no one's going to tell @Mikey he ordered the wrong ribs???!

  67. Josh Hudock


  68. Brendan Park

    why does Mikey remind me so much of Po from kung fu panda when he is training

  69. Polly Taylor

    There is a place in New Mexico called Middle of Nowhere. There is..or was...one building there which is just an intersection of two roads. The building was a combo restaurant and bar and I think there may have been a post office or gas station. I used to detour and drive through there every weekend on my way from Albuquerque to a very tiny town in southwest New Mexico.

  70. nitelite666

    Think ur getting cabinfever from isolation Mikey 😂

  71. Jamie Nogalski

    I’ve never laughed so hard then this video!!! Why a, I not surprised you’d make a video like this?!?! I loved it soooo much!!!! Keep on going Mikey Chen!!!! I love it!!! And you!!!

  72. Kelvin Kwa

    We get less variety in Australia McDonalds than US McDonalds. If I want scrambled eggs on my sausage sandwich, I have to specifically order it cooked that way, speak slowly and sometimes, I'm still overcharged for it. By the way, does anyone else miss the sweet vinegar bean salad they used to sell at KFC?

  73. Nicole Jones

    🤣 Ted Mosby the curry🤣 super funny!!

  74. Brandon Apeles

    I really hope you can travel soon because this is horrible. Unwatchable

  75. Nl2 Triples

    1 biter or less takes 4 bites

  76. Steven Davidson

    You know its good when Mikey makes a just eaten a lemon face....

  77. OCC

    I been to Italy and damn man the gelato is just something else.

  78. KalbreezyBaby

    What is a flagship lounge and why have I never seen it before

  79. cemi -

    They used the Song triplets for advertisement 😂 I can’t

  80. Aryan Gaonkar

    8:50 I like how he didn't flinch after some dude sneezed

  81. firehawkarcher1

    I wonder what editing software mike is using.

  82. Chinmay Patwardhan

    How do you eat so much and mamahe to stay effin ripped??? \(°o°)/

  83. OPTIC23100

    Here in America we put eel sauce on sushi. It’s very good

  84. we're all mad here

    Shaved ice! I seriously considered bringing back this awesome shaved ice machine from Japan last summer but didn't buy it because I didn't want to lug it all the way back... regretting it now...

  85. E M

    Hey do you eat dogs or bats?

  86. Bob Mag

    Which city is he in

  87. Jabo

    More cooking videos please Mikey!

  88. Izzy johnas

    This is the best video you’ve made haha

  89. Kathleen Steadman

    I think Chicago is called the windy cindy because if you walk downtown the wind from lake Michigan is stronger when it passes through all the big tall buildings. I could be wrong though

  90. Jin Jin

    you should check your cholestrol on regular basis like 2 times per year minimum. Working out in itself doen't garantee heart disease and high cholestrol levels which can lead to heart attack. I would recommend you check your cholestrol level 3-4 times a year.

  91. David Maccormack

    He's turned me on to noodles,thier inexpensive easy to cook(u could get by eating them on thier own) and a perfect easy digestible bed for anything else you want to apply much better than worm @nettle soup, don't recommend the UK marines cource and they make u run around and dig holes,it suckt,l went to uni [email protected] 🐶

  92. Jennifer Senger


  93. Marius the Navigator

    Your hotel is near the north world trade center that is cool

  94. T May

    if ever go to the philippines again catch Philippines airline! there so nice and friendly! and there food is awesome and amazing! and there service is just so wonderful you’ll love it!

  95. Kayla Blodgett

    I should hope the beef soup is good, it's so few ingredients that if the somehow mess it up 😬

  96. sub 2 pewdiepie

    Damn be prepared for covid 19 by wiping down everything 5 months early

  97. Lily R

    It's great to see you still make the tomato rice dish you made a video about!! It looks really good! Stay safe Mikey! :)

  98. The Dreamer

    No one gonna talk about how you got a whole meal for your snack? That’s actually wild.

  99. Ashhh xx