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  1. Commando 69

    Taking tha P**** with the ads mate 4 adds in a 10 mins video Wtf

  2. Neotastisch

    I dont hate U for Samsung im hating U for Apple

  3. Diego Azuela

    wait after 2 years which are the both phone are still supported by the latest OS.😂😂

  4. Sayan guria

    How much we have progressed

  5. Zaheer Shaikh

    Samsung comes with big numbers, but still video stabilization is better in iphone. iPhone shows true colour that's why it look warm colour image.

  6. Damario Hutchinson

    I want a iPhone can you give me one

  7. Talip yusif

    Stile iphone camera petter

  8. mr Lohe

    iPhone camera is more look origin than Samsung

  9. miezie tales

    Samsung videos are shaky compared to iphone

  10. Hugo Ontiveros

    Nice video bro

  11. Frizzy

    They put the status bar on 4.7 inch iPhones because iPhone 9 is coming

  12. Brayden Lostetter

    I want some AirPod pros

  13. Vostorg

    best Comparison of this phones now

  14. miezie tales

    Lights flickering at 9:15 in samsung

  15. Kaz Venson

    I'm sorry but the IPhone looked better in almost everything. S20 definitely owns the zoom

  16. Carol Ann

    I’m so mad I updated to latest regular iOS and didn’t wait to see if there was a jailbreak. But it is fun to see what is going on in the betas, even when I am not using them.

  17. Beerus The Destroyer

    Does these both worth the asking price?

  18. eltonz

    S20 win?

  19. Daniel Tapia

    Galaxy looks better but has more jaggies and frame stutter.

  20. Ihsan

    Imagine you watch this with VR

  21. wayne

    Looks pretty good. But there seems to be some bitrate/framerate issues going on with the Samsung

  22. ThaWord

    Who the f needs 108mp. Are people printing mega bilboards from home now?!?

  23. DIVYA S

    Stabilization of both phones, 100/100 its iphone11PM

  24. Larry Barnhill

    He drops a phone from 50 feet: fine Me drops mine from 1 foot: dead

  25. Alonergm12

    I love samsung! Currently in using S10plus and satisfied with it!

  26. Dave Travors

    i could not afford to watch it hurt my feeling like shit

  27. Dan Jensen

    iPhone 11 Pro max is much better. I know that the Samsung should be better but not in my eyes.

  28. Aleksica

    I don't think the ability to zoom in that much is really needed

  29. Sir. Billy

    Genuinely thought this was a VR video when I first clicked!

  30. Player 1

    iPhone gang

  31. Steven Newman

    So you think Motorola could have done better with the RAZR AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah Apple will bring a fold-able display in about 2062 and 5G in 2098. Apple = Last years specs at next years prices. The thing with this channel is that Apple are slow slow with there tech he is slowly starting to review Android.

  32. Niya: Diamond

    I have to be honest Samsung is better

  33. Zeni Marcum

    i dont have twitter

  34. Ag_Sct

    Boi just buy an Android

  35. Me Like Pork

    I’m I the only one, who thinks, that having a 108mp camera is pointless and Samsung uses it just to bait people ?

  36. D- Sean

    The galaxy is "clearly " better but apple addicts will never admit it

  37. Aymaan Zahir

    2:19 the iphone quality looks better. You can read the airbag on the steering wheel on the iphone but not the samsung one

  38. Alex Tasarov

    The IPhone definitely had a better stabilizer when you had them side by side walking and panning. We can agree that the additional money you would be spending to go from 11 pro Max to s20 ultra would be for the camera.

  39. MJ PovadoRKss

    Both were awesome.

  40. Ramees Ramie

    11 pro max😍

  41. Jack Bouckley

    There’s already a iPhone se it was released in like 2014

  42. Alexander Tyle

    Thought they looked about the same the entire video, then I turned the quality up to 4k and the s20 ultra was clearly a lot better.

  43. Joshua Rafael

    USsel : 4K 60 FPS is available now!! Me : watch in 240p 😂😂😂

  44. TheM4

    S20 > iPhone 11 front camera iPhone 11 > S20 Back camera


    You look like joe from you

  46. Jeremy Chambers

    Really like how well the side by side comparison test was constructed probably one of the fairest tests

  47. Turnip Memes

    Can we just admit that Samsung has beaten Apple?

  48. DPlays

    Nice M3!

  49. Cloudy-YT

    The camera you used to record is better than both the phones 📱

  50. Creepzer178

    This is the equivalent of copying someone’s school project and making it better with new stuff.

  51. Hutch da gamer

    Giveaway hype

  52. Small Potato

    Watch everyone switch their iPhone 11s to Samsung s20

  53. Raul Hernandez

    Now I’m on 13.3.1... great.

  54. suleman shah

    Apple 👌

  55. Wesley Benjamin

    He is very objective.

  56. Nimra Khan

    Samsung ❤👍👍👍

  57. exxodas

    Megapixels mean nothing anymore. It’s easy to software upscale, which is what Samsung is doing. The iPhone has better natural colors and AI.

  58. Wirxaw Tanev

    I hate Apple passionately, but I can't help but notice a few issues with Samsung: -Selfie has absolutely no stabilization -4k60 rear on Samsung has horrible focus issues -Iphone may have oversaturated colors, but it does preserve the detail, Samsung looks washed out. -Really disappointed in zoom. -8k has good colors, but since there is no stabilization or focus... it's a prototype. -Night Mode on Samsung is a Night Mare. Faces change colors, focus goes bonkers... All in all... Apple went 4k first, Apple keeps 4k lead. Nothing can touch Apple video shooting, that is the only advantage Apple has, besides its arguable CPU. However, for anyone shooting sub-4k... I think Android has a much bigger playing field.

  59. Just A Nugget

    Both cameras are great I’m surprised the pro max actually holds up well against the s20 ultra. But yes the s20 ultra has the edge right now. Be interesting to see what apple bring to the table with their iPhone 12. Only reason i cant support samsung is the exynos chip. If they sold us the snapdragon variant i would be all over it. But theres far cheaper android devices on the market with the chip aswel.

  60. Стоимен Иванов

    I don’t know how you’ve managed to say exactly the oposite of what was present on the screen in like 90% of the time, but there it is! 😄 I was actually surprised that S20 Ultra performed worst than the iPhone in most of the situations. I was thinking of switching from iPhone to Samsung because of that camera, but now I’m probably go for the Mi 10 pro and spend the difference on whiskey or something... At least Galaxy Byds Plus worth it this year.

  61. NikitaCalifornia

    iPhone is better 👍🏻

  62. Cesar Lacouture

    Samsung still lags with exynos worlwide chipset a pitiful development

  63. Kfjkll

    iPhone 11 Pro Max fake news 0:16.

  64. SmileTOBY

    Why would you want that Why did you buy a iPhone X then when a 8 7 6 5 4 has it

  65. JC

    Its cropped on the iphone but u can put full screen

  66. Shadab Haider

    Iphone colour science and sharpnees is better then s20 ultra I think iphone is better ❤👍

  67. Funky Chicken

    The iPhone has lots of lens flare. The end of the video is where it’s most noticeable.

  68. Technical Muddasir

    You broked thousands of phones please give me one i phone please

  69. Alexander Tamayo Lara

    Amazing s20 ultra and your test

  70. Instareposterguy

    Samsung always copies apple

  71. Sound Kraken


  72. Hugo Espartero

    S20 ultra is so better

  73. Isaiah Ballah

    looked the same until i turned video quality to 4k and realized how much better S20 looked compared to the iPhone

  74. Cliprr FN

    0:56 when he kisses himself lol

  75. sar Pul

    댓글 참 우습넿ㅎㅎ

  76. Tommyvew

    I want a Samsung s20ultra 😪

  77. Sergey Kurgansky

    yeah 108mp yeah.. but doesn't pictures look sharp. more like pixel porridge

  78. Emoji 15

    Nice bmw it looks nice :)

  79. abyssal_whale

    stabilization and colors are much better on iphone

  80. Celsius

    Around 10:10 you can clearly see the micro jitters on the S20 stabilization. They look really bad sadly. Also, the small auto exposure adjustments are very noticeable on the Samsung. The colors, seem to have a pinkish tint as opposed to the iPhone. This can be noticed on the car in the beginning. I really hoped to buy the Samsung to replace my P20 Pro but it seems that I need to wait for something better.

  81. Gabriel Gray Wood Junior

    Both Cameras Are Great But With The New Samsung Zoom And A Slight Brightness In It Colors.

  82. Grand Silence

    Русский трек в музыке, странно)

  83. Ju T.

    Хочу выиграть aipods prooooo

  84. Ju T.

    Хочу выиграть aipods prooooo

  85. Yoyo123x

    Samsung : we have 108 Megapixel camera Apple : we actually look better

  86. 1k sub with 0 video

    Samsung and Apple are the best

  87. Team Scrutiny

    Turn a iPhone X to a 11 Pro Max, simply just get a sticker and paint your phone midnight green.

  88. axel Flores

    Bruh sorry but I couldn’t care less about an Android do apple jail break videos

  89. iiclapZ_you

    Plug it in to the wall

  90. Phantom_Wolf52

    apple needs to bring back the old design of iOS it looks so much better than today who else agrees?

  91. pizza_ Ninja760

    5:19 5:19 5:19 may your ears be blessed

  92. A Blue

    this is my first time in this channel.

  93. Grenino

    Or like, you could buy a DS

  94. nerdglider

    the stabilization on the iphone makes the videos look better, I hate the jitters on the other one and the auto focus and the color temperature all make it looks like to was shot on a phone vs the iphone which looks a lot more professional. Personally I think the Iphone destroyed it, Samsung needs to focus on software for the next one if apple can get all that from just 12mp.

  95. Mohammed Baqur

    Galaxy is better

  96. Bobby Stevens

    AirPods giveaway 🔥🙏🏼

  97. Ahmad Malik

    iPhone 11 Pro ♥️

  98. Roman Horokhovatskyy

    Samsung is very good. But iPhone has a superb stabilization!

  99. Ahmad Malik


  100. Hahahaha Banane