One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. marco Duran

    That's. funny 😂

  2. Trevor Paterson

    stop saying you're lactose intolerant when you're SO clearly not

  3. Jonah Rivera

    A habanero is not the same as a freaking Tito

  4. EDGAR

    I guess clean was always a 4 letter word for them 😆 People never change ....

  5. dead channel for now !


  6. Lacy Conner

    Bro the mess your making while combining the ingrediants is getting to me im that type that cleans as i cook and my ocd is kicking in lol

  7. Preshious Kolenda

    Can you do the tiktok coffee

  8. mrinali padiyar

    Hi Brennen ur birthday is april 3rd so tommorow right mine 2

  9. ramon alfaro

    The town of Volcano, Ca has only population of 101.

  10. TorturedFNツ

    I don’t think it was raw I think that was melted Reese’s ‼️‼️‼️

  11. Midnight

    Y’all should go to the Europe hotel

  12. Microwave

    Yo, i dont get why people JUST like brennen what about jake ? Oh poor jake

  13. Jaylynn Largo

    "I washed it down the sink" ummm it's a toilet

  14. NATURE

    Blue lights only show fluids from the body so 🤢

  15. Brett Hagerman

    Who where is watching this in 2020 👇🏻

  16. peachy babiii

    8:35 *"colby run🥺"*

  17. TorturedFNツ

    You’ve been under a rock if u have never tried the first one‼️‼️

  18. Razor Blade gaming

    It's a type of Mac and cheese

  19. Shane Sims

    in the video u guys watched where u saw the figure and they were right beside it and they didn't know they were near it when everything went crazy and when brennen got touched

  20. Chloe Berts

    That tattoo one is not only a scam but putting perform directly on your skin can cause cancer

  21. Blazin phoenix432

    Screw my friends I'm saving my self besides we all will die someday some just sooner than others also I hate people in horror movies the slasher/killer has always been my favorite character

  22. Lovely Jaye-Leigh

    uhm, what kind of popcorn do y’all eat 💀

  23. Mary Chalmers

    I'm shook asf 😂😂😂😭

  24. Toxic123tryhard

    That what she said 12:48

  25. •Hell_girl•

    Time to go scrolling through the comments

  26. CoRoNaViRuS CD

    Was you in the zeroes movie i saw there🎉🎊

  27. Griffin Wells

    wait till u poop the pepper out

  28. Megan Bamford

    Turn ons:when he sings When he shows me off When he respects me Turn off:when he’s horrible in every way 🥴🥺

  29. Julie Morton

    Man I had a girl and she was everything to me man what’s your bad you have a girl And I don’t Who is that you can give me advice to get a girl

  30. Toxic Humane

    8:12 lol that kid in the back

  31. Jess Glover

    Brennen: a little bit of mold can't kill any one RIP BRENNEN :1995-2020

  32. Nisheet Verma

    This place is radioactive yo.

  33. LaHacienda7

    hi brennen i love your tiktok life hacks

  34. Nisheet Verma

    Those bed bugs were big enough to drive the truck.

  35. Colin Sean


  36. Aarell Kayan Aquino

    Here In Philippines We Actually Do That Popcorn Trick But We Dont Need The Mac n cheese powder Cause Here In Philippines We Can Just Buy A Cheese Powder

  37. Christian Doy

    7:26 im not guilty

  38. Estrella Tapia

    And you call yourself mexican

  39. DADDY P3WS

    And lactose intolerant adds 10 pounds of cheese

  40. the plushie show

    Brennen:I like torturing myself by eating bad food Me:WHYYYYYYY!!!!

  41. levsofficial

    Don’t ever say ba da bing and not say ba da boo

  42. kingr rice


  43. wolfiepup_101

    New Jersey. Millville

  44. Typical Assassin

    Who else agrees,? Brennan needs to come out with Merch that reads "if I haven't mentioned this before, I'm lactose intolerant"😄😂

  45. The boss6000 0000

    Your channel is literally just tick took life hacks now

  46. Joshua McDonald

    Yes ghost can communicate through your dreams

  47. LaHacienda7

    big fan ahhhhhhhhh

  48. LaHacienda7

    hi brennen i am on my brothers computer rn and i have been texting you but you wont text me back

  49. Not _Youngjustice

    porn star-deeper daddy Brennan-look at that perfect fit XD

  50. Julian Cucereanu

    5:17 Who else noticed a white cat on the right

  51. the daydreaming damsel

    *When a clown chases someone* The average person: *Calls cops and asks family to pick em up* Brennen: CALL AN UBER!

  52. Ghost SMACKS

    At 3:27 yu can see people behind grandma

  53. Katie Williamson

    *No one:* *Literally nobody at all:* *Brennen: If you didn’t know, I’m lactose intolerant.*

  54. Brantley Miner

    The reese's made the crunch because it was cold or froze

  55. Harry McGill

    The tattoo had to soaked for 30 minuets

  56. Boober 21

    It worked for me

  57. Will Rumble

    13:22 you hear people fighting and arguing just WALKING up the ELEVATOR

  58. Rowan Hand-Toombs

    Why does he look like every villain from the tv show your mum and dad watched as a kid

  59. Vasiliki Lagou

    Apparently they don't have legit plates at home...

  60. Tianna Richard

    like this if y'all texted him?

  61. Azaria Phillips

    That means we are the dead

  62. Joshua McDonald

    Someone is behind you at the door in the window 39:42

  63. EverydayEmma

    I always watch these videos at like 1am and it makes me sooo hungry 😕

  64. Aarum Alla

    So no ones gonna talk abt " Is StAnK!"

  65. Hannah Newberry

    I thought I saw a face in the brick wall on yr way back

  66. John Rousonelos

    And now your Spiderman🤟

  67. Mike Jamieson

    5:45 maybe it just changed to a non smoking room when the hotel changed hands?? it doesn't make any sense at all??really ???? did you ever think about that genius

  68. Emmanuel Valenzuela

    U need to turn on the "Do not disturb" in the iphone hack

  69. suzan hermez

    He’s so lucky he didn’t bring a dog or it would have been bad

  70. Karrin Diegdio

    You guys should make USsel channel called#BROLBY!!!!!👍

  71. Cade Hanson

    Brennan- I’m lactose intolerant Also Brennen- each video eats more cheese than I do in a day...

  72. bp59 fnaf plush

    ID throw it at the worker

  73. Yasmin Benamar

    I'm hungry af

  74. A. Rocks


  75. Angelina Vazquez

    Are Brennen and Jake alike since they both have Talyor in there name???

  76. Vivi Miller

    Brennen:we know it’s a cave because there’s dirt and trees

  77. Don't Care

    Ypir cookie dow was to thick so that is why it was raw try again but cookie dow not thick

  78. Kellen Liming

    I wonder what it is

  79. Kellen Liming

    I saw your number with the number missing

  80. Soraya Nurse

    Bring the porn hub shirt back

  81. Avengers Roleplay

    The takis bag is halfway done so she lied

  82. Ethan Works

    8:20 1967?! I thought it was 1996?

  83. obed soto

    Edit : hi

  84. XXxTheScooterBoiXXx 22

    Dang this vid is 40 mins

  85. Life of Jayla

    That scared the shit out of me 😂

  86. Rosa Ramirez

    Try the tiktok frapp

  87. Liz Lucier

    I love all those positive messages you have around your house! Thanks for these videos, they're keeping me busy during this crazy quarantine !

  88. Jest Beyond

    Jennifer Surjadi

  89. Monkey head

    😂😂😂🙂😂😂😂 that so funny!!!

  90. Jonathan Ward

    Brennen: I can turn water into Me a good Christian boi: Wine, wait Brennen: Ice Also me: oh..

  91. XXxTheScooterBoiXXx 22

    Cracks in the walls means that bed bugs are their

  92. sri hari

    Why would he insert scary clips

  93. taegukult •

    omg Sam is so precious

  94. elmariachi dejalisco

    you can date my aunt she is single

  95. Ashly Ornelas

    Wow! 😯😕

  96. Loay games

    Okey who want to retry the life hack of the donut like so he can see it

  97. Yummy GAMING

    Bro you are amazing I love you, you care about people so much continue the good work and effort "MUCH LOVE FOR YOU" ❤️

  98. Malak Ahmad

    See 6:03 intro the video, and if you look behind him you can see a paper that’s says text me! And the his phone number. 😉