One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. jmm1233

    typical tourist trap food from an airport

  2. Sweaty Tman

    You should have just ate Alphabet Soup and won on the spot‼️😂🔥👍🏾🤷‍♂️

  3. Blink Shark

    You Guys told her *Where are you From* she Said H e l l she is From Hell

  4. Kristopher Smith

    Just say "McDouble made like a big mac" they've been doing it for a long time

  5. jmm1233

    Buffet are always the biggest place to get food poisoning and spreading of diseases , anything thats self serving buffet should get an automatic -2 star on the food safety

  6. Mari Cynth Carbon


  7. jmm1233

    stale dressing + prep made toast , how they get the orders done fast

  8. jmm1233

    worst thing to do with them hot sandwiches is wrap them in paper that close to the sandwich and that aluminium foil , it suppose to be in cardboard box than wraped in paper

  9. jmm1233

    lol jake's toilet review going to be your own toilet with this one

  10. _kenzie _

    That mannequin always scared me brennen- how does it not scare you

  11. jmm1233

    yay as soon as a place has go because of cameras you know they hiding something

  12. 37diamond

    I love how u say ur mums gonna kill u if u had tats but theres tats on ur arm

  13. pajcin Todor

    this hiting hard doe XD


    Hey man u got a poster of Lord ganeshaa . That's awesome buddy 👍👍👍👌👏👌

  15. 37diamond

    2050 there will be more plastcs than fish

  16. Adrien Westwood

    The pizza box you cut off all The video just cut off a V shape

  17. Zoe Leffler

    Hi brennen My name is Zoe and I live in Australia. I am such a big fan and so are my friends. We love u so much From Zoe,Goldie,elliya,Mia,Lexi,Abbie,Chloe,Zara and Kalia

  18. How to game

    The tattoo thong she said 30 minutes in water but you put it in 3 m

  19. MrHell 9114

  20. CookieMyth


  21. Rayyan Humayun Life 9

    0:27 that is Stephen Sharer

  22. Goji Fan 1954

    Your grandpa is cool.

  23. S79 Savage

    Did he say 2015 i. Don’t Evan think. That tick toke was made then

  24. Hayden Saunders

    Cameraman : don't put your finger in the hole Me: that's what she said

  25. vlone luvz u

    I’d still eat it

  26. Diana Bates

    Man this shit don't work hello hey what is she we

  27. Kio LeClere

    i knew brennen messed up when he used chlorine bleach.. you gotta use non-chlorine. 😭

  28. lover방 탄 소 얀 단

    I didn't stream Versace nightmares, I streamed BTS. You should Check them out!

  29. Saul  Castro

    She said 30 minutes

  30. Pushingg

    The fuckin trash can keeps opening and closing

  31. skullslinger64 yt

    Did u hear about jaystation yet

  32. Hunter Knife

    15:01 *Hotel Kontol Ya* 🤣

  33. Himon Djonsou

    What a dumb video idea great job idiot

  34. Jason Alizar

    You were supposed to wait for the resin

  35. Pinky on Sticks

    The last one you have to add pressure

  36. Anthony Marin

    That was scary as fuck

  37. Blessie Retiro

    youre wasting rice im a filipino did you know people are starving becaus of noooo rice uncommm :((((

  38. Goji Fan 1954

    F**k you Rug

  39. Michaela Suorsa

    So y’all didn’t pay for the food??

  40. White Clouds & Unicorns

    Color safe Clorox 🤷‍♀️😂

  41. Crxzyy Clout

    Did anybody see foodporn on his phone 👀

  42. 8ballplayer06

    Brennen will be 54 in 2050

  43. Sammi Chow

    LOL, this is so wrong but yet so funny!!!!.

  44. Totally not Scrubzy

    Part 14 Me:hmm part 20 maybe


    I just now imagine them bringing a little kid with them just in case another place has a kids' play area

  46. Jay Cooks

    Dat nigga tweakin

  47. Sheela amu

    Brennen....y can't you come to India and try come yummy Indian food will really love them....

  48. Celia Hanafi

    The fact that Brennen flirts with the waitress just makes it x100 better!

  49. harrison_said_hi

    tell ya what’s not gonna be here in 2050 TURTLES

  50. Carlos Rosas

    I am loving these after binging all of kitchen nightmares. This is the content I needed

  51. DiegoTheBeast 111

    You did not put pressure on the tattoos

  52. Peter Hagai

    Like why is he wearing a porn hub shirt

  53. tyler senn

    Just from how he was talking or the music anybody else feel kinda sad that tattoo thing didn't work or is it just me

  54. Shana Puskas

    What if you made one of those hologram things but huge and use a projector on the ground and use he same video

  55. boomshika88

    ❤️ the Chicago flag!!

  56. Pyro Gaming

    In the beginning, what is that shadow in the back.

  57. Maddy

    Its 2020 does anyone else come to this video once and a while to watch it over again and laugh? 😂

  58. gamer tag

    I will buy that car from you

  59. Kyle

    For cleaning the shoes, try warm water, a couple table spoons of baking soda and dawn dish soap (I’m pretty sure any kind of dish soap would work but I haven’t tried it) and scrub it with a toothbrush or sponge and then throw it in the washer and then let it air dry. I do this all the time with my white vans and it makes them look great! Also, I’m sorry if I stole this comment I honestly didn’t check to see if someone else commented it I just got excited lol

  60. Andrew Briggs

    The marshmallow vid was in reverse

  61. William Gran-Sørensen

    You mene burger 12:07

  62. Jenna Zerbo

    Do popcorn with sugar on it instead of salt

  63. Angela Miller

    Name one Led Zeppelin song 😂

  64. Alex Gutierrez

    The tattoo one you had to wait 30 minutes

  65. Aaron Jones

    Uh ... I'm guessing that Windex was ammonia free but most glass cleaners do contain ammonia. Ammonia & Bleach. ...The combination of ammonia and bleach produces dangerous chlorine gas, which in small doses can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. In large doses, it can kill

    1. Ailsa Ni

      That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

  66. Huntercruz gaming Gangster cruz

    The tat actually werked for me

    1. Ailsa Ni

      4:34 its kinda a good way if u wanna color ur shoes

  67. Michael Gonzalez

    You did the tattoos wrong pressure stupid

  68. Smack And Cheese

    Can you try it on white vans???????

  69. IvanPlayStation4LiFe


  70. Steezy

    Jake: Dude, mom just died.. Brennen: I’ve got a hack

  71. Jam Fox


  72. Jayde Guzman

    the fact that brennen thinks that humans will live past 2050 is hilarious 😭

  73. Mr. ballsac

    4:20 you did not wait for 24 hours sense you slept at night so that would be around 8 hours of waiting, so you need to learn math.😐

  74. Lite Crite


  75. Lucy yeahitsme

    NO HATE you can buy boneless wings tho

  76. Sophia Starkey

    I NEED his jeans (Not genetics, the pants)

  77. stephany

    Brennens channel got more famous but he distanced from original content and stuff his fans enjoyed

  78. caleb westbrook

    Please do more videos with the homeless woman name kim. We want to know how she is doing.

  79. caleb westbrook

    Please do more videos with the homeless woman name kim. We want to know how she is doing.

  80. Cannon Savage

    I am losing Brain cells right now 1:07 But you don’t have brain cells

  81. caleb westbrook

    Please do more videos with the homeless woman name kim. We want to know how she is doing.

  82. Savage lol

    from 7:15 to 7:35 you can see lights flashing, maybe even a faint figure standing then there's nothing for a few seconds ten there seems to be the eyes of a face at 7:41 to 7:43, then it goes back to the singular flashing lights

  83. Jack jack Santos


  84. Maria Espinoza

    how is he being racist when he can’t even speak spanish right the way they say tostadas is annoying and everything else

  85. Evan Adrean


  86. Princy Kallarackal-Poulose

    My brother made a broom stand up

  87. Madaline Harken

    For the temp tats you need to apply presure for longer i would love it if you would try it again in the next vid

  88. Kimmytrumpisno 476

    Your honestly better than Sam and Colby, they freak out most of the time and it’s kinda cringe but they still have good comtent

  89. Jon, Jr Stanton

    You are a lier you didn't put pressure on the temp tattoo

  90. Ffion Cooke

    Btw still waiting for the distrack in 2020

  91. TheMeme Jr

    8:20 please answer my question 😩 strip of what wax paper or what?!

  92. Copacetic Andrew !

    I feel like my life and his life are so similar not to compare me and him

  93. Samuel Almonte

    what is your problem WITH 7-ELEVEN HUH!!!!!!

  94. Rosiland Mcneal

    She very nice hope she gets out them bugs and heat Lord Help

  95. •Maricar Casona•

    12:26 I think she got it from a youtuber

  96. Ana Ruvalcaba

    Did anyone se the 99 centes store

  97. RmCr Manuelox08

    I hope we don’t lose another Kobe this year

  98. Ggatcha BRO Folivi

    You need a Inc printter. Then it will work for you like it worked for me. Lol I did Naruto and it looked lit

  99. Josiah Flores

    4:34 its kinda a good way if u wanna color ur shoes

  100. SpaceLambs

    It’s corona time