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  1. Abdul Minaoui

    It counts ok stop arguing

  2. Likhitha Rayapati

    Love from indian😀

  3. Lola Popo

    What t shirt is he wearing

  4. Melak Mero

    If you like your mom like this comment

  5. John Steven Kirsch

    Hi im one of your fan im from Philippines i love watching all of your videos :) God bless you always man

  6. savage boss

    soy sauce taste good it just strong grows some balls and dont complain

  7. Zenpai

    he wins his own challenge *STONK*


    This song is not that bad.

  9. DanielBGaming

    Thumbnail- 3rd day yet last video was 2 days ago 😂

  10. Mr Black

    Who care what we think, do whatever you want

  11. Niall Flynn

    Wait you guys are getting paid

  12. remembering in motion motion

    God bless me

  13. Matt Yip

    World smallest house ? No bullshit please, u really dk wt is going in the world , jump out ur meaningless life to see the world trash

  14. Poopie Pie

    They forgot their phones

  15. Im zxin

    Yamboghini high

  16. Alex Mendez

    This is the cringiest video on the internet

  17. Caroline

    It kinda looks like karina's vlog when she was in the tiny house . Type in google *selena gomez undressed medium* Visit the first article, have a nice look :))

  18. BLiNkz

    This low key would b a dope chill place

  19. Leandra Mbewe

    At 5:52 priceless

  20. Mat Iam


  21. Bikram Boro

    It means he is search for some things may be.....

  22. Infø -_-

    Decorating the smallest house for Christmas like your room??😮

  23. SPWN_ Aayan

    Noah should be in challenges

  24. Melak Mero

    That was fun because I understand.

  25. Saira Hussain Khalil


  26. jumainah omer

    Rug: puts them through challenges like worlds hottest wings Rug competing : last to leave house And is happy he won 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  27. Melak Mero

    OMG you actually scared me I thought it was real. But it was fun

  28. muhammad surtee

    You need to watch tiny house videos to see that this is a huge house.

  29. shark city keys

    you should do challenges with fans

  30. Destroyer songs

    Who was behind the camera when you were eating the baby food

  31. Roxy_ Boys

    Faze rug your so nice

  32. Elena Beigaite

    Do you really need hate? Cuz it looks like it when you film right up front a fortnite poster

  33. Qutaiba mdsr

    Plz stop bringing shermen in every challenge no hate but it gets boring plz.😭❤️

  34. Gayatri Devraj

    U can't say world's smallest house!! I've lived in a smaller house than this for 13 years. Not to offend u but uk just don't say world's, world's for everything. Btw i love you content..Love !!

  35. Ricky Hendrickson

    I would have been in the bathroom with 100 fatbombs to win that .. no prob!!💯💯

  36. Comedy Life

    The camera man won this challenge

  37. Defaulty Man

    love it

  38. Defaulty Man

    lil rug

  39. Tfue

    Rug kind of cheated cuz he is the one got the stuff

  40. Omar Islam

    I'm the millionth veiwerrrrrr

  41. Cooper Cooling

    I love this song so much and I listen to it like 20 times a day

  42. Stan GOT7

    React to GOT7 next, they’re new song “call my name just came out”

  43. Tarxzy

    No way I was the 1 milloned viewer🤣

  44. Roleplaying Kids

    So late

  45. Shane Daniel

    9:45 the camera man was still in there


    omg your like a famous artist

  47. Ty

    Songs ass

  48. German nibba

    5:02 actually girls go to college to get more knowledge and boys go to Jupiter but! How did we reach Jupiter so that means boys are genius.

  49. Tha Davids

    I think such challenges you should pick your subscribers/followers, my thought though

  50. Hamoodie Katae

    U should really make more

  51. king Joe

    Rug and Noah like more related than Brian and rug do Lmao

  52. Saman Zehra


  53. Hamoodie Katae

    I actually like this song 😎♾

  54. LPGaming

    Who’s filming if Noah is in the challenge?

  55. hello sir

    Rug wins👍

  56. Sufia Izzati

    I hate Molly even more

  57. Dherik Bhlack


  58. ShayanPlayz121

    Girls got roasted by Noah

  59. 1K subscribers with no vid

    No one: Literally no one Brawdis - "We are going to have so much fun in the world's smallest house" at 7:38

  60. i have no name

    who"s watching after midnight? like if you are

  61. Kiwi Wiki

    girls do not suck😡😡

  62. henry huang

    Rug: World's smallest house hongkong people:lol sure

  63. OG Gamer

    You are my favourite USsel coment if it’s yours

  64. Jiya Galani


  65. LPGaming

    Hi rug j love your vids keep it up 😊

  66. Luhx

    “I actually only made this in 2 hours 🤯😳 pretty much the whole song was put together for me but I’m litty with it”

  67. traderz zmile

    I feel dizzy watching. Camera moves a lot.

  68. hornetz318

    That’s amazing

  69. Nikos Vardas

    Bruh noah is funny af i want him to talk behind the camera

  70. Enrique Solis

    why yall gotta hype this man up for 😆

  71. Esha’s Vlogs

    5:55 lol

  72. Nouf Y

    i love u FaZe Rug 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 i love u i live in🇸🇦 a,m a singer and my sister,s frinde is also a singer and my grandfather hase1,000000 doler he,s rish

  73. MyMayz E

    Why are you end the video? You should do your part

  74. Zaine Price

    You have to eat it or you’re out 😂

  75. dean doyle

    Rug:kids are always on there phones Me:ok.......BOOMER

  76. Fahmy Hussein

    I don't want to see this bitch a hate Katelyn

  77. Mary Perez

    The end of the fcking world is super good

  78. X0X0X4life FakeIt

    Its neat for making beats.

  79. SPWN_Peace

    Last one to leave was actually the cameraman he should get the house

  80. Flavio Perez

    Who remembers when rug said I’m moving to the clout house ?🤕🤧

  81. sweet sky

    19:43 you can see someones heed in the bunk bed.... 19:45 to be exact

  82. X0X0X4life FakeIt


  83. Chell Lopez

    Summer is so white girl tan.

  84. WizProfitz YT

    Doesn’t the camera man win overall

  85. M M

    This ain’t ur song u didn’t write it urself n someone else’s ad libs n seems like a bunch of other people’s work

  86. Chell Lopez

    Ricecum is hella salty

  87. M M

    So someone else wrote the song ?

  88. Jerry L

    Remember when soar rug pretended his mom was sick for views??? I always hated this fool smhhh

  89. Dunckin Bro

    If Noah is in the challenge who is the camera man 👨

  90. Adyan Hussain

    He dos nt need it


    To lil rig the sh*t was fire bro

  92. Crispy N

    You could fit the small house in your mansion.

  93. Nvart Kahkejian

    I love you faze rug I swear that I love your channel the most keep it up and keep up your songs keep doing this stuff and I’m going to be a USselr and I will drop a song but I still know that your song is better than everybody and when I drop my song I will still know that your song is better than me so I really love you and I’m a girl I’m half Armenian and half American and half Arabic so ya I know Chinese to so ya keep it up❤️☺️🤗🤙🏻🤙🏻❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗😘☺️☺️

  94. Nick Namara

    How thick is kaelyn make up lol

  95. 《 ءوتة 《

    Noah is a cool guy alot to let faze see the comment