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  1. Baller


  2. Joe Jay

    Garretts Actions needs to be suspendended for a fair amount of games, BUT Rudolph is the sneakiest MF out there, he starts the whole thing because he is frustrated with his horrible performance. It pisses me of that no news person never mentions that. They all picture Garrett as he if he started that nonesense out of the blue...

  3. chewpaeng12

    Are those dutchboy or behr paint on your head doc???

  4. Derek Davis

    The NFL needs to find out asap what gang Myles Garrett is in! The dude is a dangerous criminal

  5. Jeremy Aber

    Most of the people in the comment section gets worked up over this. You guys do know that these two are just playing their role in this for ratings lol

  6. The Future Is Here

    33 and 9 in 24 minutes? Great job by PG13. I thought it would take a month or two for him to get rolling, but just microwave and serve!

  7. Louie Valenzuela III

    Anyone else want to point out Mason Rudolph was the one who instigated this whole thing and is poised to walk away the victim?

  8. Homie Soneja

    kP is verry happy on this show...☺

  9. b. J.

    Austin Rivers got no game. he thinks he does he's just a nepotism high played basketball player and bench warmer. Many D league players can out play him. the only reason he's in the league is because of his daddy. he sucks as a player.

  10. Jae- jin

    someone need to sue the NBA. if a superstar dont play they need to give a refund or discount.

  11. Baller

    I hate how people say kahwi is better than KD bevause he doesnt have the level of skill in his teamates. KD can get it done more than Kahwi even with the teamates

  12. Common Sense

    Roid rage...Nuff said.

  13. Lokra

    0:40 if this is a foul, I am an astronaut. The new foul: feather touch.

  14. Arnett Mosley the biggest uncle tom I've ever seen. Stop talking black man stuff you're a fake at every level.

  15. Coulicool

    What is this dude talking about??? A farce

  16. Zach GT

    kendrick perkins needs to go back to elementary school

  17. Ryan Whit

    Espn's not living up to the hype on sports presentation

  18. One Shot

    Yo, take a knee come back, you'll drop back to pass... the offense will step aside. As you lay on the turf, pray to Aliah. crawl off into the sunset !

  19. Mike Byrne

    no chance Kaepernick gets another chance. Guy will just immediately be cut regardless after demanding attn for a self serving cause.

  20. Derek Davis

    You have too wonder if this was racially motivated. Is Myles Garrett racist? If so lock him up for Hate Crime & Assault .

  21. T SW

    Shite video. Title not addressed at all until 2 and a half minutes in. Screw ESPN's USsel people, they suck.

  22. James Antonio

    Brady's a tuff boy too @ greatest athlete...I would like to see Bron play at a high level into his late 30s.

  23. I am milan


  24. The Future Is Here

    1. Browns doing Browns things. Taking a big win and making sure it becomes a big loss. 2. Garrett's legacy is tarnished. When people think of him, tonight is his legacy. Can he turn that around? 3. Freddie Kitchens. 'Nuff said. 4. Never sen that in 40 years watching NFL football

  25. owen daboss

    Idk but the pelicans revealed the blueprint for beating Paul George

  26. Native2458

    Can't wait for Kawhi+George on the floor at the same time.

  27. Leonard Lero


  28. BleedWolf

    This guy going to get exposed one day!

  29. Daniel Bunton

    Is that hair or boot polish on his head? Way too shiny

  30. Terry Cavazos

    Unfortunately, assault with a deadly weapon... should be done.. with football and in jail.. attempted murder on the field.. And if you don't believe that.. I got a hit for all of you. One hit on your head.. I bring the helmet.. See if you can take it.. for free. Lol But no laughing.. little boy has to be protected on the field.

  31. Graham Strouse

    Congrats to Cody! He was a very deserving winner!

  32. No Game No Life

    You have 2 Stat paders in your team

  33. Harlon Barnes

    Why was Rudolph tring to take myles garret helmet off first atleast thats what it looked like to he pushes myles down as hes getting sacked then starts grabbing at myles helmet thats when the teamates come in

    1. RANS87IROCZ

      Miles took him down in the play, he was on top of Mason in his face taunting and play was over and he wouldn't get up, Mason was trying to get up but he was pinned by a man who forced his weight into him resulting Mason trying push him off

  34. downtime86 stars

    He should be out the rest of the season.

  35. Agentshadowolf

    I wouldn't blame him from trying to get up out of New York because the Knicks are terrible

  36. mpye

    still need tacko fall for playoffs. :)

  37. Menma Uchiha

    Uhhhh Cristiano Ronaldo

  38. ApplePie.

    Mic'd up pls!

  39. OF clown

    man growing up in the area i always heard about the team and its problems, but looking back now they were fucked in the head

  40. G K

    Soooo wrong. Kyrie replaced Russel in Brooklyn and they got worse. I'm starting to feel kyrie a bit overrated.

  41. Agentshadowolf

    I'm not even a fan of his but how is New York going to boo that guy when their whole team is a disaster LOL. I wouldn't blame him for trying to get up out of New York because the Knicks are terrible

  42. Doddith

    Thanks so much for that 10 second Raptors recognition.

  43. Mix Master

    He lucky he got hit with the bottom of the helmet...Dude seems kinda weird.Imagine if he actually lied about that fan hitting him in his car bullshit lol


    He tried to take his helmet off first

  45. Angel Maldonado

    Blame Donald Trump!

  46. banjio cain

    Kemba walker fit Boston system kyree is toxic and a ball hog

  47. Les davis jr

    I fkn enjoy this LSU coach vs sas

  48. Eric Darlow

    Who cares they lost.

  49. Nylis Robinson

    Dam these hash browns are garbage

  50. Alex

    Ben Simmons is going to be rookie of the year. I'm calling it!

  51. Edwin Recon

    He hit him with the cushion on the back . It didn't even hurt him

    1. Derek Davis

      And if he hit him with the crown and split his head now what ?

  52. DolFan316

    You know it's bad when even mainstream pro wrestling would never allow guys do anything like that.

  53. Malcolm Thompson

    That was disgusting and criminal is exactly what is...

  54. Mark Roble

    No question mj is the best ever

  55. Jet Pax

    Max won this one.


    That thumbnail had me thinking if he was in WWE.

  57. junior ochoa

    They look so disappointed after they dont get the amswer they wanted out of him 😂

  58. J Newsome

    Stephen A is something different he knew max was right but for the sake of tv he just brought up unnecessary and irrelevant points just for arguing even tho Gordon Hayward wasn’t ready to play it was imperative that he was on the court he needed those reps look at him now 🤦‍♂️

  59. Matias Morales

    This is fucked up

  60. Anthony Hilton

    Banned for life

  61. Jay

    Raptors is Canadian so...

  62. dēaþ

    The NCAA looks corrupt for suspending him at all.

  63. Scott Gomez

    I thought lsu winning against bama was a fluke stephan 🗣😂

  64. The Panther

    The refs did not have a good game.

  65. Reg Anderson

    Bottom Line is, Brad stevens system is about sharing the ball. Thats not Kyrie's style. They had to sit around and watch him dribble....its just a clash of styles. No more, no less.

  66. BOOM

    Just a fight! Relax

  67. Sir Deezy

    Perkins that mf!!!

  68. Melvin Smith

    He should be suspended for an entire season (16games) the Cleveland Police Department should be taking him to jail for a bond RN!!

  69. pdaniela888


  70. Justin Sime

    Mike trout should step to the plate with the Brett hart theme song playing every time: the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be #27 GO HALOS

  71. nate19ize

    Crazy 💩. He's literally 💩 on the browns fans.

  72. Mark Lowson

    More of a football (Soccer) fan but have to admit that Basketball players due to the demands of the game will be slightly better all round athletes than soccer players. However personally think Tennis is the most physically demanding sport.

  73. JJ Black

    The Psychology of the black male on full display its not good hahahahahahaha

  74. Franko Djordjevic

    Molly: “how you feel today max” Max: “I feel good today molly” SAS: “your wrong max and here way.....”

  75. Anthony Hilton

    Kick that motherfucker out the league.

  76. DJ DeZmen

    HE GOT HIT WITH THE SOFT PART OF THE HELMET and rudolph tried to pry his off first. theses anouncers pusy

  77. j jones

    Now thats old school football!

  78. RJJacob101

    They only cheered at the end... because it was finally over.

  79. kinte1870

    Newsflash people Alabama can't be in the playoffs every year. We will miss the playoffs sometimes .

  80. Xervello

    Eat a Snickers, Mike.

  81. sunglee500

    Son of the year award

  82. sneakie squid

    Plan and simple, assault with a deadly weapon. NFL needs to turn it over to the police and suspend him indefinitely.

  83. DolFan316

    Keep in mind these are the same players who tried to convince us police brutality was a national epidemic, or something. As if they'd know.

  84. Dan Brown

    Only question is why the Browns didn't terminate his contract on the spot. He should be charged with assult. Life time ban from football!

  85. Elann Suvat

    So much for being rusty after two surgeries. Sheesh lol

  86. Mikeman Jordan

    g.o.h max with his defense is getting better

  87. random man

    awesome ❗️ 😂 🦙eat some 🥓

  88. Hoops Historian

    Click bait title. Garbage.



  90. Mikeman Jordan

    harden is the greatest flopping,traveling push off performer ever

  91. Star Lord

    The announcer is clearly enjoying himself 😂

  92. Paul Nettles

    In a world where the NFLPA is fighting for CTE benefits, he's done for at least a year, minimum.

  93. Darnell Lyons

    Dominique's head looks like a Tyson chicken nugget 🙂

  94. DolFan316

    Garrett will appeal and the NFLPA will not only back him up but act as if HE'S the victim because that's how insane people are in today's world.

  95. JLRodriguez405

    Honestly, if I had to compare them to another team, they would appear to be more like the Patriots!🤷‍♂️

  96. SyKo SHAGGY

    See you in a few weeks brownies

  97. The Wrestler

    Can't wait to see him back.

  98. SyKo SHAGGY

    Sad they play dirty to get a win ....and still morally lose

  99. Kemar Ballentine

    Lyle Alzado would have been proud of Garrett

  100. Selfish Stockton

    You have to wonder if this was racially motivated

    1. Derek Davis

      Yes ! And if so should be charged w hate crime on top of assault & battery