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  1. Smile Always

    Best part 2:57

  2. stonedbori840

    Nobody: AG: Imma take my talents to the 3pt contest. Everyone: d'oh

  3. MrInzombia

    zach lavine won fair and square against Aaron Gordon. Barely though, it was a legendary battle between the two. Gordon clearly beat derrick jones, easily and should have won this year.

  4. Ryan Meredith

    1988 NLCS Gm3: Howell ejected after glove examined! The Los Angeles Dodgers cheated their way to a 1988 WS title. The 1988 Los Angeles Dogers should not be Champions! Their pitchers had a repuation of using pin tar throughout the 1988 postseason! Caught in a live game! They are not 1988 WS Champions! They are clearly cheaters!

  5. El Dio

    “Once a steeler, always a steeler”. That tells me they’d have him back. Plus coach sees how inept the steelers have been offensively so he’s going to need ab if the opportunity is there

  6. Shaun M

    This isn't even a real question...He is the best dunker of all time. There isn't one dunk that Jordan could do that he did.

  7. Vagina Crusher

    It’s cool PJ walker showing out

  8. I Keel U

    Trust the process 😂

  9. Stargirl Rocker

    He's just like "ok I see what we doin here" 1:29

  10. Moshe Weiss

    Who came back to compare this to 2020 all star national anthem?!

  11. Christian Alonte

    I swear I saw these same headlines last year but just replace “76ers” with “Celtics”

  12. guesswhat74


  13. Axel Buckets

    Young guys can’t learn from young guys, one of them getting traded.

  14. Eric Haber

    i hear central michigan still has 1 year of eligibility for AB if he wants to "prove" hes the best

  15. Chase Morley

    We wouldn’t have lost darvish

  16. Robby Stafford

    "myles garrett.. did what he needed to do" keyshawn should be suspended lol

  17. Go Hawks

    Chaka had to much vodka.....

  18. Jesse A

    SAS: Championships matter. Except the Raptors.

  19. Simone Tanzi

    That’s what happens when you give away 50s too easily. The contest becomes a joke.

  20. Say Goodbye

    Best coach in the league!

  21. Sammy DeGuido

    agree with Stephen A

  22. tedmich

    Simmons clowned Embiid like 4 times in All Star game, probably because the big man was sweating and has never been in NBA shape.

  23. Andy N

    The judges were not qualified. Gordon got robbed. The judges should use a 1/2 point scale and be trained to know what a 50 should be. At least the best 2 made it to the final round...

  24. Daniel Jones

    Myles Garrett: I’m sorry and I’m going to take accountability for my actions... But, he started it and called me the n word.

  25. Lakers 4Life

    Imagine Fergie and Chaka Khan doing a duet on the National Anthem

  26. jbceedeez

    Max....why do you make those disingenuous comments about Brady before you make a statement?...sheesh!

  27. Dave Macon


  28. Dislike Solutions

    MIKE is handled this PERFECTLY.

  29. Pria Perkins

    She did so good. I’m crying 😢

  30. Chase Morley

    This guys actually right for once

  31. Dmac 740

    No way they won't be 💩 without Embid don't let these fools at espn talk you into stinking for a decade Philadelphia.

  32. YouTube People Watching

    I don't understand the toad. I never heard of nothing like that. Unheard of. The boxer! 👊💢. Idk though?

  33. Luis Rodríguez Mena

    Can the NBA call Demi Lovato already? I mean, we are tired of hearing this singers destroy the National Anthem.

  34. victor lara

    Funny thing is the Astros still have the trophy 🏆 MLB Soft AF

    1. Coinraker

      Yeah but it won't mean jack sh%#

  35. youcantcme2


  36. words wpns

    astros will hear chin music in new york and LA

  37. richard Lucero

    Hope Nothing But Success In Everything You Do🔥 Today N Everyday💪 Achieve N Overcome👌

  38. Noe Hernandez

    Can you believe people actually wanted him fired

  39. diane lawrence

    Sounds like a stripper song.

  40. Dafuk Isdishit

    That was awful ! she just ruined the National Anthem.

  41. Parth Kumar

    Mike is one of the best coaches in the nfl and it’s great to see him standing up for one of his players

    1. shushishane

      Parth Kumar, As long as they are White, right?

  42. Dislike Solutions


  43. Bryce Woodford

    Mike Tomlin looks like he’s trying to stab my soul with his eyes


    those eyes man..........lookin like FURBY lol

  45. siang hmung


  46. Gia Pacella


  47. Andrew Bokal

    To say Carson Wentz hasnt lived up to the #2 pick is assinine, hes better than every QB taken in that draft and has been gr8. The only way Wentz and Burrow are similar is that they both could make full field reads in college and were mobile. Wentz lacked consistent accuracy where Burrow doesnt. Burrow lacks blazing arm strength and Carson had elite arm strength coming out of North Dakota. Todd McShay is a hack.

  48. Chris Houston

    He didn’t clear him lol it’s a 9

  49. Jean Toronto Raptors

    Maher Rahman 🏀The scores was 157 - 155 157 - 155= 2 1+5+7+1+5+5= 24

  50. reginaldino enchillada

    They still are denying buzzers. An apology calls for full disclosure. Ban these jerks from baseball and the hall. Every single one of them, especially altuve. Yes svp, there is no Champion from last year. They can Keep their dirty money, ban them from baseball to say, this is y u dont cheat the national pastime.

  51. Ricky 18

    We need a decimal system

  52. J-Roden 10

    Lmaaaaoooo Stephen A. Cutting off molly so max could talk was amazing 🤣

  53. 360 T


  54. Joseph Anthony

    Max has not even played a lick of college ball and has the nerve to talk about a historic franchise like the Knicks

  55. bob all

    Next on ESPN Is LeBron on the Lakers???🤔

  56. Rory Smith

    Really Max. Really. Just shut up. You’re words are blasphemous. You start by saying there’s too much being said, then Stephen A reminds you what you said and you basically go back on what you said completely and then go back to Ben and Embiid make each other better. Like pick one, stay consistent and stfu. At least Stephen A is right that he’s been pretty consistent about how he’s attacked the coaching and the aggressiveness of the team play every single game. So effin annoying you are Max and guys like you and Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd who talk out of about 14 sides of their face.

  57. N 4L

    They need to judge on a specific criteria. Make 50s hard to make again. Yes he was robbed


    First in this joint

  59. M T

    ben can't shoot.

  60. George Young

    Mike tomlin looks like a character in the Matrix

  61. Boss Hog Zoomer

    After letting Butler Philly has to win with the players and coach that they have. I'm sorry,but they got rid of more talent the last three years than most teams would be afraid to dump. I would keep everything I have and not fall on my sword.

  62. diane lawrence

    Terrible..just terrible

  63. Edward Bell

    What a great game. Love the new format.

  64. Obaid_243

    This does not matter.

  65. Christian Salazar

    At first it sounded like he was just poking fun at harden, now he just makes himself look like a it backfired on him during the game lol

  66. William Archie

    Myles lost my Respect just another cleaved blow hard why you'll always be trash of the league.

  67. Randy G

    Nah man your team just sucked... 47 points for a whole game... get outta here 😂😂😂😂☠

  68. words wpns

    a combination of Daymond John and Omar Epps

  69. Phil Montejano

    I'm a Giants fan but totally agree with what he said! They stole it and that's it. I hope every team wants to bury the Disastros this year!

  70. Lavelle Brown

    I believe he said it lol

  71. Quan SouthSide

    Why they didn’t do this with Steph & Klay? Yea , the Media is still out for them smh.

  72. Dre M

    Naw he was robbed....he just gave it away.......what dumb question

  73. amalsundartatum

    Max are you serious 😂. You just say whatever you want huh

  74. Michaelbos

    OMG, there is absolutely no limit of ignorance. She sings it like a ghetto song. Ignorant, ignorant.

    1. Anabelle Lockwood

      Yes it wasn't good.. But what do you mean "she sings it like a ghetto song*?

  75. Robert Kuehn

    a thorough investigation done, yet NO audio ever released, just said, don't worry it didn't happen - Garrett did say it immediately after the game - as did several others - it is a he said he said as the audio has been buried and Garrett scape goat'ed rather than release it and cause a bigger problem for the NFL

  76. A Joseph

    hE's NOt inViteD tO tHe COOkoUt AnYMoRE

  77. Kevo The Goat

    No cap Stephen a cut off max right before he even got to make his point 😭

  78. LakersLegend 2414

    The same way thy are making nothing out of something with embiid n simmons , is the same thing they did to kobe n shaq, n are trying to do to zion nd ingram . 💯😴

  79. Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League

    She started well and good until she hit that high note everything became scary and shit...i know she can sing but i dunno what happened here...

  80. Neo Zero Luminatti

    As far as I'm concerned absolutely yes he's been robbed you jumped over a 7'5 ft man that is something else Aaron done it all I hate when they had him beat

  81. Juan Recendez

    Max "I'm a Yankees fan" Kellerman

  82. Lakers 4Life

    She sounds like she studied Fergieology

  83. Christopher Liporace

    This was worst than fergies

  84. Amayah

    My brother is the same height as him and he’s 14 😭

  85. Jesse Alexander

    I love the raw emotion! That could of been TOM Brady, T.O.,

  86. D Willz

    Best AS game I've ever seen. Stephen A got a good idea tho, last point should be side out.

  87. Sammy DeGuido

    Steroids doesn't compare to this, during the steroid era everyone was doing it and everyone knew everyone was doing it, the media decided to look the other way....this was another level of cheating

  88. Johnny o

    I believe Miles Garrett is just using the race card as an excuse for his dispicable behavior no accountability on his part

  89. D Wash

    I think they gon be straight they both cold 🥶 they just did some dumb stuff in last off season that made them look weak on the road and everyone knows bench players play worst on the road

  90. Tim Reed

    No offense but it seems like lawyers tell black people to play the race card

  91. RariGold

    Next time it should be side out when a game point if you get fouled don’t end the game with free throws

  92. Richard Anderson

    If mason was black they would of said, thats how we talk in the hood, miles a liar he just trying to the heat off himself for thug mentality

  93. tgree18

    Can someone help me? I got the volume down! My ears still hurt after Chaka Khan sung the national anthem yesterday!

  94. Tyzone Godzone

    Kobe Bryant would be proud

  95. Tyler

    Like this to show how many times Mike Tomlin blinked 😂

  96. Simply Cynthia

    Kudos to Mike Tomlin for shouting out ESPN and the OSTL interview with Garrett, how one sided it was, which prompted him to give this interview...Garrett should have called Tomlin for advice before opening up a second can of worms.

  97. bayoklein

    Hypocrisy!!!! Why dont you say the same about the 3 time offenders the New England Patriots??... no wonder, two Yankee fans and a Brady fans giving opinions

  98. Hold The L

    Doris in the video so its an automatic W

  99. K C

    KGs not from Chicago

  100. Mike Brown

    Mike Tomlin is a beast. His will and presence are to be admired. No wonder he is one of the longest tenured coaches in the NFL.