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  1. North

    This is why we shouldn’t judge people when we don’t know why they are the way they are .

  2. Priscilla Brown

    She is such a beautiful woman!!! I hope he picks Kelsey!! She seems very humble and more on his level!! I hope it works out for them!!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. Soani Velez

    it's not a crime to have walls up. it's HARD for some people to open up, that doesn't make her manipulative

  4. Soani Velez

    this is why I can't watch shows like this lol, Alayah was just trying to have a genuine conversation but Sydney is just trying to find something wrong with her to use against her

  5. Keren Agus

    Next bachelorette??

  6. Alanna Duke

    Kelsey for bachelorette!

  7. S T

    She's a really good judge of character.

  8. Braden berry

    She’s Winning No Question

    1. Juliétte

      Braden berry He wont pick her , she is not a Pageant Queen so forget that!

  9. Savannah Vasquez

    I just know both of them are hurt from that drop.

  10. Joan Lynch

    So who will he ask permission to marry this young woman? I guess it will be a team vote! Maybe she would be a great bachelorette!! That would turn champagne gate around!!

  11. Sister Kesler

    I hope she becomes the bachelorette she deserves it above everyone imo. I've liked her since the start. Being emotional is a strength.

  12. Chris billing

    But this guy is a complete goofball

  13. Tharsiny Thurai

    There’s just something about her I feel very skeptical about , I just don’t know what it is

  14. Mason Hadley

    Family secret revealed to the entire nation.

  15. blkwohda

    Stop crying. It's not that serious. You upset coz your ego is hurt coz you got rejected. Why would you wanna be with a guy who gets feelings for some random in a matter of hours. Can't trust that. Anything that comes fast goes fast!

  16. Adam Kallin

    But why would you chase rice? Ok I'm out

  17. Grisel Griselda

    The girl’s gorgeous. Those eyes and smile, she looks like a Disney princess

  18. Asia Alza

    but won't her mom find out when she watches the show? lol but good for her for being strong! Always love seeing that

  19. Tina Doll

    She is the only real one there.

  20. Adrienne Roy

    Get rid of her.

  21. Adrienne Roy

    I picked her from the b eginning....

  22. Google User

    maybe that is the unexpected ending, he chooses her and she refuse

  23. Merima Licina

    Damn he's suuuperhot

  24. James Krys

    He will wind up with Hanna B.

  25. Olivia Maffucci

    Why are people allowed to come back once they get sent home?? He’s done this twice. It’s alarming. She said she wanted him to leave and he completely disregarded that

  26. Ocean eyes

    This is one of the realest and rawest conversations ive seen in all the bachelor seasons ive watched yet

    1. Michael Garcia

      It's very relatable with divorce so common these days and estranged relationships we may have with our parents

  27. madina Noor

    I lik her now. She's strong. now I understand why she is who she is. It makes sense now.

  28. Chelsey Lynn

    What did she expect to happen at the end of paradise? She forced him into this relationship! She literally said pick me or go home! So I was not shocked at all! You could tell he just wasn’t into it the whole time!

  29. Emma Larraine

    I feel like she is the only one looking for a relationship there idk if that’s with him though

  30. Emma Larraine

    The edit “that’s such a cowardly excuse“ oh man we were on a roll 🤦🏻‍♀️ 👍🏽

  31. PixieMermaid

    I am different. I would boldly do what I feel i want especially as an adult. I wouldnt be deceitful to my mom about it or hide fact that i chose to talk to/have a relationship with my father.

    1. Sympathetic Panda

      She probably doesn't want to hurt others in the process because her dad is indecisive and flaky kinda person .She doesn't even know if he will stick around, going by his history with his family.

  32. Jet Bobcat

    If my mom was acting like that I wouldn’t even want her to know who I’m dating

  33. Arabic

    Narcissistic person. She is playing the victim and crying like a baby when it’s really Pete who is hurt

  34. Olivia Maffucci

    That smugness of alayah is really unattractive though

  35. Elize Hauptfleisch

    She's to grown up for him. He is definitely not ready for a heavy committed relationship and she is actually the girl that's really there for him. He just doesn't want it.

    1. Joan Lynch

      She is not his type, he likes his mother. She is probably more like the father. I think that they could work however.

    2. Sean McQuinn

      Elize Hauptfleisch exactly what I thought, the fact that he still have Victoria on the show tells a lot about his mindset and level of maturity

  36. Hector Rodriguez

    Sad story of her parents divorce When she was a kid but Is that why Kelsey always has dark secrets and drinking problem?

  37. Olivia Maffucci

    But he knew about her going on the show and didn’t want her to go on... and then voluntarily agreed to perform on it... how recent was she dating him? Must’ve been right before they filmed/ got chosen

  38. archil saldo

    I love her,i want to see her as bachelorette🌹

  39. Sarah Cha

    What if she’s our next bachelorette 😱😱

    1. Devika

      @MOTHER SPIDERS Either Kelly or Kendall. Both of them are women of substance.


      @Devika who's Kendall? You mean Kelly?

    3. Devika

      That's the edit she is getting so far for sure. But I am hoping for Kelly or even Kendall at this point. But not Kelsey.

  40. Olivia Maffucci

    The music starts and you can see the terror on her face

  41. Olivia Maffucci

    She shouldn’t have had a good time and pretended the concert was fine

  42. Olivia Maffucci

    I literally don’t understand what the big deal is.... she would have no control over that. If I was her I would just whispered to him omg that’s my ex bf and then like laugh about it or something because it’s awkward but it’s not bad because it was out of her control...?

  43. Sunday K

    You mean "Caelyn lied about Blake."

  44. That's no moon

    They all fawk

  45. Sunday K

    Wow that Kendall is a hypocrite. She was saying a lot of things to hurt Krystal. Acted like she knew her pains etc. What a b****.

  46. JanetteSparks

    I didn’t even watch that season, but I don’t like her at alllll

  47. Arianna Maria

    I feel like she’s the only one who really cares for him

  48. Boring Tuber

    I'm starting to like her.

  49. Sunday K

    She turned out to be pretty nice. The only evil ones on the show are the Victoria's.

    1. Elleau

      Sunday K don’t forget Sydney

    2. Lilly Marie

      And Hannah Ann shes another manipulator

    3. Hector Rodriguez

      I don’t like the three of them Victoria Hannah Ann and Kelsey. Madison Okay

    4. Savvi C

      Ikr. I want to be friends with her 😄. She seems so nice.

  50. Vincent Legaria

    I love u kelsey❤️❤️❤️

  51. Kanika Dogar

    A bachelor contestant who doesn't use 'like' thrice in every sentence. Wow

    1. Coconut ScienceGirl92

      She’s an adult. Lol

    2. Savvi C

      I feel the ones who use "like" aren't sure of what they want and are just using filler words as they wait for sentences to form in their minds.

  52. Elnaz FP

    She is a mature person, and people who keep going after her and make fun of her for being emotional clearly don’t know where she’s coming from. Kelsey deserve so much. Love her ❤️

    1. Elnaz FP

      B. N. We’re Human, we all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and the fact that they sorted it out shows that she’s learned from it ☺️

    2. B. N.

      She still needs to learn how to deal with her anger/emotions when it comes to drama with other girls. Like her staying mad at Hannah Ann and calling her names, telling her to stay away from her just because of a bottle of champagne and then accusing Hannah of not trying to come talk was just a whole mess. I’m happy they’re now friends and sorted things out. Just hope she learns from that :/

    3. Amy Longmore


  53. Brianna Ki

    i just want to know the ending is he really dating the producer? i just want the ending.

    1. Juliétte

      Sympathetic Panda If it is Madison at the end we will have to keep up with their story after the whole show, this should be really interesting!

    2. Sympathetic Panda

      It's Madison ...he gets pumped when he talks about her in the interviews

    3. DiverseJoe

      I'm in suspense rn😭

  54. MrBdiddypop

    Where do they find such toxic people like Luke? They've got to make a point to find someone who's narcisstic and beligerent in the casting.

  55. Izzati Jam

    Alayah seems like a genuinely nice person.. Perhaps Sydney is just jealous that Alayah is much prettier in comparison

  56. Nadine Chua

    Who’s here after they separated?

  57. syue syie

    Where can i watch full episode?

  58. Katie

    Why does Hannah talking to John paul Jones sound like a try-hard teacher talking to her student

  59. 1yorknewable

    I love JoJo and Jordan they are the best couple ever

  60. 1yorknewable

    i love Sean and Catherine they so sweet together the proposal was stunning genuine and true and magical

  61. Jillian Kyra A. Buz

    I think she didn’t express herself in the best way, but I think you shouldn’t say she’s having a tantrum either. When guys are angry, it’s fine; they’re men and that’s normal! When a woman is angry, she’s having a temper tantrum.

  62. Elizabeth Taylor

    " You think this is a show"........

  63. Elizabeth Taylor

    This process is so gross, convoluted, and gnarly. She apologizes to the guy she was talking to, then encourages Cams behavior by seeing him instead of sending him away. Yuck ..." A good surprise ".

  64. Manny M.

    Luke P. Got that Gyllenhaal look 😳

  65. sam myy

    Alayah for bachelorette!!!


    Hilarious 😀😀😀

  67. AL

    The entire concept of this bachelor show is so weird

  68. Marcy St

    She is gaslighting the shut out of him

  69. Dredd King

    Lol all the women in the comments going crazy when you've all got a guy in the friend zone right now 😂😂

  70. Hollie Lee

    Sidney 👹 is a bully and Victoria p. 🤪😱 is a manipulative liar.

  71. papagena1

    "I couldn't control her all the way because I wasn't her husband. So now I'm going back with a ring, and then i will be able to control her *all the way.*

  72. Mia Mizuno

    Would have been awkwardly funny, if she accepted the proposal, but he declined the Rose afterwards x'D. German version will never have such a crazy cute honest and natural couple.

  73. Jessica Perez

    I would have died 😷- this was the most awkward moments ! !!! They are so wrong for this !!!

  74. I Just Changed My Name

    3:20 That slow eye roll is of a scared lol boy whose been on the receiving end of a 👊🏼 before.

  75. KC Nwaneri

    What kind of dumbasses think 22 and 23 year old girls should be getting married? This show needs to up the age limit, although I doubt any participants in a show like this are particularly mature.

  76. I Just Changed My Name

    He’s kinda like a tattle tale

  77. Tiffanyyy

    Weirdly attracted to chad and I think I maybe toxic 🥴

  78. Tiffanyyy

    How does she think it’s not wrong? I’m confused lol just say ur guilty and say goodbye 👋🏼

  79. I Just Changed My Name

    Not trying to be mean, but are the lights on upstairs in those women’s heads or no? Is it in the water? Creepy creepertons.

  80. Lily Motok

    I can't stand Sydney or Natasha!

  81. Elizabeth Taylor

    Maybe start seeing yourself as a woman, not a girl- and see that better choices follow

  82. Elizabeth Taylor

    These people are all pathetic. All. Of. Them.

  83. blkwohda

    Lol the blonde at the start. Is a manipulator

  84. Supercookie

    I just really want to know where she got her blouse from 😍

  85. E LM

    Crazy reading all these comments. Ppl are so gullible and easily manipulated. Read his book, he was trying to become the Bachelor and knew what he was doing.

  86. Anna Isabel

    Yes Hannah!

  87. E LM

    Colton’s so annoying

  88. Marcy St

    5:28 said by one of the MOST dramatic people on the show. Her voice is sooo annoying

  89. CrmsnTyde 4ever

    She is a whiny child...He is a pansy momma's boy...yeah, it's safe to say this relationship is headed for disaster

  90. Sydney Cline

    What happened to your channel? No more Bachelor Insider this season??? 🌹🌹🌹

  91. Judah Neese

    “I know this is hard for you.” SHE’S SO SWEET I LOVE HER WE STAN A RESPECTFUL QUEEN

  92. Simply Tia

    I think chad might be a sociopath lmao

  93. Sarah Something

    Tyler C is just the definition of BDE

  94. Boudica Q

    i tell you something.... jordan and jojo new each other before

  95. Bamasnazzy13


  96. Vincenza Belli

    Both are bad that I dont care about this season at all

  97. Bianca G

    First person to confide in an animal lmaooo

  98. SallyWen

    Peter’s mom... lmao

  99. SallyWen

    Victoria’s voice just annoys the f out of me

  100. greimalkin

    Victoria is my least favorite