One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. Yahir super star


  2. Abby Quinlan

    Its your grandma blooper was really funny! LOL

  3. Jose Alberto

    Someday that intro will be nostalgic

  4. Andri1989 Kagia

    He's my favorite

  5. Evagrace Edits

    Hopper* it’s your grandma starts laughing take 2 hopper* it’s your grandma cracks up* take 3 it’s your grandma* mike what? Hopper* laughs*

  6. Biel Pereira

    Nunca vi uma abertura tão perfeita igual essa

  7. FinndylanwyattmilliesadieNoah Fackisreal

    iʼm still waiting for yʼall to come to thailand 🙃🥺 Thailandʼs waiting for you 💓 *🇹🇭 💓 stranger things*

  8. Sohan Sapkota

    Love you 3000😘❤️

  9. Łæx Šætürñ Gīńgër

    I watch stranger things over and over again lol

  10. ANormalDoughboy

    when you turn to get something to kill the spider and it disappears

  11. Lorenzo&Leilani Ramirez

    He spit out something ;-; i need to watch the movie-

  12. Blucher Blue

    Season 4 look scary I hope it’s good can’t wait to watch if it comes out

  13. James B

    Is that Big Ben's chimes (London)

  14. Kimberly Le

    S1 : Missing S2 : Posessed S3 : CaN wE pLaY d&D nOw?!?

  15. Red Reddington

    Its HOPPER ....dummy

  16. •TheLittlePringle•

    Y'all better hurry before those kids look like there 30.

  17. DeutscherBAuer

    WHO else just start crying when hopper died?

  18. Michael Balchaitis

    Without Millie Bobby Brown there is no Eleven. And without Eleven there is no Stranger Things.

  19. Jose Ricardo Tellez

    Music I Love

  20. Anthony Scott

    Why have I watched this like a billion times p.s long live hopper!

  21. kpop lover

    Waiting for the season 4 love stranger things💖


    ахахахаах,русские здесь?)

  23. Elia Hawwash

    I swear to God, if Steve dies I'm cancelling my Netflix account, like what's the show if the popular boy doesn't exist

  24. Little_jj 10

    Meet me at 8 to *study* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Amanda Gatrell

    Am I the only one that heard twerks at 1:05?lol

  26. Hyacinth

    PLOT TWIST: suzie was secretly working with the russians and new this might kill hopper ect ...

  27. wilsooon99

    This movie traumatized me back then 👀 Edit: yep... still scares me to this day.

  28. livi_ shane

    Joyce: Hey, Larry Larry: Joyce! Joyce: *yeet*

  29. Chomiczek Dyzio

    I love Gdansk!💞

  30. Mansi Sharma

    Things gone WRONG in S3 - Billy shouldn't have died, he deserves better Hopper is the goddamn Game Planner, he shouldn't obviously have died Robin not exactly falling for Steve Erica had shorter screen timing (I'm way too impressed with her)

  31. becca

    "hopper died" will: can we play d&d

  32. nilesh patil

    Amazing series, corona sucks everything. Missing Dustin. Awaiting for a blast season 4 🤗

  33. TdEGaming Yt

    Corona gives us a Stranger things to Watch In Quarantine🤗🤗🤗

  34. Roblox. Gurl

    Oml this was so creepy for meh lol

  35. It’s Abduux


  36. Melina Saranti

    "mom, Dustin, Lukas" not Mike tho 🙃

  37. Noshin Nazia Moumita

    What happened to Erica ? She looks older

  38. Anna Animations

    I never thought I would be listening to a 1:48 of screams...

  39. Yatharth Thakar

    Stop Skipping Intros!

  40. M e n a l c a s SRV

    Oh cmon, im pretty sure I speak for everyone when i say he was never really dead.

  41. TdEGaming Yt

    Hopper to Dustin minimum 3 inches Away From ..... Radio

  42. Darkness Animations page

    1:28 ew the demogorgon’s spit went into his mouth

  43. Flor Salas

    When hopper falls of the bed Me in the morning lol

  44. Khorshed Alam

    It should be named Douche bag - Mom of teenagers

  45. Ram Zan

    I think this series had its best conclusion in the first season. Further seasons are like expanding the balloon in airs...

  46. Diana Williamson

    Nancy Wheeler is just....... WOW!!!! She's a complete badass!!!

  47. Kaitlin Hanson

    I wish I was with you guys but am in new Brunswick

  48. Rengarenk uykun

    What time ?

  49. kazi farhan

    first sight of Nancy♡

  50. oof jrbngr

    Jesus christ Loves Y'all REPENT he is coming soon!!!🙏 he died for you🙏 REPENT before it's to late

  51. Anish Aman

    Saalo ab toh season 4 release kr do.........😤😤😤😤


    Ho visto tutte le tre stagioni di stranger things più di 6 volte ora deve uscire il 4 altrimenti rompo il tavolo

  53. Rhiad Harris

    Nobody: Finn:YEEEEEAHHH

  54. Sara Tan

    Iᴛs YᴏUʀ GʀᴀNᴅMᴀ

  55. Connor Dingess

    The invasion from the Upside Down is pretty strange, but if I'm being honest, I've seen stranger things.

  56. VaPz_ M3dusa

    yes you are all in deep s*£t

  57. choloo

    i didn't even know they were in Poland

  58. Azer co

    My GF: "Skip intro" Me: *"I dump your ass"*

  59. Lily Jacobson

    0:43 the only part that matters.

  60. Jorge Armengol Llinares

    Ilobe Max 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️

  61. Soy Camiliux

    Where is Millie?

  62. Scofer

    Diğer sezonda türkiyede djejcjjfje

  63. Daniel Nieto

    The women on the benches: Flirt with Billy All the boys: No GoD pLeAsE nO! No! nO! nOoOoO!

  64. Melbern Ong

    Guys, its really true!!! If u listen to the sound at 0:34 - 0:37 you can hear that someone called "Hopper!" that's the reason why he stopped and looked up. The voice that called Hopper was a guy's voice I think. Guys this is a big clue/hint that we have for Stranger Things Season 4 :O

  65. Lacey’s Life

    Wait if they have a spot for hopper does that mean he isn’t dead

  66. Sunset Savanneh

    When season 4 is becoming FROZEN lmao

  67. Ensar Podvorica

    Please tell me and how much we waiting for this??

  68. Sarez Tee


  69. Neptune The RBLX and Dan The Man Gamer

    8:50: Will the angry*

  70. Neptune The RBLX and Dan The Man Gamer

    Season 4: Will the Monster Killer

  71. Narayana Sharma

    Feeling sad for Billy .. #season3

  72. Neptune The RBLX and Dan The Man Gamer

    *T H E B A T M E N A R E C O M I N G*

  73. Neptune The RBLX and Dan The Man Gamer

    Mike: Is that real? Eleven: I:/! Mike: Sorry, Never seen a kid with a tattoo before.

  74. Batuhan Öztürk

    But, why?

  75. does it matter?

    Netflix: Hopper is- Us: not dead. we know. Netflix: IS BALD

  76. Parker Manuel

    Season 1: Where is my boy?!?!?! Season 2: What's wrong with my boy!?!?!?!? Season 3: wHy WoNt mY maGnEts woRK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! REEEE Season 4: ....

  77. does it matter?

    bald eagle do you copy?😂😂

  78. North Wood

    Me: starting a new episode Also me when i see this intro: WTF how this episode ended so fast. And the intro starts at 5mins in most of episodes but dam it got me almost evrytime, like if you can relate.

  79. Parker Manuel

    I think the Byers moved to Maine because remember in season 2 when Bob, rest in peace, asked Joyce to move out with him, he said he had a relative in Maine who has a house for them to move in!

  80. Adolf Hitler

    I thought it was real until i saw the hunt for red October book. It came out in 1990. Video says 85.. fail guys!

  81. hannah rojales

    yall vibe with this BUT do you vibe with the credits tho

  82. Aurelia Sibarani

    Will : "turn around..." Me : "hell nawh" Also me : **turns around** Me : "SH*T!!"

  83. PlatinumDiamondz

    Don’t get me wrong but the way Finn/Mike said sorry at 0:30 was adorable 😍😂😂

  84. Jessie Potter

    “TURN AROUND” Me:*already turned around and sees the demogorgon already* Also me:*still gets jumpscared and throws the poor phone across the room and into the wall*

  85. Bangrr 66

    To jakiś żart?

  86. Maté Sandó

    I am the only human in the universe who turned around at the end?

  87. e d

    Just give me the damn ice cream. Scoops Ahoy must have been run by clueless management who actually thought people came there for "fun". Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

  88. Art James Pangan

    What song is this again ahahah

  89. Harshvardhan Kamble

    Season 4 finds HOPPER

  90. xXshadow_bonnieXx

    Nancy always bullshit

  91. Sagar Joy

    Who thought that such a part would exist in the last❤

  92. moutusi ghosh

    El & Mike : *kisses* Me: reeeeee *makes the largest grin with teary eye*

  93. Chane Silao


  94. Jessica Molina

    El:*shaves her head for season 1* Hopper:*shaves his head for season 4*

  95. Jessica Molina

    Yo,can we accept how awsome Caleb and Gatens duo is together?!

  96. Jessica Molina

    The fact that Millie isn’t there is like holy shi-

  97. Demi Dorado


  98. Jennedy Herrera

    Does anyone know what they were doing at 3:15