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  1. Erica White

    Khia your a jealous hag,and if trina wasn't all that she would not be on love and hip hop,why u not on t.v,so please stop trying to make yourself relevant,your not

  2. Bonnie Blancho

    So no one notices the uncanny resemblance between Floyd & Stephan 😱🧐 ? Wow this could’ve easily been him, mine or your brother or father smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ The world needs to change starting with bad killer cops 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏽🚓

  3. Dwite Dorsey

    Once again two gay men judging a heterosexual man...

  4. ILYA SS

    But he Snitched tho .. 😐💀

  5. JIm Jones

    @blackyoungsta n0

  6. Janice Fore

    Love Master P and Romeo. And I am glad they quit the show as it is taking a turn for the worse just like all shows do. They want to remain true to their heart and purpose. Great interview. I could listen to them all day.

  7. JIm Jones

    N9 b

  8. JIm Jones

    Mon day

  9. Rahel G

    After her picture with Bush jr, and her reaction to the backlash and explanation i realized she must have poor character and no integrity. So i am not surprised that people are saying this about her

  10. sportbigred

    Derek Johnson fails to realize it’s his own Democratic Party that’s racist against Blacks! The Liberal Left Elitists lSoros, Crooked Politicians like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi and many other evils are using Democrats as their helpless sheep!

  11. Tye X

    How many people are here from Instagram

  12. Timothy Melvin

    She doesn't mind calling herself pretty. And she's not light skin.

  13. SouthEast Wink 202

    Burning the police was a great start,only thing left is to burn these fucking officers........Its only gonna continue because there's no consequence. Losing a job if fine,going to prison is fine......but they still have their life......Its crazy how the law don't even abide by the law but expect you to abide by them.Like David Banner said "I don't want you're sorry,I want your kill my son then I'm gonna kill your daughter"

  14. Winnerswin

    Not trying to be stupid or anything problems are white problem just the same. Nobody has it easy in these bullsh*t times. We should really be pulling together instead of pushing apart. We are all a part of one race and that's the human race!! Get over and get on

  15. Ms. T_Brain

    Charlemagne said “You don’t need no carbs”😂😂😂

  16. Desiree Walker

    The only way Biden could get my vote is if his VP choice was Nina Turner.

  17. Hero 3

    Im glad my parents didn't give me 'options' I raise my kids the same way. My kids have gone to bed without dinner and guess what happened? They started eating the dinner we made. I'm not running a restaurant and you are no paying customer so you better sit down and eat or go to bed and if you slam my door...guess what my doors haven't been slammed for awhile. I'm raising my kids to be generous and that nothing should be expected to be given to them. They have to earn it.

  18. D 416

    To call someone a bastard hound though??? Damn😂


    He definitely is on top of the fake and dirty🤣😂😁

  20. NewGardner

    How about Diddy focus on his top 20 rap songs a d Dre dont play any R&B

  21. Dex Snell

    Whitlock is a dickhead

  22. Mary Underwood

    I listen to him lots Trevor is very intelligent..and very funny..and he does amazing impressions and he knows his presidents well ..and uses experience s well .. he brilliant x

  23. Juan Navarro

    great interview

  24. Emily Cox

    White superiority IS racism. They aren't separate.

  25. thomas golembiewski

    Floyd don’t need to read he has made $300 million in 30 min

  26. modernmystic

    At 4:08 & 11:00, Biden refers to black people as “Africamericans.” Not the first time, either.

  27. Cydney Cymone

    Watching this with George Floyd’s murder. He is speaking nothing but the truth.

  28. Will Ganness

    She is a waste of time, looks like she was fired. You never burn your bridges. She moved from the biggest network to being largely unemployed. Fox is the most accommodating and diverse. Fox is not about black and brown threat, its about conservative opinion while ALL other networks were demonizing conservatives. It was a reciporcal response. You'll on this breakfast club real gullible, you all believe that shitty netflix movie over reality on the Central Park 5. lol.

  29. suga valentine

    why was the room cleaned of alcohol while Farrakhan came and not Nuri...

  30. Father with Fragrance

    Check out my Indy film Silent Grace, it starts slow but it’s great

  31. Star Wonder

    Evil will SOON be DESTROYED.. PRAISE GOD 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  32. Star Wonder


  33. Ten Fold

    THIS is what u white ppl need to hear!. Do u hear the fuckin pain in his voice?? When he says "It feels like its nothing you can do abt it" Thats how we all feel. We feel powerless. We tried marching and silent protests and peaceful protests. The offenders keep getting off w no consequence. So were gunna make you feel our pain

  34. Star Wonder


  35. April Worley

    Man f*** that when you pay somebody to protect you and you turn around and they're killing your people how do you feel about that they take money off every dollar you make to protect you and they killing you

  36. Cindy K

    Enough is more than enough... these are people being killed.

  37. Muakib

    I can't take Dr Umar seriously, everytime he talks I laugh😂😂🤣 the man is hilarious

  38. Stella

    Charlamagne is so painful to watch. Who hired him? lol

  39. luvbig41

    Aww hell.....the trump supporters are going to have a heart attack and claim that they will no longer watch Netflix.

  40. Urodium Excelsior

    She said "nigger". She wanted attention.

  41. Lin Bee

    Pleasure is so handsome to me😍

  42. Arlene White

    NeNe you are jealous of Kandi

  43. Arlene White

    Nene you needs to talk the bull

    1. Arlene White

      I meant stop the bull

  44. Deborah Franklin

    Tony Gaskins is loved. He is a man of faith and blessed. We love him!!!

  45. Kirkland Wright

    I am going to protest another interview with Webbie #factx


    Dude swag is on a gazillion in this flick check how he fix his glasses with both hands can't wait until he is back on tbc

  47. Terri Wika

    His record is garbage. Everyone should look at it. Hes also a liar and plagiarist. And a crook to boot. God help us.

  48. Asantewaa Mundia

    who's here Feb 20' and realised Dr Umar been prophesying all this time. Somebody share this video!

  49. Tonenology

    What’s the link to donate?

  50. Super Shane

    This video helped me to understand white privilege better than anything or any one else

  51. L Hill

    I saw police stealing, in Wilmington Delaware !

  52. josh Samuel

    Cause he the fckn GOAT 🐐

  53. Alden Dichiara

    Deez dirty-ass fuckin promotas man...

  54. olanipekun oluwaposi

    I'm a Nigerian and I'm so proud of her!!!

  55. نسيم

    Dame could make millions being a pastor

  56. Brendan McCarron

    The way he says Arab though. A Rab

  57. Alejandro Medina

    When is Angela starting her own show?

  58. Krissy Fizzle

    "he was bout to say we never fucked" 🤣😩 That's what I thought he was bout to say

  59. bricksquadbrad

    They didn't believe him but he is 100% correct about how they treat Africans in china

  60. The Black Maven

    The lady too killed herself in jail.. Sandra....I dont remember her name

  61. Duane Harris

    Just found out that the money was real.not fake

  62. Bill Paxton

    9:53 the tedium sensor went off.

  63. Lik Shakur

    did anyone else catch "take that take that" DL with the wordplay

  64. tcoleman124

    Charlamagne looking away all the time is rude

  65. Krissy Fizzle

    "before he was a rapist" 🤣😭

  66. keith brock

    Get over yourself; you’re unintelligent, stupid, a complete and total degenerate racist

  67. ChristGang127

    Keep that same mindset and success will be inevitable Bro. I hope your role model game reaches many and changes the culture

  68. Anon Nimus

    Are you dems gonna address your hypocrisy about your guy Joe Biden?

  69. AR Sports Video

    Envy questions sound like a intern wrote them for him and he’s reading them for the first time.

  70. Eric D. Yarger

    I hate Trump, with every fibre of my being, absolutely hate him. This is another election where I feel completely screwed over by the DNC, as I'm again disappointed to vote for Biden the same as I was to vote for Clinton. Should've been Warren or Bernie. I will vote for Biden, but Trump will win.

  71. Krissy Fizzle

    When he put his hood up and started swearing after he was asked about swearing 🤣

  72. 3DYouKnowTheFacts

    It was White & black kkkops who started and continue to use these riots it was done in the 1960's where they infiltrated the protesters 🔥 burning up the city gets Federally funded evading using local tax💰they burned up the entire downtown except where they wanted to expand & force out the African Americans & Latinos getting federal funding not using local tax money saying it was local residents rioting causing the damage!

  73. Airy Tha Fairy

    Why they only show the pics of Mike at the Kobe memorial 😭?

  74. olanipekun oluwaposi

    Naija no dey Carry last

  75. Knowledge Berakah

    Im a sag n my mom a pisces

  76. Rachel Derenoncourt

    Charlemaign is a whole a-hole. He likes to hear himself.

  77. Racer car

    So sad, I'm speechless, sorry! May GOD Bless his FAMILY and FRIENDS. Love all caring People,

  78. K L

    2020 back tuned in.

  79. Oumar B

    This Guy ain't ready for office..but hey,at this point I would vote anyone just to keep trump out of office


    Why they call shotti treyway 🤣😂😁

  81. Miss Elouna

    american airlines ... if I can avoid it, I'll do !

  82. Szaba 87

    Dion Reach out to me would love to talk with you about "male responsibility"

  83. christopher afoa

    This MOFO is FUNNY AF...OG 69...TREYDAY...😂

  84. Tamodrick Williams

    “Tryna change the ways and how I rock my son be saying glocc “

  85. King Cappo

    Looks like yee and charla quit

  86. S D

    That man said “everything is going fine” I feel like the lion king” and these fake ass niggas straight went in on that man

  87. J. Riffney

    Breakfast club petty for putting Charlemagne face in the circle while Nicki talking bout her.

  88. Galone Parker

    One of the best Breakfast Club's I've seen....100%

  89. Weedhead5 Pot 5

    Heaven LO.

  90. Debbie Shuta

    Nene you come for any new person...I’ve been watching since the beginning!

  91. Giselle Argueta

    Charlamagne is so disrespectful, arrogant, and just overall toxic. Kehlani is half his age and acts so much more wiser than he does.

  92. Shawn Henderson

    How u going to be asking for money to make a school, You don't have the money you can't do it period! Stop the bullshit

  93. KaySwisz

    Why would i date white women seeing everything they’ve done to black men in the last 400 years ? I would never disrespect Emmit Till like that. Y’all bugging. Every interracial marriage ive seen somehow comes from self hate never a “love is blind” situation.

  94. Nicole Melo


  95. Holli Austin


    WOW so he lost his mother two prior to when he got murdered lord have mercy it's one thing hearing this man call for his mama now this!!!

  97. sharon Stvi

    Let the truth be told!

  98. Holli Austin

    First let me say I’m not black , I’m brown , but I feel like he is truly wanting to help Black Americans ... he doesn’t seem sinister ? He’s right about taking down the crooked prison system. Check out this guy ;

  99. Marion Crudup

    The President or Vice President can not change policy on their own. Change has to start at the local level at whatever town,city or State you live in. Not voting is just as dangerous as voting for an incompetent person, BAD THINGS HAPPEN.

  100. Chief Roaring lion

    I'm here after hearing her power speech 2 days ago powerful speech 2020 I'm here just to listen to this what she was saying was fire