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  1. Michael Mburu

    How about a European engine for Ruby....maybe something from Mercedes or BMW or perhaps even Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari or Lamborghini?

  2. ChRiStIaN TaYlOr

    I gotta 06 supercharged cobalt 2.0l

  3. Ron Rhoades


  4. Jackhammer Jones

    So, this being said..Garrett and Cooper ..do yall need some helper with a 40 yr old diesel mechanic with an associate degree that's REALLY been wanting to move to Clearwater, FL for the past 7 years and been able to justify a mullet? My wife and I will move ASAP.

  5. Mind_Molester Liaw

    put it in a smaller engine

  6. BoO - 62 Quinn

    Be careful James. If you're holding that electric turbo and it comes apart wearing no safety glasses will be the least of your problems! Keep playing, and please play safe guys👆👆👍👍👌💯🔥 🔥

  7. Chris Higgins

    So like Leroy I wanted to go back to start of the dale truck and see where it all began

  8. Aurora Report

    He's a driver....

  9. LurkMoar101

    This...this is the work of gypsies.

  10. Built Jdm

    That turbo sounds like my fruit juicer

  11. Toby Evans

    the torqamp ad popped up on this video kinda weird

  12. Roamon Phipps

    Can we see 200 at the wheels out of it ?

  13. Seth Oakes

    its cool, but not 2500 bucks cool

  14. Son Goku

    You guys are cool as fuck

  15. Jade S

    Put it on the pit bike!

  16. David Kulhawik

    Nice boost

  17. richard noggin


  18. T Lawrence

    Try and get a second one! Maybe it'll do 8lbs or something Edit: then you can try a bigger engine too

  19. Jay BoostedEJ2

    It's going to get beat by a all motor honda lol. You guys should have put it on a honda boostedboiz would have loved it


    14.95 E.T. @ 91 MPH

  21. Larry Ganz

    The original USA WRX with 227hp crank was doing about 160 whp on the dyno, and ran mid 14's in the quarter mile (0-60 in the mid 5's). So, this lighter car should be faster. EDIT - you'll need traction first.

  22. brilliyan ibnu

    I can feel the road rumbling already

  23. The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    All hail the levitating mole grips

  24. Richard Browne

    Turbos made in China are garbage! The turbo made in Dutchland/German are real.

  25. Aurora Report

    These projects are just stupid... Can I drive?

    1. Aurora Report

      You're an idiot....

    2. Aurora Report

      You want to learn...

    3. Aurora Report

      Thank you for being forefront... Me too... Can I visit?

    4. Aurora Report


    5. Aurora Report

      Both teams to have fun...

  26. 🇨🇦 HOODLUMS

    Hahaha now you need quad Electric turbo set up

  27. Aussie Shane

    TORQ-Amplifier Digital E-Turbo 2.0 (Big Brother). With 10 - 22 Pound Variable Boost Pressure. 67mm Compressor Turbine. 192V Brushless Digital Pulsed Motor... Ultra Fast Charge, 192 Volt DC Lithium Battery Pack, coupled to Super Capacitors. Digital Speed Controller/Wastegate. Featuring Direct Access to the Computers Accelerator Pedal CAN/LIN BUS. Max Boost Pressure: @ 150,000RPM. I Invented that version above in 6.9 Seconds. lol This Turbo does not exist.. But I bet it would work Great.

  28. Michael Karvonen

    I need that for my hhr

  29. Dylan Rod


  30. Shire Cain

    2 years old. Kyle looks looks such a dork 🤣

  31. Beakz_

    Call me crazy, but anti-lag anyone? Hook that sucker up to the intake side of a turbo and boom instant boost going in!

  32. itsparadoxical

    I have an updated iPhone and your video is the only one giving me any trouble.

  33. Aurora Report

    It loves that... Cams perfect....

    1. Aurora Report

      Give it gas...

    2. Aurora Report

      Sweet... 10.3...

    3. Aurora Report


    4. Aurora Report


    5. Aurora Report

      It's just so mean...

  34. ballinvsxx

    Man this video still doesn’t work for me. Literally every other video on USsel was ok today except the one I really wanna watch.

  35. James Spencer

    Plywood. Get a sheet of good plywood and cut it into strips, glue it, screw it and make a square post.

  36. berto04

    3 or 4 Rotor a la Rob Dahm!

  37. Craig Laska

    What happens if you use 2 turbos

  38. Garrett Cox

    I hope in 6-8 months this car has a turbo LS and a rwd conversion.

  39. Clinton Arendall

    3.8 liter twin turbo Buick

  40. JW Jr

    Mullet is on point there Cleetus !!

  41. Christopher Johnson

    A WICKED BIG THUMBS UP 4 getting Ruby into 8.5's with iron block 5.3 Go or Blow

    1. Christopher Johnson

      My favorite tee shirt

  42. João Tiago

    Put it on a honda 😂

  43. Maltfalc

    that may be the ugliest mullet i've ever seen.

  44. Troll With A Purpose

    Next episode, Leroy gets quad electric turbos.

  45. Christopher Johnson

    Hey James, Sweet Nova!!! Monster Turbskie @ripper

  46. Maltfalc

    no such thing as an electric turbo. not a turbo if there's no turbine. that's a supercharger.

  47. Old Circuit Gaming

    with that clutch you've basically got the worlds biggest scooter XD gonna be good! :D

  48. Brian Gries

    Wow, damn near almost made stock numbers with a stock SS Cobalt supercharged.😂🤣😂

    1. Brian Gries


  49. Christopher Pratt

    Bangster berry

  50. Zapple

    Need to max out the boost

  51. William Willoughby II

    Lmao I swear I used to own that car. Pop off the front door panels and see if there’s some kicker ks speakers.

  52. Brown JC

    What is going on with the coopra???!!

  53. Isaac Pittman

    The turbo is more expensive than the car

  54. 勇気きみこ

    Ruby.... BIG. Blueprint Engine.. All the way. Hello.

  55. Darin Howell

    Videos still not working for me no matter what I do and I just want to see the last half!

  56. RichezPlays

    When are we gonna see twins on this car 😂😂😂

  57. TyBo L33T G4M3R

    When’s the Australia vid coming?

  58. Kody Kaster

    Put the new electric turbo in-line with the old one and make it a compound setup

  59. Cloud Ryse

    Put It In 1st Pull The ebrake and burn the tires off lol

  60. 勇気きみこ

    If there are not 3 pedals required to operate the transmission, it is not a manual transmission. That GTR was NOT a Manual transmission. I don't care if the Clutches are wet or dry, if they are automated in any way shape or form, its an automatic transmission, just like the Ford Fiesta and Focus 6 speed transmissions are categorized.

  61. Anonymous Anonymous

    Get a second one and try TT on that shitstang

  62. MindCrime

    Yo! you need twin torqueskies

  63. Boosted GXP

    This video is the only video I can view. I can view all the rest, anyone else having issues?

  64. T.J. Burch

    Neighbor needs an angle kit!

  65. Rodney Peterson

    This might just be what the doctor ordered! A little more expensive than a nitrous kit, but WAY cheaper than a conventional turbo! It is so tempting! This could be perfect for my daily!!!

  66. Garrett

    Ive been waiting for a product like this i can finally turbo my tesla Im so happy 😁

  67. Omar Umali

    Hey Cleet, I think you need new trans gear ratios. You are plateauing every shift. I hope you get what I mean. :D

  68. Stargazer

    put a german v8

  69. Ryan Dacre

    Clear body and throw a Cummins in it


    Them gosh darn magnets strike again!

  71. Cameron lee films

    @sxsblog.com needs to throw this on beast mode and a couple more machines to see the results on a smaller engine. Or on coops honda talon or another naturally aspirsted sxs.

  72. Seth Baker

    19:30 world's fastest CVT corvette

  73. Robert Liggett

    Can we revisit the ebay one just to see the power difference??

  74. A Wh

    So what will that thing do to something like a mustang 5.0 or another v8? 🤔

  75. Phillip Morrison

    Could you make a cheap one with a drone motor and some tubing?

  76. Timothy Justin

    Please put that on your go kart

  77. Goodballa

    Is there exercises that increase your neck size? The Schiff connection is too much. Sorry bro. Only one critique on one video, but be straight with the consumer and things will go well.

  78. Efrain Plascencia

    So if i slap this on my Geo Metro 1.0 would it blow the engine? 🤔

  79. daniel roddenberry

    make a resin drive shaft

  80. Nick Arnold

    It would have held up WAY better if you guys just spun it on the rack and shaved it some to balance it. The Rustang Wood Lathe. Cutting the extra off the bolts so they didn't hit the exhaust and brake lines would have been a great idea as well....🤦‍♂️

  81. drgnfr20

    Just a Recap on the important comments. needs another turbo you still have plenty of injector. remove the factory exhaust after the cat (for science) . maybe some tires those ones are gonna be bald from ebrake burnouts

  82. Caleb Crawford

    I just the ad of this turbo on the vid lol

  83. The Boii C dog’o

    Unplug the o2 sensor u will make more power. And if u take it out it will sound cool

  84. Evan LaClare

    I got a Torqamp ad

  85. David Allen

    Tried all day. Still can’t see the vid 🤷‍♂️

  86. jason manning

    Did you download this during an electrical storm? Cause it dropped out like there was a storm in the area when you upload did not be on wifi make sure you plugged into the modem with a Ethernet cat5E cable

  87. jesse ammons

    you should go back soon

  88. Brandon J

    Your shit video keeps stopping at the part. What the fuck is wrong with this video

  89. tian herselman

    I need one of these for my girlfriends Kia Picanto!

  90. enigmaPL

    Those aren't "wind-up windows"................. They're Gangster Cranks. :)

  91. Meow Mix

    Ugh video won’t load

  92. Omar Solis

    Got an ad from the guys who sent you this lol

  93. ben j

    hey.... how about that billet k24 for ruby......

  94. Jayson Team

    Supra should of won the driver is ass

  95. Donald Liverance

    That thing needs to go on the quad in the back ground!

  96. Robert lee

    You growing a mullet? Lol

  97. Signs

    Best advert Chevys had since the 1980s

  98. Chris Broadbridge

    can you even get a Barra in the States??? I know your going to Australia so assuming you might pick one up there

  99. christian masson

    Still having troubles watching your video man

  100. tHRILL€®🦍

    I'm goin to look into getting that exact engine I don't need the nitrous or turbo tho just leave it stock that's a whooping 430hp in crown Vic