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  1. Tommy Ferrell

    I love this channel so much lol

  2. Karl Deslauriers

    full size rc car race would be fun! Like in top gear.

  3. MsDemob

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!! This is what i have been waiting for.......... im soooooooo excited for this


    What a intro shit


    I've watched every month of freedom video 🔥🔥

  6. TallStarlite

    Another corvette how boring. A ls swap "Chevette" would have been more exciting !

  7. vAgentSmooth7

    Brother, you were asking how to introduce your girlfriend to the channel. She could be the new Donnie drift driver lol

  8. Chase Noah okin

    What type of colbalt is this

  9. Topshelf 710

    Squeaky shitty built chevys

  10. Adam Thomas

    And of COURSE JH shows up.....

  11. Josh Jackson

    Cleetus likes his cars circumsized...no hoods.

  12. lilhojo123

    Just name it Sapphire to keep the stripper name corvette tradition alive.

  13. adam renaldo

    When will driving underwater EP 4 come out cant wait to make it threw the pond

  14. T Rex

    month of freedom was month of income lets not lie to anyone , dont do this again .. im a big fan and look forward to your videos but this month sucked a mad dick my man. we live we learn.

  15. Joshua Griffiths

    Please don't take the hood off of the drift car!!!!

  16. Corbin Greiner

    Replace you divots. lol

  17. Dantara Rocks

    I was totally expecting to hear, 🇺🇸"MONTH OF FREEDOM FINALE!"🇺🇸 ...Would've been sweet!😂✌

  18. John Doe

    So this is the one you got pulled over in right?

  19. Niki Bannana

    Ohhhh so this is the car ol cleet got pulled over in

  20. Whistle Teets

    Put a Magnuson on it. 👀

  21. Scott Clayton

    Neighbor’s like WTF this’s my show

  22. Jeff V

    Great, now c5 z06 prices are going to skyrocket

  23. Austin M

    "Lightly beat" Cleetus- HOLD MY BEER

  24. mike9657

    Thanks for a great month of entertainment! I know it was tough.

  25. c_alright

    This month of freedom will always be remembered!😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  26. Collie mayfill

    i been subbed since the duck call exhaust. And the only two times i felt the need to comment was ruby getting her first turbo and this. Seriously find another interesting platform besides a c5-7 corvet with a turbo 427. THIS ISNT NEW CONTENT. Ugh.

  27. Kenneth James

    This means the end of Month Of Freedom such sad news...been a HELL of a ride folks!

  28. Donnie Luschen

    Love love love the name of your Corvette

  29. R Fortier

    Not another Vett😩

  30. David Holm

    Name it.. Donniebrook...ready for a tilly..always...

  31. Adam

    Is the inevitable C8 gonna be the half mile car??

  32. Gavin Reilly

    Dope c5

  33. SpraykwoNTheChef

    Name her Blueby

  34. Dylan Pihl

    Let’s have a freakin year of freedom !!

  35. mckrackin5324

    Luckily, you have a giraffe that can lean on the scuffed bumper AND keep a hand over the paint bubble at the car shows. lol

  36. Jack of this Trade

    This intro..... Amazing.

  37. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°


  38. Neil Chronister

    Thank you for the month of freedom

  39. David Simpson

    Why do we have skinny jeans on the channel?

  40. Rusty Shacklfort

    So how come Taylor doesn’t have 2.12 million subscribers?

  41. Laxboi044

    I’m down with naming it Donnie! I’ll buy that shirt and stickers lol as that’s my name.

  42. Steve Reinhart

    What was the price of that unit?

  43. Landon Rasche

    “I’d rather crash the car than mess up the grass “ I like your style

  44. Max Schultz

    If your going to do boost you should supercharge it

  45. Orel .Garcia

    I give it a month before that hood comes off and stays off

  46. Exotic & Vegan Recipes

    14:42 That’s a complete lap brother! 🤘🤠🤙 Really like those c5’s with those wheels

  47. No Good days Ake

    You can just keep the pink slip with you lol. James is the best cracking me up

  48. Chris S

    Donnie the drift missile has a good ring to it

  49. Brent Farina

    Mannnn my girl friend is named maddie haha

  50. Nestor Moreno

    Use the body panels for Leroy ?

  51. Trey Cunningham

    new vette should be named GLORY-A

  52. Adam Zeller

    Thanks for following through with the month of freedom, I love every single upload🇺🇸

  53. Ashton Adame

    Super glad you went with your gut man. Lawyers are snooty and way to busy to make as much fun as you guys do please keep doing it

  54. Wesley Rihn

    it needs a giant wing!!!

  55. Kahlo Familar


  56. James Foster

    You need to build the first duramax vet

  57. projectdelta50

    Sapphire should be the new name of that car. Ruby and Sapphire.

  58. Minh Bui

    So was this what you were driving when you got pulled over?

  59. SourCrescent 375

    Did anyone else cry at the beginning of the video

  60. Dane Grant

    That puppy needs a god dang truck engine

  61. robmanueb2

    You now have red, white and blue Corvettes. What did Leroy do?

  62. Skinny Pedal Motorsports

    It’s been pulled over at least once 😂

  63. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    ...anybody else CarFax the door's vin?

  64. Michael Ray

    God I wish I can afford a car or a c6 Z06 vette. Just please don't destroy it. Its a beautiful car.

  65. Drew Gorman

    What’s the over under on cleetus blowing this engine up? 12-15 days?

  66. metal myke1

    Get a actual oval race car instead of these lame “drift” cars.

  67. Justin Hryckowski

    I wolud like to see Leroy 2.0 drift Edition

  68. Christian Perkovich

    Freedom year. No balls

  69. 626DENAwarriors33

    If you’re a trust American you’ll get a old school camaro ss

  70. Cody Mccrae

    yee yee!

  71. Nathan Edwards

    I'm really diggin these build breakdown intros its hella dope

  72. Michael Surfer

    First glance I thought the title said Batmobile. I wouldn't put it past you, though

  73. P S

    This month has been such a ripper that I nearly ran out of duct tape and zip ties! For the love of ‘Murica and Sweet Baby Jesus keep keeping them bald eagles screaming! Hell yeah brother!

  74. WestcoastWheelman

    Love the name Donny but you should spell it Dohny just to mess with people.

  75. Certified King

    Let's call her Aqua😍

    1. Certified King

      Who agrees?

  76. KaLo

    I was hoping for an ls swapped Miata... oh well.

  77. Ivo Heroin

    Year of freedom? :))) Dont take this serious

  78. Ben Buck

    Instead of 25 days of Christmas we need 25 days of cleetus this December lol

  79. Alexander Kozik

    You should go with Lonnie. Leroy and Lonnie the Freedom C5s

  80. DanielRichards644

    Is it bad I could tell from the thumbnail masking it was a C5????

  81. Curtis Hilliard


  82. Christopher Calhoun

    It has been a great month! Thank you thank you thank you!

  83. Dan Greybeard

    Gotta call it sapphire

  84. John Ahearn

    The month of freedom has been awesome ...

  85. Brandon Showe


  86. m levine

    next episode... watch Cleetus' shocked face when he wants it spicy adds 30 degrees of timing and nitrous and ends melting his new drift car.

  87. Sander C

    Better put baffles in your oil pan before you blow it. Also you could call it the 500Z assuming it has 500hp

  88. Joni

    We want month of june also!

  89. Dan G

    Do not try this with a mustang of the same year or older.

  90. fail compilation 2

    Seems to me that you like c6 and c5 corvettes

  91. SittinSendies

    also shout out to the red white and blue vettes

  92. Aaron Meloccaro

    Is this Bruce Wilsons old Vette? I know he wrecked his.

  93. Maxwell Patterson

    In the words of Johnny Cash... what model is it? Well, It's a '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56 '57, '58' 59' automobile It's a '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '67 '68, '69, '70 automobile.

  94. Hassan 1320

    pleaaase slap a supercharger on it

  95. Kevin Burton

    Gonna miss the daily vids

  96. Jeff Jankiewicz

    DON`T BLOW IT UP!!, Poor Ruby. Loved the Month of Freedom Brother!!

  97. Kevin McMullen


  98. David Barron

    Name it Sampson!!!!!

  99. arkkukakku112

    Needs some angle kit, roll Cage, drifting coilovers, hydro e-brake, seat, interior Strip. Full on actual drift car not just stock car thats called "drift" car

  100. Steve Cherrett

    Cleetus you Freedom Factory boys and the Hoonigans Bernard need to do a collaboration