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  1. Urmomgay Yt

    charity match n3 ????

  2. Ryan Griffiths

    I'm sorry but Castro's header was actually very good as it is hard to get the accuracy and power to beat the keeper when the cross had so little power on it while Castro had to run to the cross to reach it

  3. Alexander Cox-Lang

    When the unpopular kid sees a girl 2:55

  4. VoxChambo

    Everytime sidemen do a tier list, I just care about their debate

  5. Fabi Prajitno

    Honestly in my opinion ethans taking it way too serious and some of the goals like castros goal is f2 approved and higher

  6. DxnFifa

    Vic do be wearing the new juventus kit tho

  7. Al O98

    Ethan giving it the big one when he has the football skill of a potato

  8. BARO

    If they did another charity match they would sell out, no cap because the sidemen have grown so much since then.

  9. Kyle Graetz

    Ethan actually pissing me off this vid, leave poor castro alone, was a sick header

  10. Wolf

    Vik: Scores one goal for the charity and man's out here like he knows football ffs

  11. senawalayy

    we need a 2020 moo off

  12. KJ_Gaming

    As an American that never watches soccer visually Castro is an f2 approved

  13. Isla heehee

    Vikks was the best goal no cap

  14. Younus Rahman

    hugh wizzy playing offside trap on simons goal

  15. Vanilla Bea5t

    Notice how Simon has a goal in every category

  16. Coolbear2004

    Sidemen play Minecraft

  17. Ahmed Kitovaheer

    Harry’s voice when arguing is so high pitched and annoying but ehh funny

  18. J V

    Ethan chanting shit about Castro’s goal when my mans will never score a goal like that in a game in his life plus this is not a professional game it’s a youtubers match

  19. briarvv

    OK harry saying that all of them are bad cause he doesn't get a goal

  20. ッLord539

    wait where did they put ChrisMD's goal? I never saw it after they watched his goal... Edit: oh wait nevermind im blind. Where are my glasses when I need em?

  21. ily isse

    I cant believe I just watched grown men scream at a phone for 19 minutes. Smh what has my life become

  22. Bobby Smith

    Roles in the tier list videos: Simon: Organiser Ethan: The complainer aka “fuck you lot” “this list is fucked” Harry: “Nah I rate it” Jj: “hAaaHhhAaa” Josh: “I would put it lower” Tobi: Vikk: doesn’t know what he is doing

  23. Gian Lamé

    I feel like vik has an aguero fetish

  24. Adhi

    we want #BALDSKI

  25. taylor barrow

    as an australian we stan josh for singing and knowing ‘untouched’

  26. Ioan Williams

    "Straight down the middle of the goal" just never was was it

  27. TXNIZ

    Behz doesn't understand movement, he thinks a goal is all about the strike of the ball and not the lead up. Castro is F2 approved easily.

  28. ツharry

    this tier list is so off 😂

  29. Amrit Dhaliwal

    Nobody: Harry, Vik, JJ Thats F2 Approved!

  30. sam p

    Take a shot everytime Ethan complained about Castro 😂

  31. Ben Allan

    Simon repping the Jaden Smith merch

  32. briarvv

    OK JJ can't say anything cause he's is one of the worst sidemen football players😂😂

  33. Ioan Williams

    Castro's fucking belongs there

  34. Casey Jai

    Love this🤣❤️

  35. TodoBroski

    OK look, on game 3 goal 6 ChrisMD made the defenders run into each other. That has to be f2 approved

  36. noeyoss

    Eating or not KSI butchers every Sidemen intro anyway

  37. Philip Tarpey

    Who else is watching This a 4 am during lockdown

  38. TobyFN

    kevin de bruyne approved castros goal

  39. Joel Arun

    I can't imagine JJ playing soccer with red hair

  40. Boo Bush

    Why is Ethan hating on Castro like they didn’t break his fat ankles in the football game ffs

  41. Achair _

    What ksi just moo'ed his song lamborghini

  42. Aleisha Massey

    Sidemen go on holiday for a week, uncensored👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻plsssss

  43. Electro

    This is hard to watch as an American basketball player

  44. Jordi Luna

    Imagine a Sidemen vs FaZe soccer charity event in Los Angeles in 2021

  45. Olivier Klovance

    Castro's goal is better than decent and Simon is a cocky mother *********

  46. Helio Graciano

    Legit in every tier list from the sidemen: Ethan: ayt, u lot fucked it, the table is fucked

  47. Aidan Walker


  48. Soccer Life

    ksi explain? 14:42

  49. Ctz

    4:56 hahahahahaha i can't stop laughing

  50. Bird Floating

    Omg shut up Ethan

  51. Cypress Mckendrick

    I’m confused why are we just now getting this video??

  52. lol lol

    No offence but what is ethan talking bout ? I love ethan but wtf is he talking bout lol

  53. Brandon Dsouza

    Ethan can get fucking annoying. Probably he'll be the one that makes me stop watching sidemen videos .

  54. Bulldog Games

    I like how bad they are it’s funny

  55. Shift

    Ethan’s a bum

  56. VoxChambo

    Vik supporting bajancanadian like the pack days

  57. Jason Williams

    Harry looking kinda beefy uno

  58. Ioan Williams

    Fam USsel allstar goal was F2 approved they just too proud

  59. Aixall

    anyone else cant watch the start because of jj chewing with a open mouth,

  60. Leem Horrigan

    They are all clueless about football apart from Simon and Tobi but Tobi’s too humble and quiet to put his own goal up lool also Castro’s goal was incredible

  61. dylan challis

    Ethans mad annoying whenever things don’t go his way man

  62. Bird Floating

    Harry and ETHAN were pissing me off this vid ngl

  63. Lolly 207

    Ethan always gets TRIGGERD in the tier list vids people just take it way too seriously

  64. Cypress Mckendrick

    Where’s the ksi vid

  65. talbz

    never seen JJ and Harry so correct in my life

  66. Dion I0,000

    Behz don’t stop chattin about fifa at the moment

  67. Papi Pride05

    Simon has a goal in every category

  68. JY2SAUCY

    Who's has this video in there recommend in 2020

  69. TheEndGamerz

    27:05 vikk won yhe gulag

  70. IDunno

    Ethan like a broken record “The tables fucked!” Every 2 seconds smh

  71. Wolf

    There's NEVER been a Sidemen video where one of you lot can go a whole video without arguing hahaha

  72. Zee Squad!

    Daz Black posts genuine good content. He is a very down to earth guy. I wish I found his channel sooner. You guys should check time out.

  73. Charlie CC8

    “Follow u weirdos” 😂😂😂

  74. Holden Garcia

    Tell ksi to shave his head

  75. talbz

    never thought ethan was such an idiot

  76. Connor McGregor

    Simon, you’re more sidemen ideas are dead. Stop tier list cause they’re about 7 months out of date bro... do some fun ideas like where jj fucked with everyone on the spelling bee. Make tobi the host so he doesn’t drink and get the boys drunk. That’s what people find funny like the dinner video. Only 8 13 year olds are excited when they see a tier list ffs. I know you’ve done USsel for a long time Simon but this genuinely pisses me off seeing the 18th tier video since iso. If I see another tier vid I’m unsubbed without a doubt and I honestly hope other people do so you actually try be creative and not shit post for easy money using the other boys clout...

  77. kimbom aseh

    sidemen: whats in your mouth ksi's readit: new meme on putting things in ksi mouth :)

  78. Panha Boom

    The first time JJ and Harry on the same side.

  79. Avslagen

    Someone please shut ethan up, he didnt score a single goal Oof

  80. Kevin Li

    I’m not that good at football but if you give me that manny tap in i’m pretty sure I could score it . Castro’s on the other hand was ridiculous. I don’t think I could place it that well in 100 tries. Plus the slow cross makes the header even more impressive

  81. DioFX

    Ethan should do a reaction vid about these comments

  82. MuslimBeast


  83. comettobias

    Ethan honestly mate your just wrong!!!!

  84. Connor Gallagher

    Poor Castro getting violated by Ethan, won’t stand for it, big up Castro’s army

  85. Luke Fielding

    why don't they just take a vote ffs

  86. Raahem Rashid

    One of the best vids I’ve seen in a while :)

  87. Luke Fielding

    Ethan was so wrong about Castros header hahahaha

    1. Luke Fielding

      I think hes just salty he never scored

  88. ML TDM

    I want to know Harry said now pls make a new vid or new channel to see Harry censored stuff

  89. young Kobi

    How is this #1 trending for gaming just saying

  90. Alvaro Francia Borrero

    Vikk: the power of creative has prevented jj from destroying everything *literally the next clip* JJ: OOOOH MYYY GOD

  91. dkenty05

    this video just shows why ethan is the worst sidemen he isnt funny and thinks he knows anything about football twat.

  92. KuramaTheFox

    This was a very enjoyable video to watch, Ethan getting mad over the rankings was hilarious. Great video, keep it up!

  93. Cruz_Angel_ 1125

    Is it me or has Vick gotten funnier

  94. It’s Jackahh

    Castro is f2 for the skill level he is

  95. Need for Nitro Speed

    2:32 how girls think da bois locker room is 7:09 how it actually is

  96. Jesus Christ

    Ksi really has to do that to sssniperwolf 😂

  97. Xenolith

    Ethan was jokes in this video lol

  98. Elijah Diablo

    I think calling the second highest one F2 approved fucked the list, they had their standards too high coz of the name

  99. Zawaad Zahur

    Tbf I agree wit behz u lot hating for no reason Castro’s header wasn’t even all that

  100. Joe Graham

    Ethans opinions are fucking shite, Castro’s goal was one of the most precise finishes of them all