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  1. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    Harry 5:46 made me laugh

  2. Hi

    6:43 that is logan pauls vine

  3. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    Did i just miss this how and is this after the fight as we'll.

  4. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Logan Paul before the fight: " I'm the healthiest I've ever been" KSI WINS Logan: "I have cancer"

  5. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    For those who don’t know about the “widemen” meme it’s cause JJ got the W for the lot

  6. intelligent Human

    Callux is too underrated fam😂

  7. Marzzon

    No we don't take no L's , No we don't take no L's . W's only

  8. Billy Dickinson

    All I could hear when Josh said long long time is Simon's recent video "LOOONG LLOOONG MAAAAN"

  9. AJ Bants

    Widemen gaming? ITS BULKING SEASON!

  10. 00 Taiga

    I want to see the victory party

  11. Luuki puuk

    I absolutely love Ethan now! Fat Ethan was a bit of a dislikable cunt!

  12. Blain Shur

    Why do Harry’s AirPods have leashes on them?

  13. Quivsx


  14. Dave

    If I hear Toby say that little shitty word again I swear to God

  15. MIA

    Shannon Briggs as a moth: Let's go lamp . Type in google *selena gomez undressed medium* Visit the first article, have a nice look :))

  16. Diggle Figgle

    It pains me that all these bulking memes are irrelevant now because he's so damn shredded now and he beat logan paul

  17. Ian T

    Is Ethan going to take up Eddie's offer of joining the commentary or interview team for boxing? He's keen to keep Ethan and joe involved. Good career move for after youtube 😏

  18. Shainen Miller-burns

    Petition for the sidemen to react to rappin for/to jesus like if u agree

  19. Lucas gaming

    Why is it only Harry’s face not his gameplay

  20. FranCena

    lets be honest, vikk made them play minecraft

  21. Mohamed Farah

    are you guys back from los angeles yet

  22. Lilfindude

    Vikk and tobi are amazing at piano

  23. Fred Thorpe

    what you saying about Australia nerds

  24. FIRE2H4L Reactor

    How can you go Amsterdam and not smoke that’s one of the reasons to go

  25. Jacob Gray

    I live in Australia it gets down to -6 celcius at night where I live.

  26. Isabella 10204

    Wideman gaming?!😂

  27. Kansastea Goolio


  28. Nashiu Shafeeq

    Lol they accidently widemen

  29. YouMadBro???

    Sidemen sunday spicy curry challenge?

  30. Damian Pillay

    where JJ at?

  31. Rayyan Malik

    Put collision on next it will be so much funnier 😂😂😂

  32. Pacy Panda

    Play prop hunt or death run again

  33. crack noodle

    i noticed they played bitch lasagna in the background lol

  34. n05c0p3s

    #cheating tobi

  35. Isaac Long

    11:35 can confirm josh is a robot

  36. Amchy

    MoreSidemne znatel sta kaze cile ? Cile je cile!

  37. jHumbo022

    17:53 repeat button

  38. YouTube Boy

    Harry is the best at soccer

  39. JeremyFlame

    Subscribe to my channel on the road to 💯

  40. My King

    12:07 AM

  41. Evan Blenkinsopp

    Never heard anyone pronounce “pregnant” with three syllables, before. Damn RiceGum, learn how to flow.

  42. Shade Mus

    Lmao why is Simon acting as if he don’t know who filthy frank is when he literally recorded the video of jj mailing his pubes to the guy for human cake?🤔

  43. Yuu Miyashita

    10:48 Pink Guy Reference

  44. Evil Saad

    Is it just me who remembered the "long long man" from simon's vids when they were saying "long shot"

  45. Kerry Dai

    Bez carrying moresidemen conversations

  46. Exsorce_ jnr

    were thee fuck is THE K THE I AND THE S YOUR BOI KSI

  47. Ebony Lincoln

    2 on trending

  48. Fred Jewell

    It should just be wideman

  49. Zachary Pipping


  50. Eng Bok Boi Choy

    Vik choked mad hehe

  51. jHumbo022

    If you pause at 16:41, why do I see so much calfreezy in this girl?

  52. Robi Khan


  53. Callum Burgher

    We need to see sidemen tug o war bathe public

  54. TexasPlaysGames

    Anyone else want to see the sidemen do an old school G Mod deathrun?

  55. Kitz f

    Ethan is a mix of shit accents

  56. ZootFroot Gaming

    Why is Harry’s gameplay never shown

  57. Dorian Josue

    Ethan ran into some white girl saying literally.

  58. Shreesh Shirekar

    Wait does ethan have tats? 1:28

  59. Chris Miano

    Did anybody else get really long ads throughout their video??

  60. VàñQuiśha - ŠàÑ

    For no reason, this comment "will "have a lot of likes.

  61. Kimo Rayn

    Ethan seems distracted with something . . . commentating . . .

  62. Zinz

    Cheating tobi

  63. ChelseaGamer

    Less this

  64. Jack Tadina

    ethan turn ya mic down please mate, or set a limiter

  65. BreezyGames

    Which video does ksi say “who are you praying to? Not my god”

  66. deej

    0:30 lol

  67. Jawad Alzaher

    Just saying Logan uploaded 2 videos daily before the fight but after the fight 😵🤐🤐🤐🤐

  68. MakerO'chilD

    8:43 is that a lighter? 😂

  69. David Sisitoutai

    Watch how KSI slowly expands again

  70. • Hashbrownzz •


  71. Max COLSON

    SIMON'S DISS IS OP!!! (Deji is a NONCE)

  72. Callan Conroy

    Dude you got a small cock and now the world knows, whatre ya thinking

  73. TheRealObama

    Fun fact ksi vs logan paul is on porn hub

  74. LPHD3

    Its cool that you started gaming but pls stop recording all screens at once why dont you just record on your channels?

  75. TrickshotWalrus

    7:19 LMFAO

  76. Micheal Wright

    I have a whole new found respect for harry admitting that

  77. rtyrty12

    Using nouns in plural form in biology is employed usually when describing different species of that organism.

  78. Skippy the best 3 Subscribe to him now

    That 1st girl or guy that is weird

  79. Hugo Lopez

    Harry looks like a giraffe dude I swear no wonder he could fit big things up his throat

  80. Ifeanyi Umeh

    A millionaire who can’t spell June = Harry

  81. Eliott Merlet

    Why is vikk recording in his basement where the kids are at?

  82. Phi_ Ho

    WideMen gaming

  83. Tyler PETRIE

    Did anyone else see ethans tattoo on his arm

  84. Leyan Clasi

    Sidemen and KSI are just separating 😓

  85. T3d C


  86. Fopalope

    Is this the bear that harry bought in the 100k vid?

  87. GasDrinkinKazz

    20:30 as of this day ksi was no more: there was only.. *BABATUNDE*

  88. Nexus

    Holy shit hop off vikks dick fr he can’t even be low key in one fuckin video without ppl thinking he’s depressed or that they treat him bad and shit how about he just wants to do him lay back and chill he doesn’t have to be fuckin hyper every single video

  89. Herman Chau

    Did Egan just got tattooed.?


    Widemen was a a miss spell as W is so close to S on the keyboard

  91. DV logic

    More More More!!!!

  92. ArtSonyeo

    Some advice: Don't watch this video for advice. 😂

  93. Wolfie NS


  94. JRatt


  95. GC CUP

    4:08 lil bored veterans: no its -2+-2+-2+-2+-2+-2+4

  96. karimthecool

    0:37 set 8 kids in gym class

  97. Cody Burton

    I didn't laugh 😂

  98. The SmartboyZ


  99. Joshgoshgaming

    Why aren't Callux and Calfreezy in the sidemen??

  100. RApollos

    Are we sure this isn't Phil Bullies Ethan?