1. Noskyzz

    SHE FROM MALIBU MALIBU🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️

  2. Bubu Gamer70

    👏👏👏👏best song ever

  3. Amazing V

    Rock sand.. rock sand... Oh wait...

  4. niya niya

    This remains me of happy death day but if it was a annoying white girl who keep killing you

  5. สันดร นอนดึก


  6. YTJJGaming

    August 12 is my birthday lol

  7. Rice Pudding

    No wonder every white kid in my school listen to this when the guy is white himself

  8. rofl 89k

    So.... *He's white?*

  9. Ashley Lyrek

    I’d hit it.

  10. Shanon Henderson Clement

    Well, I thought it was Rock Sand😂😂

  11. xXSunilXx - Gaming

    its just like minecraft when he 💀 like if u agree

  12. Owen McGinnis

    No one gonna mention Dwarf Mamba??

  13. Weirdness Cat

    Wow I'm early

  14. jaenmontesgil

    Arizona:that its so cool! evriborody:mmmm.......

  15. rex

    Everyone in the comments: *Everyone: He’s white??*

  16. Meda Kašinskaitė

    *early gang*

  17. The Helicopter

    What did we learn today? "Never judge the skin color by its edit"

  18. Karat

    Jandora Media you absolute goat!!!!

  19. Linky Tunes

    This song does not look how it sounds 😶😭

  20. Stona

    This song got stuck in my head.

  21. Karat

    That haircut slaps lmao. I think it looks great, wish I could pull that off

  22. Jake Busch

    This version isn't even that good. I don't know what you guys are talking about. All he did was throw the tone off from the original. TRASH

  23. Natlus

    where are the comments saying he is white

  24. Caleb Hansen

    2:06 is what i do when i die in fortnite

  25. Variety King

    0:43 Evan?


    People who surprised he's not white. I think maybe he group up in the hood white people grow up in the hood to.

  27. Malik Badi


  28. Chicken Hashbrown

    I never knew Arizona zervas dated dora

  29. Miguel Ramos

    Sounds like Justin B

  30. darkworld 9

    Arizona zervas: die him :respawn Also him:what the? Minecrafter: you respawn

  31. H a d e z

    who else here before 10M?

  32. Djem Pashov

    Who else saw EVAAAAAN

  33. phong hồ

    Roxanne yeah yeah 🙌. Tôi rất thích bài hát này của bạn

  34. who am i? i am who?

    3 facts about my journey to find this song 1. I thought this rapper is black 2. I hear this song for first time in tiktok complication 3. I search this song with keywords "rocksing tiktok"

  35. Jay Scott

    ayyyy it’s lit!!! THIS SONG IS A BANGER!!!!! vibes on vibes! ✨ i just uploaded a cover of it on my page & wrote my own verse, check it out 🔥❤️

  36. My Instant Search

    Swan Lee made this song even better

  37. Jay Scott

    ayyyyy it’s lit! THIS SONG IS A BANGER!!!!! vibes on vibes! ✨ i just uploaded a cover of it on my page & wrote my own verse, check it out 🔥❤️

  38. Jay Scott

    THIS SONG IS A BANGER!!!!! vibes on vibes! ✨ i uploaded a cover of it on my page & wrote my own verse, check it out 🔥❤️

  39. TheRealF.B.I

    1:07 me just chillin when some one robbing a store with a fake gun


    I went into the comments to find out if that was dwarf mamba. Instead I see iS hE WhItE. Like bruh c'mon listen to the dudes voice...

  41. Trần Minh Đăng

    Everybody else:Arizona is white Me:Disappointed because Roxanne wasn’t a black curly hair chick

  42. Bos Ipul

    Rexona Rexona

  43. alderano dava

    so this is the new trailer for happy death day movie?

  44. 민수김

    싫어요 달지마 개새끼들아

  45. brian gray

    He's ripping post, man Its weird I never thought post would be that big. Now I'm seeing impersonations it's a trip gnight

  46. nathan drake bajao


  47. Оксана Кириллова

    Русские есть кто

  48. Minh Tâm Nguyễn

    Roxanne is everywhere. From Malibu to Hollywood

  49. O k

    0:42 is dwarf mamba!

  50. James Seriales

    So underrated

  51. Po1SoNouS

    Re:Zero in real life

  52. Harrison jude May

    Auto tune

  53. Harrison jude May

    Good song but too much automuch

  54. Chris Tee

    Wait, he's white?

  55. Tze Hymn

    everyone : Hes white?! Me : isn't that evanthedwarf???

  56. datadvali

    Is there anyone who also thought he was white?

  57. luvluzt

    Is it just me or does this song sound sadder since we saw the video

  58. YTApex

    0:43 that’s Logan Paul’s mate Evan

  59. Allyssa

    i came because of Cho Seungyoun, after he sang it on his ig live last saturday.

  60. xJoyy

    who else is here before 10M?

  61. James Ultron

    Is it wrong that I thought he was black ?

  62. BucketOfLava

    Im here from dwarf mamba

  63. Heart Koiya

    I was going to do the remix.

  64. Chimi Changa

    Wow he’s white but hey all of these movie references are pretty cool 💯

  65. Ruki vniz Nogi na stol

    Русский тик-ток

  66. Potatotus Epic Gamer

    groundhog day vibes, i love it.

  67. JeffPlayzYT

    If u here from tiktok like

  68. Danny Santangelo

    2:37 What the tv remote feel when you drop him between the sofa😂😂😂 Everyone: OMG he is white? Me: How many times she almost killed him? Any black person knows this man isnt black from his voice

  69. L. Lewis Jeffrey

    Any black person knows this man isnt black from his voice my name is Roxanne but in spanish, and everyone at my school signs this to me...

  70. Yei Yei

    What??? A white boy made this 😮

  71. Andrei Dologuin

    He’s White

  72. Colleen Terry

    Everyone: surprised Arizona zervas is white Me: surprised roxanne ain’t sexy and got long hair When I first heard this I thought this man was black 😂😂

  73. Clivert Colaco

    He doesn’t use the n word in his song so you can tell he’s white.

  74. NilOG Brawl Stars

    His girlfriend is black or brown where is this video its in afrika

  75. Xstarhero

    0:42 is that logan paul's dwarf friend

  76. Iku Y1

    I'm surprised Roxanne isn't black and doesn't have curly hair

  77. Beauty_ And_Beast_7

    Guyz we also makeing remake roxxaane video SUBSCRIBE my channal and notification bell

  78. TrueBOT Gaming

    Looks like he lost his N word pass

  79. Kartik Arya

    In the original, the part in which Swae Lee took the shot was the worst without Lee and now that he filled the gap, this song is officially perfect! 💖

  80. Eustass Kid

    0:52 Her name anyone? She's cute!

  81. chickmagnet0987

    Plot twist: the guy singing in the video isn’t really Arizona zervas.. the real one is kept hidden.

  82. Bk Sp

    Thats not him

    1. Bk Sp

      Wait what

  83. Beauty_ And_Beast_7

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  84. ERKOSH


  85. Puls3

    What happened to the audio on his channel with 80M views ?

  86. Alexandru Ferariu

    Sooooo firee 🔥🔥


    my feelings😇🤩

  88. Zach Kelly

    DWARF MAMBA!!!!!

  89. Shinra Tensei

    Roxanne remix ft lebron james, leonardo dicaprio and siri

  90. sangeeta kumar

    Here before this song hits 10 million

  91. SighKOpath

    Rock sand

  92. Alan WHATS?

    a collab with blackbear would be FIRE🔥

  93. Nia Orea

    Love This Song 🔥🔥 Hey guys, I’m an artist too. It would make me super happy if you would hear out my music. Trust me...You won’t regret it!! 🙌🏽 Much Love ❤️🔥🔥❤️

  94. T-Flavour

    I wrote a SoundCloud Anthem! This song is about literally every single SoundCloud rapper. It is called "Ice" Check it out. It's hilarious @t-flavour ! I'm new hear so I really need your help! Love and peace :)

  95. Kaelin Knobbe

    swae lee trashhhhh hahahaha

  96. Семен Щенин

    Кто от Брайна

  97. Nub :3

    Ok wtf? Why does he look 40 but sound like a... 20 year old???

    1. Twicefan onceItzy

      Because of the tattoo?

  98. RavenFoxrod

    Plot Twist : *He's in a video game.*

  99. itz Haya

    Uh Oh, I didn't realize they already upload Roxanne official video 1 week ago

  100. Afinariefinnn

    Happy Death Day?