Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus to show their viewers fantastic automotive projects that they can do themselves at home.
The MCM boys make cars, and they make movies. In fact they do it all, including the music, editing, and automotive with some help from their friends along the way.
Being completely independent, the boys don't have to answer to anyone except their own creative spirit and their focus is on quality over quantity.
It doesn't matter if you have a brand new turbo charged beast, or an old banger found in your grandfathers shed. Mighty Car Mods openly embraces anyone who wants to better themselves and their cars through involvement with the MCM Community.

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  1. Mr Awesome

    Moog, you're a bloody legend BUT seriously this space junk film prop will get chopped

  2. brodie robertson

    honda k24

  3. james shilling

    burn outs, drifting, drag race, stopping distance, get something to measure the g force of your turns. so who can turn harder. please for the love of god give us dyno charts

  4. Adam Honda98

    Looser has to donate there car to someone Coronavirus free

  5. Ryan Mclean

    Isnt this how you get human slime

  6. rycho vloggame


  7. Ryan MacEwen

    zoomy zooms

  8. Karl Griffiths

    Cut the strut brace and put a load cell on it see if there is any force pushing on the strut towers when driving hard.

  9. Peanuts Nmars

    Dear Moog. Is there a new member to The Mighty Car Mods team. I've noticed that foot has made a strong presence in the past few videos. I am not opposed to this new member to the team. I just wonder if foot has a proper name. I would hate to be rude

  10. chevyslick

    Which car can do the better "Phonebook Burnout"

    1. bodoy euir

      See, I knew a toe was coming, what I didn't expect was multiple😂😂

  11. Alexander Motufoua

    This might be the most awesome VW Beetle in Australia, but the best remember the 1968 VW ‘Big Red Car’ that The Wiggles used ussel.info/video/video/xJbRfoGWtY6nlKs.html

    1. bodoy euir

      What's the name of the song at 11:05

  12. Michael McCracken

    Should do a hill climb/race

  13. gobee

    I've literally just realised Rake's number plate says elite Edit: 9:49

  14. Dylan Brown

    “Big Block” ok

  15. Lukas Trapp

    Where can I get a pair of those sweet safety glasses that moog’s wearing?

  16. Dylan Chubbs

    Whatever the results are, I want to see you dudes just street cruising this thing.

  17. David Lau

    @ 13:38 what transpired in that shady car park?

  18. Loghan K

    High speed run highest speed wins

  19. gizmo

    @5:18 you can see some tension. Mechanical stigs a sissy bitch

  20. Exomious

    Where tf was the first drive Moog? 10/10 video but that was some click bait my dude.

  21. Sam Cregan

    Since the mr2 was kinda made for rally and it's up against a moon buggy maybe a dirt track event or something

  22. Darren Pope

    5:27 Oh

  23. Michael G

    3:30 ghost stool 5:29 the foot.

  24. Adrian Roper

    How bout wheelie text

  25. Adrian Roper

    Now moog is finished evey is waiting for marty to upload COME ON MARTY

  26. niduoe stre

    The guy that said “mighty car mods” in the intro sounds like he’s high on autotune

  27. darek4488

    What do you mean rusted? It doesn't even have a single whole in the floor and it looks mint on top. This car looks like it have seen around 2-3 full salty winters. People who have MR2s here in Poland don't even have a set of winter tires for them. People know how bad it rusts and treat it like a summer car. AFAIK Japan doesn't put salt on its roads, but someone might correct me on that. Japanese brands in general can't handle salty roads full of holes. Mazda is hands down the worst rusting brand, and that's in general, not just among Japanese. Europeans Fords, Opels and Hondas aren't much better. Mercedes had a famous rust episode in the early 2000s, when ML(W163) and S(W220) were visibly rusted in their first months. From my knowledge Subaru and Lexus are the only rust protected Japanese cars and they handle it fine. Audi is probably the king of rust protection. Even 30 year old cars are holding up fine and the new ones are even better protected.

  28. Craig McGuire

    Did the science guy paint the bags under his eyes black for cooling , get some sleep man !

  29. TheFewmr2

    MR2 FTW, Sorry Budd

  30. yt u have kutus

    I was only 4 months old when this was made

  31. Dillon Corder

    Good thing there was no corona virus at this time

  32. DuBEuS

    Can't really think kw/cylinder. Basically all the power is in every stroke. The other 3 cylinders (in a 4) ensure that power is more evenly applied and not just once per crank rotation Otherwise all four would fire at the same time.

  33. Jason Rackawack

    Needs a nasa decal on the hood, looks like the lunar rover LOL! Thumbs up on the maiden shirt too!

  34. bodoy euir

    Whoever put their toes straight in that grease with no hesitation is a monster

  35. Ed Caraballo

    I physically grimaced at the hands and feet on the grease up shot.

    1. bodoy euir

      you would have been good. I've had a short throw shift kit the same one you had with a normal height shifter though in my old 64 beetle and i never had any issues finding a

  36. Gilson Dias

    the best awd 2 door JDM were celica and eclipse gsx

  37. brandonsg123

    What's the name of the song at 11:05

  38. brandonsg123

    See, I knew a toe was coming, what I didn't expect was multiple😂😂

  39. gumonmyshu

    This is beyond Thunder Dome.

  40. mbsnyderc

    The Moog buggy is cool,but it's still going to lose unless the challenge is off road.

  41. Ryan Ivan

    Saleability, get the cars independently valued for sale value!

  42. Rasit Cetin

    Still need a way to tune my aygo

  43. Danny Mcmonagle

    Haunted seat at 3:31

  44. Mexican Panda

    Y’all should give Isaac the moon buggy after the challenges

  45. julia mapp

    Hi where did you place the wire for the ignition.

  46. Giorgio Redigolo

    Challenge -Tug-o-War

  47. Juan Leon

    Me gusta mucho verlos, pero tienen videos que ni siquiera tiene traducción escrita. soy de Santiago de Chile. saludos.

  48. 2012listo

    Or, you could put a 1 ohm resistor up in the ats. Just bend the wires like a staple and tweeze them in to the ats plug. Wired side, NOT intake side. Then tape it up and zip it down. That, a K&N, and a Tornado, and woo hoo! Just remember to do it all at once and unplug the battery cable before you start.

  49. Projectjap

    You’ll be going home without a moon buggy mate

  50. Snowy The Fox

    Challenge: Reverse Tug of War until a tyre blows

  51. immrnoidall

    back in high school[ 84] my friend had a baja kit beetle had no starter for like months. we were driving it every day. just park on a hill. roll and jump start. we had a blast with it in the gravel pit. that thing was a chick magnet. LOL.

  52. wicked ride's

    For reverse you have to pull up on the ship there On some what's wagons have to pull up to go in reverse Like you're trying to pull it out


    Never seen a lift go that slow unless it was low of fluid.

    1. niduoe stre

      Are there links for the backing music?

  54. Chad Thornton

    endurance race 12-or24 hour and a trip like grand tour to see overall best car and mogg i dont want to see ya in ya jocks i reckon ya should have to sleep in ya cars for the night hahahahaha

  55. Aniket Karvir

    Where is marty?

  56. Pascal Verheijden

    Ik don't know if someone notice this before but, is this a brother of tuning fork? He sounds and talks so similar... And strange motion on the back ground....

  57. SovetskiDuck

    No way you're actual humans?!?!?

  58. tortillas5

    Let Isaac drive it !!!

  59. Patrick McGouey

    Ball bag, love the comical antics. #stillwatchin & still subscriber

  60. patriqc newman

    That’s so ugly

  61. Matheus Lima


  62. Васек Петров

    what track is playing 14:30?

  63. William Bradley

    I'm not 100% sure about Issac's knowledge of air cooled vws... the "Moon Buggy" (Super Beetle) was probably not a good choice to pick if it were built using a standard beetle you would have been good. I've had a short throw shift kit the same one you had with a normal height shifter though in my old 64 beetle and i never had any issues finding a gear... maybe want to double check the shifter bushings going back to the transmission to fix the slop in the shifter. Air cooled VWs are one of the simplest cars you could ever work on... c'mon guys.

  64. venomtail1

    3:34 a ghost wants to join in on the build

  65. Methmal dhananjaya

    I feel sorry for watching this for free.. this is so satisfying..

  66. Frank

    I do like the idea of zip screws to hold in place.

  67. Frank

    you guys chop a floor like mechanics , Oh well I turn wrenches like a welder

  68. Васек Петров

    what track is playing? 7:55

  69. UncleManuel

    So it's confirmed: Isaac really is Tuning Fork's brother...^_^

  70. bdpa kaknox

    The buggy would be more competitive if it had better tires.

  71. LT7 Automotive

    Just watched the end of the video. The idea of needing to win so badly that the point of winning and possessing and destroying the other person's car is what drives you is a good reason for self-contemplation. Watching obsession at that level unfold takes away from the enjoyment of being a part of the MCM community.

    1. LT7 Automotive

      @Mighty Car Mods Thanks for the reply. I just call them as I see them and wish I could agree. Been watching for a long time and my perspective is not just from this time. I think it turns into more than a friendly competition for Moog. This shows in the serial disparaging comments about Marty's cars. And the need to compete and prevail overshadows the fun of watching you compete. It is all good fun -- to a point. And then it's not.

    2. Mighty Car Mods

      It’s a bit more light hearted than that, don’t take it so seriously.

  72. Andrew Chalmers

    Good brakes are worth 100 Horsepower.

  73. LT7 Automotive

    Marty puts together two episodes completely focused on his car. Moog puts together two episodes with the dialog focused on beating the MR2. Ever given any thought on why that is? Both very cool guys but competition should be a side dish to a friendship based on building cars. Which has been threatened in the past and acknowledged in this episode.

  74. james84538

    Challenge: beach race 👍🏻

  75. Jimmy Puppo


  76. pietzeekoe

    Someone on the MCM crew has absolute hobbit feet.

  77. Hi-Octane Gamer


  78. Methmal dhananjaya

    I feel sorry for watching this for free on youtube..

  79. Brian Scherbarth

    How about a Le Mans Style event on either dirt or sand or mud? First person to win 2 out of 3 events in a 3 lap event head to head(racing at the same time), wins the challenge? Or how about a Duke's of Hazzard style event to see who's car can create the most air on a jump, with 3 tries for height? Crushing a car seam like a big waste. Why not make the loser strip all of the parts off his car, then have him sell the parts on Gumtree(Craig's List) and donate the cash to the winner's favorite Cornavirus charity. This way the loser's car lives on in other cars and you are helping a lot of people in need. Moog I've got a great name for your car is “Moog's Bog Bug.” Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do on this video series. I've learned a lot and can't wait to send you a video of my "Crap Car." Thanks again, Bart

  80. スコット

    If you look up online Lynx apollo moon buggy you can see this originally being built.

  81. Wetfart Moto

    Turbo the moog buggy 🤩 turbo this aircooled ripper 💪

  82. Dirk Andreas

    At 3:34 the stool moves by itself (left rear of screen). Marty??

  83. UltraboomerZero monster

    quickest shifter install ever!

  84. Ehm Aha

    Challenge: Go for a 20 minute highway stroll, person with the least amount of bugs in their teeth wins

  85. montygram

    Challenge: No matter the winner, give Isaac the Moon Buggy.

  86. James Hovey

    According to my NAPA Canada brake supplier (brake parts Inc) you should use mild soap and water not brake cleaner for your rotors. They claim brake cleaner doesn't remove the oil it just moves it around the surface of the rotor.

  87. Glenn Anderson

    These things barely makes any power,whatever you do to them..but of course,depending on what ever silly challenges you guys have arranged it still might make it :P VAG-technician(protected title)


    Love this efi. I have same car wish to reflicate the same but when I herd 14k total expenditure wow no way✌️🤣😂

  89. Derek Tomes

    That thing is gonna do great with those tires....

  90. 0rtistic

    3:35 ghost

  91. OSU Bucks421

    2011 USsel: “this might be too rude, but it smells like genitals in there”. 2020 USsel: “man it smells like some STANK PUSSY in that bitch”

  92. seb959

    what happened to flirpy?

  93. StreetMachine18

    RELAX EVERYBODY!!! this was prolly filmed 6 months ago before the corona virus epidemic.

  94. Iid Idris

    aku cinta rupiah 😘

  95. Paul B

    The challenges need be bit of everything ,0-60, handling , skids etc . But the Moog buggy is cool as it’s so unusual looking and different to the norm.

  96. Nathan Goliath

    I would like to see a Daihatsu Xenia/Toyota Avanza stance build 2009

  97. Nathan Goliath

    Dope video

  98. Steve Cox

    If the VW has a 2.2 or 2.4 Transporter engine, you already have a CC advantage, plus the twin Weber setup, and a much lighter body - I think this competition could be closer than most people think. Cant wait to see the outcome, and good luck with the gear linkage :-) The MR2 didn't sell well in France. The French pronuciation is Emm Aire Deux... the French word for Poo is Merde, pronounced very similarly.... Mr Poo is a very apt name :-D

  99. g0ldensample21

    What song is at the beginning?

  100. offrimits

    How many hairy toes lol ?