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  1. SANA babe

    she's just repeating the script she's been told to blabber out on the screen. natural remedies like garlic ginger Apple cider vinegar cayenne pepper red onions etc have been proven to prevent the flu and cold including covid19. the first line of defense is the types of foods you eat so if you eat junk regularly, your immune system is shot.

  2. Qwertpool

    Some of these low IQ people are very very low IQ


    what about 5g myth or no myth?

  4. Kadeslookalike

    Does nobody notice how Finn literally just crapped his pants at 6:10 And Millie was helping him play it off?


    some guy on a video said take heroin to stop the virus because taking heroin stops the flu and the government should start injecting people with heroine lmao

  6. Frankie Stroud

    When dr strange was looking into the future how could he see into endgame because I thought he couldn’t see past his death. Unless when they vanished they didn’t acc die

  7. Marko and Alex

    Replies 7 months later Best of luck tommorow.

  8. miguel garcia

    anybody else seeing Dr. Mike?????

  9. Mokka 111

    The "real danger" with ibuprofin is the fact that people will panic and take too much. This was the case with the spanish flu. Now is it a real danger? Idk

  10. Mr Man

    Anthony Daniels talks like a kindly grandfather figure. R2-D2 and C-3PO are my favorite characters so it’s real special to hear the actors talk about their characters. I wish Kenny Baker could tell his story to. (R.I.P)

  11. You break my record Now i break you #FIGHTNEWZ

    Why does it look like u drooling in the thumbnail

  12. Louis Texier

    The actress of Amilyn Holdo is J.K Rowling secretly, I think

  13. Apoorva Anwariya

    Nick kroll...MARRY ME !!!!!!!

  14. ok 237


  15. Raj Selvaraj

    Me jogging in the morning Dog: 2:06

  16. Lucky One

    Fear ! Fear ! Fear !

  17. Armando Dominguez Carboni

    OMG, Dr. Cuddy!

  18. Up'D

    Don't listen to anyone who's not a doctor.

  19. Jonathan Bowen

    I like that she has placed medical books in her kitchen.

  20. Owczak_Animated

    During the time of Coronavirus this video might be the most helpful and useful one that will ever exist, when the himanity dies out of course

  21. L B

    Her voice is suicide inducing

    1. Naomi Drabinski

      awesome i was looking for something to push me over the edge

  22. sloth jr

    Takeaway: people are dumb.

  23. Hollow Moon

    These Harvard kids are not human.

  24. marco marco

    She looks like she is transgender.

  25. L B

    Why is her face so long

    1. Super Asshole

      I'd splooge all over it

  26. Meme Legend

    Let’s just wait for the vaccine

  27. Even Aleksander Lorch-Falch

    4:26 Looks like i didnt need a diamond pickaxe

  28. Randon Loeb

    Dr. Yasmin why no mention whatsoever on the general public's wearing of masks?!

  29. Joseph Fuller

    You mentioned that sunlight does not kill the visus, but does the UV radiation in sunlight break down the virus' DNA/RNA? Can UV be used as a disinfectant?

    1. I AM Zero223

      Its common knowledge that no virus can survive outside of a host a long period of time. How can a virus so weak that can be kill with common soap however it can survive outside of the host for days. Think about its BS.

  30. Sophia Plays!!!!!!!

    Umm my Name Is Sophia

  31. Deftones Dsm

    I cant stop looking at that model in black and white. Something just staggering about her face/then with the paint

  32. Annisa Utami

    "Did daniel radcliffe....past tense now...." Me: suddenly remember about grammar and tenses

  33. Kyle Lawley


  34. Carlo Molinaro

    How much ?

  35. JMAC Jmac

    She couldn't go in detail about the importance of a fever. And why the body increases the temperature anyway????? No real data here. Just someone following whatever the government says.

  36. MH

    but... WHO is one of the most corrupted organization, are their information even credible? 🤨

  37. 1zloty movie

    Yee : ussel.info/video/video/wmaufHKEtGmEpIU.html


    You need masters too now....Welp another 2 years.

  39. Xx AFROMAN xX

    Sooo you gonna bring him back after quarantine or?

  40. esdrasUrbina


  41. Neal Cooper

    So the take away is: we know nothing but nothing helps lol good luck looser.

  42. supersonic

    'doctor of the kitchen arts' probably

  43. PEX34

    Myth humans are the smartest people in the world fact no. 🤣😂😂😂🤣

    1. Nolan Issac Hicks

      Rofl...humans are the only people...so they’re both the smartest and dumbest.

  44. John Goundry

    These kinds of vids shouldn’t have ads 😕

    1. Nolan Issac Hicks

      I get the sentiment against profiting off this kind of content, but it helps them keep making this kind of content (plus obviously their other, less important stuff) and honestly it’s just an ad, so I’d rather as many places as possible stay financially viable during this time.

  45. Leximus Maximus

    Yet another victim of the narcissistic false teeth, is your orthodontist still in business? You should criticise him first before giving others advice. They should be on a photo finish. The only way is Covid.

  46. Rezail Uhhh

    My trust in WHO has drop by large margins.

    1. sloth jr

      My trust in internet pundits has dropped by large margins.

    2. Phimosis Jones


    3. Rezail Uhhh

      @Dr.Science No one, trust no one.

    4. MH

      @Dr.Science because WHO is one of the most corrupted organization, you can find a lot of credible information about this 😑

    5. Dr.Science

      Then who are you going to trust? Facebook moms?

  47. Raul J. Gomez

    Stay safe out there everyone.

  48. curlyhaired bookworm


  49. Syed Muhammad Ali

    So apparently family whatsapp groups across the world are filled with that stupid "drink water so the virus goes into your stomach and is killed by the acid" message.

  50. Jennifer Check

    You forgot to say that the 17 year old was uninsured.

  51. Space Pirate

    0:46 he said Bloodborne... Ya know the game...heh...

  52. theloniousMac

    It would be quicker to create a list of facts and say anything else you hear is a lie.

  53. Caryl Naron

    Gonna show this to my asian aunties with their whatsapp university degrees

    1. Lina Zhou

      lmfao this is so relatable

    2. Sam I Am

      Why did you add the “asian” part in?

    3. orlkha

      Preach sister

    4. IM KHAN

      Hahahaha, WhatsApp uni is everything fr them

    5. Phimosis Jones

      Lol, it's your fault this virus was made

  54. mojo jojo

    if he sneezes he's done for

  55. Urban3 Clan S.A.

    Where Hawkeye at?

  56. Cyberamp

    John Carmack downgraded himself since he became a VR engineer.

  57. Dan Beaumont

    Need one of these with Christina ricci

  58. Kiwi

    She just debunks idiots.

    1. Leximus Maximus

      Not with those teeth.

  59. Albie

    This doesn't make any sense. Covid-19 is not gonna go away for months maybe years...

    1. Super Asshole

      Maybe never

    2. Nikki Holdmeier

      When it go away is all just guess

  60. brianna reeder

    doctor: “you have 8 minutes and 49 seconds left to live” me:

    1. MODeration nXS

      Same joke on multiple videos. If you're not funny, that's ok. Just stop stealing others material and be yourself.

    2. JD Greens

      You said this on Tasty

  61. appleglory


    1. Nikki Holdmeier

      You second


    This guy: leggo is too easy

  63. Guele_ Pega

    Not First.

    1. Joel Jeshurun

      Does it matter?

    2. Strega 0


    3. Nikki Holdmeier

      You are first

  64. Jon Stewart

    Real great way to make sure you dont' touch your face during corona virus.. hold a bunch of reapers for a while. You'll never touch your face again. Because your face is gone - it melted off. These things are no joke.

  65. Vegan Atheist- Coral

    I can't love him more 😍😍

  66. Mlle Funambuline

    This is a perfect confinement video, I feel so much less restrained :-)

  67. Arigato Senpai

    3PO outlived anakin’s kids! Man I’m so sad that everyone’s dead, except the droids.

  68. Patrick Spragoo

    Spiffco abides?

  69. Harry GR

    He is so dumb,he just needs a stick and 2 bits of cobblestone

  70. Tessa Thry


  71. Areg Mirzoyan

    2:00 Well yes but accually no

  72. Q Bolt

    Inaccurate. God created space.

  73. 匿名P4tr1k

    0:09 But its actually my plate after I ate hot dogs

  74. Fletcher Moore

    Arc trooper Clone commando????

  75. Darkolos

    AS VAL.... please

  76. Sumit Deshpande

    she should be proud of herself done a fabulous job... hadn't she?

  77. Melanie Padron

    I'm so confused. I swear I am following the steps correctly but whenever I get the white bottom, the bottom row isn't the same. I've done it six times and I'm crying right now.

  78. Delaney Myers

    "gLuG gLuG?" AHAHA

  79. PUBG mobile

    Is that michone ?

  80. Zander Ramone

    Same dinosaurs IQ

  81. A arte de criar mundos

    5:32 I am surprized he didn't mention the fact that their heads probably weren't reallt made for these big impacts, but rather for pushing other male's heads. The pointy dome shape would crack if it suffered so much shock.

  82. Cringe Detector

    "So Michael, what do you do for a living?" Michael: I stack rocks

  83. Ami Moon


  84. Abhisar Rawat

    Thank you for this awesome vid🙏🙏❤️ Now I can erase the evidences more easily 😊😊

  85. Crash BanditLoot

    Cena’s suits always look so cheap and the fit is always garbage.

  86. sandip biswas

    I would rather google it😑😑😑

  87. Maher Hussein

    Thank you very much ! that was helpful !

  88. SillyWilly699

    Well... so anyone like 2020

  89. Octavian Octavian

    6:03 JUST DO IT

  90. Amber Walters

    Can't prevent this in bible . Going to happen.

  91. Informed Choice

    Agreed, red was ridiculous. Thanks Anthony, I enjoyed that enormously. An Oscar for stunt personnel would be a great thing.

  92. N. Jones

    This was such a pleasant video. She seems so genuine...they both do, really.

  93. Fresh Prince Of Africa

    He is more than just some tosser called Harry

  94. A G G L

    I bet he was thinking about Iana at 7:18

  95. The Almighty Pancake Face

    1:55 Clone wars movie: Am I a joke to you 😂?

  96. Audrey DeLuca

    I like that cole sprouse just seems drunk in every interview

  97. Audrey DeLuca

    “ CaseyThot” ahahahah

  98. Cody Old

    Sad we didnt get to see the axe

  99. BPD

    Wouldn't spies have caught on to these indicators and use them as a deceptive tactic of misinformation?

  100. Blizzardheart 12

    During all of this Covid-19 chaos I can’t help but wonder what would happen if this guy sneezed mid-construction...