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  1. Sara Anima

    Soooo THIS is why some of y’all keep running back to people who treat you bad. You don’t really like them. You’re under the Stockholm syndrome. Huh. Well, alright then.

  2. Lorenzo Trotta

    *Talks about London Bridge*: shows Tower Bridge which didn't exist until 19th century *Talks about Parliament of the U.K.*: shows Buckingham Palace

  3. Orcone

    it says 90% of recoil instead of 80

  4. tahniyat saher

    Like really? Is this a joke ?

  5. Fares Jiroudi

    I liked that you can be a king or a street cleaner but we a well dance with the......

  6. xxsafegamerAnime

    Tencent ????

  7. RedPenguin




  9. KiWi x Dylan

    1:10 PUGB Lul

  10. Spoony Quine

    I'm physically disabled and cant sit very well, so I barely ever do. I tend to lay down where I can, or lean against stuff. Driving is now becoming easier as long as I have cushions to hold me upright. Btw I do manage to use the bathroom by leaning my arms on my legs, so I don't fall over. I imagine this guy had to do something weirder?

  11. Gracie Bolton

    I have lung problems and holding my breath for more then 2 seconds for me I have to breath

  12. inferno0020

    So in the sequel, we will see Michael Myers chasing his sister on the wheelchair

  13. Bitch Ughh

    I thought that’s how everyone dreamt . Wait wait so everybody is not in control of their dreams ?


    And that kids is how i met your mother

  15. ディアスジェレミー

    Nobody: *_99% of people in the comments: "Coughing Contest."_*

  16. Depreston Little

    I thought Kim was fat

  17. Zack Mahurin

    Did this really happen to you?

  18. Narek Knyazyan

    John Wick would win 100 %

  19. I am Alpharius

    That's not all that Hollywood got wrong about William Wallace.

  20. Bryan Neal

    criminals dont deserve to be execute

  21. The NIFB Jesus

    All this torture inflicted by Christians against others. They are full of excuses, but in the end the religious scam cult can't escape it's hypocricy and shame.

  22. [Legend] Black Falcon YT

    To the sky Never came down

  23. Name's OMEGA

    If they have high level armor like in ac odyssey then Spartans would win 😂

  24. Kendel Hofer

    Go Gopher fishing it's a quick way to get food and if you have a rabbit stuck in a hole that works too just take the piece of string and put it around when the rabbit comes out pull the rope as hard as you can.


    3:38 M16A4

  26. Toby-wan Speedwagon

    I’d rather be a nobleman or lord around then A very sinful lord ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. ettenme barrientos

    well now its happening

  28. Fahd’s Vlogs

    The jury is still out on how the virus came to fruition

  29. Anonymous for Obvious reasons

    And to think that some people complain about how bad their lives are.

  30. Bron _

    There is so much incorrect in this. 1. The animal carrier was a bat, not a snake. 2. COVID-19 is only minorly worse than the common flu. It's dangerous to people with weak and compromised immune systems and we currently have no vaccine. That said, the majority of cases, over 85% are minor. Another 10% are significant but not life threatening. Only about 5% are severely debilitating and/or life threatening. 3. While this specific strain started in Wuhan, the virus as a whole exists largely outside of that region. The new strain is shocking, but not world-ending

  31. Robert Braniff

    What you were hearing was a Cougar. Sounds like there were probably two of them (maybe on either side of the valley you were in). Freaking noises they make but actually seeing one seems more rare then hearing them, at least in my experience.

  32. Kieran Tv HD

    “Sadistic Brits” how can our country be mocked when there’s a school shooting every 5 minutes in yours

  33. Rayvon Ali

    HUMANS are really evil

  34. Urielthepro [GD]

    Coronophobia - A Fear Of The Coronavirus , Curreltly Every People That Has Below 85IQ Has It

  35. Danny max

    I'd rather fly in Larry's lawn chair than fly in a 737 MAX

  36. William Saltzmann


  37. shock_mine

    You sound like a history teacher

  38. Bandito Dorito

    William Wallace was a king not a knight

  39. One ْ

    Shia are not our friends or allies but we don't need a war against them, but against who you know.

  40. Byronsito 504

    So he offered his adversaries “DISHES OR LEAD”??

  41. Юлия Исаева

    Well, I think this challenge would be better and more interesting if he was allowed to sleep 8 hours in the bed and stand all other time


    Coronavirus Produced by thanos Co-powered by xi jinping Digital partner infographics

  43. F DS

    PS 1???

  44. samotbrandon

    World War 1 didn't have a Axis army.

  45. Meghan Tenor

    THORKELL is the one who tortured the opponents of London

  46. Marta Bronshvayg

    The best way to end a persons life is when they are in sleep that you get during an important surgery

  47. lamakicker69

    You can’t trust a cat person. Cats are great and all but to like them more than dogs just means you’re a crazy person.

  48. Luis Torres

    Cubans eat horse meat like it’s nothing


    you do realise paramount is the one that made the movie right?

  50. Kassie Owen

    I know this is supposed to be like informational but all I could do the whole time was just enjoying this and laughing and then I watched it again and tried to take it seriously but I couldn’t

  51. TheGreatGeekDetective

    You forgot to mention that lee beat up a gang member in Hong Kong and it was one of the reasons why he left to the usa. Lee was a street fighter. Before going to the usa.

  52. Luis Mendez

    dude how many chinese kids do you have in your basement? you release like 4 videos a day now!! let them rest!!

  53. unknown _124

    my birthday is January 15 no lie

  54. joker of spades

    During that age I would be in africa because I'm African american

  55. Jack Cough

    There were no sharks, but Crocs on the other hand.

  56. Alexia


  57. Neils Dahlberg

    CIA Involvement

  58. Samantha Pearce

    The russian princes mother was the grand daughter of queen Elizabeth that is were he inherited it from.

  59. KarinKato Officials

    I want to die like that😁

  60. Mademan84

    Thumbnail gave me game of thrones vibes. Oh dear Ned!

  61. Alan Sangma

    British Royal we're Evil in past

  62. Andrew Hacker

    A German Enlisted Man would not have a Pistol.

  63. Henry Stupp

    Supply = demand? Communism=democracy? You guys really need a staff economics consultant. Sign me up

  64. Teguh Elida

    Gengis khan ASUUUUUUU

  65. Erickson Brown


  66. T A

    The infographics show is nothing but cucked, pro anti-American propaganda... o.0

  67. Reyna Reyes

    7 31 person

  68. Talon Knerr

    You lay down

  69. Cosa mallender

    But... aren't popular kids getting math awards and stuff? Look, infographics I understand that ur just trying to educate the masses but I haven't really seen a steoryotipical nerd once in my life. In fact the nerds WERE the popular ones in my school! Sure scientific research might help you comprehend what's happening at the schools the scientists are studying but their not studying all schools. Just a tiny complaint in a sea of terrific vids.

  70. Kadrae All Day

    Why?! Why?!!!!!

  71. Zx 10r

    Welcome to the jungle.

  72. Rythumturtle

    U found my comment have a turtle and plz sub to me

  73. mangkaw321

    sarcasm at its finest. we all know that the virus was made from a lab and not from a snake.

  74. Laura Guzman

    So For Honor was right

  75. Ryan Johnson

    Tree Log: WHO ELS WANT THE SMOKE? John Wick Looking for a pencil: 🙋🏻‍♂️

  76. Jackson Simmons

    Have you seen the movie the ridiculous six. If you haven’t there’s a scene where the guy who lost his verginity to a Mellon was getting hanged and was swinging from side to side on the hanging thingy (I don’t know what it’s called)

  77. U-tube editoR

    [Library of the Dead] : *found*...[old Tape-MP3 converter taxi/survival phone booth]: *found*...

  78. Wanderingwalker 1990

    Ah braveheart! The brave Englishmen who fought the English to free England, from the English 😂

  79. AlphaWolf 44

    Just use mods because that diamond sword is no match for a black hole

  80. Azzi

    Wow this guy is a parseltongue

  81. Todie85

    I actually tried this once. But I am living with insulin-depentant type 1 Diabetes. Yeah, I had ketoacidosis in just a few days, almost died. Actually - starvation is an extremely powerful focusing tool, and if you don't have type1 insulin dependant diabetes like me or some other disorder that forces you to take some calories because it goes with hormonal medication that you are dependant on, then you can achieve some incredible stuff. Water. You turn to water when the urge becomes "irresistible", you just fill up on water or black tea or snow. Drink fluids and rest, or take up some other activities, but generally, resting a lot, like taking 3-4 naps a day helps. When you have the energy, however, use it!

  82. FireFace

    Everyone gangsta till you get spaghetti instead of spaghetti-os

  83. John Locke

    Is this what actually happened?

  84. Cursed in Disguise

    The parody of the animal-borne aspect of this cartoon from the snake is just a huge slap in the face of everyone that still believes the coronavirus was NOT bioengineered by humans. Why else do you think that the "comedy" was-over the-top with regards to giving CPR to a snake? Likelihood of someone offering to give a snake CPR...not likely. Likelihood of the coronavirus coming from an animal such as a snake...not likely. Do you get it yet? If not, then the joke IS really on you.

  85. Spycy Noodles

    I was there last week🤔👌


    I say....wuhan store is worse than all,cuz corona started there

  87. Jaanus Muuga

    Infographic show: oh yes I should lick all of the door nobs mm yes

  88. PRO’s Gaming

    Literally Nobody: Infographics Show: Who will win? 1 Navy SEAL are 300 Spartans?

  89. French countryball AKA copper ball

    *worldwide children and teenager celebrate*

  90. Прсотитутки Блядь

    What I find weird is that you can drive a car at 16 and also own a gun at 18 but you have to be 21 to drink and smoke your government has no brain cells I’m glad i live in the uk never going to the USA again

  91. Wanderer Gaming

    for me yes they are real.. only us human can feel their energy.. cause me formyself experience it woman crying like she is sounded like she is in a well.. door opening by itself and slamming shut. and footstep like walking out in a room but no one and definitely no one is upstair

  92. TheTowvalee

    Still not as bad as stubbing your pinky toe.

  93. CaptainMilitia

    Ricardo has some competition now 😏

  94. Daniel Brito Leyva


  95. Valarius J.

    With the United States slacking on research and development of weaponry and technology to compete with professional armies, it's left us at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to an economic powerhouse like China. It's a shame there isn't some sort of bio-weap*COUGHS* horrible virus that could appear out of nowhere and bring the entire nation to its knees in just a month or two...

  96. Rocky

    Kinda scary.

  97. Fearchance

    Me: I don’t feel safe taking international flights anymore.🤕

  98. ChandraSekhar Eluri

    India ✡️ loves Israel ✡️