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  1. Chase Berry

    Ferrari laferrari is my DREAM CAR!!!!! nothing better

  2. Jeremy Linn

    How long is a "couple of minutes"? Are we talking like 5, or like 30?

  3. Masterzz


  4. takumi nightcore

    Doggo approved 28:22

  5. Magda kaliciak

    Your amazing !!! Love from Britain 😊

  6. Apple Jacks

    Seats for heaters

  7. YMC-DAB420

    wouldnt the system be pressurized after the first flush/first drive? so i technically shouldnt be opening up the petcock until it cools a little right?

  8. Spicy Boi

    I have a quick question, how do you clean your piston return springs because here they are sold out and mine are all gunked up and made me lose my double vtec, pls help because i like my ford fiesta

  9. Admiral Strange

    buying my Dad a Jeep Wrangler

  10. Jacklyn yazmin

    Everytime I go onto a diy car video I realize it's not as good as Chris makes is videos more clear 😂😂

  11. - -MØ

    Where is the fart go?

  12. Matt

    How can u know that you're strengthen the bolts to 30 foot pounds?

  13. Pinoy keyboard warrior

    Wow! That was nice bro!

  14. Tausha the Tech

    This is cool that it helps people but not a blanket repair.

  15. Alfie Carey

    Now make it electric.

  16. roouit patan

    doing the other side. :/.


    Hi i have a vw bora 1.9 automatic 5 speed 2005 i can not find any videos on changing the automatic gearbox oil. Its the 5 speed not the 4 speed. I want to know the oil capacity and how to check the level. Does it have oil inlet and outlet. Thanks

  18. Harley Phillips

    Koenigsegg agera rs Phoenix

  19. Efthimis Danasis

    +1 if you are an OG ChrisFix fan and you are like: Yep... He is definitely running out of ideas

    1. roouit patan

      Very entertaining love this omg so hilarious

  20. Brandonn Lara

    Im just curious how u find out what exact color you car is with touch up paint

  21. RalOrtTal

    Chris: I bought my dad a Maserati! Me: Welp time for my 2 year old to get a job.


    Cooper is absolutely awesome in those pics, I have 3 small dogs myself and obviously I am a huge animal lover which is why I asked about Cooper. give him a kiss for me. Keep up the good work on your videos. Who knows I may need you someday to help me fix a car.

  23. T5E3C25 3M0G

    *all of this just to not smell a fart?*

  24. FNAFLover456

    I want a 8 dollar car

  25. Getthe cansin

    Chris sounds like the guitar lord from spongebob

  26. ibrahim ince

    looks like a 5 star paint job nice chris

  27. Julia Dalton

    Yes I know race wheels are expensive but why don’t you just get a race wheel?

  28. Semmster

    That top radiator hose jumped out at me. It looks deformed.

  29. Rodrigo Novais

    Can someone explain what soapy water is made of?

  30. Dehydro


  31. Nicolas Godressi

    Instead of the paint going to the cars with is bad, it is going the the house which is great. Good job Chris

  32. Ski11etFr3ak

    seen the title, thought it was an April fools joke, after watching the video...now i wanna do it to my truck...lol

  33. James Avery

    When I watch this I was waiting the entire time for the April fools moment but chrisfix is for real making his own! Good luck to both of you on your!

  34. Team Awesome

    Cool concept... Thanks for sharing...

  35. Husain Doodhwala

    Damn 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  36. Droppin

    That handbrake stands taller than me facing my future

  37. Nicolas Godressi

    Unfortunately makeup does not work like that.

  38. verick james

    Amazing work man. That helped me out alot

  39. hamzah imran

    can we use fart?

  40. Julian Bodek


  41. Dawdul Islam

    which scanner is Most useable for Asian car?

  42. Evan S

    Nice. An electricians trick!

  43. Mohammed Alhosani

    Chris Fix from UAE

  44. Jacob Robinson

    Me getting excited to try this and then remembering I have leather seats :/

  45. Lucio Rota

    With the hot air gun, simply heat the headlight until the glue of the glass softens, remove the glass, clean it, and put it back with a special sealant sold everywhere.

  46. LT Music

    Omg why does April first come so fast in ChrisFix’s channel hahahaha

  47. Fan Boii

    Chris sister lowkey hot id pipe

  48. amir hossein asghari


  49. Marty Miles

    i try and do a silent fart but its comes out as a machine gun.

  50. Dan Kornfeld

    Or, if you’re the driver, disable your filter, engage the whole car power windows lock, and then let loose an eye watering, nose hair burning, cloud of pure evil, to Dutch oven / hot box your passengers! Once your friends regain consciousness, the contagious laugh attack will take over!

  51. Ivan Dilic

    Bro Thats pur shit

  52. FedRBLX

    I love this

  53. Stoopid Monster

    He forgot to take out the air from the top of the tires

  54. Vandals in Photography

    Perfect instructions. I just finished the repair on my Honda and it looks amazing. Thanks

  55. Sanjay Chembakasseri

    Mission complete .....

  56. Buddhika Madushan Karunarathne

    Is synthetic oil good for 2010 Honda Insight mileage around 150k

  57. Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video as always @ChrisFix

  58. Antonio Claudio Michael

    Very entertaining love this omg so hilarious

  59. MrStarSparkz

    Hentai the bolt

  60. Juan Riveros


  61. BigBossIvan

    I usually just lock the windows shut when I take a road trip with friends and the magic starts to sound. It’s tradition.

  62. Huon Fitzgerald

    Good idea man

  63. Derek W.

    Thank you very much Chris for the "long and detailed" version. One won't realize how much more useful the "long and detailed version" is compared to the "short and fast version" until he/she starts doing this job! I guess the majority just watch for fun and aren't willing to get hands dirty. Hence, much more "Likes" on the "short and fast version".

  64. Sam Am

    More pls:)

  65. Sam Am

    Pls do more :)

  66. FulltimeGamer

    Pls help me, I can't find the springs in my rx7???

  67. Anchong Yang

    you are a wizard <3

  68. JT

    Put me in a room with those who gave a thumbs 👎🔪🪓🤣

  69. georgianborat

    Dude even after fixing no one would pay more than $500 for this piece of junk!

  70. Ethan York

    I'm worried that if you don't cool the air it won't work as a seat cooler. Fans cool because they pull heat away from you with flowing air and seat coolers work by forcing contact with cold air. It's a great idea if it works though!

  71. Huon Fitzgerald

    Isn’t that a fire hazard

  72. joey vlogs

    6:31 do I see the drift stang

  73. Huon Fitzgerald

    Is this what’s happening with Chris fix?

  74. Huon Fitzgerald

    Everyone has seen your face stop it

  75. Anthony Bailey

    Nice job , I use armor all myself for the plastic pieces but I do like your idea of using the trim stuff.


    Ya you're the man.! It seems you could do every possible thing with a car like this. I am very much interested in seeing how to fix every problem and renew the car completely. And I would not like you to modify any of the part but rebuild it as factory default with the most possible shine on it.

  77. GGFearnaticXD

    My dream car is a 1969 ford mustang mach 1.

  78. Glenn del Rosario

    You already have given the best gift ever... By giving him " THE BEST SON EVER" and " THE BEST MEMORIES EVER" ! God Bless You and the family Forever!!!

  79. RaiZdbyDINGOES

    So this is why Car Throttle sold Phil? That's going to be his greatest regret ever. Sorry I just don't see people buying this.... Be good to keep your arse cool though

  80. Tucker Chapman

    My dream car is a two tone green and white 1975 Chevy C30 crew cab 3+3

  81. Constantin Melniciuc

    Flipping a switch is quite noisy tbh :) you need something like a touch button. that is dead silent.

  82. bucctoothbill 420

    My dream car is a 1984 Ferrari 308 gts, I'm saving up, it made me very happy to see that your dad was actually happy for both, he was fine with having the toy and the car made it even better, a very wholesome video

  83. Niel Jansen Emia

    Hi ChrisFix! Can you please make a video about how to know the problem when your power windows is not working? (motor or switch etc.) Would be really helpful if you can make a video about power window diagnosis/repair. Cheers!

  84. Joe Antonelli

    Hey thank you. (My girlfriend might not be thankful though)... women always wanna buy a new one.... not this guy, I've had this washer for over 16 years🤗🤗🤗. I LOVE SAVING MONEY🤷‍♂️

  85. Fail prone27

    A Jeep with functional power steering that doesn’t whine? IMPOSSIBLE!

  86. Drew H

    17:17: waiting for the classic Chris April fools. 17:18: video ends with no April fools and now I’m in O’rielly buying fart fans.

  87. kauaigold

    Should never use a steel tool against a locking ring, the tiniest spark could cause an explosion. Use a brass punch instead.

  88. Zedeye

    This is for April fools but that doesn’t make this invention any less useful

  89. HM Roa

    Excellent information, as usual. Thank you, Chris.

  90. Citri Bell

    Love it

  91. Guido Paulusma

    face reveal??

  92. Dylan Cooper

    Not gonna lie I completely forgot this was posted on April first. I was like omg finally a true genius ! Chris has done it !

  93. Kaleb Willett

    ths is so weid but glad he started

  94. PinkRoses

    Hey Chris, I’m a single woman in my late 50s & have watched many of your videos. This weekend I am going to change my brake pads! I’m actually very excited to be able to fix something mechanical on my own car. I will be having a friend look at the brake system to make sure all I need is the pads, if other parts need repair or replaced then they will do that part for me. I’m a beginner so one small thing at a time. Wish me luck & Thanks Chris for making videos that even those who have never been taught to work on out own cars can do it too. 👍🏻😃🚗

  95. BLOG MV

    Chris pleas help me out with jus one subscribe

  96. Landen Krupyak

    Chex something I really wont to see and other pepol mite like is fixing a mustang or some tipe of muscle car

  97. Relative Relations

    Beautiful. God bless you.

  98. Michael M

    Chris, what a great job you did! I’ve worked on cars for 30 years and can safely say your approach was very thorough, well thought out, methodical and the results speak for themselves. Well demonstrated and with clear instructions! Excellent job, mate!

  99. MessyGreasy Hand

    Just a quick question, during your last drain before adding antifreeze, what happen to the distilled water inside the engine block??

  100. Potato

    April first?