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  1. Alex B

    How many times she's divorced by now?

  2. intown girl


  3. Lily McCahon

    its so sad how people treat other people bc of how yhey look, gender, race etc it’s so low and sad :(

  4. Kai Yasko

    I’m Jewish and I am not at all offended by Omar...

  5. Jose Flores

    In the event of a catastrophe which is eminent and only a matter of time its going to be a free for all and the only ones who will survive are those who are united and armed why do you think the nra exists they know thats not the problem the problem is that they cant control every person

  6. M 4D

    How did these children get their hands on these weapons. if it's due to their parents negligence, their parents should be thrown in prison.

  7. celticgirl88

    I don’t think he’d want O with him today!

  8. Prince James

    Will Turkey ever accept the Armenian Genocide?

  9. Moon Turns The Tides

    Move out of Cali?

  10. G Lanphear

    Donny Trump is a traitor he phrases dictators and talks down on people from his own country. SAD

  11. Tom Curtis

    Is the presenter white , black or just get his tan from the same bottle Trump does? 🤔

  12. Big Mac

    Proof DemonRats and left media spin is the enemy of American people and U.S. constitution!!!! 😤😤😤😤

  13. Mar Lin

    Republicans are trying to pretend that attempted bribery and extortion isn't a crime. Absolutely disgusting what elites can get away with.


    America been great again....

  15. sal been

    Nothing worse then an old woman who drinks too much.

  16. Charles Martin

    Concerning the brain tumor removal: In large part, those surgeons at Stanford trained with an exact 3D molded replica of the boy's brain and skull structure. 3D printers are proving their worth in outstanding ways.👍

  17. Jenny Stardust

    This is atrocious that we live in a world where people have to go through this. She deserves so much better. What an amazing woman and mother.

  18. silky robinson

    Also, many people with many incomes work hard. These billionaires are acting like they're the only ones that work hard just because they know stocks and bonds. That doesnt make sense. We should all be able to keep most of what we earn.

  19. Mondo Shredder

    So Madame Senator Hyde-Smith, you now have another chance to send your thoughts and prayers out to more victims, their families, their friends, and keep the NRA and those weapons lobbyists and campaign sponsors happy. I normally don't wish misfortunes on anyone, but how would you react if your own kids, or grandkids, were gunned down at school? And by the way Ma'am, shootings are always fast-tracked, the flying ammo does not suddenly slow down like it does in those Matrix movies.

  20. Katie

    MSM can't trust you guy's anymore.

  21. Big Mac

    Proof DemonRats and left media spin is the enemy of American people and U.S. constitution!!! 😉🤗🤗🤗

  22. booster 101

    No wonder reporters are hated ..

  23. Gladys Compere

    Thank you nightly news

  24. silky robinson

    This Marine doesn't sound like a bad guy we don't know why he was angry with his mother's boyfriend maybe he needs help instead of treating him like super Criminal they should be thinking about how to help the veterans and people w Mental concerns to prevent this.

  25. Ed Morales

    Take note of how Mike expertly gets out of having to have a conversation about automation vs globalization by simply nodding his head and stating "Yeah, I wouldn't deny it but I would also say that the thing that always get left out of the conversation is the fact that ... " boooom. You can use that to get out of any situation. It's clear that there's only one grown-up at that grown-up table. Hehe

  26. Digvijay Todkar

    God save London! Jihadis are here also... wnat to make it "Londonistan"

  27. Ask BAMAGRL26

    Praying for those students and parents 🙏🙏

  28. James Kelvin

    So, 3 hours one way. That's still long, but my mind was tricked into thinking it was 6 hours one way. Personally, I have a 2 hour one way commute. 4 to 5 hours round trip if I stop for restroom or anything else.

  29. STU POC

    To bribe is only human. Does Peter Alexander look like Peter Jennings ? Or is it me ?

  30. John Spurlock

    Now tell me how gun control would keep a gun out of the hands of a 16 year old. Probably a 16 year old with a history of mental

  31. J A C C

    I don’t know. Was that racist? He didn’t present his key fob. He could have been more friendly and introduced himself. Feels a little bit like he turned it into a racist thing. Although he had buzzed himself in and she did have a bit of an attitude assuming he didn’t live there.

  32. Ezel Grier

    Let Americans hear conversations.. You will see and hear corruption...

  33. SHADOW OF Despair Light

    This happens all the time what can America do jack why talk about it

  34. Kezia

    Hey democraps, go home, shut the door, and shut up!

  35. Ray Tewell

    Schiff is systematically destroying the democrats. Funny to watch. Crazy lookin individual.

  36. Guido Amare

    What a criminal that should be executed along with aoc and the commie traitors squad to make sure this kind of illegal coup attempts never threaten our constitution and democracy again.

  37. Cerone 747

    The Office of President of the United States at its Lowest, Ever!

  38. Ezel Grier


  39. Meowers 1001

    I'm so very glad that b*#*h got fired!! Gives good people a bad wrap!!

  40. Yasmin Khan

    I admire you great lady I have commuted to give my children a better life. It's worth it,All the best.

  41. Bryon Abell

    Not buying that bs from shiff for brains for a second.

  42. Peace Warrior

    Nunes says he has 3 questions, then asks 4.

  43. Pink Lady

    I'm glad she doesn't have to drive. I had a two hour commute round trip. You do what you have to do for your family.

  44. ShingInAction

    The host is a moron! Climate change agenda a.k.a global warming hysteria is man made by the Globalist regime to control the world and take your money and put it their greedy pockets.

  45. Rani Rich

    Pelosi doublespeak: President Trump bribed President Zelinsky 'BUT' we haven't decided if we're going to IMPEACH. WHAT? Why bypass first hand witnesses such as Bolton, Pelosi? If you have substantiated evidence, why are you avoiding the court? Could it be Constitutional Laws stand in the way of your #DemocratCoup ? We all know your 'Hearsay' witnesses would be tossed out in a court of law and your 'peach ment cocktale' just a empty glass to justify your painful hangover! Democrats, you have used and abused 'The Peoples House' and the duties of the awesome positions you've been elected to serve. You have disgraced yourselves, the voters who elected you and our country! You have displayed a hunger for power that goes well beyond Constitutional Branches of government and the duties within. We the People will be handing you our verdict and your discharge papers which is within our Constitutional Branch of Power. President Trump isn't the only one who will be draining the swamp!

  46. Basque FM

    She was right, he didn't have key to get in, so it could have been anyone going in.

  47. Maiden fan

    lester holt lies on the intro 3 dead he said and 2 are dead leaster holt another liar republican

  48. jan g

    god punishment for sanctions greediness falls acusations and paranoying DEMONcRATS

  49. Riastrad

    Nirty diggers.

  50. P L

    Prison for life. End of story. The woman is an untamed animal.

  51. Jerry Sherman

    Schiff - jew Soros -jew Clintons - jews Brennan - jew ALL of Mueller's lawyers - jews. OBama - jew. REmember the USS Liberty.

  52. Ryan Coulter

    Makes my old one hour walking commute to work , uphill both ways (overpass) through snow seem meh

  53. Friktion2012

    She looks like a fatter version of Britney Spears

  54. John Mann

    He said , she said will never work !! Behind closed doors also will never work since an alleged defendant has a right to address the accuser !!! TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!! John Mann Capt USMC ret.

  55. GroovyVideo2

    Creepy donald cult leader

  56. Lovin'Life2016

    Do all schools have door guards and metal detectors? Might start there.

  57. Richard Marchant

    America do you realize you have more children killed or wounded in schools every year than you have soldiers killed or wounded in military conflicts think about that

  58. Seeker of Truth

    Lol.. quid pro quo? Gone? Couldn't prove it?? It's bribery now?? Wow... And Dems are cheering for it?? I guessed it.. I guess somehow they have to impeach orange man. Pathetic!!

  59. Bethany Dolon

    what’s wrong with her..

  60. Samantha W

    These empty words becomes more irrelevant as it happens near weekly in America. Words wont fix this, it will take a cultural shift in thinking.

  61. Kurt Love

    Hong Kong is going to break out in a war. Surprised ISIS ain't popped up over there yet

  62. Confederate Rooster

    Now the fools are going to claim that these high school shootings are because of guns. They're going to deny the facts and refused to acknowledge the reality that this comes down to environmental factors.

  63. Oma Cool

    Just so old so stupid. ... So who needs the GOLDEN RULE, RIGHT?

  64. RE-VO

    4.5 hours isn't sleep... its a nap! 😴

  65. Fake Name

    Thank you for being one of a handful of news outlets actually talking about how black market THC vaping products are what has been proven to be so deadly. So much of the focus has been about just "vaping" even though the legal product aren't even remotely close to being as dangerous.

  66. timtrottproductions

    NBC PLEASE include mention of stalled bipartisan gun legislation after each mass shooting report.

  67. inuyashaanime90

    Time is precious. Glad she is retiring

  68. Steve Michlitch

    I like how NBC has 1.5 million subscribers and this post has been out for a day but only 600 comments that aren’t to far off from each other and only fifty thousand views. Mark dice has that by breakfast and at least 10 thousand views before the sun comes up.

  69. Angle Dangler

    NBC, if your curious as to how your bias fake news stories are received, just scroll through the comment section 😂

  70. Vernon Torbett

    It's happening in Hong Kong happening in Chile is happening in Bolivia it's happening in France happening all over the world it's the cops against the people enough with the gang in blue

  71. UK Business

    When the County. don’t care 🤷🏾‍♀️ . Your an attribute. They weren’t interested in there workers shame .

  72. Michael Betsch

    law abiding black people have the right to defend themselve's as well racism is alive and well but ill bet you black people use your weapon against your own kind before you do a white person , cuzz white people for the most part wont be in your hood do dirt , so buy em and use em on each other

  73. Dann Marceau

    Smellyanne, such the trooper.

  74. Maria Ioan Anton


  75. J. romero

    What a fkn lier,

  76. D W

    When will America stop allowing the evil people of our country dictate the culture- too many freaking guns on our streets!! GOD help AMERICA!

    1. yourallsinners 1

      D W when amerikkk goes back to europe !

  77. Truth Rainer

    Let Hollywood and the left pay for their negligence

  78. Truth Rainer

    Your not entitled to a new home if you didnt have house insurance period

  79. Truth Rainer

    They have to Call Their Ins companies to get help

  80. Truth Rainer

    That guys comments are right


    Fake Democrat scam. Seriously these evil globalists are insane

  82. Chloe Salpa

    Why does she always wear red?

  83. Truth Rainer

    Climate control is a hoax

  84. Lovin'Life2016

    The school shootings go back to the way we mishandled the news coverage of Columbine all those years ago. We were all glued to the television for three days non-stop. Even now, look at how it is covered. You are showing chaos, which is what the individual wants. Don't show all that.

  85. Tim Mentzer

    way to go griffen keep um comin thank u for serving

  86. Sam Slater

    Schiff is violating the 6th amendment and is obstructing justice. The whistle blower needs to be revealed. Otherwise it’s illegal.

    1. Sam Slater

      Declan Madsen so is accusing someone without an accuser. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. 6th Amendment Also it’s not only that they refuse to show his identity to America, but that they are refusing to reveal him in a secret meeting including republicans, so really word is only going through Schift which he can easily alter the truth, or conceal important information. That’s witness tampering which is covered by statue 18 U.S.C. 1512 It can also be making a false statement which is covered in 18 U.S.C. 1001 Tampering with Evidence Covered in 30-22-5 Essentially everything is being rigged by Dems and even though Ukraine already validated the presidents innocence, the left still want to press on all going off of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hand whitenesses. And the only person who claims to have listened to the call, he is no where to be seen, in which case the hearing cannot legally take place for the reasons already posted. Until the house as a whole and not just Schiff and his staff listen to what this whistle blower has to say, it’s simply not legal and holds no merit

    2. Declan Madsen

      Breaching a whistle blower's right to anonymity is illegal. Trump believes he knows who it is. Have you noticed that he won't name him?

  87. Truth Rainer

    Most of them should have house insurance and if they dont then they will have to find a way as anyone else to get another place. PG & E are probably to blame

  88. Truth Rainer

    We are not giving funds to corrupt leaders

  89. Truth Rainer

    The climate change under Obama the spraying is caused these fires and heating them up

  90. Cranjis McBasketball

    Gee, I wonder where all of the fake news pundits are.

  91. Sam MacLean

    That's amazing 😊

  92. Skip Ad

    I pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed...move along, nothing to see here.

  93. Daniel H.

    Pronounced Porsch-uh

  94. Sam Slater

    Schiff is violating the 6th amendment and is obstructing justice. The whistle blower needs to be revealed. Otherwise it’s illegal.

  95. Sam Slater

    Schiff is violating the 6th amendment and is obstructing justice. The whistle blower needs to be revealed. Otherwise it’s illegal.

  96. iridefast1

    Interesting Pelosi’s son got a sweet job with that huge paycheck from Ukraine with no skills. Resign Nancy

    1. D W


  97. Tim Mentzer

    dj roly i agree when you take god out of the picture your playin with fire bring prayer back in school if your believes are diferent thats ok to pray to the god of your choice its still god no matter what name you the lord you know a rose by any other name moral fiber is raveling kids need to be taught the way of the light

    1. Jennifer Leigh

      What about those who don't believe in god? Do you disregard the right of those children?

  98. Maribel Tena

    There’s a lot of people who are doing this. Not making enough like this lady and traveling just as far. Not having the same kind of job and trying to afford stuff for there kids making the same sacrifice. Cost of living is so high in la.

  99. Miss Amazon

    🔮The government leaders won't ever meet people like this amazing woman but if she were ever to complain about healthcare or the cost of insulin or something like that ......then without knowing, or caring to know about her story, they would say that she just "wants something for nothing"!!

  100. Sabina Dervisevic

    I've been conmuting for 2 years at least 6 hours a day to my college. And complaining almost everyday. 1 more year left. And she's done it for 16 years