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  1. Jermaine Anderson


  2. Make That Point

    Coward Cuomo’s one hiding in Communist NN, and the other in corrupted govt.

  3. Darryl J

    Shut up

  4. qazi faisal

    This is not only why there marching they the system to change there not jist marching to convict 4 guys.

  5. Heartless Near无良逆耳

    Nancy Pelosi : Beautiful sight Behold

  6. Bright Future


  7. Roger That

    There should be more honest interaction in town halls between police and the community in cities. We all want the same thing: safety to live your life.

  8. deborah markland

    So why can’t trump say theses words he had to send his lackey

  9. Michael Slawson

    If the Guard wasn't there,she would be with the looters

  10. Be Loved

    mmm. u need to acknowledge the GOD'S AND the people helping u. I ASSURE YOU, YOU DID NOT DO THIS ALONE.

  11. Tiktok Official

    Obama Makes First On-Camera Remarks About George Floyd Death ussel.info/video/video/zmypbJh3vamclJc.html

  12. Michael Huynh

    So where the part where he got Knee to the neck and back? Did they just delete that scene all together?

  13. VR Inks

    Scammer ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅That’s all your all Judgement time Peace In My New Holy world I am the Boss To al in my Holy world 🌎 Read the Holy Bible All the New Holy Justice I am all of the Above I am the Alpha And Omega And all your color are all evil Those Are Nomore evil done Nomore room in my Holy world Puck

  14. gylion bakunawa

    They shout for justice for floyd where is the people that will shout for jusctice to those innocent people rob by looters and destroy bussiness, property and lives of an innocent people please shout for their justice not only for floyd

  15. Iron Horse

    The military needs to remove trump , he’s a disgrace to the United States n the world

  16. mproducer

    Why is Racist Allison still working ?

  17. Admiral Crunch

    RIP DAVID DORN Victim of the insurrection Only FOOLS believe MSM

  18. Jane Doe

    Love and safety

  19. Ms Family Tree

    People like this making false police reports need to be arrested! Doesn't matter how much time has passed, she still sucks as a human! Not to mention she did assault the person holding the camera. And still she gets away with it. GROSS GROSS GROSS!

  20. Santa Clause

    Someone go see if that baggie of drugs he drops at 2:58 is still there

  21. IfU Kill

    Death penalty...

  22. Bright Future

    a mock-alypse 🐏🐑🔪

  23. Li Ming👉齊抗疫 拼經濟 反攬炒👈

    Yes, US is double standard. HK police force definetly is the BEST. 👍👍

  24. stevnated

    They are NOT all equally guilty, I hate that aspect of American law. They might all be guilty, but how does anyone not think Chauvin is the most guilty? I don't understand. Committing murder isn't the same as standing by and doing nothing. Committing murder is active, doing nothing is passive.

  25. Yessy Looco

    My Vision for America is the next Präsident Mrs. Obama Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🤗❤

  26. Charles Capp

    The cops that killed him were not wearing masks??? I thought they were supposed to.

  27. The Urban Garden

    I get your pain but please don’t reshow his moment of death images. It’s something the first time I saw is something I can never unsee. I was horrified. I can’t watch again. Please in protest do not show that video again. I saw it. Point made.

  28. Jay Richest

    Keke really has the gift of gab. That was real pressure she applied. The soldier was very diplomatic in the way he declined. He has a gift as well. I'm glad it all turned out the way it did.

  29. Ebber Jr3

    Moon man is a “seminar caller”, not legit in the least. He is representative of what is transpiring with Covid as well as the riots. There is much more to this than the media is telling.

  30. Iris Hewlett

    Flynn knew too much they just wanted to silence him.

  31. Barbara Byrne

    The commentators 🤣🤣

  32. Lam Par

    New Zealand aborigine people performed native war dance to protest against injustice.

  33. cockyragazzo

    De Lousio has shown that he is a eunuch as well as an extreme leftist. He should be removed from office immediately.

  34. Laura Reich

    Why is she giving a history lesson?

  35. Rhys Brown

    Its could be worst! Think of the old bags poor nabours? They have to live with that thing next door

  36. fusionaut23

    There isn't even one real photo or video of the earth showing it's land masses and oceans and people think that there is an outer space and NASA has been around since 1958. This whole Space X mission is complete nonsense.

  37. Staaboi

    They just compared him going into the bunker to Churchill WW2 omfg this is actually funny af

  38. Ahvion Roland

    If this many people cared, how did trump win as president?

  39. Baldski

    I’m so glad George Floyd died. I just hate black people.

  40. Tony Soprano

    Keke is a pathetic fool who understands nothing but playing a victim.

  41. QueenNica Chéry

    Black is a person like all people but why do we head like that

  42. That BoyQuan

    No baby it’s not just the nation it’s the WORLD HONEY

  43. Kathy Garner


  44. Jame Port

    The police need to be policed, why not have independent people volunteer to review police body cams daily and report what they view as questionable, I’m sure you could get people to either volunteer or earn some money use people from their district,

  45. James Jones

    To be a Democrat with all that has happened . So many police officers killed and hurt plus civilians dragged out of cars and beaten up. Can't deny it because its on film. Antifa who is funded and praised by the Democrats are training people to harm police officers across the country. Dems are also funding the bail for the looters in DC. Biden bragged about it. Trump looks very safe with all this and it will show in November. Just look at 68.

  46. Ahura

    Didn`t Julian Assange get imprisoned, & is still imprisoned years later, under Obama`s leadership for exposing the US military`s abuse & murder of innocent civilians? Guess Iraqi`s weren`t `his people` so no worries. There`s a word for that & it begins with h.

  47. Dividend Passive Journey

    Trump trying to test all laws ever created.

  48. Tyrone WAR

    Lol a criminal died it’s the end of the world as we know it

  49. yankeecandle

    idiots are still marching after the officers involved in the mans death have been arrested and charged!! the young and stupid never learn.....

  50. R

    Hes such a bad liar lol what a little man

  51. Michael Slawson

    The problem is that she has a big mouth

  52. The pulzsky

    Joker is here!

  53. Mr. Common sense

    The one thing that is great about America is anyone who hates it can leave and no one will stop them.

  54. Jim Ross

    just need to know why is there a need to remove everyone from a car over a 20 dollar mishap? how about a few questions and if not easily resolved. set a court date for a judge to decide just like when you get pulled over for a citation. and they are always worth more than a 20 bill. i am so sad over this. never loot in the name of George he is watching us may his flame burn forever. thank you George.

  55. Isaac F

    Being tased contracts ur muscles and makes you feel like you’re frozen so why tell tase them while yelling at them to get out of the car. Makes no sense.

  56. The Sportsnerd Network

    She was sure quick to fire two Black officers. Made an example of them. I'm wondering if they would have been fired this quick if they were White. 🤔

  57. Bright Future


  58. Roberto Salinas

    So there body cameras didn't work that day why do we have to watch a video from a building on the street when the cops and cop cars are equiped with top of the video equipment

  59. pauline tayen

    Obama had his chance as president and he did not make a difference because look at where we are today. He needs to stop.

  60. Neil Taylor

    I’m proud of our Global citizens who are holding a peaceful rally and protest to fight for justice, equality and to denounce racism. In this times of uncertainty and crisis we all need to live as one with love and respect not hatred.

  61. Make That Point

    Cuomo day after day give hours of bull chit, no leadership at all. 30 seconds of leadership ussel.info/video/video/rqy1hpqjkG-ujoE.html

  62. Tom Meyers

    Ferguson ... used to be a nice place.... now a filthy butt tumor..... wanna guess what changed?


    Fight the power...for power.

  64. LaVonne Collins


  65. Razz

    Ofc, he's a pubg and gta fans like everyone else in the streets

  66. b carb

    Bunker Boy came out of hiding to threaten Esper.

  67. Farrah Tuafono

    Lol he should've said after 21 seconds of silence 'that's my response next question'

  68. tailorxtaylor

    Liberals last week “if you go outside you’re a murderer!” liberals this week: “if you stay inside you support murder!”

    1. Lol ts play list 205

      Bra George floyd on xvideos banging some chick,,,,swear to god go look..

  69. IronHouse Bullies Guanche


  70. Thomas Rogers

    It's like Trump's brains are on the washing machine. Often parts are heard hitting the floor like pennies. Hate to say it, but Sarah Palin is better equipped to be POTUS.

  71. Unsolved Mysteries and Unknown Sightings

    I see Obama is fueling the fire

  72. Closet Hack

    5,000 racists showed up to watch. Imagine that.

  73. deborah markland

    Blah blah blah she is good at blah

  74. Paparazzi 911

    Where is the citizens gear for their protection???

  75. Lisa Love Ministries

    Develop a personal relationship with the true Christ our LORD and only Savior.🌍 John 14:6 #rapture

  76. Made in China

    You mean video leading up to. George Floyd murder

  77. bornomala

    For good generation of people, God will set a good leader, for bad generation of people, God will set a bad leader, for crooked generation of people, God will set a crooked leader, for corrupted generation of people, God will set a corrupted leader. Stop blaming trump, cause the Americans voted for him, his plan was clear even before the election, his wickedness was an open secret to the public, his nature of corruption was unmasked before the press and media, still today there are Americans who supports trump as the president, so, bare the consequences.

  78. 79goldmaster1

    We are now free of the news media blaming President Trump fro everything... Oh wait. They're blaming Trump for all this, too. Sad.

  79. T. Macgregor


  80. R

    Hahah trumpy got owned!

  81. Bright Future

    ...sounds like police are going be sitting ducks...they won't have a chance with rules that prevent them from protecting themselves and others...🎅🔫

  82. Karen Crook

    I hope she got evicted

  83. C Love

    Wowwwww. This is good n about time Maddis spoke out about this insane corrupt beast

  84. Mario Hernandez

    Justification for racial targeting

  85. امي اليمن.


  86. Sam S

    The bunker boy.

  87. Roger That

    Two Defense Secretary's now denounce Trump--Esper and Mattis

  88. Robert Luna

    The whole republicans administration. Are domestic terrorist

  89. leslie henderson


  90. Trinexx007

    Civil war has finally started!

  91. Lol ts play list 205

    Swear on god George floyd banging some chick on xvideos,,,,go look...

  92. Adrine Khederlarian

    I will never respect Obama first enemy of America go away evil he still destroy our country.

  93. Isabelle BANGOURA

    The first amendment does not give you the right to murder people willingly; Kelly, that should have been the first thing on the list.

  94. OSKA

    The 'MAGA' touted by Trump has become a symbol of Racism & Hate... The Red Hats are the Badges of Membership...🎯

  95. The Ropes of Renovation

    Change begins at the LOCAL ballot box. Don't be deceived.

  96. Veronica Nevarez

    All 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Tom Meyers

    Ferguson Elects First Black Mayor Nearly 6 Years After Michael Brown's Filthy Death at the hands of a good honest white man "Wannna guess what happened to the good honest white man?

  98. Jake.Maiello

    My boy trump got a 🍤🍤🍤🍤 LMAO

  99. Charlotte N Hecate

    40 years? Nah first degree murder and life in prison without perol. If this cops in Asia they will peraded on the road, lifeless. An eye for an eye.

  100. jose avila

    Most of these Democrats and Republicans Politicians and not Politicians are using the past to advance their agenda. Who cares about what happened in the past, the past is a reflection of the intellectual capacity of the people living in those times. We all should care about today, discussing the past can’t make a difference in the living condition of people today. The mother of all disgrace is LACK OF EDUCATION, we know this almost by instinct, we have seen it time, after time again, the LACK OF EDUCATION creates confusion and chaos, with that, comes opportunists that abuse people and power and consequently, this creates chaos, that is the truth, therefore stop the demagogy rhetoric don’t let these imbeciles lie to you no more, research, instruct yourself seek the truth, RESIST TO LIVE IN THE PAST, I don't care what color of your skin is. You are not exercising your rights, you just playing their games, don't be a fool. Use the Courts, Use your Vote to protest, that's how you make a change. Reply Share