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  1. South TexMex

    Dammm !!!

  2. Shaun Lee

    Imagine if they interviewed trump on stormy Daniels? Haha sure they would be this nice

  3. Mike Vreeland

    Did AOC Answer the question?


    Trash TV for trash people.

  5. anonymous mee

    I love that Lakeith has a brown skin girlfriend in real life too. I hope they stay together forever.

  6. Louis Caruso

    A word to the wise.....get out and vote this moron out of office.

  7. gunny25highway

    So much stupid on this show. I literally feel dumber after listening to these idiots.

  8. Winston Hinds

    The economy is working for him but he's not working for the economy because he inherited a great economy from president Obama and vice-president Biden!!

  9. Jeff Smith

    Charles M Rinehart, The View is nothing but a bunch of SCHMUCKS...this is nothing New!!!

  10. Louis Caruso

    Let us bring back the good old days.....like before trump was President.

  11. Jason Thibault

    Chicken chatter nonsense. Spoiled females that most likely spend their days sleeping in until noon, getting their hair and nails done, and giving their illegal immigrant nanny/housekeeper really fucked up assignments like raise my kids I’m busy playing all day, gossiping, and fucking the pool boy while my husbands at work.

  12. Kelly Ford

    Trump 2020 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  13. billee lee

    These women are so brainwashed, wanting socialism and the other wanting a deep stater in office..

  14. Jesse Gipson

    Love lous

  15. The Wanderer

    Oh lord! Bernie is communist

  16. Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Bloomberg is awful

  17. DLR Express, LLC

    Sad but reality for a melanin man in America.


    Hold your head up Sir ✊🏾

  19. Salem Saleh

    AOC is a gamer and knows this stuff better than these boomers.

  20. Shadia Powell

    She looked beautiful even in illness

  21. Shadia Powell

    He is a narcissist

  22. Master Honker

    Wow she's really different when she's not on her own show

  23. Syria Smith

    Go away

  24. Joey Bader

    This guy just puts a smile on my face. Regardless of anything else, he is a great man.

  25. O Solorzano

    If Cartman was a transgender he would act look and sound like Megan McCain

  26. Kenny Im

    Trump enjoys golf, and uses golf balls made in china. He enjoys watching movie, and does not watch movie made in Korea. America has trade problem with both Korea and China. Does it make sense?

  27. Jeff Smith

    You Go MATT, kick some Joy Butt...she is so far Left she has no idea what she's saying. Like a lot of the lefty's do.

  28. ruhith mohammed

    No one likes Biden

  29. DeadDylan

    Everyone knows yang should of won but our world is evil

  30. yatithebeast

    The arguments against Bernie are so paper thin they try to resort to blaming him for internet trolls. Let's be real, I'm sure Megan has been harassed by internet trolls long before Bernie started to run for the presidency. When you’re accustomed to privilege, like Megan, equality feels like oppression.

  31. Russ

    Let that trick use her own money.

  32. O Solorzano

    Bernie bro myth was created by the Clinton camp. .

  33. 1234qwer

    She. Is. So. Hot. Casate conmigo alexandria

  34. Nathan Fields

    Whoope di doo its Whoopi


    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman... just kidding I totally did” - KATIE HILL

  36. lupu lupescu

    The View - a bunch of mental cows

  37. Nathan Fields

    Megan Mccain is clueless

  38. Octo Pussy

    Apocalypse ? Lol maybe for rich people ! They’re desperate , they’re in panic mood . BS MEDIA = abc/ the view

  39. Jeffrey Nguyen

    F U gaetz.

  40. Simmer Pete

    Abby was asking how will the movie affect woman still working at Fox.

  41. An Hw

    Meghan McCain thinks Bernie Bros is the huge problem but Trump supporters get a pass. Just when I think she can’t be any more hypocritical, she tells me to hold my beer. Lol

  42. MB K

    Bernie is never gonna be accepted in this show even when he is the frontrunner. Smh so sad

  43. troyfreedom

    Who would have guessed she would wear something black and puffy to hide all the fat? Now she competing with Aretha Franklin.

  44. J E

    Whoopi should've left her career with Sister Act.

  45. Richard Afflitto

    Joy O.J.are initials...You know poor people really feel bad for you...Ooh you're mad he got AQUITTED...and he's not the first billionaire to claim bankruptcy...also he's still a President and Ana you should stop eating and start listening to your idiotic self...

  46. Philip Emanuele

    AOC looks like this is her first time dressing herself and trying out Walmart makeup.

  47. Peter Rynne

    A.O.C. is like Bernie. It’s hard to contradict somebody who is right.

  48. Ned Thumberland

    *When are they going to address the issue about the white nationalists and Trump Bros in the Trump camp?*

  49. Simmer Pete

    Meghan has to ruin everything!

  50. sdsteve1000

    Let's ask AOC what her net worth is. People that are not wealthy should never try to tell people how they can fix a financial situation. It's like listening to a 6 year old with wishful thinking just say I want free health care and education for everyone and give them two scoops of ice cream too.

  51. Peter Wysochanski

    The Supreme Court makes it right just like Roe vs. Wade. Last time I checked, the "View" wasn't a 4th branch of government. Many predominantly Muslim countries aren't included. The Countries in questions mirrored Obama's notion of terrorist states. Garland would not have been confirmed in the Senate. 5-4 decision are just fine in a leftist court? THE RUSSIANS HAVE ALWAYS INTERFERED! Heck, Ted Kennedy asked them to in 1984.

  52. beaten billy

    Joy behar hates veterans . So does abc . And pete davidson .

  53. Dita Rom

    I used to watch the View, but don't anymore. I am here because I saw AOC. The View women are biased and don't represent and understand real America. BTW, Pelosi is 79, Bernie 78, and Biden 77. Pelosi and Bernie are at the top of their game, and in the right state of mind. Biden, can't even articulate a single idea; I see beginnings of dementia. Everyone that thinks Biden is the right candidate it's still in the '90s, pretty much like Joy Behar.

  54. Mr.Moose

    I was hoping they would have given him a wedgie like the 100 times his classmates must have given him in high school.

  55. ES

    She seem to be brainless.

  56. Victoria Demico

    Rip B. What a sad end to her amazing story. But I’m going to be honest; he looks like a total abuser and narcissistic. Both women act very meek around him and controlled, prior to her illness even.

  57. LaShawna Blanton

    Aww God bless you Janet! I just LOVE you! Why couldn't I have been in that crowd :( I've been a Janet fan since childhood but have NEVER been Able to see u in concert. Never seen any of the Jackson's in concert. I love the Jackson family but Michael & Janet are my favs!

  58. budy bradley

    Didn't know they make wedding dresses that big. Anna is disgusting inside and out.

  59. Victoria Demico

    He sold their married home and bought a larger home??? For whom? And thank you Meghan for saying “In sickness and health...(subtle sarcasm) when he claims to keep his vows.

  60. T M


  61. T M


  62. Corianne Holt

    Ana I want Trump to win in 2020 and he will. Trump was found completely innocent with the Russia involvement in the last election why cant you people get your facts straight

  63. Iola Stewart

    R.I.P. Mr John


    Black people need to start understanding that white Republicans and white Democrats are all racist. They only use us for our votes. 🙄🤦🏿‍♀️🤬

  65. carolyn tait


  66. NL M

    Yes,you can but an election. The man paid 600k to the dnc to influence rules in his favor of his campaign. He can influence the media and shows such as this one by the use of huge ad buys and use of his connections with the billionaire class

  67. Iola Stewart

    A sad old man

  68. Savage Sooner

    That’s my boy right there!! #Trump2020

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  70. Boomer


  71. Shy Obrigewitch

    I'd love to see Ben Shapiro on with these 4 clucking chickens!

  72. macdaddyalexis

    Stop with the Bernie bro b.s. Bernie supporters aren't some Bernie bros they're a diverse constituency so don't lump everyone in the same group. The majority of us Bernie supporters care about the issues not about battling other candidates supporters. Bernie is winning because of the message resonating with people so stop the smearing.

  73. K K

    Megan "God I want a baby by my own father" McCain. Try Atkins not all 31 flavors....

  74. K K

    Keep reading your talking points you bought and paid puppet. Boomers are calling you out!!! GenX will take the millennials to town this election baaaahahahahahaha!

  75. Joey Dimaggio

    These a-holes are so lame.

  76. mrmrsnever rucker

    Joy is a fool

  77. John Sunder

    Isn't that what all exes say ?

  78. Tony Gunk

    Awe, so nice to see an all female table!

  79. Jennifer Robinson

    I know there are tons of issues to discuss with Katie Hill, but I wanted them to ask about her at least one question about the Nazi era tattoo.

  80. Bitcoin Trades

    Socialism has never ended well, ever...remember the Nazis, hello. How about Cuba, North Korea, this is absurd to think. And no Denmark is not socialist, it is capitalism paid for social programs. Remember history or you will repeat it.

  81. Tony Smith

    Trash 😡

  82. shapeshfters

    5:00 maybe it’s just you Meeghan

  83. Glenda Lewman

    You actually had Gaetz on your show? That's low.

  84. Marc Bell

    Hey Megan - you wanted to be on TV making millions for saying crazy right wing things - better grow a thick skin to getting insulted on-line - here's a tissue. There isn't one progressive woman on this Corporate TV show. USA freedom of the press needs to be addressed. It ranks a crappy 48!!! in the world (Reporters without borders.) Break up the media monopolies and get media co ops in place representing the voices of the people not the corporations.

  85. Anthony Aiken

    This may be the closest thing to a civilized conversation I’ve ever seen on this show. He managed to keep them from all screaming over top of him through the whole thing.

  86. Purple Cat95

    Trump is mock a lot of things, he is too american, too overpround with him self

  87. Rich B

    Meaghan.... me me meeeeeeeee.

  88. Robert smee

    People who want to “ban” a movie from 1939 never had the maturity to actually sit through and watch the movie. For us to even have to talk about this is telling us that zombies actually do exist and they don’t like American cinema history, let alone our history. Remember that slavery started during British rule, long before our country was founded.

  89. Hardstyle818

    He’s like a nagging annoying girlfriend that just won’t shut up 🤐 I feel bad for him actually. Pathetic

  90. Hardstyle818

    This guy is a joke. He should be doing his own radio show like Alex Jones guy does. This is the best Florida can produce? Unreal these days

  91. Dan Towey

    She's covering for Bernie's lies about his medical records and his lack of release so full information. Not just a letter from his doctor

  92. David James

    My biggest frustration is that nobody challenges AOC on her ACTUAL POLICIES. The second AOC said “tax Wall Street transactions”, the host should have asked her to specify exactly what type of transactions she was going to tax and at what percentage. Then ask AOC to explain why Wall Street wouldn’t simply execute electronic trades on a foreign exchange to avoid paying US fees... effectively making the US market less favorable for holding investment. That tax in particular is a great incentive for large banks to funnel all of their money offshore. I respect AOC because I know she has good intentions.. but’s she’s an ignorant, idealistic idiot.

  93. Netsanet Mergia

    I know the pain samantha to lost parents we lived together the same you guys. You are amazing and role model everyone keep up. God bless you.

  94. Eustace Theodoro

    Clowns trying to seriously talk about another clown? Good luck with that!

  95. Silent_ Night_____

    It's all about trying to beat Trump. They don't care about you or your rights

  96. Roger Hopkins

    What is that lying clown doing on that show. What’s that brown stuff coming out the side of his mouth. LOCK HIM UP

  97. Oz S.

    For once I actually agree wit Megan ...!! Like who cares about his vp sunny .. people really think Bloomberg is the way to go ... smh

  98. id Effect

    Sorry Megan. You just mad because he insulted your dad. She is a token republican on the view. Matt just destroyed these ladies. I loved it. Whoopie for once couldn’t really say anything.

  99. Rebecca Byrne

    I love this guy!!! I wish he was my congressman.

  100. vegetable highland

    He issssss a trump in blue They are all cut from the same cloth