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  1. Rene/ kikwsow8gan Pacha

    Beautiful truck til u put that stupid wheels and tires on it

  2. Dalton McCosh

    The truck is beautiful. Not many left like it pleaseee dont destroy it

  3. kidtuber

    Nice truck

  4. Nathan Straka

    You come up with some weird but cool ass stuff to do. It's fun watching your channel. Wish I had the stuff you do so I could do some of that myself

  5. Felix Ramirez


  6. niduoe stre

    I love watch him destroy the other sticks but I hope he isn’t doing it to this one.

  7. To Mate

    Please, subtítulos en español...

  8. Toby Shaw

    WOW, THIS TRUCK IS MEAN!! Please don’t kill it like the F350 😂

  9. Fix It

    The Covid truck, it’s sick looking

    1. niduoe stre

      4:38 whistlen owns “that stacked f150?”

  10. Ted The Bear

    Please don’t destroy the old GMC

  11. The Darken Wolf

    No lie that engine was a tank

  12. Cj Clark

    Plz don’t do anything to the old girl there’s not many left

  13. Jer Bear

    Looks ok if I try to view it in a certain way. Then if I look at it in a different way. It looks kinda weird or funny. Either way fun fun

  14. Sam Vossen

    pls invest in a cyber truck🙏🏼

  15. Miguel Zepeda

    Destroy it

  16. Calvin Stachniak

    I dont give a fuck u make money on these videos. Ur completely fucked. The best part of u ran down ur mommas leg.

  17. xCxDx

    you better not fucking hurt the beaut ill hurt you lmao.

  18. Ivan Chavez

    Destroy it!! I hate these sema style useless trucks!!!!!

  19. Lpahan Cocmad


  20. Pushrod302

    Well, time to strap a rocket to the back of it and ramp it at Mach 12 through a cow field.

  21. Miguel Zepeda

    Destroy it

  22. Landry San Miguel

    Please keep her pretty this truck is a part of history and there aren’t an over abundance left, it would suck to see it destroyed

  23. Muuzuu


  24. DBoy 89

    😂🤢. To each his own

  25. Jess Hershberger

    I like how responsible he is!👍 I like when he does donuts and the like with his pickups but I don't like how he wrecks them cuz of negative comments so KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT!

  26. Landry San Miguel

    That looks amazing good job can’t wait to see what you have in store for this truck

  27. tyson zale

    How much you guys wanna bet hes just saying hes going to keep it nice. Then absolutely fuck it right up hahahahahaha

  28. Littlebear 730

    Your tires and wheels are gay

  29. Mr Dude

    I must say that is a beautiful truck. With it lifted and the wheels makes it look badass........ I do have a suggestion. How about purchasing a military-issued h1 Hummer to do a country boy endurance test on it????? 🤯

  30. Jeremy Bodden

    USsel giving money for views on wasting good products needs to stop, couldn't even watch this anymore destroying a perfectly good truck

  31. 1992djg

    Someone likes old trucks

  32. Mr Professional

    Burn that black shut 📦 box 😝

  33. the future the past


  34. Julian Ramos

    Break that shit

  35. Kyle Burlette

    Bro I wanted this truck and almost got it now it just pains me watching him destroy it... but hey do what you want with your shit ya dig...

  36. Trent Orsack

    I would much rather watch this kind of stuff then what you normally post

  37. Juan Cruz

    The things a USselr does for views when he runs out of ideas.

  38. Brett Boulerice

    Should of used a lighter truck

  39. Seth Ledger

    4:38 whistlen owns “that stacked f150?”

  40. john weiser


  41. rebel dip nation

    No more I'm done with it

  42. ElVatito84

    If I had the cash I would do what you do with an extra truck I would have around here but I don't. Lmao you buy me a new truck and I will mess up a truck I have around here but you would have to come over here to film it. Lmao I'm down bro. 😂

  43. sicc dogg

    Looks bad azz

  44. Víctor Dalsecco


  45. Víctor Dalsecco

    Payaso rridiculo

  46. Jean-phillipe Gagnon

    Don’t hurt that beaut

  47. Eric Patzold

    Absolutely LOVE the look of this truck!!!! Awesome combo of old and new! Please save the gmc for just a little while at least hahahaha

  48. superfisher28

    Nice ghetto rims. Now that you've ruined the truck with those abominations you might as well drive it into a brick wall at 60 mph. Oh yeah and don't wear your seatbelt.

  49. Staples

    Good part starts at 4:32

  50. Shrek Gamer

    You should make this truck a flat bed

  51. Levi Herschberger


  52. Danny Amos

    that shit looks so nasty!

  53. joe mama

    The best was the ford washer fluid bukake on her

  54. Lane Pro

    You’re stupid man why would he destroy a truck like that

  55. Stealth Pancake

    Whats the song name at the beginning?

  56. Colson A24

    you have built a reverse jakebreak

  57. Rrobison86

    I didn’t go through all the comments come to you for a hate one Love your videos

  58. bobby crain


  59. J Willis

    If yo lift it MORE might not have to cut anything ^^

  60. Austin McClure

    This is what you do to nice trucks, make them even better than at 1st. Keep doing this and i will give you my subscription back untill then it aint happening

  61. Josh Allen

    Holy shit you’re stupid lol

  62. ٴ

    This is like grandpa wearing fresh new jordans

  63. Jeffrey Sprang

    I usually don't like that style of rims but it works on that truck pretty well

  64. Daniel Thomas

    Should put the wheels off the 18 on it

  65. xXPac_is_backXx


  66. Seth Tucker

    You should build a dirt bike track with hills to jump trucks.

  67. Sabi Abraham

    That's 60 grand down the drain, whoops my mistake... it's 102K down the drain

  68. Dante Stellato

    someone could have used that truck u know even with broken shaft

  69. Carson Thames

    Looks good man please don’t ruin it

  70. Emanuel Brister

    He's the serial killer type, him and that crazy bitch of his. He probably whoops her ass. This is one of those rapper man type white boys.

  71. Jeffrey Czarny

    Love you videos I dont get why people hate you

  72. Make Me Believe


  73. Emanuel Brister

    Nobody cares but you, that's why you spend all of that money to prove how much you dont care.

  74. Jeff Peterson

    She looks pretty mint

  75. OH


  76. Steven Stone

    All that time,work,and money to destroy a beautiful machine, just for kicks and you tube....what a sad thing.

  77. Jose Gardea

    No puede virar la llanta ,!!! No quedan esos wheels bro.!!

  78. Jon Stout

    Put the stock wheels back on. Those disaster car wheels totally ruin a classic truck. Those wheels don’t even belong on any truck.

  79. Seth Tucker

    I love your sarcasm!!!! We did stuff like that in highschool.

  80. Jose Gardea

    Estara muy chingona pero a mi no me gusta!!

  81. Garlitz Hyperformance Garage

    Must be nice to throw away your money on an over priced Ford turdmobile

  82. BeerDiaryShootin mcdaniel

    IDK why but that actually looks good. Now go smash it. And the square body cummins.

  83. Aaron Provin

    Yo put the rear axle under the seat and call it a front wheel drive duramax buggy.. it should be pretty dope

  84. nathan armijo

    Do a Demolition derby with trucks lmao like a big group of people just ramming eachother

  85. Z Zimmerman

    I would like you to weld all your trucks together

  86. Gage Frazier


  87. dick chocolate

    bro please find a good ramp on your property and throw a boulder on the gas pedal and let one fly, the thumbnail and the destruction would be amazing

  88. TRUMP 2020

    I hate to say it but it needs to be said you fucking ruined that truck

    1. [deleted account]

      don't put down a hate comment. The 100 grand ford was destroyed because of hate comments

  89. Jack Fallen

    Not my truck, Not my problem. So I don't care like you butt hurt people do

  90. Wisconsin Eagles-Fan

    Damn, those wheels and tires make it look really badass. Never seen your channel before, popped up in recommendations and the truck thumbnail got the click. And now the sub.

  91. RL Racing Garage

    It won't handle the free fall 6:30 bro

  92. rose lee

    bye bye rear diff

  93. C W

    God damn I didn’t think this would look as fire as it does🔥🔥🔥😍

  94. Joe Momma

    Wow! Crazy!!! This is how you youtube baby.

  95. Nate Davies

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves

  96. todd funke

    maybe i was to harsh on him, maybe he hasn't got enough to and has to much money to waist

  97. CafeSquirrel

    Wasting daddies money. Yep

  98. oregon huntin vblogs

    Diesel swap it

  99. David Conine

    that is totally spoiled STUPID....3 YARDS OF CONCRETE IS 12K...NOT 15....a concrete rig load is 10yrds....U can actually fill 78 chevy dually ...and bed wont give....dont recommend it...but for short haul it cud handle no prob ..& finders wouldn't fall off

  100. aaron villegas

    It’s a diesel chip