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  1. Jimmynoleaks boilerman

    I'm getting a motorcycle 60mpg alot more fun thanks!

  2. Jedii Kniight

    1mp front webcam, for $1000

  3. Eric Howes

    I see a matrix coming you will be just a component soon ask you self what you are in the face of ai

  4. Neil Watson

    This dude and his reviews 👎🏾

  5. Eric Howes

    Soon you will have no choices

  6. ForeverMan

    The video was great, you should do this more often

  7. Jonathan Lin


  8. Jemini229 Redd

    If you put any phone in a bag of dust it's going to have dust in it, I love ifixit testing but average user no going to do that with their phone.

  9. low zhi hao

    But to me, the laptop is more about mechanical keyboard than the usability of the second display. We type faster with the mechanical keyboard right.

  10. Cheryl Mingo

    Videos ppl watch videos

  11. Cheryl Mingo


  12. Jemini229 Redd

    Question how are you going ask what's the purpose of a glass screen just to turn around and tell us the purpose of the glass screen?

  13. senzo salvatore

    the only problem for me with this phone is the price i like the flex mode it will be a great help for taking pictures and time lapses

  14. Crisis #RE_NAME_

    UPDATE: now in the Mission Artemis(created by NASA, Obviously) you can have Bachelor's Degree on Computer Science! And, as a person who gonna make a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree, i can say... THE LAST PERSON TO BE A ASTRONAUT WITH A COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREE IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!

  15. sol corvinus

    Cant wait for 3rd or 4th gen where it will have the ability to hover everywhere.....

  16. Abraham Valero


  17. donoroko

    i love how vegans cheer in the crowd

  18. Govind Goyal

    Buy jeans with big pockets or spend $1400? :P

  19. Jahid Sarkar

    I've normally d hear this much "NORMAL" 😂

  20. gadget00

    I like the honest review here; "phone looks cool, but wouldnt be a good phone if it didnt flip". I had big expectations (and some nostalgia, of course) about this flip phone, but Motorola simply couldn't pull it off this time. The ridiculously high price also didn't help.I just hope they don't abandon the design, and come up with some other versions of it. Flip, again, is the future it seems :D Cellphone designs have come full-circle I guess

  21. Ballistic

    Does it work with Xbox

  22. Effendi & Co.

    Android 12 will be more like One UI 3.0 which will also be released way before Android 12 official release. What am I talking about? Truth!!!

  23. Kitty Kat

    You are boring 😒😒😒😒

  24. ferri budiman

    i almost can't believe i am using Edge browser for more than 1 month now

  25. kazar abdul

    now there Focal glass.close to EDITH in Spiderman - Far From Home.

  26. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

    I read ebooks on my phone that way I'm not spending extra money on another device. I check out ebooks and audiobooks from my local library using the Overdrive app that way I don't have to buy ebooks or audiobooks. Then, I transfer them over to the Kindle app or I could read them on my browser, but I prefer the Kindle app because like she said you could easily look up a word by highlighting it. I hope this helps someone that prefers ebooks or audiobooks and saves you guys some extra cash :)

  27. coolbluelights

    I found out breathing on the game rather than blowing into it worked better. the moisture from your breath helped make better contact. of course later on I learned how to properly clean cartridges so I never have to blow into them now

  28. Hasita Kode

    I would wait for google to make a "google loop" then compare it ans then get the best one (Google is probably going to make a better one.)

  29. Jayanth S

    Thank you for the update on the Android update

  30. Co Cl

    *it's always the same "old song" the difference between the concept car and the Real everyday's car?* *That's the point* ? *Then WHAT* ? ... *eh Oh M0nsieur Hyunday?* ... *WHY* ... *it's always less less less Good & Beautiful & Efficient and less less less Below than my less less less Hope?* *The Question stands over Here* ! *ANSWER ME* !

  31. Wes Sovis

    Have to weigh in on the glass on the back of the XR. Phone fell out of my pocket while seated. It fell onto carpet from 2.5 feet and the back glass cracked. You definitely need a case on this puppy.

  32. IngA Pinsel

    Mother Earth doesn't need this! Move with your own muscular strength!!!

  33. François Pérennès

    I'm not interested in having a folding version of the phone I currently own. What I want is a folding tablet the size of my phone - I want a much slimmer fold with a great hinge.

  34. Sandhya An

    Ya First look review and then go for it

  35. Freedom

    Is anything of this necessary? No but it’s super cool and it’s super Apple 😂😂

  36. A

    Another one of Google's surveillance tools.

  37. VanCamelCat

    The fact that Samsung released a totally crappy product First (their first folding phone, not this Z Flip one), does not mean we should allow them to lower our expectations SO much that we'd be ok judging such expensive phones (even as low as 1.3K$... Heck, even as low as 700$)as if they were just meant to be "normal, mid tier phones". As consumers, caving down to this BS strategy just makes the market unnecessarily expensive. I don't like this idea that reviewers we trust, like the Verge of all people, are giving in to this and saying "this phone is normal and that's OK". This phone is Sub-normal... For the price. That's a big part of it and should be emphasized more.

  38. Saurabh Belgaonkar

    What is the benefit of folding screen this way? I just don't get it, at least folding in Galaxy Fold allowed big screen to be pocketable.

  39. Vladimir Vlaovic

    None of you can "return the favor". You are disgusting, sexually. Revenge of the nerds. We will have the last laugh, as your children watch your broken bodies...to organ system failure, and beyond 😉💎💎💎💎

  40. shabbir choudry

    Nope, i am happy with xr😊😊😊

  41. AR

    Still has chins in 2020, wow

  42. Johnny-Emy K. Beya

    He got a flip phone

  43. Carlos Gonzales

    everyone is fingering everybody that everyone is copying the other. Stop and think about it. That might be the only way to start the experience

  44. Carlos Gonzales

    Don't tell me that they also both use battery's and a camera that is rounded. So over the copying phone design conspiracy.

    1. Carlos Gonzales

      Make a video on that. The similar phone design conspiracy

  45. WIZE

    iPhone 11 pro max user here, enjoying the Z Flip since one week and considering switching. This phone has compromises but it's really good and I'm enjoying the small form factor when closed. I only wish the tiny screen would be bigger and allows me to interact with notifications

  46. Shadowstalker

    5:55 press f for his lungs (solder contains a lot of lead)

  47. Matteo

    Such a negative attitude, very unpleasant video

  48. michael h

    The photos look similar to the same on iPhone pro and it's a giant candy bar that takes up your whole pocket

  49. Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    These guys r really biased......

  50. Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    If apple made this phone they would have said different....

  51. Moonlight Fireflies

    "It looks really normal" Me: Making my own Flip Mobile....

  52. 대영 김

    hahaha.. youare doing ridiculous..

  53. Zi jie Lim

    A plastic screen protector might just be stronger than the main screen lol

  54. Reanna

    They have to make them so you can share your picture. People like to share whats going on on their world. So they don't feel so isolated.

  55. Abady M G

    Bruh why get an instax, whose primary function is supposed to be instantly printing out physical polaroids, and then complain about it not being easily connected to your phone.... 🤨🤔

  56. Burroh Abyan

    Wow! Gift it to me. :)

  57. Shams Arif

    Even if you don't use Facebook they will take your personal data forcefully by third party websites. It's just robbery nothing else

  58. Samuel Betancourt

    So, is software support will be longer this time? Since it seems they're not trying to completely replace the S10 line up and instead making it the cheaper options.

  59. Tyler Eckart

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he voted for Hillary

  60. chris sanchez

    how much will the ps5 wood cost dis any one no

  61. Muhammad Fadhli Dawek

    crowd cheer for france

  62. john elliot

    I connected my iMac to a 27 in 5k display, and now can't watch Apple TV or Amazon videos because HDCP 2.2. I just get a black screen. No solution found. Sad.

  63. FrOsTyBeArKiD

    "This is the best screen on a folding phone to date. What does that mean? So what." - Talking about the Galaxy Z Flip "This is the best iPhone of any iPhone to date. This is amazing." - Talking about the newest iPhone

  64. preston288

    thank you for risking your lives for ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. SJ Muhammad

    Are you sad that there's no Apple logo behind? 🤔

  66. Terrell Mitchell

    Bring the meat in

  67. Vernon Dmonte

    less informative and a lot of unnecessary chitter chatter. that's this video in short

  68. Kinan

    We have to wait untill apple start making them , those flip phones are sooo fragile and bad

  69. sneekmatrix

    And then she craps on Spacex ! Every article on the verge is anti spacex. Look at their headlines.

  70. Brendan Javadian

    Let's go baby Android 11! That's right Google kudos👌🔥🙏

  71. sneekmatrix

    Not a journalist! Lmao

  72. Tow Daddy

    Your just killing VW's and making the corpses look pretty.

  73. son navy ramadhan

    John McDermott - This Song 8:00

  74. Oswin Perez

    So negative. So much for encouraging innovation. I guess we're better off sticking to the same boring phones with 5 cameras, better battery life, etc. How dare Samsung try something new.

  75. DomIturbe

    Best way to kill iPhone 11 battery... Snapchat

  76. NightFightYt

    So basically they make every road in the world like that or sideways

  77. Jacques Taljaard

    Cloudflare screwed 8 chan with confidence 🤠

  78. Mahyar Mehrjoo

    Can’t wait to see the verge firing this stupid guy.

  79. Bill Plunske

    So ...John Wilkes Booth,a well known actor was able to hide openly in public...riiiiggggghhhtt!He was well known...do you think even a minor celebrity even then could go unnoticed for what?38 years later?

  80. İlker Baran

    black mirror spot

  81. des Something

    I wouldn’t hire that dude to swing a bat for me lol

  82. Matthias B.

    I don't want a glass screen. Breaking glass screens is the biggest scam in tech history

  83. FullAttach

    Sounds like a 12mp phone with subpar sub-divided pixels.

  84. Nachiket Dhende

    *Well you know Dieter*, if it doesn't have an apple 🍏 logo on it.......

  85. Carlie Mckenna

    could also be a brown star

  86. Quenten Burnett

    If the screen didn't scratch so easily and it was sub $1000, I'd honestly consider it. For next year I really think they need more feature parity with the 2021 Galaxy S line. Why would you give us amazing cameras on the S line this year but then make us choose between them and a foldable phone? Why not have the same cameras on the Z flip this year?

    1. michael h

      Too expensive you can't even pay a thousand but you want a 5k dollar phone

  87. Jim Ertel

    Nice review, so far from all that empty hype around the phone. It's a promissing prototype 🙄

  88. Nicholas Alexander

    way too negative for a reviewer, anti-android?

  89. Voltis_5

    Not so much PRAISE after you got out of the Samsung booth and it's funny how you said the Razr your could scratch the screen easily with your fingernail compared to the flip..... AND after I mentioned Jerryrigeverything...... 🤔🤔🤔

  90. KTT

    This guy hates on anything that isn't apple

  91. Gold Star

    I would buy it if it was skinnier and taller

  92. Groovy Satan

    Lol it’s funny how people thought google glass was gonna catch on

  93. Insecure

    In Norway the 11 costs 900$

  94. Bryan Morra

    Bubbles is something Samsung already does

  95. Bryan Morra

    I hope the s10 line gets android 11

  96. Marcus Bürger

    Couldn't you make the screen stiff everywhere but the crease? I do not know how possible that is at the moment but it just has to fold there, the rest could be a "normal screen". I get, why you can't take glass but Motorola has been using plastic screens for quite some time and they have been good (scratch resistance and they are unbreakable.)

  97. Aika The Shiba Inu

    Can someone count how many times he said "normal" ?

  98. Kemari Gooden

    i love everything about the s20 except the price

  99. zepekoch

    Does he have a wire on the top of his head? Why?

  100. Fck bots -_-

    And im still with my android 4.4 kitkat