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  1. Paris Noelle

    Who else is getting tired of people confusing Millennial and Gen Z?

  2. Michelle Sanchez

    I wonder if Adrienne is sitting there wondering why tamera didnt give her a spot in the movie....

  3. fried chicken

    Waiting for her to mention her fake ass

  4. DiamUnd Rouff

    I don’t know why this makes me so emotional. Tamera, I am so happy for you!! Maybe I feel passionate about your success, because I feel your heart is so pure. Want the best for you. Congratulations beautiful spirit 🙌🏽✨💎🧚🏽‍♀️

  5. zoly kao

    Omg I love that bag which I cannot afford

  6. Isabelle Hutson

    Maybe if the system was different towards ethnic minorities, I probably would turn him in....But they would throw the book at him & he's going to be their for most of his young life..... And when he comes out his life would be nothing

  7. Miss Behaven

    God this man is so FINE

  8. Daniella

    How does Helen from Drake and Josh look 10 years younger, instead of older. From when that show premiered #Confused #INeedYourGenetics

  9. fried chicken

    Learn to post part one first!

  10. Emily Rodriguez

    Maybe she’s low key trying to cheat on her husband the coach and this is her way of making it “okay” lol

  11. Rosie Villaseñor

    I don't know why the titles bother me so much, "full interview part 1" then its not the full interview it's just part 1... Anyways other than that love you girls.. Blessings ❤

  12. Lupe Lugo

    I want a man like Rick Ross 🤤

  13. fried chicken

    So happy for Tam... 🤗 I thought she’d never act again.

  14. Chestnut2013 P

    It would be awesome for Aidrenne and Tamera to collaborate on an album

  15. Erica Eang

    We all know that adrienne got the kit Kat thing from her would-have-been in laws. I'm not doubting that she could do that to other foods for the reason given, I just really don't believe the BS about the kit kats since Kourtney already made videos about this a long time ago sharing her story about doing this since she was a kid. I just know how much she likes to bend the truth in order to make herself seem unique in some way or different. Like she isn't getting enough attention our home or something. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. LaJulie Hines

    I love all the voices but its something about Tamar voice that brings chills over me when she really sang

  17. Celeste Ribeiro

    Loni's dance moves are the best 😄

  18. Mgmt Girlyeah

    When I'm not in public, I eat layer by layer like Adrienne ... Savor the flavor!

  19. Crazy Bone

    Fake ass greedy biatches that are directly responsible for #HumanExtinction! I've got all our communications saved Kim and I'm going on the late night show to expose you ALL! #TaylorSwift #BillGates &#KanyeWest threatening me since he thought I wanted to f$&,k you! Hell no! Once you go black we don't want you back!

  20. OneLoveRSR

    Adrienne's hypothetical kids won't appreciate this story the way she thinks they will. Hell, teens today already think Lady Gaga is old. I can only imagine how kids born in the 2020s will think anybody born in the 1970s (Fab) is ancient.

  21. fried chicken


  22. Arie Cannon

    I love Adrienne’s attitude to the situation

  23. Jae Gonzales

    I do the same thing with Kit Kat’s and Twix 🍫🤗

  24. Elleen LeLaine

    okay but what what's the protocol on when your shopping and your kid is destroying the store and the worker is desperately trying to hold it together?

  25. chicadomous

    I think it's great. There are programs that do this right now and I work them. It's a blessing for parents that can't afford daycare. Kids are able to socialize and have fun in a safe environment.

  26. Jessica Brown

    Cinnamon rolls are messy, so I'd rather use a knife and fork🤷‍♀️

  27. Iam Z

    I want to see this with tia because I want to see if it’s the same from both twins because I know dna can be different

  28. Fardowsa Musse

    I love Adrienne 💜💜

  29. KatsObsession

    I did the same thing Adrienne lol make it last!!

  30. destinie farris

    I'm so happy I'm not the only one who eats Kitkats like that 😂

  31. Star Blane

    Tamara I love you and all but that movie seem so bored I'll pass 🤣🤣🤣🥰🤗

  32. Adriana R.

    U sure that wast Adam who's that man I'm ur man lol

  33. An Dy

    This from 3 yrs ago

  34. Nsama Chileshe

    flamingo sets the record straight 💕

  35. myhextixmind

    It'd make for a good podcast episode or something. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  36. Joel Peter

    Woah... She mentioned Priyanka Chopra ✨✨😍😊

  37. Alia Harris

    Tams look here😍😍

  38. myhextixmind

    I unroll mine too, Tam. You are not alone!

  39. misstonietemple

    Nobody: Tamera: were a family of four

  40. da1stamericus

    I eat sandwiches with a knife and fork when I order them in restaurants.

  41. T J

    Wow. And the real model looks cuter.. like fr fr👏❤ 44 thou....no mam😣

  42. M V

    Adrienne's accent came out strong like a real New Yorker 2:47

  43. Schehrazad A

    Lmao if it was a great hit and she toured it would’ve been exactly what she wanted Loni

  44. Adriana R.

    No shade but they would be a cute couple

  45. Lee Jay


  46. DJ Jones

    Loni cross your legs lmao😂🤣

  47. Aide Florian

    I eat like a child. Boneless for me please .. 🙂

  48. Noni Rene

    Loni's face @0:37 LMAO ... did we need to see that video though??

  49. Jo Jo

    My God, I just love Tamera! She gives me hope! She’s my inspiration! 😊

  50. PurpleZebra_831

    Yeah .... like be the flamingo on the mask singer...I see you Adrienne 🎀😉

  51. ngah caro

    I can't get over how Jeannie jumps in her seat🤣 She's so me!

  52. namz0x

    4:42 ''Maybe I'll get something..'' like.. _a pink flamingo suit_ ? HEE HEE

  53. Brie K

    He has a right to feel how he feels. I don’t know much about their situation or their relationship/bond as father & son, but whether they talk to each other every day or they’re building a relationship with each other, I feel like Lamar should have at least had the decency to reach out to his son via phone, text or hell even a DM and told him about the engagement before announcing it on his social media. But that’s just my opinion.

  54. Danny En Christa MoMMy

    Khloe is the truth

  55. 02Nawal

    I love me a white boy with a big dick

  56. Andria Soto

    Unfortunately every time I've visited The Real and was a part of the audience, the person they "randomly selected" to win a prize always was never a part of the audience to begin with. The seat would be filled with someone else and later swapped out with an actor (I'm assuming) with a mic & all! (This happened all four times I went.) & after the "audience member" collected their prize, off backstage they went and never came back. WEIRD.. was disappointed to see this.

  57. theylovemell _

    “im a vegetarian today” 😂😂😂

  58. namz0x

    Adrienne keeps saying ''to my children, to my children''. Has she given any update about the fertility?

  59. RestlessChild Tarot

    That co-host in the middle is weird to me. After having the other girl for so long I got use to her.

  60. Daria Brutus

    Lol if you have overprotective Haitian parents you have no choice but to stay

  61. Thokozile James

    I can relate!!! I'm hands down a knife and fork connoisseur for chicken, pizza, roti, doubles and cinnamon buns!!! Love from Trinidad!!!

  62. Liane Layman

    When Tamera started crying, I started crying.

  63. Mm No

    It's true tho, kisses are not magical! That ain't gonna do anything lmao. I don't ever remember my dad kissing me growing up but that doesn't change a thing, I love him to death and would take a bullet for him, kisses or not!

  64. ZayZay Kay

    First comment I see: Everyone needs a friend like Jeannie! She is happy that Adrienne won! This why I can’t be lookin in the comments when I haven’t seen who the winner is.

  65. Brie K

    Growing up, I used to eat pizza with my hands. But once I turned 20, I started eating it with a fork and knife lmao. I think I started eating it with a fork and knife because I was eating in the car in the passenger seat & I couldn’t wash my hands before I ate, so I used a fork and it’s been that way ever since. 😂😂😂

  66. Nunya Business

    I think Adrienne and Tamera should do a duet.

  67. Gabby AB

    The difference between Adrienne and Loni’s body language towards the boy of course he was gonna skip her🤣

  68. Sim Simas

    It's okay.

  69. Ms A

    The word “love” here is just a way to sugar coat this woman’s need for control. It’s a “God complex” she is suffering from.

  70. Alexandra Toke

    is it me or do some artists want to be treated like normal people but then act above that? you can never win with them but damn, at least be sorry you were so late and find a way to make it up.

  71. xoAngelicaF

    I love A❤️

  72. King Javonique

    I cried as tamera was talking .... my family is still here we just aren’t as close I miss those Christmas days man.

  73. Vicky F.


  74. Karina Felipe

    I mean hymens don’t break they get more flexible as you age. It’s not any indicator of whether or not you’re a virgin. Some women are born without one.

  75. Liane Layman

    I know how I'd feel if my niece was killed, so my heart goes out to Tamera. I always cry when they show victoms of shootings.

  76. 02Nawal

    That's one fine white boy

  77. MiAlma999

    Yaaasss Tamera, Im so proud of U 🤗 I can't wait to watch Ur new movie w/ my daughters. Fab said it best, yep, "You be Kiilin 'em!"

  78. Gregory Love

    Loni seemed so hurt

  79. Kimberly Brabson


  80. ******

    ok Adrieenna how much your friend with your exes , just saying crap

  81. Lungile Ngubane

    Who ever person does wardrobe for this ladies need an award🤗🤩Damn!!!they're so bomb

  82. rashawndadavis91

    The lower priced outfit is not cute

  83. Zariaeda 007

    The cinnamon buns at the mall are huge. I usually use a fork to eat one.

  84. ******

    for me ex is dead, so all his affiliates

  85. Gustavo A. Benitez

    I eat pizza with a fork because I don't lile to get my fingers greasy.

  86. Hanan Saidou


  87. Liane Layman

    Nobody has the answer as to why the shootings keep happening.

  88. malibuluv209

    How many times does this conversation need to be posted. That's what's annoying about your dumb 1 minute clips followed by another clip then eventually the 5 minute clip... no point in that.

  89. Caprico Talks

    He lost my vote

  90. Shauna Tracey

    Anyone else feel like Jeannies mannerisms have changed as of late? 👀🍿

  91. Jessica Saints

    LOVE the support these ladies give one another. It’s so beautiful.

  92. Salim

    Did they give the audience her mold tho?

  93. Jassiepoohbear

    Tam is so cute, she looks like she's just bursting to tell us Adrienne is the pink flamingo🦩😂😂😂 And she genuinely looks so proud of her for getting back into the music stuff even if for now it's just the masked singer.

  94. Wendy Greenaway

    Never because of the snitch witch the glasses.

  95. Mockavel Velli

    This show seems to be for low IQ people.

  96. Arnéla A

    I saw you mam, Ckey😏 Looking all fab! 😘✨

  97. QueenUNLIMITED

    I got the points of the film. I just don't care for how the film ended.

  98. Jessie Alba

    Adrienne needs to do a gospel album, something peaceful and beautiful

  99. hausbae

    44,000 for that little bag and people go to bed at night hungry, just doesn’t seem fair.

  100. enosynce

    I pick the meat off with my fingers if it's a drumstick, but I bite the middle, then go around if it's a flat 🤷🏾‍♀️