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  1. Jesus H Medrano

    Its only appropriate if shes hooking after the prom..

  2. Shannon Cossman

    Loni got SERIOUS! Love it. I love Math. Agree it helps with other subjects and thinking skills!

  3. Gail A.

    Abolish gender roles!!! Stop enforcing the idea that the man has to make the first move.

  4. Gail A.

    Shyness does not automatically equal insecurity.

  5. Gail A.

    No one should be this inconsiderate toward their partner (and others). Even if my partner offered to stand for me, I absolutely would not let them.

  6. Sarah Alharbi

    Adrienne looks SO pretty!!!

  7. Shante Williams

    Last time I checked a pole can be used for exercise and sport. USsel it, there are all types of kids doing acrobatics on poles. But yeah I wouldn’t have shared it

  8. Opinions are like assholes, Everybody has one

    So long to "The Real"🖕🏽 you refuse to speak on thee injustice that Black & African Americans go through in this hell of a country. You all refused for a Black woman to voice her opinion on these issues. I'm happy Amanda decided to cut ties. She has a platform in which her voice can be heard. 🖕🏽

  9. Sassy K719

    This is so sad

  10. Dagmar jurkič

    PLEASSSS do a video about or WITH JANE ELLIOTT

  11. marion chutney

    But Tisha Knows Naomi Scott they worked on lemonade mouth together!!??!??!??! She was their music teacher who basically thought of the whole band thing they were doing lol

    1. Angelo Torino

      oh yeah i thought i was the only one lol Maybe she didn't recognise her

  12. Sassy K719

    Take care of my friend Tamera

  13. Farhia Tahlil

    I get why Tamar had to go but why is jeannie and Adrian trying to act like Tamar? They just dont want to from a black lady. And fyi.. this show has become soooooo boring

  14. B Nista

    Yep just UNSUBSCRIBED from The Real USsel! It is now considered "The FAUX".... I only watched it for AMANDA! I hope Amanda creates her own show on a major network with a cast of minority women who will compliment her better and who will want to speak on "REAL" issues! I was so happy to finally find a show that I could relate to when AMANDA joined. It was my therapy a place where women "who looked like me" were actually venting and voicing opinions I share... AMANDA girl everytime, every episode I watched I was right here with you girl screaming, snapping my fingers and saying all the 'YAAAAASSSSSSes and AMEN's My Gyal!!' And I loved how you got the other ladies to speak on related topics! You shall be missed! I really actually never heard of The Real until a Real One joined.... 💪🏾✊🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. Sassy K719

    I am here for Tamera

  16. Toby Anderson

    Yes they can, I invited my best chick friend to my wedding as a "groomswoman". I'm married with two kids, she's married with two kids, but have lived in different cities for the past 13 years. Our lives are mostly focused on our kids and other halves. We send the odd DM on instagram and like each others pics. Very 'normal'... It's only weird if you make it weird.

  17. Amina Khan

    Guys this is not a news channel it’s a show with seasons, these episodes they are posting now are old because their season is over and has been for a few days now or so. They can’t discuss the current situation because they aren’t filming anymore. They’ve talked about it on their own personal Instagram accounts so go check that out.

  18. L. Skye Forney

    @Anna Smith Unfortunately you are correct. I totally support AMANDA SEALE who was the only ,,,,,"REAL" person on the show discussing matters which affect our daily lives! Since y'all (and your fan base) wanted to silence Amanda regarding todays climate in the U.S. Can you hear US now? And for all of those who think Amanda was fired I still say KUDOS Amanda for not wanting to work with a racist Director and suckip co-host! Especially since at least two host have blackmen. You hear nothing from them but... crickets! The Host of the Real are "worse"than Trump. He doesn't go home to a black man every night,! And the black women on the show don't want a black man Now let that bid of reality slap the sh**t out of you.

  19. Joane Deronvil

    If you're can't discuss black issues,I cannot keep supporting your.New name the FRAUDS .

  20. nybaah

    How many of y’all will still watch the show now that Amanda’s gone? I’m gonna miss her.

  21. Tash Cole

    i cant stand this new girl

  22. Tash Cole


  23. Anaa Hernandez


  24. Howard Roberson

    Katt Williams was 100% right about Tiffany haddish

  25. Gianna

    “are you a Virgin?” Unless you’re the one I’m with, who gave you the entitlement to that answer??

  26. Zara M

    Haha shy dudes can pursue you too if they really are interested. Maybe they won’t be as blunt as more outgoing guys but still. Also, women shouldn’t be the ones pursuing men. It’s more rewarding for men to pursue women. I have observed that men like the chase and love the mystery of wondering how a woman feels about them lmao

  27. Gail A.

    Oh my gosh, Amanda announced on IG that she is no longer on The Real!

  28. Gail A.

    The Real finished filming WEEKS ago. How many times do people have to tell y'all?

  29. Kyleigh White

    I’m glad Amanda quit the show

  30. Kyleigh White

    I’m so glad Amanda isn’t coming back next season

  31. Olivia Woodford

    Loni going “I’m old as HELL” 😂😂

  32. Grant Franchey

    I noticed women love saying “taking care of the kids” ...so what about when the kids in school??

  33. Victor Lopez

    4 months later... rip 💀

  34. Grant Franchey

    I noticed when it comes to ladies it’s always the ugly friend that LOVES the idea of spousal support 😬lol just sayin

  35. First Last

    Amanda actually has a good point. White people lie on blacks and call the cops all over the internet

  36. Sweet Crimson

    Where is Amanda?

  37. Elsie LeBlanca

    We see Loni's kitchen!!!

  38. Jose Soto

    Om soooooo glad she's not coming back next season. I literally cant stand her not cause she's intelligent cause that she is but everything isn't about dam race point blank its a dam song she was singing along so she knows the song woxh means she probably bought tje cd when it came out so she supported this black music group and obviously loves their music cause she was singing the lyrics so she cant sing a song as is .foh Amanda if it bothers u so that people use the word as u would use it or just by singing along it's pure bullshit and reverse racism so please shut the hell up for once and stop trying to turn everything in to a negative and who made you the queen of race and anything black related news like great u have ur opinion so do many others and i would much rather hear anyone else then you .u come off rude and racist af so i see u very one dimensional and not far or open at all so very off putting so im very glad shes not coming back

  39. anthony gardner

    I’m with Adrienne, I don’t think I want the sex between me and a partner having a smell. P.S. i love the smell of Gasoline 🤟🏾

  40. Tamara T

    In Australia you can try the undies on over the top of your own undies - soooo I wash everything 😅

  41. Katherine Poltoratzky

    Jeannie's style here has never looked better imo. That lip color is fire.

  42. Jon Ross

    Tam's little "mmmHM!" Was so cute and sassy I love her so much 😂😂

  43. robert walker

    She does not have to explain her race or color to anyone this is how God Made her and if one has a problem with her skin color they she take it up with God. When the America says people of color which means Black and Brownjust people. So would you call our White brothers and non color people . I don't think so because the the term non has a v Newgoy

  44. tyler julian

    I love when Amanda isn’t on the show

  45. Devin J. Bowden

    Did Loni just say _20_ years? Girl, try *30* years! 🤚🏿 Mariah Carey has been in the professional music industry since 1987. Google it. She toured with the pop singer Brenda K Starr before releasing her eponymous album in early 1990.

  46. Sonia Ortiz

    Well I guess our tourism industry is shot if people can’t speak other languages in this country 🤨 wtf

  47. Spicy Creole

    Amanda we will miss you😭😭😭😭😭🤔👍🏽👍🙏💪

  48. Coffee Addict

    If Adrienne has kids with a a real white guy....not like some white American guy...but I mean like a Scottish guy, she would have some beautiful white kids!

  49. ThatgirlAngela

    they age backwards they are all beautiful ❤❤

  50. Elijah Nickson

    Done with Jeannie 😅😅😅😅 #dropitlowa!!!

  51. Elijah Nickson

    Please keep the show like this. I miss this and love the perfect 4

  52. Aliza M.

    We loooove you Jeanie

  53. kgoldmon

    She's clearly never stood with a 14 month old attached to your body for 30 mins. By the time the baby gets to be a year, sis will change her mind about that "attachment" situation. The bride has nothing to worry about. Time will work this one out...

  54. Victoria Lawson

    Tam keeps saying, "Not if you have the runs!" 😂😂😂

  55. ThatgirlAngela

    👀 i hate how Amanda Seales is leaving the real 😭 how do yall feel about it????

  56. Hannah Reyes

    she looked good but save it for the after party. not appropriate for a high school prom. she can show off her body, but to an extent. a little mature for a prom especially a 16 year old. put the boobs away...

  57. Inking It

    Is this show from long ago or are they back in studio for real? Does someone know? Great clip anyways lol ❤

  58. Abigail Jimenez

    Y’all need to read the book or watch the movie he’s just not into u

  59. Abigail Jimenez

    Ladies men r simple. If they r not calling or texting u or inviting u out they r just not into u. Stop making excuses n move on.

  60. M J

    My bf will be KNOCKED OUT and his alarm will be blaring! Luckily I’m a morning person 😂

  61. Buenrostro 2030

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  62. Omar Suave

    See... here is proof that Tamera does talk about race sometimes. Lol.

  63. Dolly Bardot

    Idk, but I think Adrienne and Rob were actually super cute together. He was dumb to have cheated on her...

  64. Sami Rendel

    Why is the next video suggested “Why I called off my engagement” IM DONE !!

  65. Gem 100

    Tam, don’t wear that pillow again. Had to...

  66. Gem 100

    Getting older is beautiful. The wisdom and experiences... moments to look back on

  67. Gem 100

    This is a good topic. No shade but Jeanie can’t know real adulthood til you have kids.

  68. Malaika Paul

    I didn't know that she could sing this good

  69. Fils de Jean Noir


  70. Just Josh

    i’m the tv person :( like the only time i don’t is when i’m at my parents house but if i’m at my house .. i do it all the time.

  71. Kaiya Jones

    “We’re not in school what are you doing”. Loni is so funny

  72. Oh She Thrifts

    they all look so pretty today

  73. Porchea Miranda

    0:55 Nah, don’t share lipgloss either, sis.

  74. Oh She Thrifts

    ID rather be both

  75. Jermane Anyoha

    Yeah, I've had plenty, but it can never be as strong as a brotherhood, and it sucks when you catch feelings

  76. Just Josh

    “i just need you to stop talking! 😂”

  77. :3 :3


  78. Porchea Miranda

    0:55 Nah, don’t share lipgloss either, sis.

  79. Nathaly Acevedo

    Adrienne that's what my taxes says🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣it's true

  80. TheClassictvfan

    Or as we say at Christmas Is-rye-el

  81. Jacqueline Herran

    Adrienne talking about herself 😂😂 " I have friends'

  82. Roxana Mejia

    I swear Adrienne is just my twin,,, Everything that comes out of her mouth is exactly what I am thinking lol.!!!

  83. Andrew Honeywell

    This is the same from the mans perspective as well.

  84. Andrew Honeywell

    She doesnt want to play second fiddle to anyone.

  85. Stephen Anderson

    Tanya Sam. RHOA. What's the hold up?

  86. Just Josh

    is it me or are they adding longer clips? instead of those 3-4 mins clips.

  87. Trailmix lol

    I, a man, really enjoyed the original Charlie's Angels But Lizzie Banks think I'm part of the problem here

  88. S Lee

    I hate when people portray this bad mamma energy and where they talk about how no man deserves to see her cry over him, when you know they are either lying or they had a lack of emotional intimacy with their partner. You're not getting back at him by acting cold, you're just making it easier on him and his conscience because now he doesn't have to acknowledge and deal head-on with the pain he gave you.

  89. Zayda Gladstone

    Am I the only.one that is still waiting for tommie to answer at least.one of the questions