For people who love to eat.

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  1. Naty Sarmiento

    "Time for frying! That means we are gonna eat soon😃" I would die for Beth

  2. Dan Jenkins

    Emily and Frank are the best pair.

  3. Kyle Pizarro

    lorenzo said longganisa with a w. longgWANisa.

  4. v c

    lol there's an asian noodle dish taht specializes in one long strand of noodle, time consuing to make but lots of fun :)

  5. as swipe

    can stephen be in more vids he is so calming

  6. Drastic Dori

    8:04 dont mess with this chef

  7. ashep789

    My favorite chefs are Gramma Beth Lorenzo and Frank

  8. Mila Rica Hilario

    Filipino is the only useful person in this video

  9. Nkup FN

    Let's be honest nobody watched the science part

  10. DW DW

    Why’s it called four levels when there’s always been three

  11. Cameron Clemente

    I use blue sky vodka for my margarita it's very yummy

  12. Carolina Murtha

    All seriousness, Franks look soooo good. But I have absolutely no idea how I would come about trying something like that.

  13. VicenzoVengeance

    Saúl is baaaaaaaaaack

  14. Brianna Houde

    I’m disappointed none of them put pepperonis on the pizza

  15. Juan Antonio Gonzalez Cantero

    Tu no tiene ni puta idea

  16. Abby Dawn

    Wow the new Animal Crossing fishing feature really upped their graphics

  17. Anna Ast

    I came for Lorenzo!!! I’m your fan Lorenzo !! Hahahahaha

  18. NBW natural Born leaders

    2026 got me like that like if you are in 2026 😂😂

  19. Sophia Wiltse Wallner

    that poor lobster

  20. cameron barnes

    Level 2 is the best cuz no one have time to make their own beard during breakfast, just buy a loaf. Level 2 is semi fancy and still looks good without being complicated.

  21. ashep789

    They should do a grandma vs Lorenzo video

  22. Paula Hilton

    Title:How to pick every shellfish Me:Where’s the blue crab?

  23. Omar G. Lopez

    This guy said "Te-kai-La" LOL 😂 as a Mexican it makes me cringe super hard

  24. Lena Mitchel

    idk what the white dudes are doing but lvl three doing it right

  25. Brandon

    It sounds like the audience is held at gun point

    1. Betty Tlem

      Robber: DONT MOVE OR ILL SHOOT YOU Audience: WoWwWwW Robber: W-

  26. Dina Esther

    Ouch 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Aliyah Friesen


  28. Damaris Barahona

    Flour tortillas... really? ?

  29. Dina Esther

    I will make a bucket list to try all cocktails mentioned 🍸🍹❣

  30. Ngoro San

    Am i the only one who has a ready Peanut butter and Jelly mix😕?

  31. paradise Nyna

    Frank: the best chef on my opinion

  32. Briansgate

    Frank make his own costume? Frank: I start by growing my own cotton in the fields for my first layer of fabric.....

  33. Hunter Morrison

    Why does the first level all was looks like five year old did it

  34. J.D. Matthias

    What is that radio antenna used for "food scientist?" Your second job?

  35. diana carmona

    He didn’t do a tamarind fruit:(

  36. Robert Cota

    Guys I love how the girl was wringing down the stuff she needs to do

  37. LATSY 76

    Is it me or Steven should be at level two rather level 1? He’s actually really good

  38. Joshua Bock

    Even I could tell which bread is more expensive tbh

  39. Alex Lee

    While watching this video,I think about how my family eats crab legs and stuff and I'm more and more disgusted.

  40. Eric Villegas

    My Ramen would be canned sausage,eggs,lemon,and shredded chicken and of course packed Maruchan ramen❤️😂

  41. Elizabeth Horan

    Who has an axe in their kitchen

  42. Nelda Fuentes

    I love this video

  43. username jpg

    Frank: now what you what to do is go back In time to find the perfect pig to kill

  44. Jake Horowitz

    The fact that I’m 11 years old and at least 3x better than EVERYONE in the first half amazes me

  45. GD Xeno

    "The hardest part of cooking is the waiting" Frank: you dont say?!

  46. Rithin Munnangi

    Nobody Literally nobody

  47. LavenderRose

    I hate watching stuff like this but ngl this is quite entertaining to watch

  48. isabelle i

    from now on, nothing i cook is ever burnt, it will only be described as yummy goodness

  49. Guadalupe Ramirez

    rose: potatoes have a complicated metabolism me: *wait food can have a metabolism*

  50. Sophie

    okay but emily is making hotdogs julie is making hotdogs ✨ & frank is making hõtdøgš

  51. Marty1681 - randomness and games

    It’s 2am and now I am craving chicken -_-

  52. Ashlie Starling

    See THIS is why we ask "who made the potato salad?" at gatherings.

  53. MrBros1000

    well not all cooks are fat

  54. мashable

    I don't even eat seafood why am I here

  55. Walter Clements

    Oh i feel so bad for the animals... I’ll eat 3 of everything.

  56. vish parmar

    Level 1 killed it

  57. severina zink

    Lord when that man put them seasonings on that already seasoned chicken 🐔 🤣 pray for him

  58. petar petrovic

    @Lorenzo : Can you please leave the good Lord in peace? it is a blasphemy what you´re speaking. Your cooking is very good thow :)

  59. Phoenix2215

    The beginner cook lost me, how is the taste of something a lifestyle?

  60. Pill Grimm

    I'm deathly allergic to shellfish, yet I'm really entertained watching this.

  61. alchemyfarie


  62. Milky

    There god dam Scrambled eggs Why are they using these complex ingredients

  63. Fl0w L0w Help

    Bro the sounds of the joints, its so satisfying.

  64. Bao Vo

    Frank would be a good dad

  65. Lil3bdu

    There should be a judge or someone to taste their food instead of the food scientist . The food scientist part is boring tbh

  66. marianna

    veganism 101

  67. pizza_

    i was meant to read episode but somehow found myself here at 1am watching this man kill seafood for 30minutes straight

  68. naiidadon

    so who drunk these?

  69. Adrian Ang

    I feel that Lorenzo put too much ingredients in his fried rice

  70. Optic

    This is like the reboot season where they hire new actors to play the characters

  71. Emily Vaughan

    2:17 yay blonde lady finally knows something! she's the one who put whole oranges in the blender lol.

  72. Exposed Triggered_YT


  73. Maiden of the Sky

    *finds out peanuts aren't nuts, they're legumes* it's a vegetable- (legume is french for vegetable, lol.)

  74. Cory Rowe

    Why tf is he dressed like Stewie Griffin?

  75. Maiden of the Sky

    me: *finds out that acorns are edible to humans too* also me: *wonders how it works because whenever you step on them they look orangish and soft* also also me: [insert shocked pikachu face here]

  76. Liz daxah


  77. Benji McDonald

    'How to mix every covktail' Me: Easy enough, put them all together in a big container, maybe enjoy it. OOOHHHH how to MAKE every cocktail

  78. HilaryH4ever

    24:32 - you cant eat the black part of the "neck" of the calm. I didn't realize you had to scrape it off. I've alway eaten it.

  79. Benjamin Jiang

    Can you imagine as the last nut some man just droops his nuts across the board and plop it firmly down

  80. Crazy Cactus

    corn. looks. weird. **cringe**

  81. Jessica Fuller

    My wife left me for a geoduck

  82. sparkleshua

    the burntness of it all..

  83. Basteala

    My man Saul is back! Hell yeah!

  84. MarlonPlays_ ٛ

    Idk why but i want to give julie a hug

  85. HCkev

    Rumors says Frank had to re-record his answers several times because you could hear the cows meow in the background.

  86. Daphne Kaye Langala

    Has nobody ever seen a mango before?

  87. bruceownsu

    i'm dying of thirst here, can i just have a glass of water please? Frank: "ok i will have to put it in the fridge, should be ready in about 24 hours"

  88. Sarah Matsoukis

    "somebody went into the forest and went nuts" - lmao

  89. Kevin Ferrer

    27:33 welp ouch

  90. Yassin The memer

    Or you can just be a human, go to the supermarket and buy some eggo waffles.

  91. Camilla Venturoli

    Raga ma sono l’unica italiana??

  92. Bin Afflack

    She REALLY likes pulling out that pointer stick... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  93. Ro_Fitness

    Saul is back!

  94. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

    my buddy over here some lifeless statue that just wandered in

  95. b0x1n9f4n

    The breakfast enchiladas shoulda had chorizo in the egg. The “salsa” looked good. Some diced and fried papas would have been nice inside of the tortilla with the huevos.

  96. Amorales

    I swear that’s gonna be my life motto now on... “could of had it for 5...”

  97. TommyBoy

    i want that knife ... any ideas of the name or brand ?

  98. nomer440

    Can we ban the level 2 ‘chef’ from cooking for life?

  99. Der Echte Onurcan

    Let's be honest: Nobody searched the vid

  100. 4 Chan

    Fun fact figs May have dead insects inside of them