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  1. Tillar k

    I love the ensemble in this song

  2. Franklin Chang

    block out the other face

  3. Michael Donohue

    I think Sam Mendes has brutalised this show. There's a real lack of charm and subtlety. It's too 'in your face'.

  4. Elena Shill

    Oh the classics....

  5. Hunters diys

    Now she’s in the great show company ⭐️🤩🤩

  6. notalexus

    came here for the lightning thief, but my interest was piqued when they brought up brendon urie in kinky boots lmao

  7. Lexi Strom

    I meet you when I went to New York and saw Aladdin

  8. Avery Taylor

    Soooo good Jordan!! You are one of my favorites just in life in general. <3

  9. Amber Wadlington

    Omg! This made me tear up. I've loved her voice since I was a little girl. She is still amazing!

  10. Peyton

    Is it just me or does he not seem real. He’s extremely talented in singing, dancing, and acting. He’s insanely attractive yet he’s also very nice and well spoken.

  11. Archer La Salle

    Voice crack 1:02

  12. Osbert Ethan

    this makes me miss erika's vlogs. a lot. more than i should. more than i expected i would.

  13. Abby Morrison

    Christian borle: BOOZE

  14. Amy Clarke

    W gm 03 e and r d s

  15. Delia Deetz

    6:53 why is this on USsel....

  16. Marcino Ambris

    they honestly deserved a tony...anyways-

  17. Evan Hansen

    Ben Platt is our sunshine

  18. Bailey Sky

    *starts talking about theatre kids* me: WHAT!!!!! MY LIfE HAs beEn Mentioned!

  19. the rooster


  20. Richard Scharinger

    Brightman. That’s it. Brightman

  21. happysmile

    He is in 70s... Wow....

  22. happysmile

    화장실 급하면, 물마시거나 간식먹으면 어떡하냐.... 분장 새로해야하네....

  23. Connor Kealey

    Love that Ms. LuPone has a Rosie shirt from back in the day!

  24. TastemyAtrocity

    For some reason it makes me happy to find out that Lea Solonga is not a morning person.

  25. Miss Aircraft Mechanic

    I love you lea! ❤❤❤

  26. Sy BP

    So may Brits on Broadway it seems? Jeanna de Waal, Tam Mutu

  27. Jorge Luiz Reis Junior

    LOOKINg , was made for Patrick as Kevin, the love that was won. I am not comfortable today;;;

  28. Holly Turner

    Saw the thumbnail, yelled 'BOOK NOOK' (internally), clicked on video, was thrilled.

  29. David Hargreaves

    That girl is pure talent 💓 her 😘

  30. Claire Holdom

    I love it when I watched this in real life

  31. Nemmet X

    q u e e n

  32. charmnGUY

    'Like' Lea Salonga, getting use to Rosie

  33. Claire Holdom

    I watched one of your plays

  34. Shea’s Mom

    Those kids are adorable

  35. Stacey J.G

    I literally see Jason Robert brown and ariana in the same room. And now in 2017 they both made a song together and performed it at Jimmy Fallon. That's CRAZY!

  36. blossom cat

    If they have a teenager: I’m 42 I thinks she hilarious.

  37. Emma Miele

    I’ve watched this video so many times.

  38. marinated tea

    Now she need to make a cup of tea with honey, ok?!

  39. William Beyer

    This choreography is effin' awesome!

  40. yass_varitaass

    I adored every minute of this show

  41. Rovic Christian Dayao


  42. Liza Ramirez

    We all know that some Filipinos can speak fluent in English, we have a good communication skills 🙌 proud to be Pinoy!

  43. yass_varitaass

    you’ve been *ScRewiNg tHe MiLkMaN*

  44. Arath Mixes

    The Deetz My Favorite Familiy

  45. scully392z

    What a joy to hear her sing! Smiles, that’s what we needed today. Thank you for sharing.


    Pssst . . . Pssst . . . What a rare yet precious chance to see miss Lea Salonga singing in this kind of platform . . . So great . . . !!!

  47. cm3j cordz

    157 👎 are you on drugs?

  48. pekelgeuse !!

    Oh people DEFINITELY go full face at my school, but I don’t

  49. Kim Anteza

    Music can help. Music can heal. 🖤

  50. Charlie David

    Yep the only mulan and princess jasmine

  51. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    This guy Brandon is phenomenal Really and truly That score is incredibly high for anyone to sing and the dancing also impossible And he did it!


    ❤❤❤ my idol lodi😍

  53. It's Me Soraya

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥 beauty, talent, and brains!❤️

  54. Margarito Rivera

    All the way from a very far away.

  55. Harry Styles

    okay but in reality, if Evan looked like Jordan Fisher no hecking way would he be a nerdy kid

  56. Brendan Simon

    This is such an angelic performance of a profoundly moving song. I’m weeping. Thank you so much.

  57. Grace Ozmen

    alex is just a big child

  58. Ella mae Chaerin Concepcion


  59. Daemi Pariat

    we don't deserve Jesse Mueller

  60. Sandra Daigneault

    Shanika is sunshine! Perfect Rumpelteazer. Rickey just pops up with that Dogs line! Brilliant😅🐶 And omg Tyler nearly breaks his camera (phone?) In the first seconds of his first episode 🤣 Can he get any more a-dork-able?

  61. wyatt veronee

    ok what is all the kissing about but I love the gay sailors

  62. Miles Lane

    If I had his voice quarantine would be fine

  63. Hannah Rogers

    Will's laugh at 16:18 omg.

  64. mpireone

    She was going to have a concert in Hawaii April 3rd and 4th? Was hoping to hear her golden, legendary voice in person?! Her voice is so rich and sweet, it gets me emotional!

  65. Lucas González

    The amount of money I'd be willing to pay, to go back in time and see Shoshana Bean play Elphaba would amount to the mortgage on a house.

  66. madelyn !!

    they are making a micheal jackson musical currently! 7:10

  67. Uriel Reveles

    Maria León la Mejor Roxie de México y America Latina

  68. Brett Mastema

    I feel the whole number they all were thinking "look we're being funny, look at us be goofy". Like watching an ok comedian laugh at the end of his own jokes. I wanted it to be better, it was fine if they only had 20 min to rehearse it.

  69. The Shelbster

    His voice is my safe place. There is more talent in this man's left hand than I have in my entire body.

  70. Edz Garcia

    Gonna make this a million views... this version is😭💖

  71. rollercoasterrainbowlife

    Omg!!! 😍😍😍😍

  72. Elizabeth Greenberg

    This was filmed 10 years ago today😶

  73. Countfoscolikesmice

    the jingle writes itself

  74. Phoenix Blue-Koszalka

    Her performance is even more impressive now that I know what a complex costume she's wearing. And oh man she's hilarious!!

  75. Poppytug 30

    “JaSoN!” *sexy starts playing in the background*


    Hmmmm I think that the new person is the new spiderman

  77. GypsyInFenra

    the taking off the rings made me so damn sad.

  78. nat

    i like how there is a whole string of people who would be starstruck over patti and she's just like "idk who was nominated :/"

  79. John F. Hebert

    A+ for the arrangment

  80. lyndsey larsen

    My heart is full and breaking at the same damn time

  81. Eli Williams

    She'd be a cool Janice.....don't jump on me just sayin

  82. Sue Hom

    Loves you both👍😘

  83. Goblin's Bride

    Why am I crying

  84. Ellie Rampton

    ok so I'm rewatching these vlogs again (still amazing to watch after 2 years!!) and im literally DYING at the fact that at 12:48 christys like dereks not here as he proceeds to say yeah really loudly in the hallway seconds later I CANTTTT

  85. perfectcover

    Oh my goodness. This song came out when a dear friend was battling a recurring ENT cancer. He was so frail that we couldn't even hug him during his last moments. Thank you Ben for singing this song so beautifully. It brought back both very happy and sad memories. <3

  86. adriana ramirez

    this song with forever hold a special place in my heart. at the time when i saw les mis, the guy i was crushing on was playing javert (in the school edition, but actually they just said that it was the full musical) and he did such an amazing job and i saw it four times and man seeing him sing this and then seeing the end of the song made me breakdown in tears everytime

  87. Stephanie Kane Gordon

    Loved it all! Only wish Barbra was on the show! She was there in spirit for sure!

  88. HarringtonTribal

    4:47 - A hug like that from Andy Karl would get me pregnant.

  89. ViBE PlayZz

    When I watched it the carpet wasn’t working so they just ran around the screen

  90. GeoffAlex

    Easily my favourite rendition of this song

  91. Lillie Parent

    I'm only watching this for Ben cook

  92. Ліза Вагнер

    i think he has gone through some relationship breakup and is now only focused on career ((😟

  93. Olivia tried

    Wait so hes like Santa!?-

  94. Ліза Вагнер

    don't understand why such an attractive, 25-year-old does not have a girl) nothing is known about his personal life (

  95. Eli Frances

    Maureen: Every single day I walk down the street I hear people say, "Baby's so sweet" Ever since puberty Everybody stares at me Boys, girls - I can't can't help it baby So be kind Don't lose your mind Just remember that I'm your baby Take me for what I am Who I was meant to be And if you give a damn Take me baby or leave me Take me baby or leave me A tiger in a cage Can never see the sun This diva needs her stage Baby - let's have fun! You are the one I choose Folks would kill to fill your shoes You love the limelight too, now baby So be mine And don't waste my time Cryin' - "Oh Honeybear - are you still my baby?" Take me for what I am Who I was meant to be And if you give a damn Take me baby or leave me No way - can I be what I'm not But hey - don't you want your girl…

  96. Cara21 RN

    I love how kyle dosent really break eye contact with the camera during little blue couch

  97. caro d.

    I love how Jonathan is explicitly named in the title and like the third character listed in the description right after the two leads when he himself is in the musical for a maximum of ten minutes

  98. Lei Gee


  99. Tate Friginal