Trevor Wallace is a stand up comedian and actor who specializes in making fun of the people closest to him. Here you'll find a mix of sketches, stand up comedy, a podcast and more relatable STUFF.
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  1. John Marston

    Yep raycons are a juel

  2. In timpul liber

    "This watch makes you feel like a super hero, *phew* call 911" 💀

  3. Cake is My city

    "How many do I need to take for it to feel like Xanax?"- half of my grade tbh

  4. Jonathan

    Ahh I remember making $4000+ back then and then taking too long to take it out :(

  5. Alexandra Rewerts

    Why was I not subscribed I swear I was.

  6. Alexandra Rewerts

    I love him so much I quote his bang video on the daily 😂

  7. Kelsey Bumgarner

    At least we dnt live in Bakersfield lmao damn

  8. Jake4595

    Trevor just finessed us into watching a 5 minute ad about GFuel.

  9. Miguel

    There are people really like this like what are u using a hammer for at 3am

  10. VisionX

    Jebadia eat your ass

  11. Chad Williams

    Cotton candy bangs are legit tho

  12. Garry Gill

    proud to say im the lAsT oNe

  13. Epic Yeshua

    IDK bro just gonna have a wild guess but I think he used to work at a restaurant

  14. Templar Exemplar

    The young thug one 😂😂

  15. TheSynysterVyrus

    Plz tell the camera guy to stop zooming in and out. Dear god

  16. Lucy Royan


  17. Can we get 1,000 subs For the droid with no videos

    “Am I a bong? I am a bong!”

  18. Evilpimp

    Apparently you're not allowed to stay in the same city you were born in, it's a bad thing to love your city. People are fucking pathetic these days

  19. GamingWith DatBoii 2.0

    my dude is going through puberty again lmao

  20. Sol Choi

    its so funny that they change subjects so quickly :)

  21. TurboCow9000

    Make sure to go all out and stick your silverware in your cup 👌🏻

  22. Owen Glenn

    Please, no Johns

  23. domonator5000

    “Animal services”

  24. that dude the commenter

    The dog wearig airpods just made me go y e s

  25. gdl_17

    This gives me a headache

  26. Clout chaser

    Only ogs remember Trevor in add

  27. Dirty Dan

    5:26 ultimate swag meal

  28. Jaime

    I love the other videos but im confused here. They are many styles of knit hats or beanies. Some are meant to be folded, some are folded already and stitched in place, some arent meant to be folded so wont stay folded, some you have the option to wear either way successfully. Are you talking about dudes who take the nonfolded style of beanie and fold it so they hat looks silly? If the beanie is prefolded does it even count? Should all dudes just stop wearing folded beanies in general?

  29. Abe Cc

    Not once did he mention us broke ass weed smokin dishwashers... Don't worry we still gon be waiting for a couple years

  30. Y H

    Lmao I’ve been watching this whole serious to figure out which one reminds the most of my ex boyfriend

  31. Cosmichu

    Greasy ass computer 😆

  32. SixKnives

    You know they're a fan when spotify is fullscreen

  33. lemon pie

    This makes me shake my titties

  34. lemon pie

    That water is beautiful

  35. Nathan Springer

    Nothing wrong with being organized and having your life together

  36. Scuba Steve

    Best USselr

  37. Antonio Riley

    I’ve seen this video 7 times, and it’s still funny

  38. Haun Zheng

    This remind me of an old gus sketch where he is a regular at a restaurant

  39. xTMinecraftTx 901

    Are you from Canada

  40. xTMinecraftTx 901

    Y u do drugs? They r bad

  41. Chanade Smith

    Guess what I had for dinner a felony, fucking fell over 😭😭

  42. Jack

    It’s so sad but funny at the same time cause it happened to me today

  43. Shea Roberts

    Mortons salt made for kitchens

  44. DarwishEG

    Lock your fucking door bro, jeez

  45. Shea Roberts

    I think he is onto something

  46. Shea Roberts

    By the book cooking is the worst but with baking its kind of a science. You can tweak flavors you can't tweak elasticity, dryness, and emulsion once its done its done

  47. ZomTe

    Plot twist: the cup has drugs in it

  48. Yorko The porko

    “Here comes bitch”

  49. Shea Roberts

    Dude name your cat meownster6900

  50. Shea Roberts

    Dude i cant break this down what am i thanos

  51. Shea Roberts

    Shit was fire

  52. Matt Clarkson

    Where’s that sweater from

  53. Rylandos Shlong

    Why does he look like Bart Baker?

  54. Cheesey Garlic bread

    How long has u guys been in quarantine me in the uk has been in for 67 days I believe

  55. D.A Lione

    "WHOS ON THE WIFI? IM LAGGING" I feel this deeply

  56. Casey Rouse

    I always stack the plates but make sure to put all the cutlery on the top plate .... never worked as a waiter but it’s something my brain makes me do 😂

  57. Michael Edwards

    it's weird seeing Gus play the straight man

  58. B W

    Soooooo dumb

  59. Lapine Agaric

    where i come from we call them toboggans.

  60. Luke Scarlett

    We’re outta toilet paper...

  61. Nugget 1.0

    4:48 that's actually a really good joke

  62. Cody Croy

    I love god

  63. Aru -o-

    *ITS LIKE VIAGRA FOR YOUR BRAIN-* Me: No, no, no, no, no, no, no 👁👄👁

  64. hello987b

    My friend and I argue about the tip all the time.

  65. Marie

    Tattoos are expensive and painful to get let people show them off if they want 🙌🏼

  66. X S

    2:30 25 SALES DEEP

  67. MY Name

    When the state rolls into the ocean 😂

  68. Hxnnc

    Whats ur kd ratio dad? Kevin durant? NO XD

  69. Hxnnc


  70. Salty Scrimp

    the sad part is that he probably only exercised 2 weeks to get to that current whereas it would take me almost 2 months to get to that state.

  71. Marius Lark

    that's why PC is better, jkjk, anything works fine.

  72. Phil w

    Fuck! I just realized I'm this guy

  73. Neroshy

    Alternate tite: When you give an IOS user a Galaxy



  75. Casey William Harden

    Patrick Cc

  76. Diego Victoriano

    Topher is at it again

  77. David Norberg

    *”Am I a bong?”* *”I’m a bong”* -mom

  78. Barack Obama

    Imma be honest ,diet coke fucking sucks

  79. Hamza Lodhi


  80. Tenz Tops

    Lol kids these days

  81. BigDogCMA


  82. Richard Gibbs

    0:00 minecraft "oohhh"

  83. Fuc Google

    Very good

  84. Justin Black

    Yo I think this guy may have worked at a restaurant.

  85. Kevin Castner

    That hat though...

  86. Glitch in the system

    Who else is here because of TikTok

  87. Aidan Vogel

    Lmaooo was not expecting to see Dr. Dick

  88. adam pelletier

    Please stack your plates

  89. Your friendly neighborhood emo non-binary lesbian

    Trevor sorry Kyle are you ok?

  90. Jeff Moore

    So much zoom

  91. cwmcleroy

    Eat her while she cry call that wine and dine.

  92. samanthasapato123

    I am triggered ...