Trevor Wallace is a stand up comedian who absolutely loves writing in third person. You may know him from his viral video series "Life As A Zumiez Employee" ft. his signature character Bryson. Although he creates many different styles of sketches. He is not just a one trick pony. Nor is he a pony.
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  1. Octavio Castro

    I would love to win the giveaway you and tld are doing

  2. Kevin B

    This is half of the USsel adds I get trying to sell me their secret system for success lol.

  3. aniston pauline

    imma need one of those candles on the shelf behind trevor

  4. QuickScopingPerk

    Okay the buggin got me 😂😂😂

  5. Silva Cleo


  6. Ryan Crago

    No one: Closed Captions: Check Wes

  7. Tunago

    Yeah don’t ever delete nudes. Google drive that shit.

  8. Ryan Crago

    *My Pleasure*

  9. FranDaCran Mcverry

    SkullCandy: They can cancel the noise, but they can't cancel the hate.

  10. Flexyy

    Next vid:ASMR in my er room

  11. Hal Yolo

    Soccer players are all beutiful

  12. Eduardo Memije

    1:12 Tyler fans when Drake showed up instead of Frank Ocean

  13. Help Ricardo get 200 subs without any videos

    whats the song at 1:27

  14. No Baht Benny (moooooore funny stuff)

  15. Modus Pwnens

    "Canadians are too nice to shoot each other" First nations people be like: 👀👀👀👀 Ok fine, they wouldn't shot anyone. They'd just trample on First Nations people or children or force sterilization on them.... 🙄

  16. TRP growntofu

    3 adderale holds up 4 fingers

  17. Anjnoot

    When he said "Ahahahaha" I really felt that...

  18. Max Palmer

    This was Hilarious

  19. Nicholaus Nilson

    "oh you have soulja pods? who hurt you?

  20. FeAR NoVA

    Procedes to stir his lean

  21. lenny c r i z

    Me : *with $350 noise cancelling headphones* *Cancels noise and "flexers"*

  22. PlainOldAlex

    He payed for a metro card 🤢😭 just jump over

  23. Jon Polley


  24. Endless Ambition

    0:39 😂😂😅🤣

  25. collin murillo

    Funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  26. Patrick Bateman

    In real life the cats bully the dogs


    *random dad noises* looooooooool

  28. Koolkid99 X

    Yeeeah wears AirPods once WHAT IS THAT

  29. Mslalastephanie

    My straw has whiskey dick 🤣

  30. Chaitanya kapoor

    This is better than the official ad

  31. Lpue

    This guy looks a bit like ludwig that one twitch streamer.

  32. Minnesota Cowboy

    This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen😂🤣 this man has me dyin

  33. elliot blake

    Am I the only one that had Siri go off at 1:08 lol


    I know for a fact scorpion didn’t come out on June 29

  35. J. Collett


  36. K3NT1NUUM

    "Hol'up hol'up, yo dog ran away. ... I'm out here ahahhhhahaaahaaaaahahahaaaa" Had me dying rip in peace

    1. Hass Ment

      K3NT1NUUM bark bark hahaha

  37. Bandit Cock

    The background music has me rolling

  38. The Bossman28

    “You got soldia pods? Who hurt you”😂

  39. Savanna Scarola

    What’s up with the corners of your banner? Michaels head turned blue going past it and NOW I CANT STOP STARING AT IT

  40. umbrellastation25

    It’s beyond me how you can despise these characters so much yet still sympathize with them.

  41. Asia Da Gamer

    XD this can be a commercial

  42. Kevin O

    vanilla ice

  43. Mattedboi15


  44. Joshua wax

    im stealing the idea for breast friend and turning this into a multi million dollar money making scheme

  45. Héctor Hernández

    Did the Tommy Bahama cologne smell like f a j i t a s?

  46. Spider

    Colab with fitz. would be great

  47. Sade Brown

    Idk why but I instantly got the hot topic joke in the beginning 😂😂

  48. Yu Hua

    Every single night: *Me*

  49. Gfam Vlogs

    That’s true tho! I got a del taco cheeseburger randomly one day and was blown away by how good it actually was!

  50. Haven Wisner

    25:13 michals head

    1. Savanna Scarola

      Haven Wisner yo I just saw that and commented on it omfg

  51. that one kid matti

    right as he said "hypothetically" i lost my shit

  52. ꧁𖤐AllahcallᎥภg𖤐꧂

    i thought the title was "when your flight number is flight 93

  53. nwils

    Of Michaels 3 porn sounds can we guess which one he makes lol.

  54. Sara Saglimbeni

    “how the hell do you use this goddamn robot”

  55. Zapeoleon

    I still have wires, but AirPod Pros are pretty nice.

  56. BRBallin1

    This is what Gavin Belson would look like when he was younger

  57. Trippy Kyle

    Trevor was on fire today!

  58. Lance Boyle

    Everyone in amway, Herbalife, world financial group, etc

  59. Doey

    He had me at 0:40

  60. kyle boudreau

    Kyle Boudreau

  61. Sxvxge

    Did anyone else’s siri pop up at 1:08

  62. My Favs

    Holy crap that was so realistic

  63. jupiter is a bean

    i fucking hate you I'm literally on public transportation I CANT STOP LAUGHING

  64. ICO Mercenary

    More like J Cole fans

  65. Isa Goraya

    Stay on the path

  66. Neko2004

    I was born in Kaiser Permanente... Im not stoked about metal straws either

  67. Well Mixed

    Mango is bomb😋😎

  68. Links

    New video idea: *wears Bose Frames once*

  69. Links

    New video idea: *wears Bose Frames once*

  70. PinkFishTacos

    And at the end of the day he goes to sleep with a small penis. Some things money can't buy.

  71. Professor Weaboo

    *why this dude look like machine gun kelly*

  72. ryan mclean

    Is that a Louis the child shirt

  73. NerfTheForce

    Lol I got an entrepreneur ad before this video

  74. Patrick C

    “We are gonna find you a new dad“ 😂😂

  75. Wddl3

    Laughs in Florida

  76. 0to60 Tech

    Lol we did vids like these , but in our compared South Africa -> NY

  77. Zack Mitkin

    Is that dosdude?

  78. Ryan Crago

    Why are you sitting on your friends?

  79. Mateo Martinicorena

    make something disappear lemme borrow 100 dollas hell no

  80. Your Daily Grapes

    I make daily grape videos for no reason at all.

  81. mostworst

    _my dude_

  82. Tanner Johnson

    Dudes, a gnarly handy J is the best thing God gifted man.

  83. Saucy

    *Broke Intensifies*

  84. Justeen Schei

    Charlie day would be the best lead with owen Wilson. Picture they've been bros and close for forever, they take a break apart and reunite during a class reunion haha

  85. Juicy Punch

    What did they do to the real kyle

  86. jesus gonzalez

    Why is he wasting time boxing isn’t he supposed to be packing

  87. Outraged

    When he said hey Siri what time is it it actually triggerd my siri

  88. Steak

    He made my Alexa at full volume go off

  89. Fuzed Cable

    I can’t imagine what people are thinking when he’s just yelling random things in the street

  90. RTY Media

    he looks like a hot chick!.

  91. Ran Dom

    3:21 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Rap Topic

    3:05 😂😂😂 sounds like broke people promblems

  93. Cecily Erker

    I have a Yeti Rambler and a Hydroflask and the Hydroflask is sexier but the Yeti is more durable and I put a handle on it for the car

  94. Daniel Horton

    These idiots just called gourds “gorges”

  95. Yu Hua

    “You heard the new alien ant farm yet?”

  96. Franky Lopez

    "Meditate to Gary Vee" - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Yu Hua

    Dudeman’s face at 0:53 made me have a flashback

  98. Emily K

    Sorry I didn’t see any AirPods so...

  99. Noah B

    What kind of "daddy" did he call though?

  100. Lauren C.

    I subscribed as fast as I could