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  1. Waleed A

    1:12 the best moment

  2. frida

    brad is so confused

  3. Philippe Cloutier

    I miss vinny

  4. Robert De Mott

    Finally! A Molly baz video 🥳

  5. Daniel Buys

    Well done Brad!

  6. tulgo abouni

    Bro they’re really pushing this soap on the ads to😂😂😂

  7. Lucas Robertson

    Claire is a national treasure. We must protecc!

  8. Zandri


  9. Miguel Nuestro

    Dill noodle soup, with a chicken on the side 😂 looks good though

  10. cheers

    When Claire disrespects all your favorite flavors but you still love her 🤟😞🤟

  11. Kimmy Klo7


  12. Jay Ammons

    Demonstrating the chickens breastbone location on herself... I’m so confused right now.

  13. Amber Daze

    Waiting for a "soda on the side" joke,,,, please,,,

  14. popgo estheweasel

    rich chigger would never be on this show

  15. Gunnar S.

    Has anyone else been missing Molly? Don’t get me wrong I love Molly Tries but her videos in the test kitchen got me hooked originally and we haven’t seen her just cooking a good old recipe in awhile! So happy for this video.

  16. Elden Hubisz

    This guy might be a little too serious for Brad....I dont think he hows the BA staff..

  17. Jose Borjas

    Molly, Long time n9 see! ! 😊

  18. Felipe Brockveld

    0:03 PERFECT HAIR!!!!!!

  19. Wee Dog

    The background group during the dish soap 'conversation' between Molly and Gaby - hilarious..

  20. SivenMs

    That is ALOT of "wasted" food! Would love a series on frugal-but-still-delicious cooking.

  21. Hannah Carlson

    I made this before the video came out and it was so yum

    1. Hannah Carlson

      also!!! i am skeeved out by onion skins going into a dish but I ignored my feelings for the goldeny chickeny broth hue and I was better off for it!!! It was beautiful 🥺❤️

  22. Sanae Tv

    The ads in the video was the method soap .. *an ad within an ad*

  23. S I

    Brad's the only one that didn't get to taste his ice-cream :(

  24. Drocks027

    I'm a little sad about the advertisement in the middle. Really BA?

  25. Billie Jo

    Is no one gunna talk about the fact that ALL SKITTLES ARE THE SAME FLAVOR!?? the flavor is only on the outside! 💥😦💥

  26. Wild111

    Brad: "We're all gonna be winners in this one, let's just make the perfect pie for us" Also Brad: "LoSeRs DoN't gEt TuRkEy LeGs"

  27. Prateek

    Ask andy baraghani to marry me. Hahaha

  28. Aistė Lassaitė

    wow raid teams make soap now?

  29. Jill Koczent

    I was just thinking about ditalini pasta. I don't know what that says about me, but here we are!

  30. Melanie Mathews

    I hate product placement. I think when shows get too popular it almost always makes them sell out.

  31. SunoftheCakes

    Where's a new episode of Molly Tries? well, a chicken noodle soup is better than no Molly at all, I guess :D

  32. Jeff Peterson

    I fell in love with Carbonara when I was in Rome. This is one of the few legit carbonara recipes I've seen on USsel. I make mine with all the same ingredients, but I put it all together a little differently. And guancale is way too hard to find so I always use pancetta

  33. Peter Pan Parker

    Ideas for Making Perfect. Making Perfect: Breakfast Making Perfect: Nacho's Making Perfect: Chilly Dogs with Fries

  34. Ido Zal

    10:41 Isn't it just Shakshuka?

  35. RedRevant

    here in belgium we have something we like to call lost bread, we basically take some eggs put them in a bowl with some milk salt and pepper mix it then we put a slice of bread in it and bake it like that, i love it

  36. Cesar Oviedo

    They finally got a sponsorshiiiip

  37. socomfyhere

    Sponsored by a soap company, but she touches the raw chicken with her salt hand and then throws some salt back in the bowl? :-/

  38. Aumbreen Khokhar

    Wow a dish soap ad with Molly in it played before this video lol 😂

  39. CIA


  40. Megan Mason

    Every time I've left the skin on the onion for a stock, it ends up tasting so bitter! What am I missing here???

  41. Aidan Tobias

    Come back Brad

  42. Paulus Galvao


  43. Dyngus Khan

    If they start spiking them I bet they’d make a killing

  44. Tyrel Harness

    I add bay leaf to mine 😋

  45. Ninad Sinha

    Hardcore sponsoring.

  46. Dig Byck

    plays with hair then rubs chicken... gross!

  47. Yesenia Mendoza

    PLEASE make Girl Scout cookies next

  48. Other Account 57

    "The crunch does go, the crunch does go."

  49. Akshitha Unnithan

    chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side

  50. xwlfx315x

    Just saw his desires for a good slice and i'm already out. I hate tomatoey pizza sauce, a sweeter sauce is the best flavor. I hate the acidity of most sauces and I find it to be the worst thing about NJ pizza.

  51. Clement N

    As a frenchie, Molly speaking french gives me *L I F E*. Love you Molly <3

  52. Juan Barba

    Whenever I hold a chicken upright with tongs, tasty 5,000 degree juices pour straight down the channel in the handles 😓

  53. N D

    I kinda feel like there was still so much meat on that carcass that could have gone back into the soup... but maybe that's just me.

  54. Paulus Galvao

    Molly should have a show of her on, like "brad's its alive".... should de calles "Molly cooks boring food in a boring way! "

  55. Oiseau Libre

    Here we use vermicelli :)

  56. James Flanagan

    Did anyone else get a method soap commercial of molly talking about it right after she just washed her hands?? Lol it was great!!!

  57. Ida-Emilie

    I would die for gabby honestly

  58. SilverXeno

    I'm always so disappointed when leafy celery tops don't get used. Molly's didn't have them...and I am deeply disappointed.

  59. Kat

    chicken noodle soup with the soda on the side... hobi anyone?

  60. Eddie N

    2:27 She almost threw the kitchen hand towel inside the pot lol

  61. Michael Wilson

    Molly sees Claire with all her french with Delaney and goes full Paris on us.

  62. Josh Vente

    Now I understand what Andy meant when he said "ugh, it's a Molly Baz recipe..."

  63. Unostopcard Xd

    I always forget this is a company, seeing the ad for the dish soap just reminded me of that.

  64. Miguel Hernández

    Why does she skim the foam? Is it only fat that foams? Awesome video. Thanks!

  65. Daya Rodriguez

    Molly has a pretty amazing glow huh

  66. Ariel

    You guys need to start thinking about food wastage. I know it's a test kitchen, but that carcass had some meat left.

  67. D j

    Your beautiful molly. Soup looks amazing. Your man's lucky

  68. Rafał Dyrda


  69. Luis Gutierrez

    He should do 24 hours at Whataburger

  70. pyongyang gang666

    That was awkward.

  71. Fatma Atma

    Make pakistani food like "chicken paratha chatni roll", "Chapli kebab" and "bun kebab" with Kumail Nanjiani okay!!

  72. artisticleech

    Literally gotten a soap commercial with molly in it when I clicked Good job molly!

  73. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Something else i cant afford

  74. bread tastes good

    11:30 she missed a chance to say that it's "no big dill"

  75. Torbax

    I love american cooking; "So you put 14 cups in and then 4 pinches of this and 3 shoetips of that and a toenail sized piece of ginger and to finish some veggies the size of a blue ball on a spring wednesday evening, dont make it a thursday because thats too big" ..... Like wtf just use grams and liters ffs.

  76. Aeisyah Iskandar_Rizal

    its hobi's birthday tooo omg

  77. Ariel

    Why not split the chicken before simmering it? That way, she doesn't need to take the whole chicken off the stove, and just pick out the breast. I feel like that was a bit counter-productive.

  78. Urthion

    Chicken Noodle Soup, with a soda on the side ?

  79. sophie gastelum

    The fact that she made Chicken Noodle Soul on BTS’s J-Hope’s birthday 🥺💜 what are the odds ??? 💜❤️

  80. gsxrsean

    Houston area code on the Scam...

  81. Alex K

    Just playing 1:11 repeatedly because I can't stop laughing

  82. Crowtein

    Aye, Hog slop’n it’s slit on thy reg.

  83. Theresa Jackson

    Why not break the chicken down into its parts before you start cooking the soup to make for easy retrieval?

    1. Theresa Jackson

      Never mind - made the comment way too soon!

  84. NullEntropy

    mmhh so all the salt on the chicken is kept when it submerged in the water?

  85. Ruby Khan

    Carcass 🥴 🤢

  86. Trash Dad Gaming

    Wouldn't it be easier to butcher the chicken first and then just put all the pieces in and pull them out as they are finished

  87. Ian Dowall

    I have absolutely no problems with channels taking sponsors, that's a good thing for them and keeps them going. But can you not do the "oh, what's this?" shtick? It's just kind of insulting, if you are going to advertise to us just do it, don't couch it in some vague little skit.

  88. Nick Rego

    Now THIS is how you make a sponsored video.

  89. lavishlyDecorated

    I've never seen a more organic way to make an ad, than this one for Method(c) washing liquid. . . . . (that was sarcasm)

  90. Paul-augustine Lauricella

    Worst product placement ever.

  91. Dan Lukens

    Get them ad dollars Molly.

  92. josh sobel

    Can we skip dismantling the chicken in the broth because I want to make this but I don’t know how to dismantle it

  93. Unruly Zeus

    At 9:19 the chicken moved

  94. Ras Williams

    Imagine how much the servers make on a crazy night. I feel like once the restaurant reaches a certain number of covers, the kitchen should be tipped out too!

  95. Ronson Peters

    I’m 👏🏼 here 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 sponsored 👏🏼 content 👏🏼 get it BA test kitchen

  96. Ty Cha

    How did they get that ad made so fast lmao

  97. Wuggie88

    it said beer on the list, but they are clearly drinking thin lemonade it seems like.

  98. adamantz

    if you want a more clearer broth you should cook the pasta in a seperate pot. in my experience the starch in the pasta makes the broth muddy edit: ok im an idiot, i should have watched the video until the end first x)

  99. Melissa Stock

    Was hoping she'd offer a bowl to the woman who was busy cleaning up after them the entire time! Maybe she did off camera. :-)

  100. jangeltrain

    Before I watch it I'm calling it that she throws some weird sacrilegious ingredient in there *cough* turnips in pot pie