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  1. Caryl Naron

    Chris's excitement when Claire tells him about using the dremel tool and seeing his switch of emotions 2 seconds later was all I needed

  2. John Callaio Jr

    Love that Brad called out Andy for being all too familiar with drugs haha

  3. NPC#reset/ input// err

    Gross he just boiled it no smoking searing broiling just boiled meat

  4. Reptar

    It just occurred to me that couldn’t you use those bingo/lottery ball spinners to coat hard shells on candies as though they’re being spun in a giant mixer. It’s basically a small scale hand crank mixer that you’d incorporate coating/coloring over candy centers and spin until it dries. This method could’ve been applied to m&m’s, skittles. & mentos!

  5. Dawn Eliot

    I think I saw something like this on the tv last year and they first made, rolled and fried the dough, then set in a tumbler with spray of oil and then tumbled them in the flavourings. P.S. Did you say they had MSG in, that means I will never be able to have one. I am one of millions who is allergic to it.

  6. Athaya Rb

    Wow good job chef

  7. yoGELLY

    I did that corn starch trick as a science project in grade school. Feels weird but so cool lol

  8. Ava Girnius

    anyone else look up orville peck? lol

  9. em turner

    What is the sideway pocket on Claire’s apron for?

  10. Wi_Yeti

    Gaby with the glasses on looks like an oompa loompa

  11. My True Love is My FR-S

    "Gum Araaabic" lol

  12. Psianth

    Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

  13. alex k

    wouldn't it be amazing with a thin layer dark chocolate between the mint caramel and royal icing!

  14. Christianneil Ocampo

    it would've been so funny if the potato mold was the final one

  15. Mangotrocity

    I want to be friends with whoever wrote this video description.

  16. Steven Baldwin

    Brad is my spirit animal.

  17. Sean Sullivan

    Nobody is gonna say anything about how Andy is a savage lmao "What, designer drugs? Let's not talk about that on camera." What a legend.

  18. savannawithoutanh

    Why do I ship Claire and Brad so hard? I know they have their own people but wow

  19. Matt561

    Omg the views

  20. Mélissandre L.

    Everyone needs a cheerleading Gaby in their life.

  21. Star Jalanugraha

    Gourmet makes fruit by the foot?

  22. Tarquini

    i think they should lean into the differences more, it's 'how to gourmet', not 'how to duplicate'

  23. Adrian D

    "Drinking is easy, and has very few rules. So here I go with a slew of them!"

  24. MrTargenor

    thank god for Molly. "these are definately improved!". dont replica... improve ;-)

  25. Jigsaw

    You hate thick shells so.. Gourmet Jawbreakers??? Literally all shell.

  26. Kathleen Jay

    Chris looking like a Louis Vuitton box @ 10:50

  27. Kashmala

    All Mentos are not white...

  28. robert10197

    no one: brad: QUIET ON SET PLEASE

  29. Valerie Rademacher

    So satisfying to see Claire's mentos react with the diet Coke!

  30. MCDexX

    Awww, I wanted to know the final scores...

  31. ninaeatworld

    "Young Adults (Age 19 to 59 Years)" I love that! 😂

  32. Bridget Porter

    Please do mike and ikes!!!

  33. jes wes

    egg in a hole or the burned cancer sandwich

  34. U Tube

    I began watching this at 2am...Claire made her comment about war of the worlds, which I then proceeded to watch immediately, and now its 4am and I will finish this video. To make a long story short thanks for wrecking my sleep schedule Claire

  35. Octo_Pi

    I'm waiting to see claire suffer

  36. C C

    After listening to BA's podcast 245 and Carla's attitude to people's feedback, I came over to see for myself. The feedback was very consistent and reasonably polite. Carla's combative attitude in the podcast isn't endearing and idoesn't make for "good entertainment".

  37. Elisa Groli

    >> using gourmet mentos to catch catfish

  38. Ava Girnius

    red is the best

  39. TexCav545

    if we win we win If we don't we don't. Best answer ever

  40. C

    I feel like they ran out of ideas. Is there really that many people begging for a mentos episode? I feel like at this point unless they get overwhelming support for something they shouldn't do a new episode for this. You guys should do a series where you reinvent junk food into something new. Like how taco bell did a doritos taco.

  41. Paper & Plates

    Sweet potato pie wasn't even part of the conversation! I wonder how different some of these Thanksgiving recipes would have been with a black food editor in the mix for that cultural input. Entertaining video as always. Loving the Claire and Brad combo.

  42. Audrey Pham

    Christina doesn’t seem like the talkative type. That’s probably why the editing makes Claire looks like she dominates.

  43. ljm792


  44. Hilda Castro

    Just when I couldn’t love Claire anymore, she has a weird claw hand.

  45. Sergio to pro 1

    12:34 Me in December 1 😜

  46. Ingeborg Korme

    Her earrings look like Ruffles! Golden Ruffles

  47. Rebecca Stuck

    Claire: “bag of egg yolks, sugar and water has been there since april” Bag of egg yolks: *is trying to be flaming hot cheetos*

  48. ron valentini

    Its all about the cola


    Gaby you are so cute, I just wanna hug you or put you in my pocket. 😄

  50. Ally ASMR

    23:48 literally the cutest thing ever “oh” “you can do it Claire” gabby is the best

  51. AmbrosiaArch

    Oreo: *is vegan* Claire: BUTTER??

  52. Cooking My Way

    *Clare: Bread hates it!* *Bread: it is not alive!*

  53. Aboutchuckb

    The diet Coke test with the Gourmet Mentos was like Old Faithful epic.

  54. Jessie Leask

    These two together is the video I didn’t think I needed

  55. Hayato Tanaka

    It’s “gourmet”, not “perfect duplication”... take a break cuz this does nothing but stresses me out.

  56. Mr Black

    Miss these videos

  57. Ivy Carter

    "I think it's gonna be 4 coats." > cue sad music

  58. Marlene Nickerson

    Why are they all so adorable?

  59. iWearCapeIRL

    When do you call your coke dealer tho

  60. Jodi Wong

    now can we have a gourmet makes ep on how to make brad’s kimchi and miso powders

  61. Jasper Jones

    Tighter than a what?? I'm hysterical.

  62. Visionary

    "similar, but totally different"

  63. Kim Chi

    Please be strawberry! I spend so much a month on these!!!!

  64. IoannesNota

    maybe Claire could try a chiropractor for her hand? not sure whats her hand problem about tho!

  65. Erd Tird Mans

    19:34 I genuinely love this part of every episode. Claire is the best. Also, requisite IWDfCftBATK

  66. Rebecca Stuck

    *claire having a full on conversation and explaining her reasoning* Chris: *smells his food*

  67. Pixelijah

    Gourmet makes more coke and mentos explosions.

  68. rickos1234

    VERY misleading video. Not the information I was looking for

  69. Nick

    Claire is seriously gorgeous.

  70. THE1NONLY1

    Why does Molly always sound like she's almost out of breath? It's like she can't talk for long.

  71. Zhi Jiang Chew

    As Brad would say "Compressed sugar"

  72. e21big

    The twos are like oil and water - with patient and a bit of force, they made for a wonderful mayo

  73. verginithe

    so bad i quit watching

  74. gtoss chddy

    I find it crazy that none of them have tried takis before. She's gonna have the coloring in her fingers for a long time hahaha I love takis

  75. THE1NONLY1

    Does anyone know why that black guy has major bumps on his face that never really seem to go away?

  76. Salt Machine

    The eating noises made this nearly unwatchable

  77. Phoebe Grigor

    Kinda disappointed you didn’t draw creepy little blue emoji faces on them

  78. George Costanza


  79. Sammy Sweet

    Claire coming to the point where she really couldn't be bothered that its a different texture is something I love for her.

  80. Marlene

    Am I the only one that thinks Alex Delaney is a total hunk??😍

  81. Christine Peterson

    Watching her use the mandoline is TERRIFYING.

  82. póg mo thóin

    i will never get sick of Claire ever shes in my life for forever now

  83. Daphne van Schie

    Chris his apron looks like a Louis Vuitton box!

  84. Clara Spain

    Tates Bake shop cookies....nobody can perfect them....

  85. Lauren Moniz

    Can we get a montage of every time Chris smells his food before he eats it? PLEASE.

  86. Melissa Helms

    What was the official score of their pies?

  87. Mangotrocity

    This is my favourite episode of gourmet makes and I’m not even half way through.

  88. boj


  89. Hurtmeh Hurtmeh

    They need to purchase a 3d printer so they can make molds

  90. Carlos Salvador

    I want Delaney to marry me

  91. Unwanted Jeans


  92. Bianca Cavazos

    Claire: So excited to see Brad. 2 video minutes later Claire: So done with Brad.

  93. Sean F

    I came for the soda drop and, I must say, Chris’ pan shield did not disappoint.

  94. Auntie Kai

    All the companies need to give Claire a tour of their facility and tell her how she can make her life easier

  95. someone you might know

    Lmao the more it goes the more I doubt the result at the end :'DD

  96. Emily L

    I'm gonna try a steamed egg tmrw lol

  97. Louise Wojtas

    Golden Fish!!!!

  98. Carmen

    That Mentos in Coke scene: Chris’ bussing tub shield Gaby’s excitement and “I love it’s” Claire’s self imposed whiplash Best scene yet in gourmet makes!

  99. YouHurtAllThreeOfMyFeelings Hun

    Fruit Pebbles Cereal!

  100. Kennan Lukacs

    I hope Claire reads these comments, because HONESTLY all of us lefties will probably agree with you - my right hand starting with the number 3, I have to use my left to pull my fingers all the way up.