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  1. Faisal Ahmed

    Is anyone wondering “WHAT DID CLAIR SAY!”

  2. belladancerella09

    Claire is throwing some serious shade.... have some fun girl

  3. angelenaj0Li3

    Brad: we stuffed Claire in the basement and I don’t even wanna be here. These candies are trash

  4. KnightBot 23

    I have never seen claire so dissapointed in my life

  5. Cam456p

    Id be down to have brad do this occasionaly

  6. Jillana Mutale

    “Close your eyes” “They are-“ “CLOSE THEM HARDER”

  7. Deborah Melo

    Please, someone make Claire do a react video on this! PLEAAAAAASE

  8. L S

    Brad calling Andes bad made me wanna fight but he's right they remind me of Christmas. I love those things.

  9. not a fox


  10. headcase_grace

    Clearly the chefs don't have the small town experience of going to Olive Garden and getting these at the end of your meal, they hit different then

  11. Starry Skies

    Claire’s incredible passive-aggressiveness was the best part of this video tbh

  12. Danny Pop

    no they didn’t.....OMGG 😱

  13. Maiten

    Brad is a nightmare with anything that requires precision 😂

  14. lafayette's baguette

    ha ha ha. claire's NOT in the basement

  15. Topaz Potato

    I didnt think BA was actually gonna do it. I have never been so happy for an update 😊💯

  16. Yahya El Sayed

    this is probably my favorite BA video to date along with Brad and Claires sour-doughhh nuts

  17. McNally

    Andes Mints are already amazing

  18. Jake Lancaster

    I love them 😔

  19. Nicola H.

    I never knew that I needed this Brad-Chris combo. The sheer chaos of Brad running ahead while Chris stuggles between choosing to reign him in or join him (Featuring Claire as the disappointed teacher at the end)

  20. Bianca Robles

    I don't even think you understand how excited I am for this, I keep pausing it to process what's happening and how thankful I am for this April fool's joke actually happening.

  21. Artofficial

    Aww you guys are so cute - I'd never guess Brad is a bottom

  22. Nora Kins

    Omg Claire is the worst.

  23. Candace Shealy

    We're going to do everything Claire would do except freak out. Meanwhile 40 mins in Brad is on his knees.

  24. Paul Feist

    Claire tries one: Makes very unimpressed face....

  25. Lezti 66


  26. Shaw North

    Claire is so hard to read in this, is she over it because she wants her show back?

  27. Maddy Broedel

    To maintain my sanity in these trying times, I’m holding firm to my belief that BA has a vault with dozens of these, each with different combinations of chefs and shows. Nobody correct me. 😂

  28. Skip Eastport

    Sorry not sorry I loathe turnips and won’t put them in my chicken pot pie. Also think peas suck, too. So none of those on mine. Otherwise I’m down with this.

  29. Adarsh Sadananda

    Claire in her Gourmet Makes: A,B,C,D,E.......X,Y,Z. Brad and Rick: A,P,Z and that's it we made it.

  30. Yumeno Fujiwara

    The video description is such a mood XD

  31. E. W.

    I almost want to see Claire remake this episode by herself while they loiter in the background, just to see their differences in process, who’s more efficient, see the difference in vibes, etc. because their vibe was Chaotic Neutral at least while hers is like, Lawful God

  32. Victoria G

    When Chris ripped the paper while Claire was just judging their mistakes LMAO

  33. J Smooove

    Chris I'ma have to see you outside. I don't appreciate the way you denied Gaby's hugs.

  34. Nicole Brunson

    This is hilarious. Bet they appreciate Claire more lol

  35. trisha nicole sl


  36. Marquis Martinez

    How does Claire wants both these guys and she’s not even scream

  37. amanda

    claire could’ve done this ep in her sleep

  38. Carmen Castronero

    ok but where is claire

  39. KariSpeaks

    more like Gourmakes Claire

  40. formation100

    Angry brad makes the best for gourmet makes

  41. Carlijn .038

    we do not deserve thiiiiiiis

  42. —

    Omg I need this with other cast members :)

  43. safira

    6 mins in and i already laughing SO HARD their dynamic is the best!!!

  44. Miz Boom

    40 minutes of total exasperation. Fun!

  45. Alex Orozco

    Claire has such a bad attitude 😖

  46. Eli Lesch

    Claire is rolling over in her yeti coolers

  47. epicfail12336

    To this day i still wonder what claire actually said

  48. Liz P

    This is the most fun I've seen Chris have. Love it!

  49. Mi A A

    Chris looks like a very intense librarian until he laughs then he looks like a very intense 12 year old

  50. Isaac Thomas

    More like April fools gift.

  51. Dani GoGodly

    I'm gonna say it because like everyone else is afraid to: It took 2 of them, to do what Claire does *EVERY* episode.

  52. L S

    OH THEY ACTUALLY DID THE APRIL FOOLS THING Also as much as I don't like him, shouldn't Andy do Andes candies?

  53. Brianne

    Temper cheaters!!

  54. Emma

    I'm gonna cry I'm so sure if they used a thin fondant layer like in york patties this would've been so much easier 😭

  55. Anna Flud

    loved it!

  56. Ari Miller

    You know I love you Brad, but um... Andes mints are delicious and you are wrong and I took it personally. Just so you know.

  57. LuxAeternum

    Sohla is just amazing

  58. Mirroughs

    I really hope Chris knows he's tempering chocolate mostly for his own benefit, Claire will always have the option to avoid it like the plague. Better yet, since Chris and Brad have done an episode, the next time tempering chocolate comes up they can help her rather than say "No, you have to temper the chocolate"

  59. Clairy Boots

    Chris Morocco is magnificent.

  60. Lera S.

    “May I speak?” I live

  61. Vatesy

    I have never laughed harder at a BA video in my life.

  62. andrea_20306

    A+++ episode The content we need 😂💜😂💜

  63. breadjah loves bread


  64. Lel Llykex

    Nahh, what is this? I want Claire doing gourmet makes!

  65. Tony Marselle

    I like Andes mints

  66. alex morey

    "you used two pounds of chocolate to make 40 grams of candy" lmao

  67. Andrea G

    had no idea how much i needed this lol

  68. madivason b.

    Claire criticizing and eye rolling at Brad & Chris exudes virgo energy.

  69. filosophy

    this is SO chaotic.... I love it

  70. HeroG9000

    They freaking did it!

  71. Marco Antonio Angara

    T E M P E R I N G S U C K S

  72. Ally Mou

    Gosh this is the best present that I ever have in my life, I am dying to wish these happen!! Thanks BA

  73. HH HH

    Hey! I could make those! I have chocolate and mint!

  74. semirgj

    This is easily the best BA video ever. The reoccurring horror of tempering chocolate, the yin and yang of brad and chris, it being 4/1/2020, the war of add wrapping, measuring, etc., and the nc17 level dialogue or Tourette’s fit. It’s basically a master class of unintentional intentional comedy

  75. Seraphim Davey


  76. Kris Lee

    Claire looks soooo done hahahag

  77. Lavinia Denise

    Whoa, this is so fresh!! 😌

  78. xp3nguin

    I need Sohla to have a show all about chocolate.

  79. Kris Kat

    I wanna see them build IKEA furniture together.

  80. curly0117

    Day 3, still figuring out how to temper chocolate

  81. Saige Pilgrim

    This...this is not what I expected.

  82. Nini

    This is what I needed during quarantine

  83. Lynda Tolley

    Felix and Oscar in the house. Am I in the twilight zone? Social experiment - masculine approach vs Claire’s approach.

  84. Erica C

    Awwww, the episode we've all been asking for :')

  85. JokoCi

    I kind of expected more Andy in this episode...

  86. Deryn Sharp

    I miss Claire

  87. papyrus_wiping_his_head_with_spaghetti. png

    What is this blasphemy

  88. Josh Fried

    Oh my god they listened to us. Thank you Bon Appétit, we really don’t deserve you

  89. chescagirl

    I don’t hate it keep going is a whole mood

  90. Brenda C.

    Their job is to get rid of Olive Garden breath.

  91. Laurentius

    Claire's not in the basement, she's in Carole Baskins' septic tank with Don!

  92. Ruby Neon

    Chris: "You're, like, Day 4 Claire, but, like, minute 40 Brad." xD

  93. Narces Montes

    Sorry guys but it looks messy.

  94. Pattranit Somasri

    This is way too funny than I thought it’d be.

  95. Alex Carly

    "when you say it doesn’t sound like you’re joking” lmao I died. Literally within the first minute I died laughing. thanks :)

  96. Carlo Miguel Cantoria

    "soy le le le yeaaa-uh-whatchusaid"

  97. Marissa Estep


  98. Joe Miner

    We neeeeeed a Chris and Brad show pls pretty pretty pls

  99. What? No!

    I was really depressed by red dead redemption 2 ending. This made me feel better.

  100. Nathan

    Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I was confused when I didn’t see Claire in the thumbnail.