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  1. Haida Hasiri


  2. Meddie Arismende


  3. Hailey Chiang

    Your boy band should be call Aba

  4. Nidhi Pachotia


  5. Baby Felicia


  6. United States of America

    Was that the same frying pan you got hit with 😂

  7. manu kumar gupta


  8. Seema Sharma

    Done . I am super bored at home and I need to prank someone . I don't win the sanitizer one, can you please choose me for this one . I have never won a giveaway

  9. Virginia David


  10. Sreenath Kunapuli

    2:48 makes me think of Iron Man😭😢😢😞😞 RIP Legend.

  11. Anna RATH


  12. Mango 5150

    Don't you wish you did charli D'melio

  13. Galaxy_Stargie

    can we be friends

  14. Aj Cowan

    Soooooo obvious that this is fucking fake

  15. Tasmin Thomas

    Lets be friends I’m done

  16. Richard Mclaren

    I can't sub but i can be your friend I love you vid and my brother dmed you on Instagram he said I love your videos and I liked the dm vid look at it pls he Will love to he has censer so pls reply to him but don't menchon the censer in it he all so he artson

  17. Gail Bagdadi

    Honestly I’d be so mad

  18. rich snitch


  19. Aakarshak Swaraj


  20. HestonSFM Hughes


  21. Only for SB19


  22. Manju Choudhary

    bro it's only 3.5 million

  23. Marinda Kruger


  24. Hattie Greaves

    Love you guys Done

  25. Aria Laidler

    Who is the person in the back seat?

  26. Fijar Muhawimia

    try not to stop eating carrot

  27. sanyog Parajuli

    Done bro i can win it 😍♥️♥️ Love from nepal 🇳🇵♥️

  28. LBo

    Done please give that cup to me I love pranks so much and your videos are so funny and awesome by the way my Instagram is @mooshmooshslime I’m not trying to sound mean or anything please I love that cup it is so cool please send it to me❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍also I will give you 10 free slimes if you give me that cup also I’m not trying sound like I’m saying GiVe mE ThaT Cup KnOW I just really love pranks

  29. Elizabeth Liyew

    You are interesteing and funny

  30. Maureen Field


  31. Bleszih Garcia

    The Thumbnail And Jennie's Name Is Wrong Her Name Is Kim Jennie

  32. Jen Apodaca


  33. Si’ana Jamison


  34. 김선희

    I am Canadian and Korean I prefer both

  35. Chris Chrisb


  36. Chandra Poojary

    I think you should control Brent in next video

  37. Violet Lockward

    Wait is that Kakashi in the trash can

  38. Ana Ramirez

    Done I’ve been a fan for 3 years (if I win I don’t have Ig my tik tok though is @priscila.daisy.10

  39. Siddharth (Sid) Narang

    Lets be friends.

  40. sandra Ramirez


  41. Gail Bagdadi

    Omg that was the funniest thing I ever saw 😂

  42. SkyWolf 25

    done xD

  43. Adel Yasser

    you are. funy😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Jason Davies

    At 5:16 he screamed like a baby

  45. Tiffany Christon


  46. NO NAME

    Why is your mom from china

    1. NO NAME

      Your mom now about cellphone but she dont now about tik tok becuse she never see that 💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  47. Bao Ngoc

    done my insta: @melonniches from vietnam 🇻🇳 by the way :)

  48. Leighton Bellerby

    Get obys and chic them in the driv throo

  49. PʀɪᴅᴇᴅGᴀʀʟɪᴄ17

    Les be friends

  50. Joe and Nikki Ziegler

    Done ✅

  51. Maria Castillo


  52. Lexi Gibson

    I have more boys that are friends then girls that are friends I am a tomboy with a shaved 🪒 head and I’m a girl

  53. Pickles s

    I love you guys

  54. Erika Barreras Robles

    BTS also means behind the since

  55. Anna Johnson

    Done I subscribed and turned on 🔔

  56. hasna alamri


  57. Lexi Gibson

    Can I have some hand sanitizer I have no friends and it would be so cool if you signed the back

  58. Raiyu Saechao


  59. Norazilah Mohamed Amin


  60. NO NAME

    Haha this is so weird hahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  61. OTAKU 29

    Huhu i wish i have a twin brother too huhu bec. I want to be a hokage just kidding🤣🤣

  62. Joey Popobob13

    It says u have 3 million

  63. Brooklyn Walker

    Were those rides fun or scary?

  64. Christal Harvey


  65. XxXsilent_thunder X

    At 1:10 did anyone see the picture fall or is that just me

  66. Pizza Person


  67. Cleaf the Super Dog

    6:23 you forget to color the anithor one

  68. Jackson Wolfal


  69. Juju me ujuj

    We can be friends lol I only have two friends I’ll have four if we are friends But you have t reply if we’re friends

  70. Avya Roy

    Let's be friends

  71. Mahmoud Anbar


  72. OTAKU 29

    Oh such a nice pair name my name is ANDREW too! Hahaha

  73. NO NAME

    You guys have girlfriend

  74. roblox aky


  75. Maria Castillo


  76. samrat Goyal


  77. Leah MOI [6P]


  78. Lucky Unami

    It is



  80. Annabelle Divelbliss

    Ya it is

  81. Lisa S-K


  82. Waky Sr

    In my country having police uniform without permission is a jail able offence

  83. Love liilavy 縫う

    *When they realize they look the same* *JUNG-SHOOK😯

  84. jamason theodore

    The barf one worked for me

  85. Karma tashi Gurung

    Alan won

  86. Lindsey Fisher


  87. MrEligoodman

    It is possible to sub and like at same time

  88. Andrew Fualau


  89. tblox 82

    6"12 coronavirus sry im watching this in 2020

  90. Abbigayle Ringo

    0:26 did anyone see that girl running in the backround

  91. Sabrina Sanderson

    Let’s be friends

  92. Victoria Isabella


  93. dark nightmare

    Whyy you wink at me im blushing 😣😣😣😰😵😵😵😵