Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. pegggy clark

    that's my cr ool

  2. Whitney/Vita Lukasevych

    You sound so much like Natalia Taylor it's weird

  3. Jeffre The dinosaur

    Where’s James Charles

  4. fatima huq

    Maybe bc l hate bananas, but looking at Christines Benana color actually makes me feel kinda queasy 🤢

  5. SadChicken_Nugget :3

    Do you have a religion?

  6. UrbanAllegory

    Christine and Safiya together is just perfection

  7. Mary Martin


  8. Stacey Castle


  9. Ariana Like walking dead


  10. nicole jackson

    the second dress made you look fat

  11. Soufiane araqas Music Video world

    Nice 🎥

  12. Genevieve

    I'm jusr curious to know what was in the fifth storage unit lol

  13. 99 eve

    "seductive seatbelt vibe" has me in TEARS

  14. MoonChild_Beani


  15. Mindi van de Velde

    Frankish for the purple polish

  16. Isabel guillen


  17. Michael Gibson

    Franken shine

  18. Carys Obrien

    1:48 sorry saf going to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. be back later

  19. Tabby Grogan


  20. bebekinz

    id wear the second one

  21. Luiza Chouin


  22. Clara Evans

    Mauve off or on

  23. Sweaty Skeleton

    Imagine being the least problematic person in a room full of eyeshadow

  24. maddie burgess

    Mauveulous like Marvelous

  25. Rosa Solstice

    Pan people be like 👀

    1. Rosa Solstice

      For context the pan flag is basically those colors

  26. Sqigglebop The first

    You should call the Frankenstein polish “mauve out my way” in honour of cristine’s antisocial self. Don’t worry cristine im just as antisocial hehe🤗

  27. She Bee

    How is Jake Paul not banished from the internet

  28. flower M

    I THINK NAME ' all in @ is good for new mauve nailpolish

  29. char_ 2006

    ‘mauve on’ like ‘move on’

  30. Blissy Boo

    I just think its funny that in the video where Tyler proposed he said 'Safiya thinks she is a bat'... and here she is... getting a bat dress

  31. Danielle Clowers


  32. Sqigglebop The first

    OMG she should have called it “ middle finger teal” ohhhhhh wow I’m proud

  33. MiRae Kim

    berry me in polish

  34. Tired Creativity

    "we are three day old bananas"

  35. Faithlynn Unni

    When you write a review on Wish they have to approve it before it goes up. I have ran into this problem myself where I wrote that a shirt I had purchased was nothing like the photos and they took it down.

  36. Shimmering Shadow

    Berry Good should be its name


    How about “I’m dead inside” 😖🤣

  38. Becky Sweet

    The actual dreamteam 😍

  39. Ruth Siobhan

    the roll on lip gloss and the strawberry twirl rly brouhgt me back

  40. H. E. Bain

    Freaky frank

  41. Riku

    “Simply done.”

  42. Rebekah R


  43. Caradwen Kaminski


  44. Lindsey Clifford

    Berry me in polish

  45. Violetchild

    Call it Mauvster Mash

  46. LaGataRusa

    Have you named it yet? I suggest USselr Blood

  47. navaeya cayetano

    Ty:"Were approching sweater weather!" Saf:"Nah you gotta say swetta wetta" Ty: **sigihs** "Swetta wetta"

  48. Jenniffer Richard

    Saftine mauve

  49. Ari Berri

    Mixed up mauve is my name 4 the franken polish Or just name it franken polish

  50. kitty Fowles-Smith

    Benana looks like when my cat threw up on my kitchen floor

  51. Riley W

    I have the same brush! Also, I love your music choices! I'm a professional dancer, so I'm biased.

  52. felix sther

    neighborhood foot course sink land position while stem historical.

  53. Michaiah Mojica

    Cristine is really serious with nail polish, did you notice how serious she got during the mixing of BEnana? She knows her stuff <3

  54. Kayla Cherri

    it’s an Alaskan BULLWORM

  55. Brenda Alvarez

    Christine looks so smol

  56. Limited Kayla

    *I got it for free. Its horrible.* lmao

  57. Samantha

    Mauve get out the way! Should be the name of your nail polish

  58. Liz S

    All three of them are some version of the three primary colors.

  59. Jayjay

    Im late, i know but it will just be funny if you would wear like white sneakers under your wedding dress lmao! Congrats by the way

  60. Blossom Gill

    I was like oh shit dolightfull I watch her

  61. Jimmy Mason

    it's not a crown it's an eyelash

  62. Remmi Nemmi

    This nova dress is really nice🤔

  63. Marin White

    the pearl incrested dress reminded me of the Melanie Martinez orange juice dress

  64. Grace’s Beanies

    I like to mauve it I like to mauve it

  65. Mika Baggins

    Franken Mauve?

  66. Nails Are Life

    "I'm a women." Jenna? Did you get some more Just for Men and Jenna?

  67. Zahraa Ibrahim

    “Nymply Mauve” it’s werid but i like it idk why

  68. Gabriella Bigelow

    “It’s 2017, it can be both” I’m dieing Lolol

  69. Elana Vital

    That company is a mess. They claim it can replace pads but...nah. Then they say it's supposed to be used WITH a pad

  70. Izzy’s World

    psychic #1 was right...THE PROPOSAL

  71. EllyH1000

    I wouldn't bother using mauve in the name. It's a berry colour so I'd call it Berry Nice...

  72. Makeup And vlogs!!!


  73. The Arcane Illustrator

    Those were pantiliners not pads. Much cheaper and has all over adhiesive. lol it's a dollar for twenty and thats name brand.

  74. Allyn Brewer

    You should do testing Beauty products from Pinterest!!!!

  75. Molly Walker

    Can we please just take a minute to see how good Safiya look like you slay 👑👑👑

  76. Faith Chisholm

    4:08 that girl in the background 😂😂😂😂

  77. Louise Hughes

    Mauvin on up (moving on up)

  78. RaEndum person

    A mauvelous nailjob.

  79. Harry Potter

    Ik why but i just love the way u talk ❤❤❤

  80. Mairav Levy

    Name it Franken-polish

  81. Virgo Aries

    These are the only two USselrs I'd be allowed to hang around with if I had been still a teenager. being 37 now I'm stil the same. I like fresh and simple dudettes. love y'all

  82. Kristen Nowlin

    I would like someone to redo this but without specialty scents or the blueberry. The Christmas scents are too overpowering, so, if they are eliminated, you’ll have a more B&BW candle medium scent.

  83. Blue Haze

    You got nice mauves

  84. Blissy Boo

    i think its funny that in the video where tyler proposed to her he said 'safiya thinks she is a bat' and here she is getting a wedding dress for the bat sleeves

  85. Rayyan Asif

    The yellow is to die for. ♥️

  86. Jae. Thalji

    Franken mauve

  87. Yvonne Brewster

    Mauve yo ass

  88. Heather :0

    Me with the receipts 😂

  89. Kate Troy

    Mauve on over

  90. CocaCola548 Izzy

    2:09 BEN?

  91. Basic Ass Girl

    Didn’t know Hong Kong and Malaysia have sarojini nagar markets😂 lol

  92. Dana Harvey

    Marriage is for suckers in this day and age.

  93. Sophia Cronin

    Simply Saf logical" for the polish that you and Cristine made

  94. fizzing_whizzbee

    Mauvember (even if you made it a while ago, you posted in November so sort of makes sense!). Also could raise awareness for cancer charities like ‘Movember’ !

  95. Agans Modest Apparel

    frankin mauve like frankin stein

  96. 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    I would name it mauve-ama

  97. Miso Mama

    those ambres mean you are going to bleach your hair. if you've had previous bleaches you'll end up with a chemical haircut..aka break and fall out of your hair. and once you do this to your hair any other bleaches following this mean chemical hair cut so dont do the ambres without some future consideration for your hair. the only way to truly over come the damage caused by bleaching in this style selection is to let the hair grow out and cut off as needed completely before any additional bleaching based styles.

  98. Nikki M

    What about “Mauve, bitch, get out the way” like the song?

  99. Karen-Sofie Hansen


  100. Thomas Brown

    Simply Franken