Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Dana A

    i disagree, i really liked how the wrap top fit her.

  2. Pinkfordays

    Am I weird because I didn’t shed a single tear on my wedding day?

  3. maheen waheed

    you dont look like an idol

  4. Morgan Stockman

    The first images of jewelry is opal not holographic but reflects light like holographic

  5. Tea Sipper

    No one: The lady mixing the polish: a dRoP oF BLaCk?

  6. Jordan McGoldrick

    Maybe the first set of picks was meant to set the standard for what to send you from there forward? Like, they'd see what you liked of what they sent and then go from there. I don't know. But maybe a part 2 of this video where you do it again and see if your picks from the first batch in any way affect what they choose for the second batch?

  7. nobody

    The moment of them holfing hands and both just starting to cry while Tyler says "I love you so much". I cried because it was so beautiful.

  8. Jeon Eliza

    Sister:hey you know that Safiya and Tyler got married Me:ok Doesn't watch it Now watching it Starts to cry Realizes I'm only 11

  9. Fluffer Nutter

    Eh it’s blush I guess

  10. シEsmeee

    I think the website ‘shein’ is pronounced “” at least that’s how you pronounce it in the UK

  11. Stephanie Luther

    Frank Orly

  12. Pearlescent

    Don’t you hate it when you are crying even though you really don’t even mean to and everyone is just like “huh”

  13. Christine Thomas

    Omg staci london! And your hair! Love it all.

  14. Angi Dudas

    Would you consider doing a video about all the different supplement and collagen and health items that are advertised on Facebook and Instagram?

  15. Douglas Griffiths

    I know it wasn't meant to be, but this video was pretty funny. I enjoyed it very much, and congrats on your wedding. Our own wedding took place on Dec. 20, 2001. Subscribed and liked. I am the subscriber, just using my hubby's account. (Jan Griffiths).

  16. Eleanor Meredith

    you should mix every face mask at ulta or sephora or something like that

  17. Hannz nhayle Flores

    Saf:ok today im dressing up like kpop stars Me:did you see hyun ho there

  18. Cristina Mitu

    Can someone explain what the "Merkin" is? Thanks.

  19. Mew Mew Estago

    Saf “This is like the least sexual adult play date every like we are just playing with doll mmJjhNSIHS

  20. mylovexavier

    you're so funny, I'm glad I found u

  21. ConnieP

    Saf: puts on her submission she only wears neutrals, blacks and whites Amazon: sends neutrals blacks and whites Saf: :O

  22. Becca _

    To be honest the clothes were pretty ugly. Can't believe they were all around 60 bucks

  23. Kaelabunga

    I think you should do a second go at this now that they k=know what you will keep!

  24. Lovedancing Xoxoxoxo

    And your doing this why?....🤔

  25. Harriett Wolff

    ‘It’s kind like a .... yuppie morticia.’ 🤣🤣

  26. Abraham Rodriguez

    I was actually watching Aladdin while watching this lol

  27. Alison Gonzalez

    Can you link the items for us? I really want that black dress!

  28. Willow White

    Her.ima fashion potato Me,yess

  29. 了咋吗合唱团偶然


  30. Willow White

    First things thoes are some ugly boots lol

  31. Flo Joe

    Instead of using the hair dryer u could put it in the microwave or on the stove

  32. Karise

    Everything was gorgeous!

  33. claudia

    Anyone here after Kobe died 😇 rip

  34. Jennifer Allen


  35. Emma Grace Moore

    The begging of this video it says something about the bit lipstick experience but its gunny because I just got done watching it

  36. Maeve Sloan

    *they say safiya safiya let down your pants and i happily oblige* *these are my noodles do you like them* *i am the human linguini* *a a treasure has been tied into my web* *I DEMAND MORE TRIBUTE* *this treasure is slightly smaller, more delicate*

  37. basket devil

    Why does she look like Grimes #2

  38. Yasmin Begum

    Man- Happy Birthday Saf: it was not Taylor's birthday.

  39. Eggy Stax

    If that’s how the merch was made i’d still buy it bc Saf

  40. Kennedy

    You could buy that black top with the knot at like target for half the price...idk I just don’t think $30 for something that basic makes sense

  41. Liz santiago

    I've seen way worse. You look good.

  42. hamettonya

    Final look 23:34

  43. Abby Stephens

    I am also very abundant on day 2 😂

  44. Kaitlyn Martin

    Pleeaaasseee go on Hot Ones you would be so good at not dyeing from spice

  45. Holly Martin

    Anyone else get a headache from the fumes just by watching this?

  46. Skull Rose.

    I'm sitting here squeezing my thighs tight,when she mentions the bubbles lol.

  47. Dena Turner

    Shout out to the ladies whose cyclea like to play mind games with them, and make life hell for you (and everyone else in your life) for roughly 35-40 years... like me! **disclaimer I have also had a csection (that split), tubal ligation, ectopic miscarriage and a hernia mesh patch placed (sub umbilical) yeah... there is damage ** That said: Day -4 why am I crying?!? This isn't even sad!?! Days -3,2,1 EAT ALL THE THINGS, BUT WANT TO EAT NOTHING, FEEL LIKE PUKING NONSTOP! Still with the tears? WTF Day 0 neutral... bahahhahahhaaa j/k sleep for as.close to 24hrs as you can, that's normal, right? MAN is my lower back out of place? Was I constipated or something, it was all that food, fatty... cry a bit.more, but be mad about it. Day 1 Ooooohhhh yeah, it all makes sense now, hmm maybe I was a touch constipated cause holy hell... nope still cause you're a fatty also me to me "stfu bitch" OMG THE PAAAIIINNNN I'M GUNNA DIE! Day 2 STILL DYING WITH THE PAIN, THIS ISN'T NORMAL (me to me: bitch you don't know normal from shit) DDDDYYYYIIIINNNNGGG and the pain is vomit inducing. Day 3 Sure of it now... I'm gunna die, he's gunna die, they're all gunna die, you could die... I might die twice! Day 4 fake stop day, oh... wait WE SURVIVED!! That wasn't so bad!! See... Day 5 PSYCH!! DEATH PAINS... Y'ALL SHOULD RUN SAVE YOURSELVES!!!! I'M NOT SAFE TO GET.NEAR!!!! Day 6 super.light, breazy, tampon box in a white tennis skirt smiling in feilds pic kind of day... lol... why is everyone so skiddish?!? Every.Damn.Time .... for the last... idk 4k years or something..... fk!

  48. Audrey Francis

    Lol "Crimson Tide"

  49. aziz saad`

    مين من العرب يحط لايك بليز اثبتوا وجودكم يالعرب بليززززز 🌹 🌹

  50. Liv_xx

    There should be an question asking how often do you shave you legs so they can give you more pants than dresses or shorts because that’s what every girl needs

  51. Watchful Wheel

    I know that no one else likes it but I really love his mustache Edit: feel free to roast me

  52. Watchful Wheel

    I kinda like the mustache

  53. Jennifer Allen


  54. Maelae 410

    Make frankenpaint

  55. BlueAndGreenQueen

    Could you do an updated favourite lipstick video

  56. lauren jurgens

    I love every. single. freaking. thing. about this wedding. Perfection. *chefs kiss*

  57. ChimChims Jams

    Still love them BEINGLACA’S:)))

  58. Evie CJ

    I think Saf is wearing Heat for the Teal on her nails! Idk, maybe I’m just blind.

  59. ChimChims Jams

    *Still to broke for dat stuff*

  60. Uni Star


  61. April Brobston

    You two are absolutely adorable! Love the wedding! Thank you for sharing.

  62. Vixx Celacea

    Oh, might wanna read the fineprint. Technically all items you return must be "Unused, unworn, unwashed and undamaged" meaning, technically, it's not try before you buy, it's stare at and imagine what it would look like on you before you buy. That said, I'm sure most people get away with it anyway.

  63. Pearlescent

    Yay Tyler.


    When safiya was walking down the isle, it looked like she was about to cry. 😢😢

  65. zya's corner

    No one : Not even the comments: Not even my cat: Me at 14:38&14:40: YAY SAF IS A BLINKKKKK!!!! 😂😂👋

  66. gacha_2777 nikki

    Frank rank

  67. Watchful Wheel

    Come on I live in Montana 64 is like the hottest it gets

  68. Aimee Price

    I've only just discovered your channel, but I'm slightly obsessed. Best rainy weekend entertainment. :)

  69. Koshka42

    I love all of it but wow, the eye makeup is AMAZING!

  70. D R

    Marriage looks good on you. Welcome back.

  71. Skull Rose.

    I think the dress looked really nice on you(the wooly one).I think they are expensive for what they are though.. But thankyou for sharing this with us.i enjoyed watching.have a great day all & takecare.

  72. Maureen Cory

    If toy want to make a voodoo doll you need the persons blood and a strand of there hair

  73. Cassandra Jay

    I have the same stuffed bat pillow! I got so excited when I saw it lol

  74. AvocadoToastYT

    just call it the franken-polish

  75. Vixx Celacea

    They say they use a combination of technology and human touch to curate these. I'm telling you it's 99% an algorithm making these choices. Hence the shoes. They are white, with silver, and somewhat casual being mules and in the price range, all tick boxes that fit into Saf's parameters. Likely all clothes available fit into a massive data base based on combinations of style, color, fit, accouterments and price and the algorithm decides most of it. The human just checks that the tech got it basically right, but doesn't do much beyond that. It would be too difficult and expensive to have an actual personal human stylist for that cheap, that or they are being severely underpaid (Amazon is not unknown for this in their warehouses, lots of really sad horror stories). And it explains why there was no account taken in regards to the clothing being too warm or too cold based on where you may live even though they could easily add that factor into the algorithm by classing certain fabrics as for warmer/colder climates/seasons. All this said, I don't think the algorithm did that bad. The more specific you could get, the better the tech would be in feeling more personal and selective. The quiz was decently comprehensive. Honestly, they are just charging you for using a pretty simplistic technology under the obsession people have with human touch, when in reality, this should already be an option when searching. IE: I like black, blue, snug fit with corset, ribbons and/or bell sleeves, and I want this price range and prefer lighter fabrics" Then it just searches for every item that has been sorted into those categories as a conglomerate search, with a preference towards leaving out details like ribbons if it can't find any, so that the search doesn't only show "and or Or" but a hybrid match up. And Amazon would have a leg up, because it's thousands of stores, instead of just one that specializes in certain styles. But MONEH! And so, you get this personalized shopper thingy they have. What would be really freaking cool is if there was a technology that could assess these things by looking at the picture of the garment, or better yet, a 3D upload, so that with out a human having to be relied upon it could put the garment in all associated categories. Most searches for say "off the shoulder" don't often yield that result unless it's in the name or description, which it often isn't because it people don't bother to tag things. They are too lazy, even companies.

  76. Blaine Mccoy

    4:25 MEEE

  77. No Body

    What’s the cheese sis?

  78. Louie Jean Roble

    You should go to the Philippines, there are a lot of fun things there I should know all my family is pure Filipino

  79. Ira Tripathi

    Did she just set a world record?!

  80. MsSphinx91

    Decluttering is so therapeutic. Just choose the charity you're donating to very carefully.

  81. Crafty Girl

    who wants to work here

  82. Mae Wobniar

    I know I'm late but DAMN THAT WAS SO CUTE!!

  83. だddy???むmmy???

    縺薙s縺ー繧薙�縲∫エ�謨オ縺ェ蜍慕判縺ァ縺吶�縲� 鬮倩ゥ穂セ。縺励∪縺吶�縲√←縺�b縺ゅj縺後→縺�

  84. Queen Queen

    Saf bought clothes again.. Of course I have to watch

  85. Mary Sheehan

    Burnt rose

  86. jlgpadernal

    ok. when tyler was doing that red flavor move, i just kept on thinking about red flavor. AND I WAS RIGHT HAHA. STAN RED VELVET.

  87. Jade Knight

    who really just wanted safiya"s dresses' waist to be synched a bit more to give her a better shape

  88. Tahreem Pirzada

    How's your honeymoon with Tyler gonna be?

  89. julie watton-power

    Can you do a dresslily hall??

  90. Dystress

    Totally copied PewdiePie by getting married, unsubscribing.

  91. hamettonya

    Music starts PLAYING I start CRYING

  92. Winter wolf Hp


  93. Ami R

    Omg you spoke german 😱😂😂 I am german and I love your videos ❤️☺️