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  1. FazHound

    Are the links dead for anyone else?

  2. Selena Lake

    I love that the both of you could talk out all the issues of the past and learn more about yourselves in doing so .

  3. Nahla Aly

    This was really interesting to listen to.

  4. Gabriel Medina

    IM FEELING GOOD! Because Joe is here. :D

  5. David Ryan

    I was also the quiet kid where being sent to my room was an advantage, not a punishment. I'm not sure that I ever purposely got in trouble to go there though :)

  6. Josh Rimer

    Thank you for the timecodes! So helpful. 🙌🏼

  7. Shareese Arroyo

    Ugh I love Joe! I miss sourcefed so much. Loved the shout out for Sam. Release the conversation with Will!!

  8. Erwin Broekhoven

    the first minute carson trying to explain that he is a expert shitposter and master baiter. in terms that won't get phil demonitized is GOLD.

  9. Caity D

    14:56 yeah no it really does suck to be finishing high school right now but technology has made it a little easier to say goodbye

  10. thormaster06

    I just wonder will we ever know the reason Lee was kicked from The Valeyfolk...

  11. ARSOZ

    Book keeper ay i think ive seen something like that before

  12. Don Oliver


  13. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    I don't know It is the frist video I whatch from this channel, but maybe it's the massage that pass that not everyone is all hearts but it's okay not everyone as too be

  14. Kim Cedilotte

    Love dr.mike. but don't love parenting advice from someone who has no children 🤦

  15. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    The small things in some bad days don't seem so small

  16. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    I fell alive when I am with my pets and there 5, 3 dogs, 1rabbit, 1cat,1small horse

  17. Andrew Hudson

    Casey Neistat talking about edibles. 2020 is crazyyy

  18. Uncensored American

    Amazon is hiring 100,000 people right now and are able to hire because they pay no tax. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Stop cursing so much pls

  20. Sophia Mazzone

    1:39:35 Dude I'm Greek and Italian and my family is insane. I don't know how they cheated natural selection.

  21. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Yes somethings we only notice them when we don't have them, freedom is one of them

  22. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    I has dumb but nowadays I am better

  23. Razzereign

    I was so excited when he mentioned the LA show I was at...then he shamed me into remembering how it went.

  24. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    But yes I understand what you mean

  25. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Blood does actually means love or affection so yeah

  26. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Humility is something your born with either you have or not, or so I eared

  27. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Yeah money and power change people, or just reveal them

  28. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    So there Is also that side

  29. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    Yeah I am as loyal as a dog I don't quit on people, that's a gift and a curse because it took me a long time to learn how and when to quit on someone who is not got for me or the ones that just doesn't deserve all that

  30. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    And by my thing I mean the thing I am got at

  31. Bianca Monteiro Tavares

    You hesitated has hell, it's not easy to talk about feelings and powerfull emotions, but yes I guess your right it's a group of things I guess all types of relations must of have some things in commun like friendship, love, respect trust and loyalty, but that the hell do I Know my 'thing' is animals not people

  32. Nate Blakely

    I applied a few times to work for Sourcefed and Phil. Being on the east coast, I think hurt my chances. Oh well.

  33. A Slice of Life

    Anyone know what game they are playing?

  34. Dxrryl2Times

    1. WE STILL WANT THAT WILL INTERVIEW. 2. I love that Joe repeats how they’re not close Lol

  35. Anna Taylor

    Highly recommend supporting the valley folk on patreon❤️🎉

  36. Nate Blakely

    Well this was a nice listen. Joe seems so nice.

  37. EwerWhaleCum

    PLEASE help out the Valleyfolk! They deserve it! They are working so hard despite all that has happened! <33

  38. Ashley

    Lee for the next podcast?

  39. Skullrider76

    As a senior in high school it wasn’t great but it really didn’t hit until we had a substitute graduation. I think the one upside is that we got creative with how we did our graduation and it was a fun new way to do it

  40. gamernerd1992

    lee newton on the next episode please!

  41. kcsoup3

    Man, I love Joe Bereta.

  42. Ron Josh Ytem

    I can’t wait for the day that Joe Bareta becomes the fkn president of his own fkn Comedy Central. He’s literally the best.

  43. SymmetrAJ

    Current high school senior like Joe said. He's right it sucks. However with all the time off because of quarantine I'm now in my first relationship, so silver linings I guess?

  44. Rachael Bruni

    Best episode to date, imo! Love how real and raw the two of you get. The friendship and familiarity make it so intimate and personal and wonderful.

  45. Kyleigh Hemmingson

    When he totally screws over ya girl lee newton... not gonna listen to joe talk..

  46. canonogic

    How is Joe's hair ALWAYS so awesome

  47. vidiesel

    Hey Phil, “you’re doing great, sweetie!”

  48. DesertGremlin

    This was a fantastic conversation. I loved hearing you both reflect about how you have grown and changed over the years.

  49. DarkJCB101

    I think it would be cool for Phil to have the guy Joe was talking about, Shayne Topp, on. Shayne is a seriously intelligent and talented guy and I’d love to hear him talk about going from Disney to Smosh as well as his viewpoint on his career and so on.

  50. Donald Kozen

    Don't be fooled by these ideas. Giving out money will inevitably devalue it. Inflation would then eat up this free money putting you back to zero or worse. This strategy will not solve the problem.

  51. Trevor Hawkins

    I love you joe but im still sour on lee im sorry

  52. redsands1001

    Retrospective on leadership and running channels was pretty good

  53. SideSteppingAverage

    Joe has always come across as such a genuine, humble, talented and great guy. Keep it up dude. We appreciate what you do

  54. Kari P

    In my head, all the Source Fed originals stayed close or at least on a socially friendly random text here and there level.....seeing this slightly forced, slightly awkward, slightly uncomfortable conversation made me sad....

  55. Camshak

    Joe, I have loved you since Barats and Bereta, I still go back and watch Jack o Lantern every halloween. You are the reason why I even started watching SourceFed in the first place.

  56. ellllliottnet

    From the old Sourcefed days to now I have always loved Joe. I always hope the best for Joe and the Vally folk crew. They are just fun and loving people who will always give me joy.

  57. Nick Jones

    Still cant forgive the entity that is the valley folk for the way the handled things, but as individuals I still want them to do well. I honestly think they should have dispanded VF and started something new with the three of them if they really wanted to cut ties with Lee so badly. It would have come accross much better. Though I really miss that OG sourcefed trio chemistry so if im honest with myself I probably wouldn't be watching anyway. Anyway still love Joe. Can't beleive the personal shit he's had to deal with. What a ledge.

  58. ellllliottnet

    The the throw back to the Source Fed days!

  59. 3DiFilms

    love Joe. Great episode

  60. Coffee Lover

    After what they did to Lee, he says Phil is heavy handed?

    1. HouseMDaddict

      You have no idea the behind the scenes stuff that led to Lee leaving valley folk. You'll never get the true story (for legal but also personal reasons) and I get ppl are upset but so much goes into those situations.

    2. Coffee Lover

      @A Malinowski They fired her.

    3. A Malinowski

      What happened with Lee?

  61. blueburger4

    Why do I have a gut feeling the guy with the "flame toy" was Brian Brushwood fucking around with flash cotton 😂😂

  62. Horus Spalding

    As a viewer I think having Joe fill in for Phil on the Philip DeFranco Show when Phil is sick or goes on vacation would be good.

  63. TheJugiChan

    I would love to see a convo with Toby Turner. You were basically the platform where he spun off to success (current situation aside)

    1. HouseMDaddict

      I feel like he's a person Phil doesn't have a good relationship with. It would be pretty awkward to watch.

    2. MissLilyputt

      I’d love to see that. It’s a great idea.

  64. Jess

    Rhett looks like marv from home alone

  65. Geopi

    " Spread it as much as possible " Joe Bereta 2020

  66. tedo7177

    The LEGEND!!!!!

  67. Geopi

    I 100% think that if Sourcefed was crowdfunded it would have survived.

  68. Jake Stephens

    Flippin' call backs to my original channel watching in this ACW. Were subs even a thing then or was it only lists?

  69. Some One

    The net needs more of Joe Bereta .. How much more ? I don't know but it definetly needs more ! He seems to be a good guy, he's funny and with this conversation with Phil he seems to be pretty well grounded. ... And he's a good ref (smosh summer games) ! lol ;)

  70. HolyCrapItsRBA

    Would love to see Lee on at some point!

    1. Laura Donohoe

      Me three!

    2. MissLilyputt

      Me too!

  71. Psalm Manansala

    This comment section is all LOVE!!!!! So much positivity for these 2! Rewatching from Quarantine 2020.

  72. Alyssa Naugle

    Thank you for doing this! Source Fed was such a big part of my life and meant so much to me for many reasons. You guys (and everyone involved in sourcefed, Philip defranco show, and Valley Folk etc.) are amazing! Thank you so much for all the time you have put in for our benefit! I hope you all realize how meaningful you guys are to us! 💕

  73. monkey93xf

    MC Hammer was on the board for my university, so he would randomly be walking around every few months X)

  74. Brushes Of Magic

    Kevin is fantastic!!!

  75. Jasmine Beck

    What are the cards that they are using here?

  76. William Redmon

    1:33:30 I totally thought the whole “Will was on the podcast” thing was a bit. I didn’t realize you actually recorded a show

    1. MissLilyputt

      Michel Garcia It never went up. It was promoted on an episode of the Philip DeFranco show but in the end it was never put up for fear of getting sued over something they talked about in the recording. This isn’t the first time that Will has been interviewed by Phil only to have Phil or his company not ever show it.

    2. Michel Garcia

      Where...? I can't find that one (nor remember it).

  77. J.J. Ayala


  78. HouseMDaddict

    I knew Joe's name and knew of him, but he seems like a really cool dude. Seems like a good dad and husband too.

  79. Kyle Chamberlin

    I wish we had learned why Lee was removed from the Valleyfolk.

    1. Jessie C

      Only reason I clicked on the video, was hoping they would say what happened. Thanks for letting me know they didn't. Cant watch anything Valleyfolk related since the incident. I used to be a big fan too.

    2. MissLilyputt

      I don’t think they’re ever gonna say what really happened. It seemed like a very sore point and even just saying Lee’s name or acknowledging that the Valley Folk used to be four seemed difficult for Joe to say. The Valley Folk haven’t been the same since.

  80. Elise AM

    I really hope more people check this out. Have loved Joe since SourceFed days and think that was a great interview.

  81. DucksloveRPGs

    The first USsel video I ever saw was the To Do List on BaratsandBereta. The mantage was my personal favourite (:

  82. Emily McGregor

    Ok, I posted my response about 30 min into the show. Now that I'm done watching, I think i love Joe again. And am going to go back and start watching The ValleyFolk again. Thank you Joe for coming here and doing this podcast! I do wish we'd see Lee on here though. :)

  83. Michael Hinojosa

    I miss Epic how to

  84. Logan Page

    So much insightfulness into these two's minds, and all y'all can talk about is something that DIDN'T come up. We learned about the hardship of Joe's wife's medical struggles and how that has affected his family's life, we learned about what it's like to be a father in the middle of a pandemic, we learned about the way this platform has evolved and how it's creators have evolved with it. So much insightfulness, and so little actual discussion down here.

    1. Logan Page

      P.s. they could not have. Like litterealy, legally couldn't have.

  85. YungSylq Clark

    I never knew joe was going through this. Joe i love you. That is all

  86. Primus 001

    It's crazy sad to me the SourceFed cast are all gone their separate ways; Valley folk fired Lee, Trisha has her own channel, Meg went to RT, now has her own channel. Like, where did 8 years go?!

    1. Porochaz

      @MissLilyputt That second paragraph was completely made up wasn't it? I mean as someone who watched what happened and has tried to take a neutral stand-point, that came out of your ass. Crying? Yes, not amicable and sudden? Yes. Without justification? She never said that. Because she was a girl? Nope never said that either. Steve's fault? That's a third nope.

    2. Dani C

      ellie zayas Not sure what you’re trying to argue about in the previous comment, but it’s obvious which side you’re taking. Everyone made a bad decision and it resulted in something that has to be left in ambiguity because there is most likely a legal restriction on what they can discuss. No one knows what happened, so we have to go off bits of what other people are saying off-handedly. All speculation. Not gonna pick a side because I refuse to believe the boys are being 100% genuine and I refuse to believe Lee has no fault and no hand in her own demise. I wish they would ALL come clean otherwise we’re going to forever have people pick a side and comment “ugh I can’t watch the ValleyFolk boys anymore” or “Lee was the real bitch”

    3. ellie zayas

      MissLilyputt listen to yourself. I get youre relaying what you hear from others but “they fired her because she was a girl”?? Why would anyone do that? Keep in mind people don’t fire people for shits and giggles. they boys are very genuine and I’m sure y’all know that but people want to pick a side.

    4. Brian Gressett

      Yeah I unsubscribed after the Lee thing.

    5. MissLilyputt

      A Malinowski It’s not really known why she was fired. Steve, Joe, and Elliott made a video saying that Lee wanted to spread her wings and they parted amicably and they were smiling as they said it all. A few hours later Lee puts up a video in which she’s crying and saying that it was not an amicable parting, that she was fired suddenly and without justification. She seemed to say she was fired because she’s a girl and that Steve was the one who pushed to fire her despite having won a comedy competition as a group of 4. Then a day or two later Joe, Elliott, and Steve put up another video apologizing for lying about how amicable the parting was but said that she had to be fired; that somehow it was out of their control and hinted that she’d done something improper like going behind their backs or stealing, but wished her well. Joe and Elliott seemed upset by the situation but for some reason throughout the video Steve is heard making some pretty out there comments and snarky remarks about what the other two were saying. Lee hasn’t made another video since then (as far as I know) and the remaining cast of the Valley Folk have decided to not speak on it ever again. Basically, it’s still as clear as mud. And it’s sad that 4 friends should end up like that. They were so great together and now there’s this missing piece and the chemistry just doesn’t seem to be there like it was. There’s definitely more tension between them than there used to be.

  87. Sy Aj

    If you are here to know what really happened with Lee click away cuz they didn’t talk about it...

    1. ellie zayas

      Why would they?

  88. Mr. Pontifex

    Steve is kinda like manure, makes others better but stinks!

  89. Gunhaver

    That is clearly Luke Barats, you dummy! It's crazy to be a fan of someone since they basically had no fans up to them being on TV and shit. In the evergreen state, never green with envy...

  90. Michael Girodat

    Doctor Mike is just such an awesome guy. Great show, Phil.

  91. Jarl Lillebø

    Aaaah, listening to Joe talk.... Feeling good!

  92. Dudeonwheels

    I'm surprised that for the embarrassing story question Joe didn't go with his pants-shitting story.

  93. thepenguinftw

    Do they talk about what happened to Lee Newton in this podcast...

  94. Rogerbadoger

    Joe Bereta and his #feelingood self should be the host of SGN...just sayin’, perfect fit!

  95. superg2760

    You would abandon us to forever be unful-phil'd?

  96. Porter

    I don't know how a person could take "focus on you first" in a negative way. A huge issue in the veteran community is people trying to help others being squared away. You can't effectively help others if your own house is on fire. Here's Mike Schlitz former Army Ranger ("got blown up in '07"). There are many topics discussed, this being one of them. It's a good listen. Somewhere around the 25 minute mark. ussel.info/video/video/zGubi52dzqdqoWg.html

  97. Stephen Staver

    Kinda disappointed that Phil didn't call out the mess of a situation around Lee being kicked off of The Valleyfolk.

  98. nickvas

    I feel like some of the best things that have come out of Phil's businesses is the fact that he has given in a way a space for many different and new creators. Meg, Steve, Trisha, Joe, Elliot Morgan, Lee, Will, Stephen, Sam, Daren Vongirdner and so many others from the SourceFed days. Not to mention all the other shows he helped launch and give people a window to show off. I remember even some of the editors of the show who have worked with Phil and how he would give them a space in behind the scenes videos, it really felt like being part of the group.

  99. Eric Spears