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  1. corbett coburn

    Paul and Nicole seem to have had fun during this shoot.

  2. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

    Only one brand... lame!

  3. Random Acts of Video

    Ciara, mix it with water??

  4. almostfm

    I think you guys reached the "I can smell colors-I can feel sounds" level of being gooned up.

  5. Stay Dog

    Wow, when Ciara tells you something burns... be AFRAID!!

  6. Jocelyn Webb

    Who do y'all think has the thickest accent? I think it's Irish Jesus.

  7. Lord Faladar

    Look Like you Finally Broke Jesus.

  8. loba00769

    Can you post of the next day for these peeps......PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. emily mulcahy

    Lightweights, i drink this shit all day, plus coffee

  10. JCGver

    Next up Irish people try cocaine

  11. Sassy The Sasquatch

    honestly i need to see jesus in every video, thanks

  12. seker7

    Ok who's duh ''1'' Idjit who voted dis down???

  13. Jacque Jac

    Green Thunder: "It's radioactive." Looks like Mt. Dew. Tropical Fusion: "It looks like artery blood." I thought the Black Cherry looked more like blood, especially how much Dónal put in.

  14. Hippie Housewife

    Knob means knob

  15. Domenico Lamberti

    how is Ciara *not* the weird/crazy one on this shoot

  16. ToyBokz

    Knob does in fact mean knob in america 😭💀

  17. Dannie Garrett

    You should have demanded some moonshine to mix with it... :)

  18. Tony Casey

    I love Ciara. Half a bottle of vodka and some bizarre 95% wood alcohol from Krgyazerbekistan and there's zero change in her face, speech or demeanour. Three energy drinks and she's bouncing off the walls! energy

  19. Michelle Flood

    Don’t think Paul ever needs an energy shot he’s high on life !!

  20. missmolly7112

    This was the BEST xD Had me in stitches.

  21. Michele M.

    Me: I love when the gang gets drunk. They're out of control! Energy Drink: Hold my beer...

  22. M S

    Caffeine is a hell of a drug. 😎

  23. Jennifer Hartranft

    If color had a smell it would be of flavour! Perfect back flip, stuck the landing.

  24. Richard Davis

    Nicole has a wonderful face.

  25. Danger X

    God please stop calling chips... Crisps. Nothing more gay sounding than... I got a bag of crisps

  26. Zekiran

    They should watch the fucking weird mio commercials with the furries now. They're *brilliant* tho.

  27. FAH CUE

    I used to like this Donal guy, now I find him annoying as shit.

  28. dicksr4myfrienz

    I'll add the whole thing to my Monster then chase it with a 6 shot latte.

  29. Anthony Clark

    All my favs in one video! LOVE IT! Thank you!

  30. Janne Söderqvist

    Just waiting for the "I can hear colors!" *jitter jitter brbrbrbrbrbrbooowww*

  31. Darryl P

    Next time, Irish people try following directions (don't change anything, I love the lot of you)!

  32. Brasc

    Irish Jesus: "The C is upside down and has a pony tail!"

  33. madwilliamflint

    Nicole and Paul are just perfect together.

  34. Joy Sandy

    I thought these were for flavorings cheap vodka

  35. Brasc

    Am I the only one got the impression that time slowed down around Donal like what happened with Fry from Futurama after he drank 100 cups of coffee?

  36. Martin Sproule

    Ciara and Donal are my favourite pairing

  37. derek ward

    I'm the guy to just taste the shit straight up u said mix with water my body's made out of water I'll be OK 😂

  38. germinvermin

    CIARA !! <3

  39. John Lee Pettimore III

    I used to use this (and sublingual B vitamin complex) when I was driving taxi. It kept me motating.

  40. Angelina Secatero

    "More energy, less concentration." Hahha. True dat.

  41. Hal Carmody

    You need to TRY those mixers with vodka.

  42. Brian Shores

    You guys are awesome! And special shout out to Lolsy! <hubba hubba>

  43. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

    I love the cheese curds but I like my poutine hot so they melt up a bit then just hard chunks!

  44. Danger X

    First of all real or should I say real good patd beef jerky isn't going to come from no California! You need to try some from Mississippi or Tennessee. Then you can comment, as you would say... Proper!

  45. kyjasehall

    This one scared me worse than the Clear Spring video.

  46. Jypzii at the Crossroads

    So caffeine and hallucinogenics; sign me up.

  47. Michael French

    Lolsy is the definition of "beautiful Irish woman." 😀😀

  48. subdouble

    wouldnt think that ciara is a alice in chains fan. very cool

  49. xander rice

    whenever you guys eat or drink american stuff i laugh because we are just use to having this kind of stuff coursing through our veins that we don’t have the same reactions. you eat candy, you get a sugar can’t much in america without sugar lol. caffeine is added to our sugary drinks because it’s not enough for us. we are crazy

  50. TJ _

    Yes Donal you are Hot 😜

  51. Izhan Ilhan

    Pair Ciara and Donal together more please. They play off each other really well.

  52. Jeff Cooper

    Lolsy! 😍😍😍

  53. yobhsiFehT

    "What the FUCK is wrong with Paul?" **cue Paul** 😜 lol

  54. robbicu

    Paul is my lad.

  55. The Mad Tatter

    That first one is the stuff out of spirit levels.

  56. Angie Malave

    Love ☘️ jesus

  57. Mitch Herber

    Where in actual fuck did you get that cat cleaning itself t-shirt? I love it

  58. Whattatwist

    Im thai, i ate 2 of these before cuz i thought my first chip was faulty and yeah it was spicy.... moms normal food is spicier.

  59. MajorDstruction

    Had I not known what they had, I would've guessed hard liquor. Was it just me, or did it seem like Paul got high off of it?😂😂😂

  60. Johansson

    When they started to laugh you knew it was to much.

  61. Brittany Blankenship

    This is better than the alcohol shoots 🤣

  62. SandyRiverBlue

    OK, what's a cocker's-taylor's?

  63. Brett Walker

    I feel as a murican we are desensitized to all stimulants. Lol

  64. roscoe goins

    Ciara shirt game is strong.

  65. Hobo's Habitat

    Never dare a Irish girl to a drinking contest 🤣

  66. Bruisedfrog

    I use the non caffeine flavor ones all the time. There's also a bar in a nearby town that has a bunch of the flavors available for vodka sodas

  67. Vulcan Mind Malt

    I use this stuff when I am on vacation. It travels well and can turn "anything" into an energy drink.

  68. eric longoria

    i hope lolsy doesn't die of a heart attack

  69. PrinceCanute

    The lineup for this one passes my vibe check.

  70. Chris O donoghue

    Irish people try cocaine next

  71. Phil Stehle

    That's enough caffeine to stay awake for Friday's shoot,rome new york

  72. Johansson

    This video is literally me after drinking 20 cups of coffee.

  73. Sr. Z

    I have some mango fanta right meow.

  74. AngloAm

    I drink this stuff by the gallon.

  75. roraidhirwin

    Seriously Ciara what model of Terminator are you?

  76. Trey N

    Lol a pretzel supremacist Lol

  77. Kamee Gallmore

    I squeeze three times of these into my water bottle and have two bottles a day...thanks for letting me know the reason my heart rate has been so high.

  78. Delly Tancyl

    Irish Jesus has entered an alternate reality. This man is clearly tripping.

  79. David Harris

    Lolsy my favorite

  80. Loston Wallace

    I've actually never tried any "energy drink" before, other than soda and the occasional cup of coffee, but that one was part seemed like a particularly fun shoot!

  81. Doughy Guy

    It says right on the bottle not to drink the stuff straight! Some of them contain citric acid, which can be caustic at full strength ("It burns!") I drink these all the time - I have a 24 oz water bottle I fill at work and I give it 4 'squeezes', when it's supposed to be 3. I also use the black cherry for my SodaStream, basically as a flavor shot for their regular cola. They make some 'non-Energy' ones with no caffeine as well, including an Orange Vanilla flavor that might be popular amongst the Try crew. But my general rule of thumb is always double strength them (120 mg caffeine per 8 oz is nothing, it's a little less than a decent sized cup of coffee)

    1. Doughy Guy

      (and I meant figuratively caustic... Not literally, because it's an acid... But I figured saying acid twice in the same sentence would sound weird... Come at me, Chemists.)

  82. Knuckles Dragon

    ... as your heart explodes through your chest wall....

  83. Crazy49er

    Pepsi (regular) ~ 38 mg Caffeine Coca-Cola(regular) ~ 34 mg Caffeine Dr Pepper ~ 41 mg Caffeine .... Meanwhile on the Try Channel "Lets mainline MiO Energy and see who dies first"

  84. gavin hirt

    If they don't have a heart attack give them 2 5hr energy back to back that should do it

  85. Bobbnoxious

    Ciara rocking that AIC shirt for the second time on TRY. As a model/fashion vlogger she knows better than to been seen wearing the same thing twice, so she must really love the band. And for that I love her even more for her great taste.

  86. Whattatwist

    U should make them try pre workout

  87. Stephanie Yankeerose9973

    "Bip Bop....Bobbety Boop!" Paul has definitely overdid the caffeine...😳 Ps...I squirt quite a bit in 8oz water bottles, and I don't move any quicker🤪

  88. Entiox

    Oh you kids today and your energy drinks. Back in my day (the 80s) we just washed down handfuls of caffeine pills with cups of coffee. Edit: Now I just have most of a half pound bottle of laboratory grade caffeine in my kitchen, for reasons.

  89. Just Chillin

    Is there lsd in that stuff?

  90. Mark P

    you need to add this to vodka

  91. Michael McDermott

    I'm with Ciara, artificial caffeine and sweeteners are not a healthy choice.

  92. Song

    People on my team would just squirt straight mio energy. Developer life is fantastic.

  93. Juggalee 1979

    Lolsy and her whoops are so cute! Get it girl!

  94. Tim2000

    Ciara = <3

  95. Courtney Dominguez

    They sell these where I used to work. They'd just sit there until they expired lol

  96. gawainethefirst

    Is it just me, or does it look like they’re getting drunk on Mio shots?

  97. Bríd McGrath

    Shite is the best word ever!!!!😂✌💜

  98. Alexandra Colace

    It’s kool aid, but for crack heads.

  99. Craig Hewitt

    Zen Ciara took the day off :)

  100. Lovely_ Lone_Wolf

    Omg why didn’t they get the little puff balls in them they are the best! Now I wNt some