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  1. Jade Duh

    Lol.. Love the females reactions. 😂🤣

  2. BBW Barbie


  3. OK

    The people reacting are so cringe

  4. usernamedkjah

    I feel Justine's the "talks about sex but she's not about sex" type. Bunch of blue balls or blue walls attached to her name. Like an enlightened British taxi driver once said, "big talk wanting it but those knees knocking when their pants are at their ankles"

  5. Mavis Mavericks

    Who the fuck decided that Florida was the place to going out of all the USA?! You could have picked California!!!

  6. EvieE1002

    this looks like something they'd feed the poor people on the Snow Piercer train

  7. DjJtown

    This was THE funniest, slickest vid prank I've ever seen. Laura is right; they Are dog treats, seriously!. There is a whole foods pet store; not related to the Whole Foods grocery store chain; that opened up about 7 mo ago in town and I got the pork ones for my border collie. She took one whiff, started sneezing, growled and backed off when I tried to give it to her again. The smell sadly reminded me of the outhouses at a mexican fest & the last one looked like the after effects of eating too many carnay costadas. Just to further warn you, there is also a brand of "fresh" pet food that is in the refrigerated section at the grocery stores now and is Still being confused with human food called Fresh Pet; specifically the Vital line of that brand; so keep your eyes

  8. usernamedkjah

    Uuuuuuuh... Hmmmm ahhm... Dermot just get back from the 1500s?

  9. Lynda Stiefvater

    More Martin and Dermot please, and you need to pair Martin with Ciara for a alcohol try at least once please

  10. Doug Spizman

    This video was best thing 2 happen 2 me. Luv the girl in the striped shirt

  11. buffmaloney

    Tagalongs are my fav.

  12. Doug Spizman

    "Pooled it out of my hoop" LOL

  13. ryan goldstein

    they wouldnt say its good if exploring it on thier own

  14. ryan goldstein

    what sense does these videos make ,are we putting america down come on people forreal

  15. ArmyGray

    Do you have a tongue?

  16. Steve Bonds

    Impossible Meat is that the name of a porn movie? HAHAHA

  17. bob soxx

    I'm sure it's been said.... good thing Ciara wasn't there, she would have put the place OUT of business.

  18. bigbigblast

    You saw Ciara's face after she took the rum? Very badass.

  19. xadam2dudex

    It is pronounced ON·DO·EE

  20. bigbigblast

    Isn't it supposed to have a cold water drip over a sugar cube? You're drinking it wrong boys and girls.

  21. Chris Black

    Somebody needs to tell the guy in the leather jacket that the Vampire look has gone away. He needs to get out into the sun asap! He looks half dead!

  22. Sundiata Keita

    Satan is in action.

  23. Заяц ПЦ

    ЧУШЬ КАКАЯ-ТО. Орут чаво то.

  24. Cathal McFee

    Well, that was 2 hours of hilarious insanity. Has Dermot seen this?

  25. Don S

    When did sugar become inorganic?

  26. Tim Owens

    In America, Taco Bell is known as “Taco Death.”

  27. Heather Althouse

    irish jesus didn't even have a reaction at shot 7, like he was drinking water lol

  28. MRPAD744


  29. Ken

    god damn Clisare is hilarious

  30. Tim Owens

    Callyanne is HOTT!

  31. mrsmoyster

    laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose

  32. Sah H

    If you guys ever go to New Hampshire go to Flapjacks Main St, Lincoln, NH 03251. It is a family owned restaurant with the best sausage and maple syrup.

  33. nomeaknat

    Sarina is freaking gorg

  34. Darren

    Its both funny and sad how much left-wing propaganda makes it's way across the pond.

  35. -_-

    Mayonez And vodka blin

  36. cheekybella123

    Sad I missed the livestream, but I'd definately want to watch another one where you play this game coz it was hilarious!

  37. Samuel-REMAKE

    I need like 1 hour of leather jacket guy and irish jesus together.

  38. Ryan Rockwell

    "What doesnt kill you, makes u drunker" 😂😂😂

  39. Kayla Bay

    At least our caesars taste better than your voice sounds

  40. Bob C

    Poor Dermot! I love all the others reactions to the Peanut Butter crunch cereal, “is Dermot on the shoot?”, “is Dermot on the shoot?”, “is Dermot on the shoot?” Ha Ha freakin hilarious! 😆 😂🤣

  41. Snuggly Jeff

    half of them look like they didn't spend more than 10 days in a barrel.

  42. usernamedkjah

    Plain tortillas are for dipping not Doritos

  43. Templarofsteel88

    I wonder how they react to Americans spray can cheese.

  44. Keiran_k_

    Whenever I come to Ireland I’d absolutely love to be able to drink with you guys

  45. Chicken Feet

    Passport is trash whiskey

  46. Sim Trate

    In utero. The average Irish child doesn't know their first alcho experience. Thanks Mom

  47. Hazard1nc Life

    I really wasn't going to watch this video because I work a lot, but something one of you posted about being sorry and did a video on about it made me watch this 😂 and I'm not disappointed! Claisre, your amazing!

  48. Chelsea Rho

    should’ve had soju

  49. Sterling Glover

    Entertained at home? Yes! Wanting to drink with all of ya's? YES

  50. mark1138

    Mores the pity.

  51. Derrick Denley

    What about the caffeine candy video Ciara was in? That was so funny!

  52. Sterling Glover

    I cannot believe you didn't have em try the crunchwrap supreme ):

  53. Hazard1nc Life

    To answer Kellie's question at 53:05 yes, we have Wednesday mass and Sunday service

  54. Thant Zaw Win

    These kids look like they never tried Whisky before

  55. Ashley Gremlin

    I love her so much <3 she’s my spirit animal hahaha

  56. Thang Tunglut

    I finish season 1

  57. Sterling Glover

    "They spelt Flavour with a U" Because unlike the weird folks in the states, we followed the same systems as our European settlers! 😊

  58. Laude Tango

    6:02 😂

  59. David Taylor

    Clisare and Kellie could do a few rounds of online WII boxing.

  60. lou

    Glad to see the good Doctor again. She's a class act , well appreciated and sorely missed.

  61. Victoria Harrell

    I love this game my family loves playing this together!! We are always belly laughing 😂

  62. Plum Hazey

    Lol I’m drinking as I’m watching this 😁

  63. PockyFiend

    To me, the only reason Ciara and Leather Jacket Guy haven't been paired in a Try video with alcohol in it is because Dublin doesn't have enough of it to go around.

  64. Ian Meier

    If they think that day was hot come back in the summer time ! 😂

  65. New Beginnings

    No soju or makgeolli?

  66. Devin R

    I love claire she is so cute and kind

  67. nuha mariam

    The girl on the thumbnail looks like barb from stranger thingd

  68. Gilbert Rueger

    1:44 "Why did you go in again?!" I'm just gonna say what we were all thinking...that's just a thing guys do.

  69. Brandon Makar

    @TheTryChannel try 2 packages with 2/3 cups of milk next time, tastes way better than with water

  70. Devon Love

    Here in the states we have a different brand that is similar but actually tastes good

  71. beauty and keto

    Dermott and Justine had a smoke of the ganja before this filming for sure 👍

  72. Jordan

    3:07 what is in her ear?

  73. kajemi2

    Whatever happened to the ones that are sleepable

  74. violamateo

    What! No Red Velvet flavored Twix?!

  75. Plum Hazey

    And I feel for you guys I’m from Montana and I totally died when I went to Florida back in the day.

  76. Nanda Cande

    They should do another one of these if/when they visit America again so it's not from a jar.

  77. triplel1979

    I would break my rule of no drinking to drink with all of you. Make it happen

  78. Matthew Taylor

    And all the whiners can take out their own fucking trash, and kill all their own fucking spiders...

  79. elvin jonas

    good video!

  80. Equisde


  81. Timothy O'Brien

    Chick Fil A is the best.

  82. J Rakoczy

    The banana cream, baby. That's where it's at!

  83. Brendan Smith

    If I were single, and in Ireland, not in America, and 10 years younger...Ciara would still be out of my league. But, I'd still love to have a drinkin' session with her.

  84. Watch Hill

    Q: "What Christmas treat do you think this would go best with?" A: "Anal" Every married man watching just fell on the floor.

  85. lachazaroony

    I love this game but the audience ruins it.

  86. senyum0

    Im sorry but ciara is very beautiful

  87. lachazaroony

    Donal has the attention span of a goldfish. lol

  88. Nora Vinson

    I've hard that having a kid is like taking care of a tiny drunk person for 13 years, hungover person for the next 5, and paying for their rehab for the next 4. After hearing that dude ask why fruits have pits, i now completely get that because it sounds exactly like the sort of questions i get asked by the 4 year old i babysit.

  89. jonathan dewald

    If you want big roller coasters go to Sandusky Ohio and visit cedar point. It's the bomb diggity!

  90. jonathan dewald

    What state had plates on front on back? I thought they were all on the back 😅

  91. ahu yehs


  92. fart

    you need kfc poutine is the best ever

  93. Erika Weaver

    I think I must be the only one in the comments who's ever made my cheesecake recipe with extra crust! 🤣🤣🤣 I can't help it!- I need something to cut the sweetness of the filling. 😁

  94. Roxanne J

    Omg this was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Omg I’m crying! I’ve tried a different brand and it tasted like dog food.

  95. Ana Norris

    The hot sign wasn’t on for those doughnuts

  96. Wretched Slippage

    I dont get Guinness because at least here in Canada its very watery and tasteless. Its creamy and IS good but its got a light ABV and bland compared to Stouts around here.

  97. Phteven Smith

    The reaction to pork skins is odd.. you'd think they'd appreciate the fact all the parts are being used. (Not talking about the taste reaction, just the reaction to the fact people cook the skin)

  98. Yiming Hu

    Omg, do ur fucking research first

  99. Darkside89725

    I am mexican and Taco Bell is crap, tacos?!?!?!?! hahahahaha please.

  100. Fuckthe Irish

    loved it!! make it a monthly event....need more shots for every question...let me know when u guys come to virginia, drinks are on me!!