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  1. kevin ray

    This lady deals pure fiction and lies ! Maddow is not what we would consider as a person who people respect!

  2. haeyoung park

    Why can’t states help themselves but always trying to blame president? Each states are big enough to help themselves also. I am not in favor of Trump but I wonder what he can do in this situation.

  3. ValEma Channel

    Oh, Trump is such a 'Great Leader' with an even 'Greater Pointy Finger' and THE 'Greatest Ego' in the Whole Wide World. Well done GOP and base!

  4. Sue Taft

    Calling out the national guard is a mistake .

  5. haeyoung park

    Why can’t states help themselves but always trying to blame president? Each states are big enough to help themselves also. I am not in favor of Trump but I wonder what he can do in this situation.

  6. angelsvoice66 aka JerzKat

    Oh look Fake News! LOL Yall are NUTS!!

  7. Pranav Pradhan

    Fake news

  8. Kevin Law

    USA is no.1 according to global health security index 2019

  9. haeyoung park

    Why can’t states help themselves but always trying to blame president? Each states are big enough to help themselves also. I am not in favor of Trump but I wonder what he can do in this situation.

  10. haeyoung park

    Why can’t states help themselves but always trying to blame president? Each states are big enough to help themselves also. I am not in favor of Trump but I wonder what he can do in this situation.

  11. Julie Anne

    Trump is NO Leader. Vote this mess out... A president cares about their people...they offer honesty and comfort during difficult times. Trump/Kushner and kind are sick. This is not leadership.

  12. th1smomentisfate

    Im sick of arrogant presidents, we need a strong female president. Can I vote for this reporter?

  13. Magister in Artium

    The USA has a big problem in Washington DC.

  14. JohnJTraston

    Fired !? The guy should be sent to prison for spreading lies.

  15. Michael Law

    China "retired" the world for a long while by hiding this disease and punishing brave Chinese doctors that tried to get the word out when covid 19 might have been contained. China also deceived the WHO (World Health Organization) by claiming there is no human to human transmission. China needs to do more honest self evaluation of how they put the world at risk economically and caused a lot of death and suffering by allowing live food markets and the sale of wildlife such as bats and snakes etc. If this sounds tough, I am upset by their claims that the US army caused this disease and when president Trump restricted travel from China the Chinese and some of the media kowtowed to their Chinese masters and repeatedly called president Trump xenophobic and a racist. The US and EUROPE ought to think again before allowing cheaper labor markets to make all critical medicines and medical equipment.

  16. Jorge Ramos

    Trump says we have a big problem weeks after Trump called it another hoax. A hoax he called it time and time again echoed by the Fox hacks. These people should be jailed.

  17. Rani Rich

    Notice how Swamp News Scum calls us 'The Herd'? Sheep and cattle No More! !!! When the government is in fear of the people, it's healthy, when the people are in fear of the government, it's tyranny!!! When Harvard has professors carting off vile's of virus to China and other unfriendly countries, it's called 'indictments' coming! MSNBC and Harvard both have vested interest in China!

  18. Me SJ

    My heart breaks for you USA. If only your leaders reacted quickly as soon as they've heard about this pandemic, then these scenarios could be avoided. I'm happy that our prime minister imposed a locked down as soon as 2 elementary kids tested positive for the covid-19 virus. Peoples lives are more important than money. You can't help in the economy if you're dead.

  19. K W

    WTF Brian Williams is still on T.V. after the lies he told and was terminated for???? This is why I dont watch microsoft bill gates msnbc B.S. cult T.V.

  20. Juan Rivera

    invest more money in health care systems and top investing in Israel security and Saudi Arabia security please stop be a police of the world is time to help Americans people they need your help don't let down stop investing in Colombian paramilitary

  21. hyou zan ren

    Trump Approval rate is not make sense..... To be fair lots of thing in US already not make sense for decades!

  22. John Ansell

    Trump and his Deputy Secretary of Defence demontrate a complete lack of understanding of the meaning of Honour, Accountabilty and concern for members of the Armed Forces. Admiral Crozier ceratainly does. I hope that members of the Armed Forces remember this come election time.

  23. Charles Teale, Sr.

    We are going to get through this, and after we do, If you are looking for the root of this problem, try the electoral college.

  24. NomadX7

    Americans must judge and vote this admin has criminals. 3 years of lies and incompetence! Now the high point in a world disgrace! Vote them out and take them to court!

  25. Climate Deception Network

    Trump tested White House executives!

  26. Ciaran Masterson

    MAGA get rid off TRUMP 🤗🤗

  27. Nicole Dobson

    Retaliation laws do not apply to him obviously.

  28. Murtaza Abdulali

    Mr Schiff i think that there are 2 reason to fire inspector General A) as retaliation for listening to whistle blower and B} so his companies can embezzle funds released by congress

  29. chgosatrap

    He is absolutely a lunatic.

  30. Ryan H

    With that f#$kwit at the head of your country, and his handling of this virus, one has to think; geez I'm glad I don't live in the USA

  31. William Planck

    God bless Israel and President Trump!

  32. Elohim

    DJT will bankrupt the USA and he's done this on purpose.he's must be voted out !

  33. Sue Taft

    Let's all blame trump bandwagon how could any state had been ready for this? Or Anyone unless they had esp

  34. Increase

    I've served in the military and to see that captain walk off his ship was heartbreaking, especially when he was only trying to look out for his men.

  35. Dodgy Trump

    Clearly tRump doesn’t know what the role of a president is when a state of emergency is declared, he just likes to look good from it, that’s all, none of the actual national response that’s needed to make it work. Hang on, didn’t tRump put Mike Pence in charge of battling the Coronavirus, so tRump can blame it all on Pence later? tRump’s not even doing that right.

  36. harry harry

    there is no America..... its now become Trumperica and Schiff is a hero nfighting the fat orange mixed up fruit cake killing his own citisens with his incompetence

  37. B.J Cameron

    MSNBC.....Schiff is identified by the LIES that come out of his mouth.

  38. Youziyah Haya

    Vote - VOlunTEering/wasting your time behind someone selected, never elected. Wakeup! It's 2020.

  39. James Fisher


  40. Niko Gambino

    Fake news fake news. This is Left leaning news. All she wants to do is bash trump. You think Obama would have done anything better?

  41. node head

    hey checkout for qurantine movies please

  42. Cathy Johnson

    Too little, too late and said without heart. What a total failure. He has no heart. The federal government isn't doing anything so why do the non leaders need it more than front line workers. What a total failure as a leader.

  43. Dr. C K

    One of the last few intelligent people to go.... sad.

  44. Brenda Biffi Baldovino

    Thank you ♥️

  45. jdax21

    Trump spoke with more conviction about firing football players for kneeling during the National Anthem then he has spoken about ANY aspect of the Carona virus. He STILL hasn't offered condolences to families who have lost loved ones. Why should anyone take him seriously about this, or anything, when he has cultivated such an atmosphere of ignorance and indifference up to this point? He just said today he's not personally going to follow the CDC'S recommendation for wearing a face mask in public. If he flouts the experts, it gives the impression that the virus isn't very serious. That, in turn, will cost lives.

  46. kevin ray

    How a dufus like this keeps a job as a reporter boggles my mind!! And it it should yours too!

  47. Druca Ferreira

    what a disgrace of an example... wtf... enough

  48. kvaselakes

    And the corrupt, unscrupulous Republicans will continue to let him run wild and unchecked. I hear the crickets already.

  49. Wim V

    Mexico should build a wall to stop the Tr*mpshit-storm from moving south in a week or so, when everybody will start to flee..

  50. Pablo Cruise

    In person voting, yeah because Ivanka has invested in voting machines..

  51. gap949

    If you want to Make America Great....Step1 is to get rid of Trump and his cronies in the WH ! Step2 is to vote out Moscow Mitch and those GOP Wimpy Brownnose Senators and Congress members !

  52. Amalie A. Aseltine

    Let's see if Melania sets an example.

  53. Chronic Crypto

    If we just quarantined and isolated all people coming into the country for 21 days starting in November and early December we wouldn't be in this situation. Instead we allowed infected tourist and citizens to just enter the country and apread this virus. If I was president in December I would have ordered all Americans to return to the county within 2 weeks and blocked all tourist from coming in while forcing a quarantine on all international arrivals for 21 days. I would have ordered over 1 million ventilators and over 1 billion units of each PPE needed and got testing to every state and hospital. We wouldn't have had a stock market crash, we wouldn't be in a recession heading towards the worst depression we've ever seen and we wouldn't have a guaranteed 240k dying and most likely over 1 million.

  54. Rolf W

    Actually, I think a Saturday morning flea market might do a better job...

  55. Johan Benade

    This is such a clear definition of roles and responsibilities and it's not rocket science. How can things go so wrong time after time?

  56. Trump Suckkks

    Lock him up!

  57. Chu Welson

    You are fired~ this is trump style.

  58. Mr. JONES

    Passionate as ever, but they're not listening Rachel…

  59. Mac Chen

    Well, this is what China do in past 2 weeks. How come it took so long for Americans to figure out and still not implement it today?

  60. kevin ray


  61. Leo Virgo

    Copevid 19

  62. Luis Sang

    trump dont care about us trump is running the white house like a mafia family

  63. Just a bystander

    Another rallying speech but nothing to help AND I MEAN help the people. And that big problem is in the WH. The looks in the camera shows you he is just trying to win some votes. WONT WORK ALMIGHTY

  64. Aramai Jonassi

    Rachel Maddow for President please.

  65. Kieran O'Neill

    I smell Putin . We shudder stopped him taking Crimea and Ukraine and Syria .

  66. Elaine Brooksbank

    Can we assume there will be no requirement to pay federal taxes in future now we know the federal government is “just a back up” and takes no responsibility for the safety, care & wellbeing for those paying the tax? If local low level politicians are responsible for everything then can someone please explain why we pay the other lot who are just sitting back, raking in the taxes and blaming everyone else. Three words : Duty of Care. That’s what our taxes should cover but instead we’ve got a different three words : “Dereliction of Duty.” Maybe we should think of three words of our own : “Sod your taxes.”

  67. David Rogers

    The blame president with the fourth grade vocabulary.

  68. Alex Williams

    Why not call him STUPID to his blasted UGLY FACE..that would be a STUPID is he really....just STUPID

  69. Dale Harlow

    They received the command of a captain in the navy for taking about the truth for his men's sake. Yet trump still stands at that podium. My thoughts are with the captain his men and family.

  70. Michael Peden

    Good, he should be fired.

  71. PatrickCampz86

    Im dont understand how Americans eint getting it ffs just stay home and save lives its simple

  72. mindminer

    Just use a scarf..... 😜

  73. Paola Z O-L

    He just doesnt have the balls to take responsability, this demands a mature and honest man, a good human. Sorry, but you elected a clown, not even a man. No balls Pelosi has more balls than Donald Duck hahaha

  74. todd prifogle

    We have no federal government .

  75. REPUBLIC Shall Endure

    This piece of human trash must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. Trump single handedly convinced me how empty and false the American Dream is. 22 Trillion dollar economy has consistently failed to help its citizens in EVERY crisis.

  76. BoscoBob

    If there is a "god", then please let this "president" experience Covid 19, personally. A chance for enlightenment...? #presidentbodybag

  77. Alana994 Aj

    Yeah the greatest President ever ! Greatest worst POTUS ever more like it.

  78. atomicsue50

    Can some one tell me who the "us" is...seriously who?

  79. First In

    Just another example of a failed president and his administration.......

  80. bigraviolees

    Trump fired God and appointed himself God His cult base is ok with it

  81. Bryan Chapman

    Trump is such a moron his facel expressions are funny

  82. One World

    How sad it is that to Trump, all that matters is the BIGGEST number. "My number's the biggest, yours is smaller so I WON and MY economy's doing better than ever........ "

  83. Diane Burdine

    Is there a way to do this on tv. So all the people can hear this.??? Thay wont let you will they. Please please do it.

  84. Randy Scott

    Donald j trump is one of the most hypocritical and ignorant president that American has ever had . How can he claim to be a war time president for this country when he actually had his daddy buy his way out of a real war time situation when he was called to duty. A drafter dodging conman that has been living a life of lies lies and more lie .his mouth is what's making America sick if he will just shut up resign serve his real time in prison and send the first nanny back home .America will be great again and his disgraceful behavior and embarrassment to all us real soldiers and veterans that gave their lives and served to protect our liberties and freedom for this country will stop. How many of his son's served to protect this country again?? I have two son's besides myself and siblings served honorably. Trumporonavirus 😷😷🤧🤧👤

  85. na ar

    President DRUNK......wait, November is coming to finally kick you out.......😡😡😡

  86. Ramon Yanez

    Good job Mr. President keep draining the swamp. Loyalty to your boss always or look for another job. Trump was found innocent of those charges and the Witch Hunt.

  87. promise kadondo

    Why not inject the real sick people so we can see results ths some dumass experifuckiment

  88. TheGreenMind



    What a joke. Bone spur sh11t3kr31g1ng,never served warmonger, electoral college degree, voter nullification wind bag , game show host reject,comb over POTUS (Puts Others Totally Under Shitshow) AKA LOSER!! I am very happy America didn't vote for the car salesman. 2 electoral college draft dodging Commander in Chief's at least baby Bush had terrorism as a enemy. Trump's enemy is air and seeing how we all breathe air by default Americas citizens is trump's true enemy. Tangible able to be codified into numerical interpretation. We be optics sad when the death toll reaches 1 million is the states at fault gonna be optically feasible. Feasible optics blame others logic Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

  90. Jörn Brunken

    You're doomed. Lack of Leadership in a Moment of an Apocalypse. I have seen this 6 weeks ago on the Horizon for all Americans. We in Germany reacted a lot faster and in one direction. Listen frm the very first Moment to the Science. This will be an ongoing horror in months to come. I'm so sorry for ou! Stay in home !

  91. Crone -ology

    Trump, by all means, don't wear a mask... You wouldn't want to cover your orangeness... Breathe deeply, you might get to use one of those federal ventilators all for yourself.

  92. PoorQuay

    For the 44.3% of people that didn't vote in 2016, don't ever think again that: "It's just a waste of time, they're all the same" YOUR COUNTRY - YOUR VOTE.

  93. Bruce strkland

    Since Jarred's projections orange crush has turned. I think he believes it will all be over soon. So it's back with a vengeance

  94. Wim V

    The Trump crises is getting worse and worse, as the Covfefe 45 virus is killing thousands..

  95. incipidsigninsetup


  96. Warren Jackson

    New york is one dirty city wonder if that has anything to do with the sickness

  97. Linda Lauer

    The lies from him never stops !

  98. Tony McCraw

    The oil executives are not going to have to wait until September to get their relief checks.

  99. robert tidwell

    Too late. Wait for vaccination and gradually let herd immunity do its thing.

  100. Lesley Watson

    Not bad enough yet to remove him? Happy to stand by and see your loved ones die by the thousands? He does not care about you, when is that going to sink in??!!