Killers and survivors, welcome!
This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

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  1. Coco Uzbek


  2. Coco Uzbek


  3. Coco Uzbek


  4. Ready To Die 1312

    Fuck you fuck you so much!!! I fucking hate this game for one reason and that is so much worthy!!!! Fuck you because you fucking put that bitch Amanda as the swine!! This sucks so much I am so aggressiv!!! Ananda was nothing she wasn’t even special or Have a huge role in the saw movie!!! She just was a little Dog for Kramer that’s it!!! I WANTED MARK HOFMANN AS THE SWINE OR YOU COULD MAKE DR GORDON AS THE SWINE BUT I Really WANTED MARK HOFMANN AS THE SWINE KILLER!!! this Sucks!!! Fuck you

  5. F_moss 14

    Does anyone know when chapter 15 will be going live on console ?

  6. Tee _thebandit

    It would be cool to have a grim reaper type of killer

  7. Alex _playz

    This is one of the best hunters

  8. ralhammadi knight

    Release date please ?

  9. Snake 777

    Fix the damn wiggle! Wiggle is pointless right now. Speed it up by 5% at least!! There have been TOO many times when I've filled the bar and still got hooked. I don't even wiggle anymore. It's pointless til you fix it.

  10. SHOPIN

    Dear Mathieu, I (killer main) accept every killer you put in your game but next time, don't steal other games' ideas like red dead redemption 2.

  11. Manuel Juegos

    I have an idea New killer: nemesis New survivor: jill valentine New map: rpd police station You are welcome!

  12. Yung Wuhan

    For all who said scorpion, you were all somehow wrong and right.

  13. Grandpa

    Can u guys come out with ur fucking ch 15 trailer already JUST COME ON IT DOES NOT TAKE LONG

  14. A'ConT'J 2nd

    Put please this versions on the game like: Last gen Characters

  15. ChannelWatcher0808

    Rework The Doctor and The Nurse again Increase the nurse's speed and get rip of the doctor's shock therapy and give him the power to make a survivor go mad with a hit from his weapon Like when Freddy Krueger hit a survivor and it takes him to the dream world

  16. cold5xx

    Why cant I get him on Console?


    They hired Shugoki from For Honor

  18. Pedro Henrique

    Hello, my PS4 game disconnects from the game alone, and I am always temporarily banned for disconnecting from the game, if neither I quit the game or quit the game, and my internet doesn't go down. what can be that?

  19. scout 374

    Hey I have a question for the creators can you make a scp killer character like the plauge doctor or the shy guys which is scp 049 and scp 096 pls

  20. Lufenton [Spying]

    Fucking cowboy

  21. Altan Oğuz


  22. Lovesick

    The plague be SiCC Jane be ThiCC

  23. Jake Long

    They should have put ¨This town isn´t big enough fer the two of us Jakey boy¨

  24. Sanchez Escoba-Daniel

    Someone based on this DLC, remembered with nostalgia the video game of Saw for PS3 and Xbox360?

  25. Benny Hill

    you fucking developers. If you want to use boxing hit in the capsule, give them characters that look like they are in the capsule and not that we have to imagine them and there are mistakes ... it's your fault that this game is broken. you are using an old game engine. can't you afford better ????

  26. bigcrackrock

    I love you Penis. You're the best community manager in the whole wide whirl!

  27. Beloved Grandson

    New killer: Kratos New survivor: The entity

  28. Jared Freeston

    Why is there no sadist survivor the one that doesn’t scream when friends die

  29. Dann

    almost 8 mil views..playerbase still the weird is that?

  30. Juan AB

    you put the rubbish of the penalties for dc but you keep taking out skins eeh the money that is not missing, apart from that it is fine that you get an American kiler in a European server but hey what else do we continue playing with the cinexion of the kiler to see if we solve the main problems of the game and we leave so much nonsense group of incompetent

  31. Saiger Heart

    You guy's should create a voodoo lady killer

  32. Steve Smith

    I deleted this game it's to boring and stressful and if u quit a game u get a five minute penalty wait it's bad enough I got to wait five minutes to play as it is but u add five more minutes I'm not waiting ten minutes to play ur stupid game I'm going back to Friday the 13th game

    1. Jim jam


  33. Matthew Soucy

    1 out of 3 Are A Possibility Pinhead Spawn The Batman Who Laughs

  34. Renan Gonçalves Flores

    Wait. That's Peanits over there? I thought he was blonde, with long hair, beard and a red bandana.

  35. Renan Gonçalves Flores

    ""The goal of the game was never to actually have exact and precise hit detection. (...) It's not a precision based game". VEILLEUX, Remi. 2020. Just before a killer with a gun is announced.

  36. Phantom Player Official

    Only reason why I would get this game xD

  37. One Sensitive Artist

    y'know there are some killers that are from the past. why don't we have like some kind of medieval farmer as a survivor or some kind cowboy from the wild west?

  38. Rick Mahnn

    3:25 This explains why nobody at this company has common sense. Peanits and the person sitting next to him, both need to get Tested for Radon exposure. Too much time in the basement is a health issue. Especially when you have no brains to figure out how to make a proper anti-dc system and think everyone else dwells in the basement 8 hours a day with no interrupts and redundantly paired internet connections.

  39. Max SunShine

    well damn I already love this bitch

  40. Rcp 3


    1. Mad man Mitch

      Rcp 3 dumbass

  41. One Sensitive Artist

    bubba is probably the purest (as pure as you can get from a dude who wears faces). i mean he's TOLD what to do and has brain damage.

  42. Grandpa


  43. troll king g

    Survivors very strong puck But killer weak.... Plz Old ruin need buff Game killer dead patch... You not want killer user ????.?? Plz old ruin need ............

  44. Adeptburrito Games

    Yui Kimura is such a bad ass

  45. troll king g

    Old ruin need ... Really killer weak

  46. tyler serna

    Wow Xbox has deserter penalties but still not dedicated servers. Good job so far canucks

  47. Marisa Baiz

    Well that explains why the why the chapter is called chains of hate

  48. SergioAliaga

    Can you guys make a official complaint/suggestion box in game for rank green and higher. All these patches seem to favor low rank crybabies.

  49. Lone Wolf

    Love it

  50. Sebastian Munoz

    tf is this suposed to be

  51. ABZOCKER 1991

    Hello Dead by daylight! First of all thanks for this great game. Thanks to all. But......can we get back the old hex please.....Please....Many players stopped playing killers...i.m not enjoying anymore the killer mode... Killer mode is so unfair after the last two updates.. Please reply dbd team. Oh and please,fix the rank system.... i.m getting rank 1-2-3 while i.m rank 12.. Rank 12 should get same ranking survivors.. Or no any rank would be better...please dbd team,fix theese things.

  52. Fulgore

    you guys are the most stupîd devs in the universe

  53. Vi5oC4n3

    So is that example about "how is felt" an excuse why you'r netcode/performance is so shit? There is plenty of Games that have similar or even worse situations with lag and desync. There is 100's of Racing Games where mostly people drive in one direction just like chasing in DBD. Also there are direction changes and collisions. Also there is Rocket League where both Situations apply wich where shown at the same time. The way you explain and show this to us gives me the impression like you have to re-invent the "wheel" from scratch because you have such a unique situation in games. L O L pathetic reasoning and explenation for dummies as usual. But the Sheeps still follow and trust this BS.

  54. 蔡明哲


  55. TheRemix

    Hm yes, the chain its made of chain.

  56. 刘芝芳

    Plot twist:sylas has conquered demacia and now come to the land of entity to claim its power

  57. Callum Byrne

    Oh I see so I'm not getting her eyes again you f****** a sofa that just great just putting it all hopes up with the Shane's what a shite stunt thanks for putting a f******hopes up. (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

  58. DAmi3n PlAyz

    I thought it was pinhead but it's something else

  59. mejgatmajp mj


  60. Santiago Sarmiento

    Next killer PUMPKINHEAD pls hahahahah

  61. nikolas bartell

    Is there an actual trailer I can watch yet?

  62. zeibles crafter

    Weones kliaos porque la cagan tanto

  63. Darrien Lewis

    In my opinion they should’ve made a Freddy video game that is similar to the Friday the 13th game

  64. Yesika Narvaez

    🎵One two Freddys coming for you🎵

  65. Yesika Narvaez

    🎵One two, Freddys coming for you🎵...

  66. troll king g

    Your developers want a hard core Not for survivors Please nerf the generator Killers are human I want to enjoy the game

  67. troll king g

    Your developers don't think that killers are still weak, generators are so fast, and if you break them fast, don't kill them. Why the hell are you so balanced? It's right to play a game Continue to gain popularity as aggro castle game trailer Balance is broken

  68. Yesika Narvaez

    0:37 Well at least he paid

  69. Antonius Johan Kurniawan

    Next please... Chucky (Child Play), Sundel Bolong (Indonesian Ghost), Nemesis (Resident Evil), Pyramid Head (Silent Hill), Imhotep (The Mummy), Candyman, Pennywise (It), I know What You Did Last Summer

  70. All Star

    W already know who the new killer is.

  71. Alessandro Canale

    Thats was very intresting

  72. Stanislav Mitev

    It would've been sick if the would act as if he's a survior but then he pulls he's knife out and starts stabing the survivor

  73. fall out

    So they are not going to add a official trailer?

  74. NLse samenleving is erg

    Howdie partner

  75. Chloe Ann

    Some people are saying its pinhead

  76. clautech

    Hitboxes are perfect guys don’t worry.

  77. The Sponge

    Fate? what is fate, but a serious of moments in our lives. roses we want to remember, thorns we can never forget, futile as the thought experiment is, I sometimes wonder where i would be had i made different choices. There is a moment in all our lives when our choice catch up to us. A moment that changes us for ever. A moment of reckoning.

  78. Game Sieger

    New killer simp when an e girl reads his £5000 donation

  79. cocochuggamer

    Honestly, the new killer's chains don't even go on the ground.

  80. V. Emil the II-nd

    See ya, Harpoon Cowboy!

  81. PD Sketch

    ONI is the name of my old nanny so I don’t know how I feel about this one boys

  82. XDviper45

    It's great the the devs keep bringing out new killers and survivors, but they need to give players more to do in game. Every game is the exact same no matter the killer or survivor. New tasks, objectives, win/loss conditions would freshen up the stale game play. More diverse maps would also be a welcome addition.

  83. Legacy

    Dedicate hitboxes please thank you. I can record you video of hits what I get every time.

  84. GhostDragon Gaming

    New killer- Bob New survivor- Janet New map- red lobster

  85. Zanthos-GER

    Please fix the hair of some survivors and killers. In some perspectives the hair seems like its invisible (Chapter 15 is great btw)

  86. Anthony Lopez

    Please nerf the doctor he’s not even fair to play against cause everybody constantly shocks until tier 3 and you can’t do anything I’m a rank 10 and it’s not fun what so ever for my friend every time we get doctor which is every match

  87. Anthony Lopez

    Please nerf him instead this is a cry for help

  88. Anthony Lopez

    He shocks you until tier 3 and it’s already over it was a mistake to buff him

  89. Anthony Lopez

    Can you guys please nerf the doctor he’s way to unfair because it impossible to beat him when you can’t do anything

    1. Jim jam

      @Anthony Lopez lol git gud

    2. Rachel & Chloe

      Are you being serious?

  90. B lankly


  91. Szubi


  92. Blue Sea Dream

    sorry for my very bad English: Every day that passes the matchmeking is more and more broken! what a pleasure for a new player: killer rank 19 vs survivors rank 1, 2, 7.9 It's perfect to ruin the urge to play, do you know how to do something other than skins?


    I have a question . When the game be on Rissian launch on console ? Changed : i Rissian player on xbox and i want to play this game on Rissian launch because on computer game on Rissian launch .

  94. Vabbbyy

    I got a capsule my pants if you want to see

  95. Wood Blocker

    just chain

  96. Alex Dorentes Anthony

    New killer is:deathslinger

  97. Marcus Hull


  98. Captain Blyat

    Bruh it's Kratos.

  99. DevilMcCrank

    I think the most worse thing in the stream... was the Chat.. to many stupid kids. Thank you for the nice Stream and the explain of the Hitbox and Lags it was very interesting and i hope you will find a solution about the Hitbox and co somedays.. my Idea: Make the Slashbox from the Killer more small.. really i cant believe that they hit me sometimes after i jumped into a Window and i start to Walk left or right and then i got a Hit.. sometimes i get not a hit and its the same Situation.. maybe its cause of the lag.. but then its nice to see how many players have a African Connection feels like 200 ms+. Maybe you guys can make a Matchmaking that finds player with a similiar Ping like the others.. idk a Ping Range 0-90 , 90-130 etc etc. if everyone has the same or "similiar ping" noone will have problems with a "Bad hitbox" .. its just a idea idk i have no idea from this things and im not a Pro.

  100. Moon

    𝕊𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕣𝕚𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕗𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔽𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕟 𝕜𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣 𝕗𝕣𝕠𝕞 ℍ𝕚𝕕𝕖 𝕠𝕣 𝔻𝕚𝕖, 𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕝, 𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕝