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  1. jae im


  2. Tae ;;

    *Siempre seran 9* 💙🚀

  3. Romand lker

    Itzy "으아~~~이씨; 대라 마! 씨.." "미안혀 때리지마라"

  4. Devanshi Sharma

    Congratulations got7 on the 1st win So proud of you!! Birdies let's stream more. <3

  5. Kpop que


  6. Fatimah 309

    Fighting💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Love my first idol in the world💕💕💕

  7. Neme Jung

    Why does Lee Minho's visual hits me so hard

  8. stay 97

    Please vote for stray kids in AAA, on starpoll app. Thank you!

  9. Angelika

    To celebrate GOT7's first win let's all stream our hearts out to 50M!!! <3 ALL FOR GOT7 YES?!

  10. King BamBam

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🏆

  11. hunah444

    Go 300M ! 😚😍😍

  12. 황 치열

    Who is Love Stray Kids .. Double Kont .. ♥ ♥ ♥ ... Like ♥

  13. just likethis

    Do you ever feel unsatisfied with GOT7 album? Me: never ever. GOT7: because you keep calling my name

  14. Ba Chit

    Road to 38

  15. Fatimah Kdr09

    Luv Got7 Like2 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚

  16. Oppa Cutie

    Or just a side track?

  17. Oppa Cutie

    May I ask is this their comeback?

  18. Leticia

    essa música é tão amorzinho, acho que nunca vou me cansar de ouvir ela

  19. The Pi Dealer

    soty or im rioting

  20. Maya SS

    c'mon ahgase this masterpiece must get +100M !!

  21. Kylie Decker

    You can say that they were out of this world, no? (Someone probably already said this, but this came to mind from hearing their title)

  22. You are no1 Got7

    เย้37M.(15/11/19 )ซักที มาราธอนมาก ตั้งแต่ตี5 จน5โมงเย็น แต่ไม่ถอยหรอกนะ มุ่งหน้า40M. ลุย[email protected]

  23. 周張貴英


  24. Im Nayeon


  25. Xyef Jacob

    Wow got 7 niega am yung niega am yung sarang heyy......damyung inm bok yunnn go boohh

  26. Ba Chit

    Here again

  27. hunah444

    Got7 is the best 🐥🐥🐥

  28. Please subscribe I’ll be releasing music

    oh look! snacks ...

  29. Oppa Cutie

    The sound is kinda weird because I their is no Kain vocalist. But still I love it. FOREVER OT9

  30. Almarie Mejo

    Oh Oh Oh Oh . . . . The only thing I can sing LOL here in this song~~~


    Me: Title: “GOT7 Just Right (Crazy boyfriend ver.)” Me: Title: Me: It’s just GOT7 being themselves

  32. Helen Syofia

    How many fans of nayeon and momo Nayeon=like Momo=coment

  33. Maria Juliana Santos Ospina

    37M !!

  34. Nada Meidiana

    Wonpil 😊😊

  35. Lin Irene


  36. Ba Chit


  37. Onpreeya Kaewkor

    Is you

  38. Lalaine Ponalyn Elleran

    Congrats Got for the win

  39. AhgaseAus

    40M before gyeom's bday!!

  40. AhgaseAus

    Our hard work paid off ahgases! Let's keep spinning for more awards~

  41. เจ TTV


  42. artj squad

    Ang Ganda ng twice

  43. ラプンツェル


  44. xydeecutee _periodt

    My cat made me Feel Special, I Fancy being accompanied by it. Now it feels like I Fake & True feelings for it. I feel like I betrayed him, my mom kicked him out of the house btw

  45. none

    I always feel like most of kpop songs sound the same look the same but got7 have different style songs

  46. hunah444


  47. bbpp Got7


  48. I only Me

    Congratulations on our first win today guys we did it let’s get more wins

  49. Ba Chit

    Today 38 please please please (>﹏<)

  50. hunah444

    2019 Still listening 👂

  51. حلا حلا


  52. Shivana Mendiola

    Guys we got this :) #KeepSpinning y’all ;)

  53. อริศรา ทาไร

    I Like StrayKids 💕

  54. Penguin Minariii

    This is song of the year



  56. Madz Balbuena

    We won!

  57. ma punnia


  58. ko 1 ko127

    Please don't make the song an announcement.

  59. nittaya khamphanchana

    Congratulations 1st win

  60. Onpreeya Kaewkor


  61. Encik Ayam

    2:30 my favourite scene 😍

  62. Melodramatic

    Congratulations GOT7 and Ahgase we got a music bank win! 15/11/2019 💚🎉💚🎉💚🎉💚🎉💚🎉💚🎉💚

  63. Ghierhu Realubit

    We win in music bank today congrats to all fellow ahgase


    momo is a queen😍

  65. 0lvia Levy

    WE DID IT WE GOT OUR FIRST WIN crying emoji am so sleepy but too exited to sleep thank you God and aghases see together we can now let's go vote them at mama

  66. rizda bayu adittya


  67. Lamiss Verkwan


  68. one happy passerby

    Congrats to the boys and to us ahgases!! ♡ To more wins to come! Let's do our best! :)

  69. Onpreeya Kaewkor

    เอ่ เอ่ เอ่

  70. Julie Asubar

    this song reminds me of my childhood dream

  71. johnson panogari

    Anyone noticed tzuyu in minute 2:03? So cute . And how jeongyeon reacted

  72. Rosli 1995


  73. Batool Hassan


  74. ANJROTmania

    When you are baffled by the University Rugby concept of 2020 season greeting, looking back, you realized that Twice original concept were somewhat related to cheerleader/sports/active lifestyle.

  75. ᄏᄏ이브

    We love stray kids

  76. Tifiniza Jaul

    Jackson💞 you never fail to impressed me with ur voice

  77. You are no1 Got7


  78. Kim Nanda

    Owhhhh felixx your smile killing me😖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  79. jasmine suman handa

    2nd win fighting Ahgase...40m let's get it together

  80. น้องอินเตอร์ So cute

    ขอบคุณอากาเซ่ทุกคนที่มีส่วนทำให้เด็กๆได้ถ้วยรางวัลแรกของคัมนี้นะ เห็นไหมที่เราร่วมมือกันปั่นวิว จนทำให้น้องได้รางวัลกัน ไม่เหนื่อยฟรีนะ

    1. Kerorojang Ana

      ได้ถ้วยไรคะ จริงหราคะ ดีใจจังค่ะ

  81. Dong Miscala

    Congratulations GOT7!!

  82. wanida bbboom

    Come on 38 m

  83. Miñoza크리스틴_

    Changbin's rap is lit.❤

  84. TwiceMina OnceStayForever

    TWICE ❤️

  85. Elaiza Helen

    iniiyakan ko to

  86. jecello. 020407

    2:00 y'all know what i mean right? hyunjeong

  87. Hari Yeo

    In next comeback we want teen crush concept like Dalla Dalla.

  88. Ismat Binte Rashid

    Those unlike from JYP :v

  89. Loeyzn

    Woojin 💔

  90. Jerome Tomas

    RAMDAM KO TO TAKTE SARAP SA EARS loveyou boys!!! Keep bringing us good quality musics. I still believe woojin is with u guys Ot9 till end.❤

  91. Smol Sana is Pomu


  92. Onpreeya Kaewkor


  93. Sreyleak Thim

    Congrats for the 1st win my green hearts GOT7

  94. dadaaa is love

    เห็นน้องแบมแบมไลฟ์สดขอบคุณคนไทยที่ปั่นวิวให้ มีส่วนทำให้พวกเขาชนะ ได้ยินแล้วชื่นใจมากๆเลยจ้า

  95. Loeyzn


  96. Maide Potuk

    Why the song is not on spotify?😞😞

  97. WiDis

    VocaLs omgggggg 😭😭😭 so guwt

  98. Seungbum Cho


  99. Korng 369

    Congratulations for the first win babe. Well done everyone.

  100. Anapaula Pereira