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  1. Zonah Meriam

    gabbie was the mOnStEr

  2. Local Leak

    1im sorry but stop posting things that don’t involve you just for clout and stop talking about the ace family like you are not trending and get out of others peoples business

  3. Basic Megan

    Why the heck does Keemstar need to say “He leaked my number!” So many times? Like we get it! 🤨😑

  4. Rbrjdbdb Ibsksns

    I don't like him but you gotta respect his decisions man, you're not invited so you're not invited and when James Charles calls the police for trespassing at his house you get disappointed at James Charles. Finding his address is enough for you to find out. Imagine if I find your address and I come to your house not invited, of course you will kick me out. Its not like you will decide everything for yourself, you gotta respect other people's decisions

  5. MaryElizabeth Hardenberg


  6. Cuck Master

    So you’re telling me that the world record egg meant NOTHING?

  7. MaryElizabeth Hardenberg


  8. Menrlyn Menrooe

    I mean....i have mixed feelings

  9. JackisDitzy Xoxo

    Can I say something Taylor signed her music to him !!! She didn’t have to so it’s her fault remember she has the rights so she would of singed the contract of scooters rights so something fishy here

  10. Sleepy Idiot

    As long as it works for her, I don’t see the issue 💀💀

  11. leescah09

    Are you all really gonna believe a video?? I mean he may not have done it and the girls are just tryna rip the ACE Family name down🤔😡

  12. megbro

    If someone embodies a certain quality... it speaks for themselves. They don’t have to constantly tell/remind people

  13. Chicken noodle soup

    *SIGH* What now..

  14. Emily Lebleu

    can everyone just leave him tf alone

    1. Emily Lebleu

      i don’t even watch james but i’m sure his dog will be fine

  15. Tae Hyung


  16. Its Adissa

    The only reason I don’t like not seeing likes is because now those posts ‘based on the last digit of your like’ are useless

  17. Lana Khader

    Ok no just an animal no people need to realize that cats have souls they are living breathing animals with emotions don’t say it’s just a animal it’s more than that

  18. Cryptonical

    never liked Gabbie anyway so

  19. Arthur Morgan

    Gabbie: 🙂🙃

  20. ayy Victoria

    I still like their clothes tho🙃

  21. Arleen AMZ

    This is weird and kinda gross, gives me chills

  22. Super Lady

    I got a cat willy nilly and she is living her best life.

  23. TheLaniebaby

    Its not "a report on the news" when your calling it "Tea".

  24. Shadow Ninja

    The ace family kills someone Fan: I still support the ace family But seriously I don't know who to believe now

  25. Drea J

    I'm in San Antonio, TX and my electric bill is usually about $600. My mortgage is $2300 then phones, internet, car, insurance, property taxes, food. Cost of living is ridiculous in some places. Sorry y'all too broke to have nice things. Sounding more jealous than anything else.

  26. Morgan B

    My brain after trying to understand all of this 🤕

  27. ayanna barrett

    Lol. Her name is Sunday ?

  28. Billie Eyelash


  29. Jaidin Kobayashi

    2019 has been a.......Tea....year

  30. yedamie

    THESE are the women we’re giving money too??

  31. 7MonarC

    Lol kim, such a hypocrite.

  32. 7MonarC

    Lol nicki, what a child.

  33. Liebe Dich

    This is old tea??

  34. btsarmyluv

    bish Billie is not in Germany

  35. Family Spencer

    I love how in the middle of the video, I got an ad for Sephora...

  36. M LT

    Taylor is such a nasty two faced person but I have to give her kudos for how she markets herself

  37. awkward- jaylav

    Omg are those tater tots in the disclaimers background Edit: woah I love how they are arguing with a Cheeto cat and food XD lol

  38. Ellie G

    Why are people defending them, they have the stupidest reasons for defending them. There is no debate they are destroying land that is not theirs they should apologise and handle it properly

  39. Angie V

    They were cash cows for very greedy people who knew that boy bands only have a short lifespan of usually around 5 years. They wanted to make as much money out of them as they could. It is really amazing that none of them crashed and burned. Zayn withdrew and became basically reclusive but with the stress on him and his anxiety and eating disorder, it could have turned out much worse.

  40. Pink Kat

    I really wish she would get a nose job so I could actually look at her. There are people with imperfect noses, and then there are people like Gabbie who have such enormous noses that it's hard to even look at them. Getting it fixed would be a gift to the world.

  41. Liz Abelar

    Everyone should just shut up and stop talking about Justin's and Hailey's marriage and Selena's feelings People don't know them personally

  42. Francis Watts

    I'm sure John Lennon or Elvis would have some crazy obsessed fan stories. you would think obsessed fans would have more respect for who/what they are obsessed about, but sadly this is not the case, nor has it ever been.

  43. Arianna Sanchez

    Everyone mad sounds like a bunch of angry Karens

  44. Draft_Omauri

    i hope,no want artists to be treated the way they need to be treated they’re people not machines they have feelings!Zayn made the right decision to leave and I never was mad at him and wish the best for everyone

  45. Super Lady

    Honestly this would be so good, I get so embarrassed and disappointed in myself when I see my artwork near someone else’s who has a lot more likes then me. It makes me second guess a lot if I should post it. If it was more like this, I feel that it would be better. A lot more freeing.

  46. lads being lads doing laddy lad things

    both gabbie and trisha are crazy and obviously severely mentally unstable. i don't trust either of them

  47. C. M.

    All because people insist on communicating through texts instead of phone calls. If Gabi could have heard Trishas voice when she was saying "maybe I should make a video" etc then she would have been able to HEAR that it was sarcasm. Emotions don't translate well through text. If you're having a serious conversation either speak with your voice or be straight forward about what you mean.

  48. ur clapped

    It’s all so childish

  49. EliseLoveArtistry

    that Gabi girl did literally nothing wrong...

  50. Emma Kraus

    America has the most over weight/ obese people compared to the rest of the world, children included.

  51. Terree Rogers

    People don't think of reality. Selena and Justin were together forever and I bet that even if they loved each other, they were both done. They both knew it's not gonna work, and to just move on. Its life. It happens. That can happen, and you can meet someone after and everything call fall into place. And then you may be like Selena and just wanna work on yourself and you really do learn to love yourself. Like everyone is not gonna make the same life choice especially when it comes to love. Like come on.

  52. Iyashka Laura

    Fame is making them change man😟😟😟 why two of them needs to stop this really!!!

  53. The Emodiment Of Communism

    What d heads! No! If I showed up with a mob at your house and begged you to sign something when your trying to relax, would you let yourself be stripped of rights? James Charles is just fine doing what he did

  54. Super Gamer_girl

    Guess the person who stole it was feeling really awkward when they were chanting 😂

  55. Ƒedelle Đort

    Honestly, I really don't care about this rich white girl's problems. Whether she has her master's or not has nothing to do with me. There are people dying...that's an actual problem

  56. Niblo !

    "Bully" is a censored word? Okay....

  57. Musical Hime

    He adopted a dog???? He's so evil and officially canceled

  58. Psychotic Coconut

    Forever 21 be like: NOOO!!! It's not that we rushed our production! It's just that... Well... Our make up sucks. PERIODT

  59. Jessica Smith

    "social media reflects society"... was going to say nah, but somewhere deep inside of me I know he's right. It's about the users behind the content and how they use the content and what kind of people they are that are the toxic ones. It's a double edged sword. It's made people less social and more narcissistic, yet it's the users who decide to use the app in the way they do that are causing the issues.

  60. Lucas Almeida

    nobody: random girl: aAcTtuaLly GoAalSs

  61. Draken Kartikay Kaul

    They only dropped out of college because they had an idea they believed in. Doesn't mean "blindly" believe

  62. Psychotic Coconut

    So who's wrong right now? I'm still like 😐 and I feel like I should be 😱

  63. EwwGaby

    im so for the removing of likes. i like to compare it to snapchat, people post what they want and don’t worry about the number of views they’ll get because no one but themselves see it.

  64. Raquel

    A little to late instagram

  65. Louis Ruiz

    It is hypocritical just she don’t realize it because she not mature.

  66. Suraj Sharma

    In India we still se likes 😂

  67. Annie Kate

    Maybe she’s the MONSTAAAA!

  68. ImNotYourBuddy

    Some people should just read the contract before signing it but playing victim works too apparently

  69. Kristen Kristen

    But she wasn't even offered to buy her masters

  70. E P

    ...give insight INTO the situation, not on the situation.

  71. wyn

    I just realised Selena released her song on my birthday.

  72. beauty lavern


  73. Øreø Løver

    The likes aren’t bad, this generations mindset is

  74. freya davison

    OMG I am a I'm Alex fan

  75. Not Me

    Trisha is right 👍

  76. Caspar The Ghost

    "Manipulative people are good at being manipulative."

  77. Lauren

    Gabbie can just accept she’s a terrible person

  78. Sage -

    I wish your videos were a lot longer like they used to be ☕️

  79. Super Lady

    I feel bad, I don’t understand the struggle of bills yet, but I could never imagine my cat being hurt and not having the money to help.

  80. hahah logang

    20 minutes of spill reading random tweets. tbh this video was so unneeded.

  81. Sky C

    This video is super super good. Social media can be detrimental to mental health if one doesn't know how to use it.

  82. Eoni Argaman

    gotta get that ad money 😉

  83. Meli Munster

    Serious question why do people like Gabbie Hanna?

  84. Christina Allard

    Wow I'm sorry for Billie but I have a ring for her

  85. Vincit qui se vincit

    I think their idea is excellent. I hope it sticks. I’d use it more.

  86. gaurav singh

    It's just sad that taylor has to go through all this & it must really hurts to lose your own work and someone use it to control you I'm really happy that she's Rerecording her music

  87. Dork ‘

    I watched this entire video and I’m still confused

  88. Min Tea

    I'm hearing a LOT of G A B I with an E too so this is really just --- I side with with Trish, end of story xD

  89. R E : F L E C T I O N

    That video is uselessly long and most of it is irrelevant. About 5min of it is truly about the subject.

  90. jasmine

    Is it confirmed that this is happening? I’m in Canada and it didn’t show likes for me for one day and that was a while ago

  91. angel bernardino

    I love this

  92. kate carew

    The screenshots of GH are so BEAUTIFUL 😂

  93. Krista hathaway

    I like you you're awesome you need more subscribers you just got one more

  94. Devin Gray-Paul

    I can finally flop in peace

  95. loreda bloodstaan

    And yeah we all have feelings but Hailey is really wrong ......for judging Selena on her songs in bad way ... And I know that she was throwing shade at Selena ...like really

  96. Breathin Ariana

    I still think Lady Gaga should have been artist of the decade

  97. Lily Syafiqah

    To sulli haters, do you have anything to say? 😏

  98. loreda bloodstaan

    But why should they interfere in Selena's life ...I mean if they think she is wrong then They are wrong for thinking that it's wrong to sing about your life ...or your past life .. Like her new songs means that she does not care about that animals ...I mean Hailey and Justin ... And sorry but it is just wrong I mean really wrong ....

  99. Scarlet Ascensio

    Y’all are really trippin if you think somebody is going to pay 5$ more just for early access to merch. Kind of sounds like you guys are all in it for the money. Very disappointed. Even 10$ is too much. Netflix don’t even charge that much. Get out of your head😭😂

  100. Nova Decay

    5:37 6:49 Um okayyy😂