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  1. Paul Allen

    1 day I will get to bring my Bride of almost 37 yrs Dec 11 to Nashville. #musicismedication

  2. Noemi Zaragosa

    He did great in front of a audience 😭❤️

  3. Jonathan Cineus

    Michaela looks really scary in that thumbnail

  4. Zeliodas

    Worst Costume ever Shaggy: it wasn't Me

  5. paolajesfa

    Impresionante 👏👏👏👏

  6. Ilove God

    I like her in this light idk touches my heart ❤️

  7. Tiffany Okafor

    lol so glad to learn this is on Hulu!

  8. Matze Ketterl

    Am i allowed to cry

  9. lipsohlips97

    I was hoping there would be an asian kid!! Aidyn is adorable, but why is he worrying about being young forever at 5?! LOL

  10. Randomer12

    Them shouting at her😂😂

  11. Kassie Yo

    Makes you wonder what else is so stupid that works and make money on

  12. David Buckley

    I love this show it’s so warm hearted

  13. Khalid AlQattan

    It’s useful and everything, but peanut butter coming out like a lotion just kinda disgusts me.

  14. nicelysaid

    I used to keep the Peanut butter besides the Nutella outside the fridge, till I read on Trader Joe's jar to refrigerate it. Tbh I thought it is unhealthy to keep it outside but man What a mess to spread the PB on bread lol . i use my hands now lmao .

  15. Alec Bahm

    1:52 😂

  16. high mermaid

    Why did they not make a live action movie for the little mermaid? like Aladdin and beauty and the beast smh what a waste

  17. PeachesCourage

    Cuban wants Al if so if cell phones with 5 Gigs were a very mild concern What about the concern from a robot that will pick up and receive instructions The routine does happen this way too on the job so eletromagnetic problems with this are a concern And a lot of us would be concerned too and we would need to know if environmental problems like these aren't being overlooked?

  18. Peaceistheanswer27

    Once Robert got famous, he ditched his wife of like 20 years and found him a younger one.

  19. Mrs. Knox


  20. Jim Beau

    Who knew something so sweet could make Laurie so salty

  21. Amazing Gracie

    tears welling up

  22. Otsdrs else

    So, he had to be rude to do it?

  23. J Smallwood

    I got the part of the omsambel

  24. Paige Turner

    My gf just pranked me and was really disturbed when I reacted like Claire. I showed her this clip 😅

  25. entropy22

    Stupid as hell

  26. Nicholas Margagliano

    “Real cops wear their vest under their shirt” Lmao! No! Half of the departments in the us authorize u to wear it however the hell u want. 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is why i can’t watch these shows

    1. Playerblock50

      in that department they wear it under the shirt

  27. Aubrey Elizabeth

    Awwwww he so cute

  28. Wendy O'dell

    I don't watch the show but damn that made me cry ❤

  29. Ivan Richard Mamuyac

    Ellington's outfit is 🔥

  30. E Espinosa

    Anyone else get an ad from Knife aid for this video? Lol

  31. prince Wilkie

    Am in love with this woman

  32. Kat Brax

    A 7? Spit in his water. 🌬️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. RoseBookFan#7

    It’s so weird how the roles are reversed now. Claire who’s now the cold and isolated one & Morgan now the more softer compassionate one (even though she’s still unpredictable 😗)

  34. TruthBeTold

    I am not wearing any BUMBOCLAAT crab suit!!!

  35. RoseBookFan#7

    Even though lea & Shaun aren’t together romantically I do enjoy their friendship 😊

  36. ray's horror night

    This just gets saider

  37. Ladyof Grace

    Awww that's so sweet. Beautiful family.

  38. Allen Ervin

    I'm sure I could do this 🥰 Al loves the kids

  39. cormac macsuibhne

    Wow that guy is really good at math. One more and we have one.

  40. Sergeanttaco911

    This is the most unrealistic and worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Ever.

  41. Nick Mo

    Stupid and a waste of time... easy questions for "celebrities" or has beens

  42. Natnael Yohannes

    He is so cute God bless him ❤️ from Eritrea same country with Tiffany 🇪🇷

  43. Natnael Yohannes

    Proud of u tiffany my blood 🇪🇷❤️🇪🇷🇪🇷

  44. giselle joseph

    Oh so cute

  45. F8N CrazEPumpkiN

    2:03 Adam Savage ( from Mythbusters) be like : this is FUN

  46. sam johnson

    you’re lying if you say queen latifah wasn’t better than the original

  47. George Washington

    Cartel wouldn’t care they would of got out and shot the two. Hollywood wants to think it’s like that.Also if she said “anyone who raises their weapon above their waist gets a hollow point through the eye” there would be outrage and people saying “she can’t say that” and cry babies

  48. Dehydrated Water

    ABC home of the pedophile protectors

  49. Goldie Locks

    As hilarious as this really is, it made me emotional, thought about lots of dads and daughters and children infact that miss out of awesome relationships like these due to mistakes they had no control of.

  50. tatsuo71

    Now he can buy a bag of chips and soda 🥤 with his overtime pay

  51. lotto

    These idiots thought the same thing with Ring. Than Amazon bought it for $1 billion.

  52. Destabolize Sweetie bot

    Lol i love it

  53. Thamina Rahman

    hook is sexy

  54. Thabo Phumo

    Connor was the MOST depressing character on this show. The guy didn't have any happy days. I don't think I ever saw him smile.

  55. Danni Rice

    I'm my brothers keeper & I'm my sisters keeper. So cute. Keep up the good work Tiffany H.

  56. SOA O.

    Yeah teach these girlls to know their worthhhh, if he have no money then, theres no future, if he is 35 and has no money, GURL BYE. TIFFANY I LOVE YOU.❤

  57. Levente Mucsi

    I have no idea why this is in my recommended, but i'm not disappointed

  58. Liars Grande1989

    I want them together. Carly is annoying

  59. nad bless

    Shaggy 💕💕💕🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  60. Stacks

    Who refrigerates peanut butter?

  61. SOA O.

    I wanna meet tiffany so badlyyyyyy, id be cracking up just from her very first word🤣 I AM SUCH A FAN😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  62. Asia

    That was the best performance I’ve ever seen

  63. atinis

    *Tiffany how about wearing a purple, or green suit?* 😕

  64. Jamie Marsden

    Has he won an Emmy yet?...I feel like he deserves ten of them. This is exactly how my autistic brother acts. It’s like watching him on tv.

  65. Latrice

    If the roles were reversed this scene would not have gotten so much love

  66. Selena Davis

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING all hail the Queen

  67. Nana Ama Duah

    Thought this was gonna turn black on black

  68. Christina Hay

    Yes loving this

  69. Joshua Rogols

    She shoved her finger in there faster than a dude on prom night!

  70. Shane De Giorgio

    This is an offense to the peanut butter pump community

  71. Blesbeauty 101


  72. KC Sunshine

    Disney should have never even tried, this was such a disaster.

  73. M Benigna

    Maybe he should sell his products to men only! This kind of behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable! Outrageous!!!

  74. leonora sanchez padilla

    Who is here because of Guillermo at 2:05 😂

  75. Paul Alvarado


  76. James Gurksnis

    Cobie Smulders is a better badass than Rosa Diaz.

  77. Carlos Espinosa

    Siento que en cualquier momento Piper gritará: "Leeeooooo".

  78. Shaun Victory

    7? What the fuck Not to me

  79. Savannah Mccowen


  80. Darren West

    Oh poor Lori shut up.

  81. Gerice Latimore

    So Adorable 💞💞💞😘😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  82. Grant Jones

    It is inspirational to see an intelligent black woman going head to head with opposition and not backing down

  83. Bibi Khadijeh Samiezade- Yazd

    My brother used to abuse me a lot growing up and he made me unbelievably petrified to stand up to men who are doing me wrong. My goal and dream in life is to come as far as Abby has come in standing her ground and not taking an ounce of shit from anyone.

  84. Leanne

    the new show is so more dramatic than it used to be. the older one had drama sure but it was more light hearted and funny.

  85. Awethu mhlalase

    I'm hollering 😂🤣

  86. bay vien

    Now with Daymond behind, this product might go somewhere. It's also positive for Daymond; now he can sell something to over 100 million Vietnamese people - we like him now :-) That is Australian accent. Good with native tongue, but came from you (Lisa), Trinh Hoi, and my cousins, I felt it very weird, not sexy at all.

  87. Malia Saunders

    This is so cute 😭😩

  88. Kidd Fiddich

    He just didn’t want to hear Kevin say “Can you dig it?” again

  89. Blaine Debeers

    Great <3

  90. Kim Dale

    Looooovvvvveeee......💕this show 🤣

  91. Marrie F

    Omg that was great!!

  92. MCShroom

    Dad yells at son for not cleaning his room Sons mind: Ima bout to end this mans whole career *jack fires his dad*

  93. lola brini

    phil is so adorable i 💙💜💚🧡him

  94. Guiyeoul Lim

    Haha that is so trune man

  95. Jeremy Ibu

    when the Mexican version of this show coming out Span-ish 🤣

  96. SkyLight Gameuse

    She actually burnt her hand, what a pro!!

  97. Lil Nicki

    -So Bow title never change becz her title in black-ish Johnson too when she marry Dre.

  98. Lil Nicki

    -black-ish is way better than mixed-ish i guess Bow had more struggles than Dre growing up

  99. Lil Nicki

    -but i rather curly over straight hair.