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  1. butterNIC

    uh ok so great movies are now a thing again

  2. Bih Boi

    Did he fucking die?

  3. nelsi hernandez

    me hido llorar

  4. The Random

    A Filipino short movie niceeeee Salamat disney❤️❤️❤️

  5. SunScam

    Coco: turn musicians into spirits Soul: turn musicians into spirits I think I'm seeing a pattern here

  6. Granulated Shrimp Is Gud


  7. vMMe

    Bro Balloons from Up in real life

  8. Sandra Ayala

    Does Jackson want to bet against the thrust SSC?

  9. El Jonny

    whait so black peapole had felings?

  10. Daniel B

    1. Hears AJR Overture 2. Sees animation and thinks it's fan made 3. Goes to account and it's Disney Pixar 4. Shooketh me!!!

  11. vofff

    come fly with me, cachinka!

  12. matias ignacio palma contreras

    Si bien los (Parrs) aceptaron la idea de ser superheroes, esto aún es ilegal. Sin embargo, un empresario planea usar a (Elastigirl) como ejemplo para rehabilitar la imagen pública de los héroes.

  13. Michał Wolski

    Sans and Papyrus

  14. tyler Sturdevant

    Anyone else notice how the moped rider casually glides over an open manhole right before our protagonist falls straight down.

  15. Les Fleurs du Mal

    While Disney is slaughtering all-time clasics like Lion King and Aladdin with unnecessary (and not asked for) live actions, Pixar keeps creating memorables pieces of art.

  16. Cristol Dsouza

    Thinking to finally pursue what I like/love and here I get this video. Is the universe trying to tell me something? 😉😂

  17. lecotatuta no

    Joe mamma

  18. WillBill

    Is no one going to talk about the scooter driving straight over a manhole? Edit: And yes I am going to like my own comment

  19. Anthony Rodriguez

    "Hey I'm gonna book a ticket" MAYBE FOR THIS COWBOY DANCE "umm maybe not"

  20. hurlingrainbows GAMES

    AJR Come hang out!!!!!! Omgggg

  21. ichigolingo

    Soul...did he die from falling in the manhole?

  22. Luis Animations

    When I saw this in Disney + the rating was (PG) it should be (PG13) or (PG10) I made that up XD

  23. Delta

    The Studio that brought you Inside Out, Up and CoCo.... *Yes Yes we know who pixar is*

  24. Coo.

    Pixar’s the best

  25. Michael

    I really needed to hear this message right now. I'm wasting my life in a job I don't care about, that is getting me nowhere. Time for a change of heart, mind and SOUL.

  26. Gysel Pereira


  27. MilkyyM8

    Y'all should do a real-life Lion King by releasing a Lion into the city.

  28. King Knight is best Knight

    Can we do the Sonic Movie Thing again?

  29. CJ official


  30. QLJJD

    0:27 Ok boomer

  31. Chris Pendergraft

    Anyone else want to "talk" the abuser with that chain?

  32. Amelia Thy Great

    Dis sound cool. will watch.

  33. Mark Park Comedy

    So much Child Labor marketing.

  34. Pogchamp Taks

    1:20 me when seeing the cowboy dance

  35. HJ Yeager

    The dude really just said: 🎹➡️⚰️➡️👻

  36. Emanuele Aparecida


  37. ooo aaa


  38. elm !?!?!?

    I got Disney plus!

  39. Compadre Bolanos

    We where robed The first 48 seconds where amazing then it just fell apart

  40. TheAveragePro -

    Looks like berleezy got his own movie😂😂

  41. Alpha Lame

    I thought this would be a non magic movie, *boy I was wrong*

  42. Antonio Murdock


  43. beavis anderson

    i always imagine the feeling the critic felt in that moment, i imagine its like listening to an old song from your childhood that you haven't heard since then.

  44. Ian Dog

    The level of animation is just astounding

  45. Armo

    Pianist: I will be a great musician Also Pianist: Only seems to know one song

  46. Armo

    Pixar 2015: Feelings have feelings Pixar 2019: A Black Guy has feelings

  47. Chrstn 28

    Yo that scooter. It is literally go straight on that open manhole

  48. Tyler Lyons

    Looks like a cool movie.

  49. Jill S

    did he die?

  50. odisRuneScape

    0:54 OOF

  51. TheGladLonely Cat

    "Dont waste your time on all the junk of life!" *what am i doing!?: *Yeets all of his computer stuff*

  52. ZandaMcPanda

    The russel kid is gonna go far one day

  53. AlexMF321 _YT

    Someone else noticed that Forky is actually the "fork-spoon" that Wall-E had in his house?

  54. BeksKADA Vlogs

    I wanted to watch float,I can't sleep because and still tune on USsel

  55. H69 H69

    Pixar:What if cars had feelings Pixar:What if feelings had feelings Pixar:What if Robots had feelings Pixar:what if black people had feelings

  56. The Magical Unicorn Lizard

    Every time I watch this I end up crying, this is just so beautiful.

  57. Anirban Das


  58. TheTorturedEyes

    Toy story: if toys had feelings Cars: if cars had feelings Inside out: if feelings had feelings Soul: *if black people had feelings*

  59. COOL

    Such a beautiful scene, one of the most emotional in a modern kids film

  60. Molly Bing

    Pixar is the best!

  61. Ryan Skywalker

    You’ve lost me now Pixar

  62. ませんでしがありま

    Never liked pixar

  63. lego fan

    Its funny that a dragon can be tamed in this movie and be taken out by a squart bottle

  64. Rõôdåkà


  65. iVGizatullin

    00:45 apparantly the moped can fly

  66. Draak

    instructions unclear. quit job am now homeless.

  67. Abhi Choudhary

    Really appreciate great inniciative ... Disney+🔥🔥🔥🔥💗

  68. Snoop Doggy

    I almost screamed when I heard AJR

  69. Vincent Aguilar

    Pixar theory initiated

  70. profetional veiwer

    *Hears the background voice* I know this voice *turns out to be Jamie fox* Oh the gold digga guy yaas

  71. Turquoise Snowflake

    This is the only live action Disney I am interested in

  72. wacky jacky

    When I watched this movie when I was a kid, it just entertained me. I recently watched it again and it made me cry because of how beautiful the message was and how beautiful the whole movie was too. It's just so poetic was you look at the details.

  73. Mariah Fernanda

    seems cute

  74. tapanjeet roy


  75. Kyle the Roblox Communist

    Where will this fit in the pixar theory?

  76. Keko keko

    I have a good feeling about this one

  77. Maxxcell Higdon

    I loved Kitbull

  78. Roberta Marcon

    Coolest thing ever!! Artists at work, so cool!!

  79. MaxiPlayzXD

    Ight we all know the trailer fell apart in the second half But let’s admit that piano soundtrack at the beginning is 🔥

  80. dirkthewrench

    I was going to go nuclear for a second there, thank god it's not those awful remakes...

  81. Mr Smiles

    Just warning you it’s going to be gut wrenching sad but beautiful

  82. KaKo

    It was promising until the end

  83. Max Beauregard

    I honestly kinda thought that this would have more people currently putting comments here. Hmm.

  84. Elisa Ishitani

    "Overture" by AJR started playing and i just couldnt pay attention to the trailer bc i was busy singing the song

  85. Wakandan Spy

    Make that prop look pretty for ya!

  86. Shafi and Techs

    Probably a rated and I want to dieb

  87. Nitish Paswan


  88. kekes


  89. Jiffydabulletguy

    Old Pixar: What if you’d had feelings? New Pixar: What if *black people* had feelings?

  90. Ninja_McAwsome

    Inside out 2: Life and Death

  91. TheHNTRS

    I don't wanna hear jamie fox lol

  92. Thomas Seddon

    AJR made the soundtrack!!!

  93. DankCanadianMemes


  94. georgy roy

    Oscar loading...

  95. guberfilms

    It’s like Pixar is divided into two types of films. There’s the kid friendly films (Good Dinosaur, Cars, Monsters University, Onward). Then there’s the Oscar worthy tearjerkers (Inside Out, Up, Toy Story, Soul).

  96. Anime - X

    Another Masterpiece !

  97. Creativity Ahead

    really waiting for it inside out is my fav

  98. Krishna Pardeshi

    I like cowboy dance 🙏

  99. Miguelux



    Callate flanders