Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen

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  1. Darby Mercado


  2. Mahra Mohd

    u should get jake paul

  3. Ashley Erdos


  4. mixes 01

    I’m really sad Sarah out I’m pretty sure everyone was hoping for either Taylor or Tab to leave they’re definitely everyone’s least favorite in the show

  5. Ali N

    haha i kinda want to see elijah and dom back

  6. Cameryn Garza

    Andrea just is super fake in this season it’s her personality and feel bad for manny seemed really genuine And feel bad for do you could at least tell him want he did wrong don’t act fake to his face

  7. Baker Kilmartin

    Alex wasibi would be great for s3

  8. Savannah Sue

    0:53 1:06 2:05 2:12 2:45 3:18 4:19 4:43 6:01 <<<<<<<< IM DEDDDDDDD

  9. taylor rego


  10. taylor rego


  11. HuhNikki

    Bruh I saw corey they didn’t even leave

  12. Sebastian Montes

    9:34 lol

  13. Sayra Bravo

    Bretman Rock, Emma, and Tana

  14. Alanys Calzada

    this was definitely the best ending🥺

  15. Alanys Calzada

    Lena is an amazing human being

  16. Alanys Calzada

    im so proud of Lena 🥺

  17. expiredyogurt 46

    i feel so bad for kian it i feel like he’s being third wheeled

  18. Taylor

    17:03 i actually hate the way she acts, the “you were close?” just hit me a different way.

  19. clairealexandriax

    Fousey tube is so disrespectful and rude ? Like he didn’t even have enough respect to stay?? What a sore loser.

  20. Heather Perron

    You should do a season of fans vs favorites. Have some subscribers compete against people’s favorite USsel stars !!!

  21. babyyzai

    Dolan twins, Franny, Bretman, Harrison, Tana, Zane, Heath, Emma chamberlain!!!

  22. Annie S

    taylor is annoying with her simba stuff and idk she’s annoying but TAB... at least taylor finds a way to shed positive light on literally anything. like you’ll notice she is one of the most positive ppl even tho she’s also annoying. she’s grown on me

  23. Alexis Pixiee

    No tana

  24. Patricia Mata

    Charlie damilio

  25. Patricia Mata

    James chales

  26. Lt

    Y’all think that sucks. Try going to military training for two months without anything. Y’all wouldn’t last a week

  27. Mari H

    You guys should have Bretman Rock!

  28. Alexis Pixiee

    My request: Heath and Zane

  29. Megan Xx

    i really want Kians graphic tee

  30. Alanys Calzada

    taylor is a bitch

  31. Ian Flores

    Just to clarify if u do look at the actual video at 2:50 and see when they look back at the staircase it was a woman with a white robe that wasn’t a spirit and she was accompanied by a man

  32. Veronika Lozano

    Heath hussar

  33. Jordyn Sire

    We’re gonna run. 1 2 3

  34. Veronika Lozano

    Zane hijazi

  35. Carly 13

    Ask Sam and Colby to come for season 3!!!

  36. Kyla Artis

    Why does Elijah not like Tealea

  37. Genesis Orellana


  38. Emo Sis

    who else got hella hungry during the eating challenge? even tho it was nasty shit im fking hungry😂

  39. Emily Faith

    when did jc become such a bitch

  40. morgan sykes

    Emma chamberlain

  41. jordan stroud


  42. brooo two

    12:10 vocals doe😳

  43. Willow Hallback

    bruh why am i crying like a fricking BABY

  44. Kitty C.

    Stop making reality house I hate it

  45. Timothy Barrientes

    Poppa John is the best

  46. Layla Parker

    Emma chamberlain

  47. Timothy Barrientes

    And Sam and Colby

  48. Timothy Barrientes

    And Sam and Colby

  49. Timothy Barrientes

    I want Tara Yummy and Brennen Taylor

  50. Justa Meme

    Harrison Couldnt Make Stuck In Neil River The (NOT) Longest River

  51. inara syarina

    i seriously mother effing hate corey no joke

  52. inara syarina

    wtf is wrong with corey

  53. Katie Busch

    have the dolan twins or shane dawson in season 3!!

  54. Wassup_Heaven 21

    Could y’all imagine having Shane Dawson or jefree Star in the reality house season 3💯

  55. Emma Smith

    gabbie hanna , irene walton, david dobrik,

  56. Evelynn Espinosa

    Sam and Colby and Bretman Rock

  57. Kirsty Hardman

    larray and bretman rock in the reality house would slap

  58. Rachael

    jc looks so good wtf? lmaoooooooo

  59. Ryan Moss

    i actually hate her. (Spoiler alert this comment is NOT about Lena)

  60. Dyutiparna Devi Roy


  61. kavya nalluri


  62. Ryan Moss

    Taylor reminds me of the annoying blonde kid from the polar express

  63. Sal Rodriguez


  64. Shawna McKittrick

    *This is the reality of a guys sleepover*

  65. C Hood

    when fousey left they didn’t care coz they were having so much fun. why did he leave in the first place?

  66. Mackenzie Gartman

    Why do I feel like they look high in this😂😂

  67. Lauren Mason

    i thought this was gonna be terrible but its genuinly funny and amusing and im invested in this. you guys kicked ass with this like this is some tv quality shit

  68. Ryleigh Ross

    currently waiting for Dom to go drown in the duck pond

  69. hazel fan

    literally balled my fucking eyes out LMFAOOOO😭

  70. Ashley Thompson

    alex or sofia call her daddy would be iconic

  71. Jasmine Carlson

    Can we get a reality house siblings season? Like bretman and princess, jaclyn hill and her sister, patrick starr and Peter, the Dolan twins, etc.

  72. M. A.

    I loved this! I love being able to watch my favorite moments from the show again!

  73. RoyalPanda

    Why is lena so THICK!! 😍🔥🔥

  74. Faith

    everytime i feel an anxiety attack coming on i always put your videos on and they always help calm me down because you guys are so funny 😫😂

  75. Lexie Stamm

    where is this house thx

  76. Yana Aspradakis

    all i can think about is how much lena sounds like freaking tana..

  77. Mary Nunez

    25:55 Manny’s face was the highlight of this episode

  78. Ada Krebs

    omfg someone pleaseee tell me why that carpet looks exactly like jcs hairrr

  79. des


  80. yatziri duarte

    i wanna see louie castro in season 3 😭

  81. karina garcia

    the longest river is the nile river...

  82. HuhNikki

    Corey is the most depressing Kristen is a queen Lauren is also a queen Trish is the most like “yaas” gurl Crawford is the cute one

  83. karina garcia

    y’all could’ve said it was ice tea

  84. Wendi

    I wouldn’t want too youtubers on this series because I don’t feel they need the money as much as other small creators. Also people have less biases when watching if they don’t know the creators before hand.

  85. leahvalley

    I would love to see larray or Twaimz season 3!!

  86. Val’Dazia

    Adelaine Morin!!!!!!!

  87. K S-P

    Imari is saying some true stuff. But everything he calls jc Jason my head explodes

  88. Alexandra Houser

    i would have not even had a second thought to punching corey so hard. i would've broken his nose. s2g

  89. Anh Huynh

    dolan twins and Liza bruh that would be so funny. the dolan twins would literally go against e/o :)

  90. Kyla G

    Season 3 influencer suggestions Bretman rock Morgan Adams Shane dawson Brennen taylor Colby brock Corinna kopf Joewoahy

  91. Gopal Bhagat

    The merrell twins,franny arieta, nezza alex wassabi, aaron burriss, bobby, and rosanna pansino plss on season 3

  92. Sarah Ley

    FAZERUG!!!! ricegum!!! Tana!!!! Daisy Marquez!!!! Addison rae!!!!

  93. Autumn Stephenson

    colby brock .

  94. Damaris Noemi

    Ouu how about Timothy delaghetto for season 3!!

  95. Salleen Angel

    I feel like jake ( Webber) should be given another chance in season 3

  96. Nadia Cooper

    Whelp plan has changed ur the rat

  97. nikki //chrispynugget10

    why tf taylor got a lion on her head

  98. Michael Matthew Madtson

    Bretman & Tana

  99. Damaris Noemi

    I would looove to see Bretman Rock or Josh Leyva for season 3

  100. Jazmine Esparza

    The jackfruit your suppose to let sit ther and get soggy for likr 2 weeks an then just eat the yellow part