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  1. Bhaskaran Nanda

    Before asking him read the history of India girl,if Pakistan and Bangladesh reunites today he will,yes he will be saying to you that Muslims are most intelligent people in the world but that will not happen they hate from their core no matter what so how can we absorb more especially which take butchers as ancestors not us.

  2. Brodey Butlin

    This some 8mile shit

  3. Ravi Theja

    All those who hate his views try to leave with Muslims even you will start to tell that you hate Muslims

  4. W

    EU funded a pointless motorway in Romania, western hypocrites at it's finest.

  5. Joshua

    this is why you need a FATHER in the house....

  6. sumaiya fathima

    Such racist should get affected by corona virus instead of little infants . At least then India will be free from such cheap minded hindutva.. on what basis he is talking about Muslims and Islamic values ?

  7. Qimodis

    Tradition is bad. Death to ritual

  8. Qimodis

    no it isvnot and does nlt grief?

  9. Mohammad Danish farooqui

    But ironically his son in law is muslim

  10. Don Legend

    There will be no pseudo ARAB state in North African berber lands! Certainly not by pseudo berbers who think they are arabs!!

  11. codDevoter


  12. Peter Pan


  13. Uwu Daddy

    Transnistria Am I a joke to you

  14. Unknown Facts

    VICE NEWS IS constantly trying to Devide us Through religion.Vice shkuld try to unite not Devide at this critical moment

  15. Dezan nabilla

    5:07 he is about to say yeah

  16. HeelTaker7

    While this is a very eerie sight, it is also so good to see SO MANY people doing the right thing and giving us a chance against this huge threat.

  17. Alex Kien

    sometimes i feel like these moments only appears on games, movies, but now, seeing it infront of my eyes, its feel like a worst nightmare, i wished everything go back to normal soon and best of luck for all countries are suffering from this disease

  18. Patrick Tremblay

    disgusting ...

  19. Abir Ali

    The west should deal with their causalities first before pointing finger at other nations. The so called democratic superpowers of the world are not able to deal with a flu which has been claiming so many lives. Have they been duped by the communist country??? This no one can answer. Will there be a new world order???? this only time will tell.

  20. gothic pagan

    Lets hope your right, why Italy? Is there a charity that is 100% efficient that we can send Money. People of Italy should not be hungry, though it would of helped if they elected a more robust government. Mr. Salvini, i'm sure, would of reduced the problem👌

  21. Roadfart

    The United States if proof that just because people are protesting doesn't mean that there's anything to be protesting about. Likewise, VICE is proof that just because something's being reported on doesn't mean there's a story.

  22. hackneo64

    When the outbreak first started in Wuhan the Chinese escaped the lockdown and knowingly spread the virus when they flew around the world and to northern Italy where cheap Italian goods are made by these Chinese. Looks like doing buisiness with the Chinese isn't worth it after all huh Italy?

  23. CopsAreTyrants

    Build di engine lol

  24. Zachary Barker

    If I ever get alzheimers my only wish would be to know that I have alzheimers :(

  25. G.G. Reilly

    LMFAO the Devil drinks tears out of wine glasses.

  26. AK wasay

    The look on the face of Isobel shows how difficult it is to listen to a supremacist/extremist. Vision of India is becoming darker and darker with every passing day and that is a very dangerous scenario.

  27. Sparkly.Capricorn

    this is absolutely amazing, truly warms my heart. We lost my grandpa to Alzheimer’s, truly one of the hardest things to see someone you love deteriorate mentally. He was only able to talk in small sentences, but you were able to see him be brought back to life talking about the past!

  28. Rahul Khanchandani

    And guys please report against it , donot let the international media enter into this Hindu-Muslim chaos without knowing the fact , it breaks and divides us beware of this as they have done it before .

  29. Bropeller Films

    Thanks China. With your weird ass eating habits..

  30. Jai666666666

    We could lose 9\10th of the population..., too much grieving for me...

  31. Brian Kulakowski

    franco god works in non mysterious ways

  32. King Carlos

    I’m glad he won & he’s doing everything the right way. Right wing people hate him but everything he said was correct we need reform in the justice system

  33. Harshit Mishra

    100% pure truth........don't @ me

  34. Prithwis Das

    Islam is threat to world Peace ... everyone should know that India was originally an Hindu country ...we were living peacefully until the Mughals came and destroyed our culture, looted house , forced conversion etc. We are in the verge of becoming an Islamic country so suppression is the only way

  35. no - doubter

    chinese tourism gone wrong

  36. Shailendra Shanker

    Where can I get full episode?? I can pay for this also. "I m being kind to them by not letting them come to India" this is another level of entertainment.

  37. Marco Antunes

    Neatherlands: “tough time never last, only tough people last”.

  38. Bake Seshin'

    Stabilizing in the north but taking off in the south..hardly a peak.

  39. Giovanni Cassola

    Somehow the commander reminds me of Phil Collins in some parts of the video. Am I the only one?

  40. Alabhya Jindal

    he is not wrong that when he says that when muslim population increases it translates to problems for a country because they start imposing their way pf life on minorities. a muslim can live peacefully in a country of majority hindu or christian but the vice versa is dangerous for the individuals.

  41. Rahul Khanchandani

    Please don't come up with such videos atleast not now amidst this lockdown as their are already deep fissures in the relationship of the Hindus and Muslims in our country , this would further the initiative of some people to create a divide in the society . It's a humble request pull down the video please , for the sake of humanity @vicenews

  42. Arjun Kumar

    The disgust in the reporters eyes is so telling.

  43. Bryan Soco

    Isobel needs to get some beauty rest

  44. Raghav Malhan

    Gross propaganda.

  45. Veritas

    10.55 poor kid seeing his father like that.

  46. tooltalk

    Netherland already has 14+K cases with 1+K death..

  47. Uma Resh

    just give the kids for addoption..they will hv a better life out there

  48. Israel Flores

    Is it weird that I don’t trust anything vice puts out!!?

  49. Mohawk 21

    Italians your in our prayers. Love from India.

  50. Jetstom Jetstom

    Finally a definitive Research Study on Fake News impact on 2016 Election: Regardless of one’s own political beliefs, there’s no getting around the fact that Donald Trump’s victory was a shock to millions that Wednesday morning in 2016. Many believe to this day that calculated and nefarious misinformation campaigns across online outlets and social media platforms greatly contributed to the outcome. Now, researchers from Dartmouth University have come to a conclusion sure to surprise more than a few: fake news didn’t play all that much of a role in the 2016 election. The team at Dartmouth, in collaboration with researchers from Princeton University and the University of Exeter, tracked visits to untrustworthy and dubious “news” websites during the lead up to and immediate aftermath of the election. They found that less than half of all Americans visited any of these websites during that time period. Furthermore, only 6% of Americans are estimated to have been regularly visiting such sources in 2016. An online survey of of 2,525 Americans, as well as internet traffic data collected between October seventh and November 16th that year from the survey respondents’ computers, were used for the research.

  51. The Non Smoker

    This proves that the corrupt media talks shit about North Korea all the time

  52. Lori

    I am personally horrified that satanic pigs have a high volume of disease.

  53. vaibhav padalkar

    WHO is responsible for this??

  54. My Gaming Cafe

    Yeaaaah whn the spreader is as powerful as china that's all we can do

  55. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    India is a Racist nation no doubt about it ! Listen to this man, the perfect exemple of their society based in color cast (if is there such a thing) religion and many many other issues. 🙈

  56. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    Next topic for Vice : why Introverts will survive this pandemic?

  57. zep p

    Rana Ayub thinks China must be a Democracy. She and her other left liberal gangs should write long odes on China's gift to world China Corona virus.

  58. Charm Germis

    I wish Putin was South Africa's president. He does not force people to vote for him so he must be good at what he does, to win election after election. Russia should praise God for their president. A true world leader.

  59. John Liu


  60. Yên Bái TV

    cocain haha

  61. Michael Woodburn

    Europeans steal from Somali then call them pirates......

  62. Nong paul

    If the world had just one religion worshiping the Almighty Blessed God of Heaven & Earth (universe) The world will be a better place. However we cannot limit God's existence to just one Religion. God is the Supreme of all Religions. Be mindful with what you say about God Wills.

  63. Aditya

    Hahahahahhahahaha wow. Straight up savagery. Whew, I hope he can back up his claims with data and facts. This is a incumbent Member of Parliament who studied from Harvard, became even an associate professor at Harvard. Can't wait for the full interview.

  64. Andy Deitrick

    They became professional douche flute players

  65. Redlife666

    But blame Trump. Not China right lol

    1. Alexis Rene

      Redlife666 he had a warning FROM China

  66. Dustie

    A graphical analysis of the European monitoring data impressively shows that, irrespective of the measures taken, overall mortality throughout Europe remained in the normal range or below by March 25, and often significantly below the levels of previous years. Only in Italy (65+) was the overall mortality rate somewhat increased (probably for several reasons), but it was *still below previous flu seasons.* The president of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed again that pre-existing conditions and actual cause of death do not play a role in the definition of so-called „corona deaths“. From a medical point of view, such a definition is clearly misleading. It has the obvious and generally known effect of putting politics and society in fear. In Italy the situation is now beginning to calm down. As far as is known, the temporarily increased mortality rates (65+) were rather local effects, often accompanied by mass panic and a breakdown in health care. A politician from northern Italy asks, for example, „how is it possible that Covid patients from Brescia are transported to Germany, while in the nearby Verona two thirds of intensive care beds are empty?“ In an article published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, Stanford professor of medicine John C. Ioannidis criticizes the „harms of exaggerated information and non-evidence-based measures“. Even journals had published dubious claims at the beginning. On March 30, we mentioned the list of Italian doctors who died „during the Corona crisis“, many of whom were up to 90 years old and didn’t actively participate in the crisis at all. Today, all years of birth on the list have been removed (see however the last archive version). A strange procedure.

  67. Alchemist1330

    Points to Mona Lisa "Real". Points to Salvador Mundi "In Drag". That read. Salvador Mundi will never be fish.

  68. Miles Mck

    Corona virus wanted that tasty meatball.

  69. Reitu Morathane

    Such a vile attitude, a grown man excited by his prejudice

  70. Louis Z

    I believe he is actually trying to help

  71. VICE News

    After a horrific month that has seen more than 13,000 people die, Italy is hoping its Coronavirus outbreak has finally hit a peak. WATCH NEXT: Coronavirus Deaths Are Skyrocketing in Spain -

    1. Dustie

      Why are you recommending today a video about Spain from a week ago? It's not up to date anymore and it has a clickbait title. You're better than that Vice.

  72. Pai Mei


  73. Camil Farhat

    singning and cheering? we’re going crazy mental .... but at the same time

  74. Ambuj Kumar

    These Chinese govt has major role in spreading the virus, they were silent and let it to spread and affect the world severely.

  75. Atif Kamran

    “Let them eat cake”

  76. Alexander Carlson Lee

    bla bla bla

    1. Darksoul Quis

      Ikr I was thinking the same thing

  77. ashishnaruto

    funny humans

  78. Killacamfoo O.G.


  79. Annabelle Agnew

    “ how dare you” I can’t stop listening to that.

  80. Jeffrey Mudgett

    God damn people die everyday what is the big deal

  81. Max Kondrat


  82. Aryn Swanson

    technology will bring us closer. embrace the singularity. dispose of your bodys. 🦿🦾

  83. Dark PePe

    Europeans and Americans are getting a taste of the death and destruction they caused to the Middle East

  84. Dima is a tree.

    I like I’m South Carolina, Spartanburg and nothing really changed. Schools closed, most fast food places are closed except for the drive through but the streets are just as full of cars as any other day.

  85. robin son

    Now it's the turn of westerners to experience death and let it happen.

  86. Christian Mattia

    Forza Italia 💪🇮🇹sconfiggeremo anche questo nemico

  87. B B

    If I catch one of those scrawny rice patty farmers looking at me I’m going to violently kill them

  88. dj yogi

    How u are allowed to make video like some illigel .stuff. And. Will u get som licence or some local help or police help .because you are in media. ??

  89. Foreign Badddie

    Narrator: The “most famous nutria chef in the world” ... everyone watching : he only used Lawrys marinate 🤣 CLASSIC .

  90. Jeff Gray

    It's Judgement against a world that have been killing the Real Hebrews since The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and up to now. Yah will Make vengeance against this Sinful world who has killed his Real People, and Made so much Detruction on his Earth. Deuteronomy 32 v35 king James bible and Isaiah 45 v7 king James bible, this virus is a Start of his Judgements on his Earth. He is a God of War Revelation 19 v11-21 king James bible, for you nonbelievers Psalms 14 v1 king James bible, wake up your Judgement could be knocking at your door.

  91. Munden

    My cup runneth over with rage and despair, no room for grief.

  92. Juan

    Lol this is all cause FROM THE 5G TOWERS FOR FUCKING SAKE!!

  93. Marcus INfinity

    Grief? For what exactly?

  94. Arvind Mishra

    Happy for italians ☺️☺️☺️.I've always wanted to visit this place since i was in 8th standard.I was a huge fan of david rocco series that was broadcasted on FOX TRAVEL IN India.That was first time i came to know about the obsession of italians with olive oil 😂.

  95. LengkapGan

    Alternate title When people just went full North Korea

  96. Rakshith Gowda

    i miss techno

  97. Halsey Joseph


  98. professional you tube commentator

    It's the new world order

  99. True Spirit

    Love for this Harvard man


    *A civilization like this hasn’t matured. Hasn’t discovered the true meaning of grace, love, benevolence, or caring. It is still expressing adolescent values: selfishness, paranoia, hatred, the need for superiority and supremacy. It has reached its self-defined limits. It can go no further. The seed always contains the ending, too.*

    1. Tyan

      @Noplay How?

    2. Noplay

      Religion is the issue.

    3. YLP •