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  1. David Quezada

    I always believed they were between warm and cold There's been proof of these types back then so be cool :3

  2. Handsome Samson

    🤔 So, question: is anyone actually eating Hot-Pockets still? Even in 2015, I would think that this would be a non-issue. 😂

  3. BR5491Z1Z

    have you heard of a company called solar city the one owned by Elon Musk .his solar panels look like roofing material and blend perfectly the architecture of the house .where have you people been at scishow . do some research before you make a vid you idiots...peace out

  4. • Crescent_SunsetAnimations •

    I have a sore nose and throat from this god damn hay fever, my eyes are puffy and red so I don’t want anyone to see me because I don’t want people to think I have it :(

  5. Johnny Craigs

    I got my first white hairs at the age of 11 :/

  6. AGUST D

    I do something on my breath to stop my hiccups I just don't know how to explain it.

  7. Tristan RK

    Speak slower more less jumpcuts. I can't revember what you are saying in that way. Sorry

  8. Katie Farmer

    So handsome.

  9. Corsebear

    though how is fairy floss a "cooking technique", it's technically the food itself

  10. Rosie Fay

    1:37 That's not what a hash is. Hashes are designed so that different inputs practically always have different hashes. It is not necessary for inputs which you'd consider to be similar to get the same hash.

  11. poljenmunkonkelii

    Btw you can make traditional solar cells also partally transparent at windows by making it really thin!

  12. Димитър Димитров

    Mushrooms are also parasites too

  13. Anastasia Pantazopoulou

    Coming from a Geology Major at Oxford University. The mantle isn’t molten! Most of the Mantle geotherm doesn’t cross the solidus line (a like which represents that at a specific temperature/pressure, the mantle STARTS melting). Plate tectonics occur due to Partial melting of the upper mantle (the asthenosphere) in certain cases ie subduction zones, mantle plumes etc but that cause a max 10-40% melt. So the majority of the mantle is SOLID I love Scishow been watching for years! Just trying to clear up this common misconception that even I had before starting my university degree

  14. Caili's Critters

    Could we have more trouble sleeping during a full moon because of it's gravitational pull? I mean, tides are higher during a full moon and we are made of mostly water...

  15. Tory Le

    Note: if you numb your mouth, don’t BITE you lip. My dentist told me not to bite my lip after my tooth extraction , but it was numb so I chose to bite. In three days I had 3 canker sores in one area. The worst 2 weeks💀

  16. Jury & Recital Halpern

    That’s stupid vaginal infections generally require antibiotics and it’s not good to put deodorant on or any foreign things on vaginas.


    World of contradictions if a s***t wanted a bigger a*** and plastic they get it done in 24 hrs and the world is dying of an epidemic they takes ages to make beside they arnt prepared for it at the first place while they coze it , heavens willmake it easier for people but their consequence i cant promise i wouldnt be happy for them later when they gets their filthy karma back .china definitely know what they brought to this world .

  18. A Hungry Pigeon

    Bruh, Freud was on coke and none of his theories were right. Don’t get me wrong, he was pretty close on some stuff but his theories were basically like the coke addicted version of what actually haopens

  19. Its Jenifer

    Me sleeping in the sun to get freckles! Somehow worked!!!!! OML I love thissss

  20. Hasib Ryan

    Nature: I want my algorithm back

  21. TVS Trey

    A very famous saying by Jackson from the movie 2012 “AS SOON AS THEY TELL YOU ITS OVER, YOU RUNN!!!”

  22. Suicidalist Drew

    Imagine having a RLS episode and not being able to move cause you are tied against your will!!😂😂😈😈💯💯

  23. Andrew Trip

    How many of the infected had been immunised ? How many died in this outbreak? Which groups did they belong too ?

  24. Pain

    Accidentally dropped my phone and this video started playing. The irony was too great not to share 😅

  25. sss Ldrago

    I m planing to feed weed to m new born chind after seeing this video

  26. Gurvir singh Chauhan

    Body ceases blood flow to nail growing to organs for not dying.. Brain to nail growth: useless!!🤣🤣 Brian to being alive now : seroius buisness 😨😨

  27. TVS Trey

    Guy dumped a bottle of hot sauce into Yellowstone. 💥 🌋 🤯 BOOM

  28. Jeffinetly JefFBi

    8.0 I bet you could see huge swaths of ground heave up and down like waves in the ocean

  29. Dr. Abhijeet Aahuja

    I have Saynaid, abrin,ricin

  30. APM M

    Nasa doesn't need another PR disaster with astronauts dying on a mars mission! Until they have a bulletproof way of keeping astronauts safe , a manned mars mission is just a sci fi fantasy !

  31. angel whispers

    I hope it is someday possible to farm those cool glass sponges. Maybe it was through generations of cultivation get it so that they grow to at least a foot or two in less than 5 years. Or honestly I would settle for a reliable way of it's showing which ones are dead so that the dead ones could be collected from the seafloor. All very highly regulated of course but it would still be freaking cool to have one

  32. Jeffinetly JefFBi

    Your frackin' with me if you don't think fracking causes earthquakes

  33. Ryback TV

    Good info.

  34. TVS Trey

    Beware April 2060

  35. Sadat Husain

    If one kilo of fat (or anything else) were converted to energy then the amount of energy released would be 1 x the speed of light squared or 9 x 10^16 joules. That is comparable to the energy released by the 2004 Indian earthquake or the amount of solar energy the earth receives per second.

  36. CrystalBrown &Georgia

    Trust and believe people still use these tactics. How awesome it feels to notice your being targeted and not losing your mind!

  37. The Editting Joke

    Greenland sharks gotta F-*beep* all, Greenland sharks!

  38. naturalpn7

    A new outbreak in the DRC.

  39. Joshua Bachelder

    They had 12 earthquakes today

  40. Mike Roberti

    Facts without hysteria. Nice!

  41. seinfan

    Disgusting vegans.

  42. farrel purwoko

    10:07 "hmm i wonder how old is this bottled water?" *lick* "ah 3 months, 1 week and 2 days.."

  43. Supri Yono

    Is it possible to generate electricity from banana

  44. Anttu Murikka

    its not end but human bending limit so far they ingineers cannot prove it anymore. graviton is just one example. Also public funding is other big question, next "cern" pay 30 billion for start. so + every year EU more

  45. Joshua Witt

    Do overmind crickets have double triggers

  46. Supri Yono

    7 years ago?,how old are you guys? Lol my self

  47. Dalton Robert Pepple

    July 2019: Oh Don't Worry June 2020: Dozens of Earthquakes at Yellowstone

  48. Crystal LaRae

    My bf had kd as a kid, it left him deaf in one ear.

  49. Damian_ai9

    Why are there 1.2K dislikes?

  50. moo moo

    store the brain since it contains the soul.

  51. Harsh Parekh

    I was attending the conference in 2017 where they had a lecture on odour classification by flies. They also talked about how they simplified the fly brain's computation to a small neutral network. It was awesome!

  52. Evelynn 'n Sally

    So, how's your quarantine going ?

  53. SitCom V2.8


  54. Ellofez

    That's cool because I garden and I use gypsum to break-up the clay in my garden soil here in Dallas Texas. Thanks for the info happy growing ! 🐼

  55. Xiao Mei Tan

    Our crypto assets secure when they are in blockchain technology.......blockchain and crypto together are changing the world...And I totally amazed to see that Walahala platform utilized blockchain at it best......their new technology really admire me ...........#gowithWALAHALA

  56. Brian Scrivner

    I couldn't help but notice that in spite of the video's title, the treatments having the most success (nutritional support for the immune system) weren't mentioned at all. As Drug Failures for COVID Mount, Feds Ignore Natural Options - large analysis of hydroxychloroquine found it didn't help: Outcomes of hydroxychloroquine usage in United States veterans hospitalized with Covid-19 - another drug, Kevzara (a human monoclonal antibody against the interleukin-6 receptor) found not to help: Closely watched arthritis drug disappoints as a Covid-19 treatment, studies show - no benefit either from Remdesivir: New data on Gilead’s remdesivir, released by accident, show no benefit for coronavirus patients. Company still sees reason for hope - HCQ may help when paired with zinc: Does Zinc Supplementation Enhance the Clinical Efficacy of Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine to Win Todays Battle Against COVID-19? - however, quercetin may do the same thing and without toxic side effects: Zinc ionophore activity of quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate: from Hepa 1-6 cells to a liposome model. - HCQ side effects: Hydroxychloroquine, Oral Tablet - quercetin meanwhile may help prevent heart damage caused by C-19: Therapeutic potential of quercetin as a cardiovascular agent. - interventions known to help: -- potassium (large viruses tend to deplete potassium which can be fatal, a Chinese study proved this for C-19) -- clinical trials in progress for intravenous Vit C -- evidence for Vit D -- curcumin, resveratrol, luteolin etc. may help control cytokine over-reactions -- oregano oil and monolaurin known to attack viral capsules -- some supplements, especially probiotics, might be able to counteract the nagalase on viruses which can cloak them from the immune system -- feds are moving against claims that silver can help, but there is no evidence that it doesn't and it definitely is effective against other viruses -- supplements such as Andrographis paniculate may be able to interfere with enzymes needed by the viruses to reproduce Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates - the study: The Possible Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm and Associated Mortality in COVID-19 Patients Vitamin D Deficiency Is Associated with COVID-19 Severity and Mortality - pile of evidence: Vitamin D Supplementation Could Possibly Improve Clinical Outcomes of Patients Infected with Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study Vitamin D insufficiency is prevalent in severe COVID-19 Vitamin D and critical illness: what endocrinology can learn from intensive care and vice versa Evidence That Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths - 14 studies: Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group 2020-04-24 press release - "Based on early experiences with this more aggressive approach, they predict that early adoption of MATH+will reduce ICU admissions, obviate the need for mechanical ventilators, and most importantly, save many lives." - "Of the 40 seriously ill COVID-19 patients Dr. Joseph Varon has treated with this protocol in Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center, 30 have already gone home, including a 90-year-old woman with a history of colon cancer and sepsis. None of his patients has died. Dr. Varon and the other members of the critical care working group caution that it’s unreasonable to expect a 100% cure rate with any treatment, but that has been Dr. Varon’s experience with the MATH+ protocol to date."

  57. Yashas

    You missed genetic algorithms! And this might be an interesting read:

  58. Curious Georgeorwell

    Humans are the best Hunter's

  59. Morbid Eel

    So I assume this is going to be a D&D video ...

  60. Brooks Shelley

    That title? T r u t h