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  1. Karpiu Rider V16

    Kto w 2020 łapka w górę

  2. Izzy yellowhair

    I miss these Rocks music's.

  3. Erick Alvidrez

    i may not be a 2000's kid but love linkin park it feels like i was born with it

  4. maek231 hadoken

    Joe you alright ?

  5. Lucas Argolo

    Well,here I am after literally 13 years late, in 2020 being hited by this song again... Let's wake up world, it's time to fix what WE have done

  6. zghvzff ahhgzb

    bunu csde ilk duymustum

  7. James Harrington

    Chester bennington had such an inspiring voice.. you will forever be missed. I cant believe we will never hear your voice in new music again... my heart goes out to linkin park!!

  8. James Harrington

    My rock group growing up from the 2000's... why did you leave us so soon chester Bennington?? There was so much more music to make and fans to make happy.. this is one band ill never stop listening to.. one step closer was my first linking park song... r.i.p chester.... my heart goes out to you!!

  9. Arbaaz mnyr

    Only talent

  10. Alan

    Powerlessness is truly the problem in the hearts of men. When we feel the one we love is giving their love away to someone else, it hurts us, and makes us realize that we aren't the only one they love, and that ultimately makes us face the deepest reality of the situation...every one of us men is almost completely powerless over anything and everything... meaning, we have little to no ability to have influence or power over anything... including love.


    Aquí está tu comentario en español weee

  12. Daryll sydfrey Montilla

    April 4 2020 4:41am still watching you ches🖤🖤🖤

  13. Renato Santos


  14. Mile Cekelis

    After 13 years is still 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Oğuz

    Linkin Park is the real god

  16. RyanSoft

    Salvee cadê os br ?

  17. Jon The Bassist

    Every day

  18. Felix Santos

    Isso que é um show caralho!!!

  19. Felix Santos

    The best performance ever!!!

  20. Skyfallz -

    Пиздец.. Я так люблю Честера.. И я так скучаю... Это был мой любимый исполнитель , а на песнях Линкин Парк я вырос.

  21. Glen Phillips

    Lads please any news on linkin Park come back album we all want you back. Call it good bye my friend and give some money to Chester's one on light charity keep safe LEGENDS

  22. onipony traver

    Es la peor canciON del MUNDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  23. Osama Hamid


  24. The Beyonder Pre Retcon

    We love you chester LP 4ever

  25. Sea Bass

    I love how they walk off the stage in the end as if they didn't just KICK ASS. Just another day.

  26. DaltonHoward 935

    Love this song or hate it you got to respect Linkin Park for what they do for people in need ❤️

  27. Jasmin W

    Still crying in 2020. Isn't it ironic that Chester's voice is the only thing that finally helps me coping with my best friend's suicide? He saved so many people, and even though he is gone for almost 3 years, he still does 🖤

  28. Siraj Zeb

    Lagend never die...

  29. GucciJo2

    One of my favorite songs ever. I grew up moving all over the US and between that and family issues this song always painted a picture to show how i felt

  30. Hotwather

    One of the best songs produced on human history

  31. Celal Baba

    R.I.P. CHESTER <3

  32. Andrea

    This bring me back to school days...

  33. Gerko2013

    Cuarentena española

  34. vladimir vlad

    I wonder, who did the sound of dj's scratches ?


    Puta k recuerdos:'v

  36. 11wanny11

    I hear you now Chester. I wish I had heard you long ago, brother.

  37. California Tyler

    Anyone here in 2020 after Chester died of suiceide 😭😭😭😭

  38. ZEXITY


  39. twitchin_nico

    Cheater angel and demon voive

  40. Sanddaal

    I miss these guys 😓

  41. Лисий 412R

    Linkin Punk! Love it 😍❤️

  42. Willy Akash

    Let's take this to 2B 🙄

  43. zhaid 98

    Alfin kejejeeje

  44. Moritz

    Oh daim this Song helps us through this time......RIP

  45. Blitz Krieg

    Hi quarantine 2020, hi LP 😷😢from Kazakhstan, in rus fan

  46. toprak öztürk


  47. Seif Allah Jebalia

    Rest in peace chester .... its 2020 corona is here and here we are listing to u ......

  48. Forze 1

    hello 2020

  49. Damjan Relic


  50. Linda Marie Bagley

    I need NOT speak...we are in peace...the deep is the deep...no words......................how many is that precious?

  51. The Dovakiin

    Kind of looks like Stiens Gate. Rest In Peace Chester!

  52. Luís Eduardo Soares

    come oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  53. super sonic plushies

    I am a hardcore linkin park fan i love chester he is awesome linkin park will live on forever

  54. Pacoca Deamendoim

    Iae meus amigos brasileirinhos

  55. Seif Allah Jebalia

    We miss u linkin park .... rest in peace chester.... we will love u for ever guys.............

  56. wyler87


    1. Pedro Zarate


  57. Caroline Carolina

    it doesn't matter when it was: but it does matter that we will never forget him and the band

  58. Finn Z

    Am I the only one who recognizes that the woman is Cindy chandler aka the stewardess from lost

  59. Jhonatan Cruck

    Nadie es español

  60. Elegant James

    I remember watching this the day it was released, then I went for a drive with friends and heard the new. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven't been the same since. Chester's music was/is a massive part of my life and always will be.

  61. Arif badroll7

    1:42 my fovorite part 😍

  62. Norma Cristina Arroyo

    miss you LP

  63. Eliza

    His singing is powerful....his personality is like an angels...he was a legend...miss you Chester 😓✊🖤

  64. Channel07

    This sounds like the ending song for all Linkin Park songs... And possibly the peak of Chester Bennington's hearts poured into words...

  65. Sofia Z

    This is music !!!!!

  66. Dustin Floyd

    Came back in 2020 when the world was on fire. Missing the great messages of the wonderful psycho Chester. Will never forget the pain and lessons I’ve learned from LP. Dark times go away, just stay strong and overcome ❤️

  67. Cerbyo

    I think this is possibly their best song, def their best video.

  68. Ben Drowned

    Holy crap. Ive never listened to linkin park before besides today, and somehow ive heard all of these songs....CONFUSUION

  69. Ben Drowned

    Ive always wondered what this chorus was from cause i swear ive heard it but only in a softer tone

  70. the joker yt


  71. mathew sanate

    2020 April 4 anyone???

  72. Protocol girl


  73. SCYNE

    Who thinks that they should get a movie created about them like they did with mötley crüe and queen

  74. Андрей Селезнев

    To me the have music!!!

  75. Notmus

    That song gives me goosebumps so much, i remember when i listening to this when i was 14 and feeling better after a tiring and anxious day at school

  76. Серега Кулагин

    Ещё раз послушаю шедевр,пока карантин в мире)

  77. Digital Company

    Кто видел выступление льва из шоу маска где он пел эту песню

  78. Michelle Markle

    We all feeling this tune now🎧🎼🎵❤🎤👂🔥🙏🇺🇸covid19 2020 RIP CHESTER

  79. Bkesh Sapkota

    Really miss u chester... Linkin park always in my mind .. 😘😘

  80. Luis Palacios

    Chester forever :(

  81. 3arvx ً

    dud i love this song

  82. Tayakorn Wangdee


  83. Ezequiel Fernando Santos

    Link Park will never be the same without the Chester

  84. Cris Riv.

    Still mising chester, but this song is still bad.

  85. none5191

    What is the beautiful girl on 2:07?

  86. Sahil Mehta

    I swear if this song would release in 2020 IT WOULD BE THE BESTEST SONG of the CENTURY And some love DESPACITO😌

  87. Papyrus

    This is my favorite song off the movie. It's so sad...

  88. Александр Худобородов

    miss him so much

  89. Ketupatz Palaz

    Anyone ‘taman linkin’?

  90. Matias Severichz bustamante

    No se porque me hace recuerdo a spider man 😐

  91. gabriella oliveira

    Happy 13th Birthday ♡

  92. Rabbani Rashha

    WHO's still listening to this song in April 2020?? Show your love.

  93. WickedLady87_dk

    When everything you do meets the disapproval of your father. Nothing is good enough. I felt trapped and smothered under his presence. When parents divorced, I became more like me, and less like him...


    23:45 OMG MIKE in shock!!! MISS YOU CHESTER

  95. Sayeret Shaldog

    you're brother was quickscoped in mw2 remaster

  96. sir oros the first

    The songs 13 years old today

  97. Евгений Боря Мартыненко

    огонь 🔥 🔥 🔥 👍👍👍

  98. RetroR1cky

    crawlin in my skin

  99. Xdarkyour Shoot