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  1. The AViator

    XD “Behold the underminer”

  2. magicmulder

    Glossed over that stupid scene with Beth approaching Nick with her hands in her pockets when he had a gun drawn on her and yelled to take her hands up. Why was she taking that risk, given it was revealed she had no weapon on her? If she was the killer, that’s dumb for someone who planned all this. If she wasn’t, it’s even dumber. This has always bothered me more than misuse of “alibi” or that stupid ice pick.

  3. Connor Kent

    Cora was on earth cause she’s an iso I’m pretty sure iso where mutations of the grid so they were closely matched by users with flyns disc anything’s possible lol f

  4. Ycu Ucy

    Umm I’m pretty sure that I saw you with 200k subscribers yesterday or am I hallucinating

  5. bloolouboyle

    Missed one ! Same cab at 2:59 as 11:53----same damage !

  6. Sadie and Christina

    I literally don’t think this movie is bad, so many people think it’s terrible when I don’t see it. It’s very helpful with showing more of the danger that exists among the island. I was also happy they brought back Sam Neill along with Laura Dern. I don’t know how someone could really dislike the movie.

  7. Lourenço

    The 11 sin is about the number eleven being all over the place. Glitch in the matrix

  8. PokeMageTech

    4:00 - in the teacher’s place: “I... okay? I don’t care? Oh wait, I do care - to ensure you don’t get in trouble, please leave campus to do that, and for your own sake use protect. But why??? Why are you telling me this? I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW! And unless you’re just wanting someone to know what you’ve off to in case something goes wrong - in which case there are probably better people to tell - I don’t get why you would tell me and... unless you need something, please just GO!”

  9. Joseph Maxwell

    When the bonus round name showed up, I lost it

  10. katy k

    Wow kermit Congrats on the new job 💕

  11. Brooke Timmons

    11:28 God dammit that one part fucking killed me xD

  12. Ray Doe

    @3:06 so brandy doesnt feel alone

  13. Standart LP

    Oh hi mark Yeaaa mark ruffalo aaahhh

  14. Exlipse Ash

    Okay so who ever narrated this video goes a good impression of the regular one

  15. Cameron Anderson

    You’ve got such a sad life 😂

  16. Chrome Rudolf

    00:01 how is that a sin Edit : this guy just says random stuff like “oh you have to read here” and add a sin for it

  17. Wuxian

    Daario Naharis has changed characters once again! Now he's a weird bird person.

  18. De Ha

    Yes. Skippy the Bush kangaroo is a ripoff of Lassie. However, it’s a real TV show. Derivative? Yes. But that is a sin for Skippy, not this movie. Something you don’t understand is not a sin of the movie you’re watching.

  19. Chef Mira

    I saw this movie twice in theatres, its alright

  20. mr clean

    This is norwigian crime books for you

  21. RoyalBlue4486

    There’s nothing wrong with this movie. It’s a classic.

  22. Captain Meme

    Guy:I bet you can't sin a 3 hour long movie in 24 minutes and 22 seconds. Cinema Sins: hold my beer.

  23. Nazurath

    One of my favorite movies. Made me in the games always look for the bookcase. Oh how great a 3d game today done right would be. I do love these videos but think you forgot some things for this or were just doing it for the video bc i even understood alot as a kid. Pretty sure they did say fester had amnesia or im wrong

  24. Andrea Gomes

    It makes uncomfortable seeing the movie of Quentin Tarantino after he defended Roman Polanski and blamed the victim

  25. BlueWaves Official

    4:35 UM Yeah just here me out there aren’t gonna be millions of people because people who can’t make it people who got rejected remember these people are associated with Apollo

  26. Livin Gunk

    I’m not an electrician but wouldn’t a plasma rifle in the 40 ohm range be more deadly?.

  27. Jenson Dudash

    Can you do everything wrong with Matilda

  28. Lulzalex

    CinemaSins sin: Your awful fake laugh for some of your dialogue. Everyone knows you've planned ahead what to have in your video, and that you have to reshoot some parts to get the dialogue just right, there is no way you just randomly have a really dry short chuckle that immediately stops before your lines. DIIIIING +1 sin

  29. Teh Gundulf

    1:35 Lol that's a pretty large gap.

  30. BlueWaves Official

    You think everything is wrong everywhere you have to pick apart everything Jesus

  31. sNaKeKiLla54

    you are the 2nd most loved person with "sins" in your name, if u get my drift ;)

  32. Aj Short

    hey cinemasins....i don't know if you realize this but those were pomegranates on the table not red onions

  33. William TA

    Sl8w down dude! You are talking way too fast.....

  34. 3173 Δ

    I know I'm late, but 2:55 Please tell me they aren't serious with that one? ;-; You don't need to be happy to cheeze for a picture, and the expression is clearly fake anyways.

  35. William TA

    Only 76 sins! More like 976....

  36. Exlipse Ash

    Trolls 2: Dancing killed my gradpa

  37. Caleb Smith

    4:08 did he just call lynard skynard kid rock?

  38. Alaggron TV

    I can say everything thats wrong in this movie und 3 sec: EVERYTHING


    Ever heard drone bombs

  40. Jaleel Davidson

    Am i the only one who thinks his laugh is creepy asf

  41. Xx_potatoaimergamer_xX

    Coke for the win

  42. Apple Person

    Why would you not just go to Canada and sleep in your car for 12 hours, what person would choose to stay home and be killed when you could go to Canada for free

  43. sin of wrath smoke

    Lion porn

  44. Anna Marie Yowell

    I love that you started laughing and took off sins for the scene of the male teens emotions running around crazzy because a girl talked to him. Hahahah

  45. Nodus Technologies

    you know what's funny? 25 years into the future americans stopped worrying and liked the nazis again.

  46. inugami78

    I know what’s wrong with this movie it’s not like the book. I like actors though.

  47. Rob Huck

    What the hell is with the Cinema Sins narrator's voice? If these people insist on making a living off of far more talented performers and artistic creators, the least they can do is not be even more annoying than those purported "sins".

  48. yokai59 Loi

    Did you forget that wizards release magic upon anger or worry.

  49. CrimsonMaverick

    5:08... can we please talk about how golden this moment is

  50. Galileo Lycan

    You read the book? Emma is the orange haired girl

  51. Essandera I L Y

    The Volturi (when they try to use their powers on Bella): "I see nothing..." CinemaSins: 'I know, right?' - I died 😂

  52. Andrew Nelson

    This review is super cringy. It's like you didnt even watch the movie or you dont understand mental illness at all. Like he said "the worst part of having a mental Illness is people expect you to behave as if you dont".

  53. SendarSlayer

    The numbers for time keeping were pretty obvious. H:M:S.MS. Yeah sure the 700 is a little weird, but it could be either a prefix code or hours since an event. Such as the last backup or something. Which happens every month.

  54. William TA

    This movie was terrible! But you made it entertaining. Thank you!

  55. Kathryn Mo

    I think this version of The Lion King was better then the original. 🦁

  56. Hopeless Lover


  57. David Freites

    Lol my man hates this movie

  58. Ωmega

    Actually the existence of this "adaptation" itself is everything wrong with it

  59. Dred Nezroth

    Did...did you actually watch this one?

  60. Hopeless Lover


  61. Aidyn Loudon

    the bonus round sounds like arabic porn

  62. Thomas Hughes

    Americans scared of the word ‘philosopher’ such a pussy country lol

  63. DaVinci2.0

    You forgot a sin near the end of the movie, where Rex makes a BDSM joke in a children’s movie: “Maybe Andy could get a new dinosaur! Like a leaf-eater! That way I could play the, uh, ‘dominant predator’!”

  64. Just A Dumb Dragon

    In my opinion, the entire movie was a mistake

  65. Johnston Steiner

    There's is nothing wrong about this video


    this movie should be called " did we really need to see all that" so many pointless fucking scenes that do absolutely nothing for the story.

  67. CarsonFacePalmer

    Can people really not tell that Holden is quite obviously Markus from Detroit Become Human? Looks and sounds exactly like him, can easily tell from the first time he has a line in the movie.

  68. Monkey Jeebus

    Los Angeles is really big but it's totally possible since its west los angeles and Hollywood they are focusing on.

  69. Eli Moses

    It was made that's what's wrong. This movie was fucking bullshit.

  70. Waddle Puff

    You complain about everything

  71. Mirage Cat

    Those are pomegranates.

  72. yokai59 Loi

    Why are they running from a cat? They don't want to be reported.

  73. TheJetstream10

    A lot of the sins and observation are mired in film making and the passage of time in films. So what. It's a movie. Time doesn't move as it does outside the theatre. So what if it goes from day to night in a flash--what you want to wait five hours for that? Anyway, these so called logical challenges are all tied up in the craft of movie making and suspending reality to enjoy a story. Just relax and enjoy.

  74. hofmeister15

    This many people attending a metal show in daylight lol

  75. Spider 2.0

    I dont know why but lemme just say this: HEY GUYSSSSSSSSS THE ONE AND ONLY *BIGGIE CHEESE*

  76. DutchViking 6949

    Why are their no normal animals in his world? How do they get food? Hamburgers, milk, whatever

  77. bubs_

    Are you comparing the MASTERPIECE of Megamind to............ *DESPICABLE ME?!*

  78. CarsonFacePalmer

    I'll say this movie kept my attention, but man, you REALLY have to suspend your disbelief and have to just go along with the blatantly dumb or silly actions the characters do. There's just SO many things that happen that make absolutely no sense, particularly at the beginning. That said, I actually enjoyed the beginning more, and way way more intrigued then. As opposed to the last 30 minutes, where the plot branches wayyy off and turns into a dumb action/CGI monster movie.

  79. Corben Riley

    No no he’s got a point It’s a good meme No it’s not it’s amazing No no he’s got a point (So that’s the worst thing I’ve ever wrote)


    this movie sucked ass. it did nothing the whole movie. maybe character development but it shouldn't take 2 house to set up who your characters are. Sharon Tate could have not been in it and nothing would have changed. oh but wait, he subverted our expectations right? such a bullshit trend. its called a TWIST and no one can do them right anymore.

  81. CarlaAPotato YT

    0:55 the series can explain that, actually _Tangled The series_ can explain all the shit that we never got answers to in the movie

  82. Tressa Phillips

    Why the hell did they recast someone else for clarice in the later movies??? Absolutely a fatal error

  83. Kay - Jay

    What does Ex-Machina mean?

  84. Weapons 209

    Yea so I love watching cinimasin but your way off with this one at the start you say you read the book but you CLEARLY did not I'm disappoint in that but read the book it's amazing and part of a series

  85. kingjam 1111

    Who need witch 2

  86. The pelicanbeaver

    The trees name at the start could be tim because of timber. Wood. Timber.

  87. Monstrul din Fifa

    186 sins? Woow

  88. Every Movie Hero

    Movie cliche number fifteen, dropped out of the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things

  89. DutchViking 6949

    Can you pls sin JoJoRabbit? I saw it in the cinema and it’s the worst movie i’ve ever seen

  90. Ihad Knowidea

    Do a face revel

  91. Patrick Wentzell

    Oh I been taken 2 funky town oh and I've been taken 2 funky town I've been taken 2 funky town to funky town to funky town. his daughters got a secret his daughters got a secret his daughters got a secret from him something's coming over her. " some things you just can't jump David!!" " I told you I'm different could have dropped you with the sharks."

  92. Antonio Labaš

    Amazing movie, one of the best that I watched in theatre. P.S. Margot name is written wrong in description.

  93. Dk

    Bring me my bird

  94. Hotdog Squid

    I feel like the costume Bratt used looks exactly like the mayor from cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

  95. gigglebob69

    Your second sin was wrong because John was correct lol

  96. Figure Reviews

    Coke is soooooo much better

  97. 67L48

    I love Robert DeNiro. His was one of the most miscast roles I've ever seen in a film. Every time he was on screen, the movie came to a screeching halt and I was completely distracted ... this guy is a late night host? Really? Just terrible job by the producers/casters/director.

  98. WaVx

    Do you just hate every single movie that exists?

  99. BaconCop

    4:27 - I literally had to pause it as quick as I could before my mom could hear the word " butt " aaaa

  100. DeAnthony Washington

    "Must be weird not having no one to cum on you"