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  1. Dalgyal

    Add another sin because this whole thrill ride happened in one night. Also add another sin for the fact that everything they went through lead them to have stress-induced sex that will ultimately, later in life, lead to one of them seeking more thrills and end in a divorce in which Phil is left with the kids. Oh and did the police force really just use two unknowing civilians as bait to bust a crime syndicate and dirty cops? Ding

  2. Alvin Peters

    The mistaken Avengers for the Avengers shtick should have ended after one minute. Massive sin.

  3. Lesley Young

    Best April fools day video yet. Bravo 👏👏👏 And thank you for not explaining yourself, like those who expect their viewers to be stupid.

  4. DothyTrunks

    ah ah ah ah ah ah pure april's fool masterpiece ! very well done, a lot of hard work and edits, and a sarcastic choice with a brittish movie casting it really is a nice choice !

  5. Alex Awm

    I see forest has not lose an age from vietnam war to the china ping pong stuff

  6. There Is No Sandwich

    7:00 That was genius man!

  7. J.D. Matthias

    You should have sinned the completely randomized "I'm from Wisconsin" lines in the movie. A dead gave away that either the screenwriters or the author are from that state, which in fact I'm from I can definitely say, I'm super happy to be in Texas and away from that state.

  8. The United Malfoy

    Watching this video after reading the book with not watching the movie and everything is so different. The beginning is totally botched, and half the actually decent parts of this movie weren't in the book. Posideon and Percy never had a lovely father son scene and I personally think the time they sure filming that, Could been used putting in important stuff from the book They literally should've just kept it as a musical and a book, or at least have made the movie have already skme main plotlines

  9. Don Dragon

    Sadly, I know this film. So I was just thinking for how long you're gonna keep the joke up. Then I realised the entire video IS the joke. Okay :-D

  10. Daisy SW

    How dare you call Brian Blessed a discount anything?!

  11. Szedrick Ang

    TITLE:**in 12 minutes or less** TIME: 13.30

  12. bofooit gojo

    viewers have become?

  13. Hiccup Haddock

    AAPPPPRRILLLL FOOOLLS Godammit I got confused

  14. stephen james

    This movie has the lowest audience satisfaction score out every marvel movie and the 3rd worst critical score on rotten tomatoes. Part of it could be the media buzz of Bri Larson saying some fairly sexist stuff but I think a larger part of it is how poorly the villain was handled, how emotionless Marvel is and how few emotions it made the audience feel. At no point in the movie did I double over laughing or feel like I was on the edge of my seat and that's a shame considering the moral complexity Captian Marvel demonstrates in the comics.

  15. Jamie Gyimesi

    Doubting monster university makes you the lamest person in the universe

  16. Thebookgirl 123

    Anna Kendrick obsession also Twilight mention

  17. Pete

    Wait, is that Uma Thurman? Where's the token foot fetish close up?

  18. Pete

    happy August Dumbass Day everyone :)

  19. Lenny Guy

    4:58 the war rig actually did come of the ground a bit, but had enough weight to not be taken completely.

  20. Jomel Denver

    TTG is trash

  21. THE GROX

    Me : Mom can we get The Avengers Mom : no we have Avengers at home The Avengers at Home :


    One more sin would be making this movie.

  23. Bryan Perez

    Man I didn't see this movie but even I want a refund

  24. William Fraser

    Give more dislikes than USsel rewind 2018

  25. CrazyManvy

    Why wasn’t it aerodynamic? Doesn’t the main ship land on earth sometimes? Or other colonized planets?

  26. antonio Void

    I watch this movie wist high in the movie theater 😂😂😎😎 fuck you cinemasins..your like my dead grandma..getting more older n deader then evaa

  27. Sasa Vucic

    3:25 NO SIN

  28. Carlos Almonacid

    2:59 No "That's racist" when Jules asks what country Brett is from?

  29. Sasa Vucic

    1:31 he did not have his 🎸

  30. Liam Thompson

    I think... I think I know less about Marvel than I did before?

  31. Alysa Fajard

    please make everything wrong with Vivarium

  32. Stuart Daniel

    Voldemort and Poison Ivy v Dr Henry Jones for control of the T Virus 😍

  33. very_piztachioXD

    can anyone spare some brain matter, I'm trying to recover from the looping confusion of watching this on anyday that isn't April 1st.

  34. Roberto Castillo

    Sin 79 is complete bs

  35. Hassen Amri

    Is good audio pls

  36. Danytus

    87% of this bullsh*t is explainable, or isn't a sin.

  37. Stephen Sunderlin

    Disclaimer: Miranda rights are not typically read at the moment of the arrest. That doesn't come until later if they need to question the suspect in custody.

  38. The Strawberry Pimp

    I love this movie

  39. Jomel Denver

    I am the Clorax i speak for the Bleach

  40. David Scott

    Wow, you've gotten lazy. You took a movie that was a treasure trove of actual Cinema Sins, and spent 95% of your time pretending that you didn't know it wasn't the MCU Avengers. We already knew that. Try harder next time.

  41. muazie

    Lol love it!!! But I would like to see a real version of sins for this movie

  42. thehighchink_thc tyler

    This man thinks u cant carry a skate board onto a plane 😂

  43. gottaloveme

    they neglected to sync up Vader's breath and dialogue

  44. Ravenclaw PotterHead

    Me: wut... Still me: I'm sorry what? Me again: Tell me like *what* Me: *OH*

  45. H. GodFTW

    Man ok, the MCU jokes... i mean they started funny and then ... like five mins in... 😒

  46. Kenneth Wilburn

    How did he copy Steve Buscemi in Con Air if Con Air is from 1997 and Silence of the Lambs is from 1991...

  47. Scarlett and Caitlin

    I *HATE* this movie it’s a very deep *hatred*

  48. Daroslaw Toorek

    full underwater fight:

  49. Playboi Giorno

    watched this movie with a friend and i’m glad the vikings fans comment was made... my friend didn’t understand when i said skol a couple times 😞

  50. Brandon McQueen

    10:05 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Joyce TANG

    Also, when they were on their way to the enchanted forest, Kristoff was talking to Olaf about how keeping quiet on long journeys prevents insanity. Olaf then says that he will search it up when they get home, but how did google ever exist when photography was just invented?!

  52. Miraiyouko

    This was corny and super funny. Well done!

  53. EvilNecroid

    15:15 HAHAHA im dying

  54. Arty

    4:30 pretty sure those onions are pomegranates XD

  55. Mort V

    I totally forgot this movie excited, and it's a decade old, holy shit!!

  56. thegreat boss

    Aerodynamics in space.....

  57. JackHudson 246

    Btw: when gru was being targeted by the giant laser, when the camera changed shots and went back the laser is STILL in the same spot, making it seem like Balthazar pulled the laser back and removed the burn marks in the ground, but I guess the movie had to movie and save gru by having balthazar's laser defy time laws

  58. Masterazer rezaretsaM

    I jate how this movie is far from the book in the worst way possible

  59. EvilNecroid

    11:34 LOL

  60. Marco Melkonian

    Love the beginning

  61. Oscar Dilinskas

    How come the audio cuts for part of the bonus sins?

  62. datpmf

    Just delete this video for the sake of your reputation.

  63. Euan Mc Cartney


  64. Jesrel De Silva

    Muscle car? Audi R8? That's a sin.

  65. Things to help me for other channel ok


  66. Wakanda Foreva

    Neville, survives 3 years in a row with a dog and capturing hundreds of infected. Neville, survived 1 day with a women. (official ending) Neville, survived the whole time. (original ending)


    U dissed Asoka my god ur gonna get hatted on now

  68. Jamie Epic

    I can't watch any film now With out timeing the open ing credits

  69. Love Bodin

    12:00 Winnie the pooh RIPOFF. Winnie the pooh are from Disney, not from DreamWorks.

  70. Obviously

    4:00 is that the guy who plays voldemort?

  71. milkmanv1

    Seriously, this cast is INSANE in hindsight

  72. The Jim Reaper™

    Yeah that Avengers shit got real old real fast... Dunno what has happened with Cinema Sins this past 18 months but it ain't the channel it used to be, it's just not that funny anymore, and Jeremy's political standing as a leftist libtard always seems to get in the way now too!!! Done with his channel after all these years

  73. Marcos Rausch

    3:24 That's like five or six sins for the price of one!

  74. Blake Etter

    I’m going to say it’s because it’s 5am right now that I never figured out the joke till I read the comments but honestly I’m probably just slow. I mean I’m only 4min in so far :P

  75. Ghostlight X

    Wow that "confused Avengers movies" joke got old super fast. Fire that writer, urgently. Jeezuz Christ, I skipped 5 minutes and you're STILL doing it? Unwatchable shyte. Skip

  76. massanti madunigang


  77. M4G1C {[D4RK]}

    The only sin I actually find is all the sexual stuff in Matrix Reloaded. That was a flat-out sin, but all movies are still great as fu*k.

  78. Keno Jennings

    You deserve the accurate for that joke

  79. Bri Goose

    The trexs were breading in the lost world if you remember so there's gotta be a large number of them

  80. michelle stein-evers frankl

    you really don't get LA back in the day. that's the point of the driving.

  81. Jay Hokum

    A budget direct add just played and cinema sims was in it

  82. M4G1C {[D4RK]}

    In case you realize, the movie makers just hope you'll watch the movie, love it, and not ask questions. I find myself asking questions sometimes, but I realize that movies don't need to be logical or true. Its mostly fantasy anyway. You just got to realize that its just a movie and that's that. (Its a really good God Dam* movie along with the two that follow. I tend not to ask questions as long as I know that I'm satisfied with how great the movies came out.)

  83. Joey Medina

    I liked this movie

  84. Brendon Gill

    As bad as the movie was, this cinemasin was worse.

  85. Shreyas Surve

    I knew this was a different Avengers show, yet in the middle of the video I thought I was watching an early take on the Marvel's Avengers. Good job HonestTrailers 👏👏👏

  86. Batman

    As Qu’ri and Han make out the sin counter is 69. Hmmmmm?

  87. Nodira Usmanova

    Really?? 🤣

  88. Stephen Buys

    so in frozen 3 they will all fly around because it seems like ANYTHING GOES

  89. Grace WANG

    fun fact: when i decided to watch the avengers for the first time when i was young and stupid, i went to an illegal site to watch it. they didn't have the avengers avengers, but they did have this avengers. so long story short i accidentally watched this movie thinking it was marvel, before googling it and realising none of the characters showed up (the redhead confused me ok)

  90. callah jensen

    I think this is the best CinemaSins video

  91. Angry Beard Man

    Best shitpost ever

  92. Matt Way

    In few comic, Thomas Elliot was Hush

  93. Magnus Maximus

    Brie Larson is the biggest mistake for Marvel.... It will only go down from here on....

  94. Mac

    I don't nothing what was happening in this movie.

  95. Angie Kelley

    I swear to GOD. Dinosaurs are more dangerous than any other animal on earth. The one thing these movies have taught me is that dinosaurs are fucking evil. LET EM BURN!!!!! BURN!!! BURN!!!!!!!! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET EM BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Beth G

    Horses do have thangs tho

  97. Ralph Bednarski

    Love Cinema Sins...but this was dumb and an SNL joke gone too long.

  98. Deadite Chicken

    I think with the Kool-Aid thing was just a reused tube from the storage room in the Overlook and they just decided to reuse it instead of buying new food to decorate.

  99. Sarah Cartwright

    What is that film in the old dusty bunker? 21:25