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  1. Carson Fratus

    Did anyone else notice how Thomasin's hair was slowly coming out of her bonnet more and more throughout the film? What a clever way to represent her slow transformation away from puritanism into a witchcraft.

  2. storma22

    You totally missed the scene where he pokes a hole in his suit to fly in space!!! that is entirely fictional as expelling gas into a vacuum will not propel you. Vacuum is absolute low pressure. You would just sit there and watch your suit deflate. Traveling in a vacuum is impossible.

  3. Tea Tsuneko

    Bruh I hated the girl in the book and in the movie but somehow the movie made her more hateable

  4. Dustin Elias

    DO AVENGERS ENDGAME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. vickie Cather

    Cuzco Is The Incan Captital.

  6. Z.O.E

    Ngl this channel has always been bad at this dc if it’s humorous or whatever acc watch ghe film and youll see most of it is bullshit and it’s obvious you havent

  7. Marty Schlong

    Really, if a movie is based on comic book, then there's nothing you can trash talk.

  8. Луни

    1:10 Uh, Parlophone Records?

  9. fairuz ta

    Finally lucy can take down Hydra😂😂

  10. Trevor White

    the laugh kills me every time

  11. Elliana Tenenbaum

    Sin #1: They made Willie Wonka a freak child rapist instead of a chocolate fanatic

  12. ThisisRubbishlo


  13. Alma S

    Stop nitpicking my childhood T-T

  14. Bald guy From the lorax

    So its proven that he is a real greedy dirtbag.

  15. Ion Meth

    If john have one super power, its admantite bones. The running joke is how he keep getting rammed by cars. Since he can survive those, he can survive falling 9 floors down the roof

  16. Elliana Tenenbaum

    Sin #1: It's name is BIRD BOX

  17. aadit dasgupta

    Also, everyone goes out of their games at night, but what if someone comes to play games at night? Or maybe the arcade closes at a certain time

    1. aadit dasgupta

      When the medal fall of off Ralph's neck in sugar rush, it's basically the single most Valuable important tiny thing is out of the reach of the hero cliche

    2. aadit dasgupta

      Oh, never mind, the arcade closes

    3. aadit dasgupta

      Why is Clyde the only ghost at the meeting

  18. Abdullah Ansari

    "Jai no" 😂😂

  19. Arnan de Gans

    Missed a few sins - Carols hand glows at bootcamp. But she didn't have powers yet, right? They cast what's-her-face as Carol. Shield wasn't actually called shield before Iron man, which is after this movie. But they made that mistake in other films as well. The only reason this movie was watchable is because of the backstory stuff on Fury.

  20. Elliana Tenenbaum

    When you realize that you're wearing a stupid smile while the whole video is playing

  21. Bridoggster

    Will you stop

  22. Liam Francis

    Every single time you talked about them not shooting him is minus a sin bc he’s wearing a bullet proof suit

  23. Nick Renauld

    You should make your own movie, you literally pick apart every little thing

  24. Noah Gordon

    It was an entertaining movie but John falling off the building was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while 😒

  25. Martijn van Gelderen

    I haven't watched the movie. I'm so lost, what is this movie

  26. Shuvrashankar mukherjee

    I think you could have just added 100 sins for alllllllllllllllll the singing in a single movie, aaaaaaaaandddd make it R rated then I might watch it

  27. Zoe Rodriguez

    Son of a bitch!!

  28. Lord Fauntleroy

    Some of my biggest sin moments whilst watching were the lights and the hoses. How the f*** did the doc know lights would work?? Not like she had captured the hoard before. That’s a pretty giant gamble. And how did they “detect” an aggressive persona?? And the hoses....that shit would be expensive as f*** and purpose built and would have had to been set up way before she caught him. Not a five minute job in an old ass building like that. How did she know she would catch him to justify that?? What mental institute has an administration that just blindly approves that kind of costly plumbing work??

  29. Alice Anderson


  30. Alice Anderson


  31. Mango Dango

    Hes mad they grabbed a truck like they dont hit 120 like no tomorrow

  32. coffeetablesex

    clips and magazines are not the same thing. please stop pretending they are.

  33. Alexandra Hefnerová

    "No one notices the most famous recently-dead person in the world sitting at this cafe?" He's the most famous in Gotham, not in the whole world (and perhaps not in Florence). And about being recently-dead person, could be just a lookalike, no? There are people around the world, who look like some other famous person, does anyone really care about them much?

  34. mozmorriss two


  35. Wimpoman

    Who would 'woo', Lily? Who would 'woo'? Would you? Would you 'woo'?

  36. Jon Dunmore

    4:20 - MISSED SIN: Every time there's a school for [insert specific discipline] main characters have to walk THROUGH the combat areas to get to the office. Aren't there ANY OTHER WAYS to the office without going through classes and interrupting them?

  37. claire ott

    6:18 in regards to this i have heard before that in some countries the camera shutter sound is always on wether you silence your phone or not, my friend purchased a phone from a different country (i don’t remember where) and her shutter was always on and she said its because its a law where the phone was from so maybe thats why they did it im not sure though it couldve just been for dramatic effect

  38. Bastian Alexander Heß



    Anyone else see how he threw the cigarette in can to the right but the one that explodes is the one under his head.

  40. shadow lorde

    Actually its a small loan of a billion sins

  41. White Pride Worldwide

    You're such an anti-white jew. lol

  42. Joe L

    Do everything great and bad about the Shawshank redemption

  43. Jon Dunmore

    1:40 -- Big dude took a knife to a book fight.

  44. Der Reichert

    0 Sins The End

  45. Mank07

    The whole movie is wrong man!

  46. Weenor Felloff

    Parker didn’t want to be a woman, his mother wanted him to be a woman

  47. Alex Alone

    You mean there was something right with it?

  48. Mikel

    Shit movie with the worst possible child star.

  49. Joe King

    Michael bay: if I make him say Deep Wang enough times maybe I’ll get a laugh from the 11 year olds *ding*

  50. Mikel

    The 93rd sin made me laugh and call you a dick.

  51. Tarush Singh

    Sees the title Inhales deeply "LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT"

  52. IIHarles_ii 12

    well I think the maze runner is the best movie in the world and NOTHING BUT NOTHING is wrong with that movie. this is a beautiful and this movies of the maze runner made me cry so much and makes me happy and more.. this is the BEST movie and I can't ask for better edit: you all garbege and mistake not that movie so stop saying that this movie is mistake and garbege and more... this video should named: Everything wrong with CinemaSins

    1. IIHarles_ii 12


  53. Athip Thirupathi

    3:14 She shoots only the male? That's sexist. DING!

  54. ejv 229

    what if she drives there

  55. wesley roberts

    You like talking shit about movies in a comedic sense but you can’t take blood and throw up. Yep; you’s a bitch alright.

  56. RumbleYoungMan Rumble

    At the diner Bats purposely pulled his gun to see the reaction from baby that he wanted. He was suspicious and he had confirmation from it

  57. Gotta Get Crap Done

    maybe the unecessary amount of lamps was supposed to be a reference to Hannibal's Silence of the lambs-

  58. Nazar Ivanechko

    you forgot the scene when Alita fights in the bar against the pretty boy face and she disarms him and the sword flies away from her but in the next shot it's near her

  59. Macacheu

    Childhood ruined by the ass

  60. Sub Zero

    You have to take one sin away. Terminators need sunglasses to look cool and badass.

  61. Jaden Channing

    11:13 😏

  62. Sub Zero

    Run of the mill serial killers!!! Hahaha!!!

  63. Howster27

    Lemme add something: Mack feels the trailer door scraping on the concrete here, but doesn’t in the first movie 🤔

  64. Caleb Lord

    good tick tock

  65. Deadly Spore


  66. Erin Sweeney

    You keep saying the plot was made by 12 year olds but really it was based off the bestselling novel sooo...:...

  67. Gal Shalev

    I actually heared *Jeremy's* voice in my head, When John falls from the building, and he causally crashes into some roofs and stairs and the ground! *Jeremy* saying: "he *survives* this". maybe he *is* in the matrix and the ground turned into some sort of a trampoline and he bounced back up....🤔 A crossover 😂 *discuss*

  68. Kitty

    I fell asleep during this movie 😂

  69. Mai Ali

    It’s raining since when 😂😂😂

  70. Kirstin Marsh

    So this is up there with through the looking glass.

  71. Sam Grig

    Barry is a war criminal. Fuck him!

  72. Adam Ferrian

    This movie is so terrible I can't even stand the mocking reviews of it.

  73. bmaster461603

    Did you mean Jennifer lawrence and not steinfeld

  74. strannyisyn

    8:28 those are Charlie's toys she made

  75. penguin unicorn

    i think the movie was tring to get sinned

  76. Sam Grig

    Sentence: Under the table with creepy Uncle Toby.

  77. Carl Sage

    "Someone got paid to feel clever for writing this line.".... Their name...was Sondheim. :)

  78. Jordan Sadia

    2:05 um witchcraft

  79. GenLiu

    6:47 Actually those are straight up impossible shot to miss...Especially three times in a row. If I were the Rhino dude, I will immediately suspect my henchman to work for Tai Lung while seeing that.

  80. Allah Allen

    Lion King IS Hamlet lol

  81. Golden Pancakes55

    My sister was addicted to this movie, and this was all I heard

  82. baixiaolang

    "Somebody thought they were really clever for writing this" Well, it did win multiple Tony awards, including for best book, so...

  83. Sharon Vallas

    Try reading the books. Must of the things you dished are explained in the books

  84. Jean AAA

    I was kinda freaking out till I was able to read the description, I knew you did this before


    117 amount of sins halo fans are triggered

  86. Kat Wernery

    Tesla and Eddison willing working together on Anything, 50 sins right there.

  87. mullofoban

    You are right on so many things in this movie. Finally we had a company willing to spend over $150 million on a Tarzan movie and they blow it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For that amount of cash we could have had Tarzan goes to Jurassic World - plenty of action, no vain attempts to be politically correct and avoid offending women, blacks, animals etc. Tarzan can hear a twig crack in the jungle yet is frequently caught and tied up by men wearing boots and suits !!! This is Tarzan, Tarzan wears a loin cloth - it is like his super costume but not here ?? A remake of Tarzan and the Lost Safari with an articulate Jungle Lord or Tarzan's Greatest Adventure or Tarzan's Three Challenges or Tarzan and the Valley of Gold - anything but this mish mash of inane actions and stupid set ups. Once again Hollywood ruins one of the legendary fictional creations of all time. Let's hope the next movie (if there is one) gives us a real Tarzan story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Avy Campbell

    He brought shark boy into it 😂😂😂😂

  89. Vortexx

    bunch of terrorists smuggle high powered weaponry into a place where guns are outlawed

  90. goodguy17

    The birds and the box sounds like a short film about teenage pregnancy

  91. Daniela Gilling

    this movie is whack

  92. Nika Brown

    do everything wrong with scarface please thanks

  93. Jacob Staten

    The fact that they used the CGI nightmare fuel eyes instead of the actress's already fairly large eyes is worth at least 100 sins alone.

  94. Tipu Sensei

    dude the throne fight scene was the worst choreographed fight scene I have seen in a recent movie.... I SIN U 9000+

  95. yellow and blue make green

    DUDE ITS Aang NOT Ong WTF watch the series I'm not a hater I'm jus mad rn

  96. DaemonCaedo1

    Are they only eating rabbits? Because you can't survive on that. A diet of only rabbit would kill you.

  97. Bella kerruish

    7:17 vsco girls are crying

  98. crustycries

    when he forgot he was married

  99. paulevans1954

    Blimey, this looks like the weirdest film of all time!

  100. Jamie McConnell

    Now cinema sins, you've officially gone too far