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  1. Graydon Panzica

    Noah scared to slap Shayne is adorable "Nohhh I've never hurt someone"

  2. Snigdha M

    I'm so in love with Shayne right now. Fell for him right now! Like RIGHT NOW!!

  3. Hannah Parker

    Please go to galaxies edge!

  4. Lillian Wouters

    Where’s Shane? *shane slipping into Olivia’s dm’s*

  5. Moto Moto

    Some of these dudes robbed you like last week

  6. I st01e y0 subs

    11:50 4th of July be like

  7. Stuff and Non-Sense

    13:47 I'm gonna show this to my history teacher

  8. Dex Murphy

    Carson just did random shit the whole time

  9. Visible371 Gamer

    Courtneys house!!!

  10. Dwight Schrute


  11. Amelia Jarka

    Damian: Ravenclaws are smart Me : I'm a Ravenclaw!!!! But I failed my social studies test

  12. Igor Gops

    When they were singing happy birthday all I heard was courtney barking

  13. lurky murr

    Shane = poop man made me laugh so hard cause it was so dumb

  14. Hail TayLord

    Having fun with my boys are my favourite SMOSH videos 😂

  15. Olivia Hare

    Why does olivia remind me of a toddler with 2 dads and a mum

  16. Boys Tab

    Nick furry

  17. ChillSushi

    Carson has managed to go to every part of USsel, even the parts where you would not expect him

  18. Therese ;-;

    After the concealer he looked like jenna marbles when she wanted a new face (pre pink paint)

  19. Tee Tendo 64

    Clearly Joven is the least book smart the fact he spelled his own name wrong

  20. GetLazeredKid

    Dude at the start hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo doped up

  21. TrustYourPilot

    "Pretending it was just a fart is a 'chartreuse'."

  22. Xx ice playzxX :3

    His name is Noah my brother name is Noah

  23. Akman47 IT’S YOUR BOY

    Anyone else notice the My Hero shirt instantly

  24. Piro Nesia

    Why didnt she say the apple juice was pee

  25. Hell_girl ACE!! ace


  26. PerfidiousWay

    Olivia's BF is hilarious.

  27. Cute Animals

    That is my guinea pig taking a bath lol

  28. jaboi

    I love ted

  29. Sean Kelsey

    Get Olivia her boyfriend and his girlfriend from the Goldberg's and do a who knows me better

  30. The Ukulele Man

    wait is Sarah Asian?

  31. Youknowwhoiam

    No one: Literally not a soul: Shayne: *after every single Tik Tok* THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO ON THE INTERNET

  32. Max Dannemiller

    Oliva: wow i Really love how my teams are so supported Me: cant Relate

  33. cuz im the supernova

    "Your straw's all bREADFUL."

  34. nasima akter

    Shayne x courtney

  35. Floppy Potter

    Is that Animal Jam music..? 10:47

  36. Igor Gops

    For sanfransico someone should have said natural disaster

  37. slayer25s

    Hot ones The Last Dab sauce with anything really

  38. David Arrand

    It's hilarious because Ian clearly tried to steer her to the obvious fact that the cheating was the lie and she confused him because she thought the game was two lies and truth so she had to guess the truth, so by the time she finally got there he thought "yeah two truths so I squirt you on the lie, right?"

  39. Willa Pogue

    Where’s Noah?

  40. slayer25s

    Hot Dog Juice Ice-cream or as a drink by itself or mixed with something

  41. Boys Tab

    You and mark walkuhvghhvvggbbberg and creepy ghost girl in the back

  42. Yung Chau chau

    I heard ke and then she says I almost said his real name so he could be called 1.kevin 2.kendall Jenner 3.ken 4.keith(wait hold on wait nooo hold on wait what the fu.....) 5.khalil 6.kyle 7.krjfnfjd

  43. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 I miss smosh labs

  44. Fearitself 44

    Omg it’s all of them bow down

  45. Latheniania

    Lasercorn, Rhett and Link, The Try Guys

  46. Alana Weinmann

    " *I eat leather for protein* "

  47. Yung Chau chau

    It’s not the smosh couch it’s the Ian and Anthony amazing smosh days house

  48. Yung Chau chau

    It’s not shourtney it’s dourtney or camien

  49. Emily Thompson

    That Nic Cage wig oddly works well for Shayne.

    1. Emily Thompson

      Also, Courtney with coffee and a bagel in the morning?! Me too!

  50. Matt Liczbinski

    Did any one see the guy filming them in the back round

  51. Yung Chau chau

    Shayne:I’m single Courtney:I’m single too Theory maker:finally a new theory

  52. Alecia Williams

    I lowkey ship Shayne and Courtney

  53. Clan Ronen

    4:58 IM WHITE LOL!!!


    Ted Nivison : Wizard Supreme the best D&D wizard


    Courtney was your teacher hot

  56. Yvonne McTague

    I went to krusty land and my grandad sear and possibly was sick 🤮

  57. Anujin Msc

    Pam crying broke my heart And there's ian not knowing he made a mistake😂💕

  58. Tactical Boop

    Why would there be a baby on a virgin plane??

  59. Timam Speaks

    Who else just watches this because of shaynes funny bits

  60. Ewan Richardson

    Was Courtney on jacks turn taking the mick out of Scottish people because I have been a subscriber for 4 years and I’m Scottish l

  61. Simon Billing

    More of sam ❤️❤️

  62. Justin Skinner

    I completely forgot about this episode. It’s crazy that they’re under one roof now, 4 years later

  63. Juliet hirose

    nightmare before christmas is acc a halloween film/movie

  64. G - Bison

    How far smosh has fallen

  65. Maxx Gamer 52

    It ain’t christmas

  66. Angie Cornelssen

    They left

  67. Aidan Stone

    And then they raid the place

  68. Milk tea Gacha

    If y'all really wanted him to conquer his fear you should've brung him to the island of dolls

  69. Squipp

    Here for the lunchclub, not these clowns

  70. Trisha Lennex

    Courtney as a kid: fantasizing over boys Me: attempting to teach myself ancient Hebrew By the way it’s hard

  71. Peyton302822 302822

    That's so

  72. TheSovietUnionbutnot 119

    Ian where do I get that shirt

  73. Zearo ExBonito

    His last name is Topp but doesn't really wear his top.

  74. Ice Dragon

    9:49-9:58 I cant stop laughing

  75. Heather Knutson

    Gus is a good singer then play the last cord

  76. milos ilic

    Why is Carson everywhere

  77. Emily Simmonds

    Do Pewwwwwwwwdiepieee

  78. Alex

    “I eat leather for protein” is honestly such a good line tho

  79. lustremyg


  80. Unknown

    literally lunchclub were the only funny people here.

  81. tommy wiseau

    they did Keith dirty with that wig 😪😂

  82. Anand Jargalsaikhan

    Get my gay papas FItz, Swaggersouls, Toby on the tele

  83. Maya Taylor (Student)

    I'm Shayne in every scenario

  84. David Peters

    1:24 callback 😂😂😂

  85. DopyD

    Bruh I’ve been saying teds name wrong this whole time

  86. Chris Cookie


  87. Chethana RS

    The sheer amount of chaos in this video is effin HILARIOUS 😂😂

  88. pitbull bosses

    Its not donkey its DONKEH

  89. lil shoebox

    Who’s watching this after Kobe died

  90. Rama Lingam

    Don't worry Shayne will make it in the end.

  91. Kenneks9

    I love Shayne

  92. Joseph Torpey

    When Keith was face swapping with leonardo DiCaprio, he looked like one of the fish people from majoras mask with a nose.

  93. kayla agn

    *_my name is B O N E L E S S_*

  94. Thomas Lynn

    The mom, the dad and the brother

  95. King Aly

    Please bring back day jobs!!!! 😩😭

  96. Hoppy

    You cant just write "W/ CallMeCarson" if Ted and Charlie are there.

  97. Gage Clark

    Shayne your saying Boze came thorough the wall like the Koliad Man ?

  98. zika markovic

    shane;the next day add;continue your ife

  99. Cresenciana Bautista

    Baby Shayne was so cute when he was a baby