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  1. Gerardo Reyes

    Great video and I cringe at so many of lines in this show. Love the animation

  2. lauraafjs

    Alice looks like the best ( only) part that makes this worth watching.

  3. Camila Cupcake

    Everyone’s saying “remember when Riverdale was about Jason’s death” but wasn’t this show like live action of the Archie comics like I mean it’s nothing like it

  4. Zenna Miracle

    Love batwoman shes fucking hot!!

  5. dyed shirt

    okay but like the only reason i'm watching this stupid show is because ruby rose is gorgeous. thats the only reason. and even then i havent watched more than 2 episodes of it.

  6. •Julia• Morais•

    Isn’t that Elizabeth from Reign?

  7. Luthor_Targaryen

    Ruby Rose is many things. Sure she's a model, a dj, Australian and beautiful but she's definitely not an actress.

  8. Varda Elentári

    I feel like no one is talking about how the villain pretty much said on of the riddles, from HARRY POTTER, that's the ravenclaw tower's door asks

  9. David Monreal


  10. Creative Scape

    One mistake 3:32 Alex said Betty, Veronica and Toni but actually Betty wasn't in this

  11. ROBLOX Comedian


  12. max s

    "What does that paddle say?" I had a nam flashback to y*oi paddles

  13. Sana

    I'm already calling it...the whole ''Jughead being murdered by his friends'' narrative they are going with is going to be them irl playing out Jughead's book he has to write for the competition to see if he really can plan the perfect murder.

  14. ppeachy. yoonmin

    Why does the teacher kinda look like Trisha paytas? Anyways stan lemonade mouth it was my favorite movie and still is

  15. Non Bunnary

    I thought it was very obvious so I would have had them wait for jt.

  16. SigmaSyndicate

    Wow, that is the worst Batman, er... Batcostume, that I've ever seen in my life. It looks like someone took the Batman costume from Arkham Asylum and just awkwardly shaped it in a model editor to have boobs and a helmet that's four sizes too big.


    You think everything is a weird show

  18. Michael Clark

    I thought she was involved in an onset accident and horribly disfigured?

  19. melainakiss

    You heard that people LOVE Batwoman? O.O

  20. Destiny Bonilla

    Pleasseeeee do green house academy.

  21. Core Conservative

    I love batwomen! But the whole show is about how she’s a women! Why does that matter! Superwomen is great it doesn’t focus on her being a women but then batwomen has to focus on her being a women 🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Sysky

    didn’t bat woman have red and long hair

  23. Nig Boy

    I only two minutes into this video and already have problems with the tv show. i need to watch it just because I need it to confirm some things. First, I want to know the timeline of this. Because I'm pretty sure this isn't when Bruce went to go get training from Ghoul because he got that prior to being batman. Next, what about Gordon and Barbara. Wasn't Barbara originally batwoman but retired after her incident with the joker? I'm only asking because while I do have come knowledge of the batman story line there is still parts I do know or unsure of. Also the exposition is horrible between the two sisters. I don't know why the girl had to say it's me your step sister. I'm sure it's important to the story however there should have been a more natural approach to that. I can't wait to update this at the end.

  24. TheThomasFan4472

    If you’re like me in which case that’s rough

  25. Sarah Mills

    Your should review "On the edge of seventeen"on Netflix. It's terrible

  26. Rosy Birchwood

    Alright so she's a proud woman and she dresses and acts like a man? **wHaT**

  27. Empress Aelin

    Do the new shera and the princess of power please

  28. Goron

    Batwoman is SJW garbage...

  29. Just another O.E.F. Combat Vet

    I feel like I could enjoy this show BUT ONLY to laugh at how bad it is. XD

  30. Eat At Joe's

    "Woman," and "Feminist", *aren't personalities.* This was my problem with Bo Peep in Toy Story 4 and is the reason why I never watched this show.

  31. Benjamin Hewitt

    Room for improvement? In the fuckin trailer she had the nerve to say she doesn’t want a “man” (Bruce) getting credit for what a “woman” (her) has done, while literally stealing his tech, using his hide out, mooching off his resources and even wearing his fucking suit, this show was a steaming pile of burning shit before it even came out, there’s no room for improvement and I will be genuinely surprised if it lasts more than one to two season, at least flash and arrow were somewhat entertaining even if they were just cheesy soap operas and even super girl wasn’t horrible compared to this shit

  32. JannieJubille

    Batwoman reminds me of the be early CW DC show seasons and I can see the potential...then I remember those came out at least 5 years ago...

  33. hi hi

    season one: it’s pretty good ig not the best season two: getting a bit better season three: literally a masterpiece season four: the previous season set the bar too high but it was still good season five: i fell asleep season six: good except for the fact that stiles is gone for most of it

  34. Tony Lubas

    If the show wasn't so pushy with feminism and Ruby was a better actress I'd actually give it a shot

  35. William Albatross

    Wow this is absolutely awful

  36. TheInvisiblBoom

    I love how all the male characters appear to be dumb and useless. Like nothing says gender equality more than putting down...one gender....to....to make the other....look better.....wait-

  37. EnigmaDrath

    9:01 -> Sergeant Colbert is in this?! WHAT?!

  38. hi hi


  39. Mrudul


  40. soshiangel90

    I'm kinda sad this show looks pretty weak. Ruby Rose is a great casting choice and the show has the ability to give us a female lead with some edge (our only other being Alex from Supergirl). But alas, if this is the kind of dialogue they are using...I....am concerned...

  41. ŁĕmonTårť

    Please do ZOMBIES!

  42. almightytallestred

    The way the plot is structured is just plain... bad. With the conveniently placed flashbacks (EXAMPLE: BW gets a call "Oh, hey, they kidnapped XYZ" - instant flashback telling us XYZ is BW's ex, military academy together, yadda-yadda). Maybe establish that beforehand? Otherwise how can I be invested if I only know what to be invested in after a flashback following a scene where something happening where I should have _actually_ been invested... and the voice-over narration. Did anyone else feel like the voice-over seemed to be crammed in there? Like they did it after the everything was put together and felt they needed to add it or no one would understand what's happening with whom. Or maybe it's just me. Anyways... this is really bad writing. So much of it. And even if the writing was better, there'd still be the problem of, well, the acting...

  43. LaurenRawai

    please review let it snow i’m dying for an alex meyers take on it

  44. hi hi

    season one was kinda bad-

  45. AlFa 113

    "Weird" isn't the exact word I'd use to describe Batwoman...

  46. Limerence

    You know at the end when the animation is drawing. It's physically impossible to draw on that piece of paper with the pencil at that ending. The only way it could look like that if he was just wagging the pencil. It's really funny when you notice it.

  47. Priyankitha Pulipaka

    just from this video you can tell how bad the writing is

  48. meerkatz

    like it,too!

  49. greenman394

    The Batwoman CW show only exsts because the character is lesbian. Batwoman isn’t very interesting, she’s at the bottom of the Bat totem pole.

  50. Han Han

    *when you take creative reading in your apex class during highSchool* *RIVERDALE:*

  51. SparrowHunter

    As a professional batwoman comic fan I have to say, this show is the most disappointing thing I've ever seen

  52. Cathildis

    The only female superheroes I care about: Black Widow and Scarlet Witch

  53. Aoife Earcain

    The beginning sounds like the intro for Avatar lol

  54. Natalia Choung

    I watched this movie for Fun. It was just like you said so generic. It kinda make me angry that how they show her character like she was good until she met the „bad” boy and she start to make unusual decision. I’m mad cause because of that image In movies „good girl” who study, don’t party or drink have also opinion like they so naive and easy to get manipulate. Just like in other teenage movie from 90’s cruel intension but that one is totally diffrent subject. The whole bet thing was so easy to presume at least for me. Basicially I have a ironic smile for the whole movie because how can you even handle this awkardness while watching it? The best in this movie is basicially Hero appearance for No joke. The ending was weird for a moment but then it kinda make sense cause there’s going to be a part 2. But it will be more intresting if they show it diffrently like she get the letter but the viwers won’t know if she get back to him or not. Only people who read the book would know that.

  55. Jai

    Is it just me or does it sound like he says “niggerdowells” at 1:23

  56. Forbes Caroline

    Batwoman to me personally ain’t bad at all

  57. ItsLIEZ END

    Do the new are you afraid of the dark. The series finished not to long ago..

  58. Tyler The Loser

    Not gonna lie, the show was pretty much Supercringe up until episode 4, where the dialogue isn't super dumb.

  59. Anastasia Andrade

    Love the twilight scene 😂

  60. Antisocietyrules91

    I wonder what your thoughts are for Nancy Drew on CW? (Also, I stopped watching this show. I do enjoy the character Alice on this show).

  61. Krista MacPherson

    you should do another episode of batwoman

  62. Gruntman1234

    Cheap, goofy, nonsensical, Canadian, made-for-tv Vampire movie has the nerve to make fun of Twilight. Gets away with doing so because it still managed to be better than Twilight.

  63. Ashley Scott

    I'm sorry but I love marvel movies but some DC movies are weird and I'm just obsessed with mavel movies. 😂😂😂😂

  64. emma maingi

    Correction no one likes this show it’s literal bullshit only people that do like it are feminist extremists and lesbians

  65. John Vitha

    Sharkboy and Lavagirl who else remembered that?

  66. Steven Guitink

    That writing was....really on the nose. Plot dumping backstory, telling not showing. Yeesh, not really pulling me in there TV show.

  67. Morrison Scott

    I'll bet the show Gotham coexists with batwomen

  68. bite sized bits

    watch daredevil

  69. Igbo Thunder

    Her riding the 3 wheeler back and forth is hilarious lol

  70. Seval Boz

    Hey Alex, I love your videos and I would love for you to watch the Netflix series atypical. I think you might like it so I hope you'll watch it.

  71. Igbo Thunder

    I just don’t like when they pick actresses to play a superhero, but the actress doesn’t physically look like they could ever win a fight. Like I know fighting isn’t all about being so physically fit always, but I have a hard time believing this rail thin women is fighting crime

  72. Julian Munoz

    Watch atypical it's on Netflix you can thank me later once your done watching it like my com ment if you agree

  73. Sabrina Grosina

    this show is huge tho for the women's crusade. a female batman - i mean come on, that's pretty amazing

  74. Lily Grace

    Please talk about greenhouse soon!!

  75. Patrick Kelmer


  76. Xbox: Tvrsa

    The show kinda pissed me off, I don’t remember batman ever leaving Gotham in the comics, for the length of time portraits in the home. Now they gotta have someone from every sexuality, race and gender... no body cares about bay woman, Batman is cool and intimidating, Batwoman is just cringey... in the comics, she was a straight woman and the dude was white blonde... there will guaranteed be noobs in the comments getting salty because you like the show for some reason. But let’s just link this over to superwoman, it started off okay, but all that feminism had to be put in to ruin it for me. I only watched super girl when pornhub wasn’t working 😂.

  77. valente Aispuro

    You hate literally every show😂😂😂

  78. Igbo Thunder

    This show looks lame as hell. Looks like DC Titans is the best DC show by far.

  79. Noa Lenora Art

    Is this Alice woman supposed to be like... Alternate Riddler???

  80. itsalaynaaaaa


  81. carlin marsden

    Dear god!! SHES A WOMAN GET IT OH OH AND SHES A LESBIAN....oh and it’s not sexist because the villain is ALSO A WOMAN (Alice) btw the character Alice is based on is ALSO A MAN (the Mad Hatter a mad man that usually kidnaps blonde girls and renames then Alice) Supergirl had a reason to exist she was a previously established hero whereas Batwoman was a sidekick who only had a few single outings (also Barbra Gordon daughter of Commissioner Gordon in all iterations I know of)

  82. un usuario comun y corriente

    Took you a while

  83. imnotaimee

    this show would be INCREDIBLE if they had writing where the characters spoke like normal people.

  84. Fun1sKing

    Alex don’t you dare batsplain to Kate!

  85. Scarlett Cornell-Abel

    I am in grade 6 and I am 5”11 like chill.,,,,?,!’

  86. Just1 RandomGuy

    When the video started, I thought I skipped 10 seconds but I realized it was just your convinient timing

  87. Valerie

    Finally someone commented on how shitty that movie is / was. I am 6"3 and a girl. I mean I always get comments and asked: "OMG HOW TALL ARE YOU?" But my life isn't worse than the life of normal sized girls. I am used to it. The movie kinda insulted my whole existence...lol. I mean I'm kinda fine with being tall, cause I've always been. But people always asking make it a big hard for me to finally feel normal. But still, my life is great and she has literally NO PROBLEMS....

  88. Daily Destiny

    I know no one ask but animal farm is a story where these two pigs snowball and Napoleon was leaders snowball was a fair leader and Napoleon wasn’t

  89. Wendy Winchester

    "The suit is literal perfection" "It will be... when it fits a woman" Omg. Is everyone here really this uneducated?? She said that because clothes cut for a man's body shape /rarely/ fit a woman well. Rent a brain cell, would you people?

  90. Themain_ Main57

    Alex, you say every show is the weirdest show

  91. A wonderful Life19

    "I'm not gonna let a man take credit for a woman's work" For those who haven't seen the series, here's Kate's current track record from just first 6 episodes so far [Spoilers/Warning: What you're about to read does indeed happen in the show] - Kate giving multiple dangerous criminals a slap on the wrist, in some cases multiple times, only for them to immediately commit more crimes such as letting Beth (Alice) go after she stabbed their dad in the gut & her stepmom, which I will get into later - During a robbery taking place at a fancy party Kate almost let people die from a falling elevator shaft, including her dad, cause she needed to put on makeup & a wig on the Batsuit to prove she's better than Batman - Kate yanking a Catwoman ripoff off a 7-story building into a fountain (she lived cause women are indestructible in this series like Kate shrugging off getting nailed with speeding truck) - Kate letting her stepmom off the hook after finding out that she tampered with evidence to make everyone believe that Beth was dead so they quit obsessing over her, thus leaving her with her kiddnapper til she became a crazy killer & then try to kill her when she resurfaced as Alice so no one would find out about her little screwup & instead of handing her over to the cops for causing a good chuck of the shows' problems, is instead resenting her dad even more for believing the fake evidence while her stepmom is free & is plotting another scheme (Anyone noticing a pattern with Kate's dad?) So any man here wants to take credit for this woman's work after hearing such a strong track record?

  92. globe1987

    The suit already has tits!

  93. persona pjgrey

    If Jacob had a thing for the baby shouldn't he be uno attracted to Edward bcus.....

  94. c h l o e w h i t e s e l l

    excuse me no this is the greatest show of all time

  95. overquoted

    Why is this show so damned *blue?*

  96. lizzygirl 1990

    You should do the 3rd season

  97. ckbear

    this show sucks and I haven't even watched it

  98. Jesus Lira

    i’ve been waiting for this haha

  99. Enikő Köteles

    I legit think the Riverdale writers had something to do with this shit It's inconsistent and absurd and you never really get answers to anything but you keep watching anyways

  100. Ellie is Done

    Bat woman in a nutshell: hey guys I’m kate, also know as batwoman, I’m a lesbian, and I’m Jewish, and I’m a woman, and a lesbian, have I mentioned that I’m a gay wom- AWW CRIKEY- I mean, AWW DAMN I BANGED MY FUCKING KNEE CUNT SHIT PISS (Australian accent here)