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  1. Anna Bakalemwa

    The irony is that in gossip Girl season 3 episode 4 when Dan and Nate were talking to each other Nate mentions an Endless Night series and one of the characters is Guinevere. Dan had no idea what he was talking about so her mentions that he will make sure to keep an eye out for her 💀💀

  2. Lexi Cabs

    At this point im just letting you spoil shows cuz im not allowed to watch stuff like this

  3. Ged Wynn

    Hey please react to Cube the horror movie

  4. Sesly Williams

    Theres alwats three girls because the rule of 3 in writting and 3 is the magic number

  5. prashant shinde

    Fucked up movie... Tessa is junk.

  6. Mostafa Ahmed Nasr

    Castlevania is a good show

  7. Brenda Cuellar

    I tried watching this show but I found it to be cringy AF! I couldn’t get passed the first episode. I’m glad you reviewed it and gave it good (and funny) commentary!

  8. mxviii

    Dating in the Dark did it better

  9. Lad _

    To be honest teen wolf is trash

  10. BloxyGigi

    I usually agree with you but The Originals slander will not be tolerated in this premise

  11. M&M Edits

    Skam Austin would be perfect because it's a teen show that is supposed to be serious (for the most part) and deals with issues that most teens can relate to.

  12. Bree richh

    whole time Jessica was faking her valley girl voice lol

  13. Fatima Hassan

    Wait you should really review dark on Netflix. It’s a German and it truly is mind blowing

  14. Reyna

    Omg I’ve been waiting on this video I’m so happy he did it!!!!

  15. satinstark

    am i the only one who’s lowkey interested in who Jessica picked

  16. Amber Cleary

    this is a knock off from barbie princess and the pauper that I watched 24/7 and that’s insulting

  17. M&M Edits

    You should do a review of the teen series "Skam Austin." It's an American remake of the Norweigan show "Skam." I was going to suggest the original version, but then I remembered that you said that you wouldn't do shows/movies that aren't in english. Anyways, Skam Austin is on Facebook Watch for free, and it deals with teen issues in a pretty realistic way. It would be really cool to see your reaction to it.

  18. Mary Drawings

    No I don’t regret watching it at all

  19. Jackalope

    Why is everyone good looking? Answer cause no one would watch if everyone was normal looking or ugly people.. So.

  20. Sumedha

    I haven't seen Love is Blind but I've seen a (VERY) similar show called The Circle on Netflix. But it has people catfishing and stuff as well. And they have to vote the winner between them, and vote out people. It was so fun to watch just because it was PURE GARBAGE.

  21. Turtle Derp1123

    the jokes on you because you just made a video about all of these shows.

  22. Sophia Cingolani

    ceo of red flags

  23. Griselda Pereira

    Do sky high next please!!!

  24. Zack Emerald

    The people in this show are desperate as hell

  25. PatatoMan51

    watch lost

  26. Jaime Gonzalez

    I want to say that your animation and backgrounds are looking amazing you improved so much and I’m so proud of you 👍🏽 keep doing what your doing Edit: I sound so cringeworthy

  27. Blake Davis

    Oh my gosh you really blew up I remember randomly watching your riverdale episode and now you’ve got over 2mil subs

  28. useful chickens

    subtitles: auradon ≠ Oregon

  29. Marie Julshede

    I think you could still do cartoons with your HORRIFICLY ADORABLE RANTSONA, maybe change the format slightly and spend longer on the vids, but you could see you do some good visual gags with animated shows and find a fun way to incorporate your humor and style into it, it might take a lot longer to create but I’d wait patiently 😇

  30. BrookeViewsThings

    one tree hill has iconic storyline development

  31. PasSiOnfOr cuBIng

    Money heist pleaseeeeeeeeeeee....... Its like the best show ever. The dubbing is not bad and moreover the story is just the best. Pleaseeee make it

  32. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  33. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  34. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  35. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  36. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  37. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  38. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  39. Lauren Kennedy

    Please put your videos on dark mode

  40. KarlAndArma4ever

    Dude: "I only date girls I find attractive!" Alex: "You don't say!"

  41. denki kaminari

    Ngl,this is one of the least bizzar Teen Movies I've seen.

  42. McFoxy

    The premise kinda reminds me of married at first sight

  43. Tia Brooker

    Vampire sucks is a good comedy movie, it's like a cringe remix of twilight

  44. andres penafiel mora

    If it does any good... Alex is a solid 6.5

  45. Tia Brooker

    This guy doesn't like Edward lmao

  46. Tia Brooker

    You know how she goes to his house, who tf goes to a house of vampires when u could die...and she gets a paper cut n everyone can smell the blood, what about on her period...

  47. Devin Nielsen

    I was a missionary in the Philippines for 2 years and what you said about how people react to you is exactly my experience, although It did make it a lot easier to talk to people because they were mildly curious about an american who could speak Tagalog.

  48. GamerNarwhals Yus

    Can you do Greenhouse Academy

  49. Egotistical

    I have the biggest ego on this planet ... Should I go to the Ego Factory?

  50. Nicole Beth

    I barely made it through the first episode because it's a shitshow

  51. Gianna Btw

    I’m weirdly obsessed with this movie and I love every moment of it

  52. Kelly Christine

    These writers.... 😂

  53. Kelly Christine

    Why the hell did she hit him?! That’s crazy!

  54. Don Kirigi

    do greenhouse

  55. Hatice x

    I would like you to know that I came for an opinion NOT a summary 😂

  56. Sub Boisss

    Me: oh cool cant wait to watch this clip Alex Meyers: the 100 sucks Me: *deep breath* Unsubscribed and clicked a dislike

  57. Café _Osh

    Pls do the witcher

  58. Queen Ruke

    Do big time rush😭

  59. shubh mistry

    "water balloon" 😂😂🔥 !!

  60. Farrah Mines

    Please do a sries of unfortunate events from netflix

  61. Sammy

    ...but who did Jessica choose

  62. P.J. Davis

    Nobody: Every highly liked comment in this comments section: Says “nothing illegal” BUt iS dRiNkInG aLCaHOl

  63. Kristoffer Jarvis

    Thanks. Great video. As always you made this fun,funny,and worthy of our laughs 🤭.

  64. Kelly Christine

    Lol they put only attractive ppl on there soooo of course the physical aspect doesn’t matter. 🤣🙄

  65. Abnormalee

    I can't be the only one who got the ad about blind ppl during this video. Good job USsel 😂

  66. Deciet Sanders

    The only thing I watched on nick was Avatar

  67. Briana Oostindjer

    This show is Originally dutch and the Original version is So much better than This one. If you can, go check it out

  68. Prutha Patel

    The reason I like Supernatural so much is because it doesn't revolve around romance and drama but more towards the mystery and horror part of it. It's genuinely interesting and funny. Plus Jared and Jensen are always a win.

  69. Mascha Sinha Verma

    I live for his life....🤣😭🤣😭🤣

  70. Salma Suarez

    Nobody: Not a single contestant: Not even Mark’s parents: Jessica: i’M 34 YeArS oLd tHiS iS nOt gOnNa WoRk

  71. Callia Sillas

    Addison : "ZeD YoU NeVeR WIll UNdERSTANd mE" Zed : "what? but fine whatever like i ever loved YOU!" Addison : *cries* " you never LOVED ME!" Zed : " Umm … bye" Addison : " WAIT!!!!"

  72. HeyHannah

    I LOVED this show as a kid OMG!!!! I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE, I was completely obsessed and I still think it’s amazing. It’ll always have a place in my heart haha. I just want to go to a British magic school okay.

  73. Callia Sillas

    Addison's emo its the truth

  74. BabyAmber1992

    I lost my shid when he said "you all look like Tina from Bob's burgers" 😩😂😂😂😂

  75. Shama Maharjan

    is it only me or does his british accent sound awfully forced at times😗😗

  76. Leonardo Fusaro

    D E V I L S T A N G O .

  77. E C

    Please do the flash again!

  78. Samantha Day

    Lol yes it is and I kinda love how horrible it is. My new favorite trash show

  79. YouWantMyPancake

    i never rolled my eyes.....so DAMN...MUCH than this show here i ....holy shit wait did i hurt myself!?

  80. -gacha.thxngs-


  81. ThatThing

    8:05 "Your really into massages huh". I was taking a drink of water at 1 AM I died

  82. Zeroskillz

    Im sorry if you don't get this reference So love has blinded you.

  83. Nyah Campbell

    No, how you’re feeling makes sense in how your animation may be taken the wrong way because it may seem to portray exaggerated brown and black features. The thought crossed my mind.

  84. Kayle Mathew Comendador

    I remember seeing promos for that show a lot when I was younger. I didn’t care enough to watch it. And the promos got real annoying to me 😡😩.

  85. MissCookieThief

    I love that on a show based entirely around attempting to find love based on deeper connections to a person, Barnett's first thought is who had the "prettiest voice." Some people can be superficial in new and creative ways. Not that there was any danger of getting stuck with someone unattractive. Every person on this show knows that this is being filmed for television, so there is zero chance of anyone ugly being there.

  86. Sonic The Hedgehog Fan 29

    You’re racist!

  87. Just a G.I.R.L

    This is just a 'GREAT' movie

  88. Serina & Mikayla Vlogs

    The Jessica voice compilation, i cried

  89. Alyza Wallams

    Jessica was such a hypocrite she got mad at Barnett for doing what she to mark.

  90. Hokuto Tongi

    Ehh it depends on what you watch for. I watched because I knew I’d see it more as a comedy then whatever they went for. Mark dealing with Jessica, Jessica being a drunk slob, Amber talking about her debt, etc. All comedy to me.

  91. Dawntavia Frank

    1 year later and i still hav nvr seen this show.. just saying

  92. Dawntavia Frank

    Remember that one time Alex did a video on animated show.. just 1 time & nvr again lol

  93. Prim_Manga


  94. Priya Ruparelia

    if you ever do a bollywood movie do k3g

  95. cesar galindo

    "Quasimodo girls" 😭😭😭

  96. TrinkaD

    How old is Jessica? 😂

  97. Cat Rook

    Alex: "I'm from Iowa-" Me: "Yoooooo! Same!"

  98. Sonic The Hedgehog Fan 29

    I hate you!